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News: WR Release #669 - 31 New World Records

06/03/15 - 18:31:02

Written by: fame

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Country: China 77dancer

kz_jett_mountain done in 03:55.56 ( 03:57.39 Country: United States pizza^ )
kz_kzsca_fjellheimen done in 05:09.14 ( 05:10.90 Country: Sweden kayne )

Country: Brazil aloprando

kz-endo_loko done in 02:01.17 ( 02:03.20 Country: China Waty )
risk_lego_firehouse done in 01:46.35 ( 01:46.96 Country: United States pizza^ )
skitz_bean_valley done in 01:14.14 ( 01:14.64 Country: China patchouli )

Country: Finland betty

ccn_scourge done in 02:44.67 ( 03:01.20 Country: China K1ngwAy )

Country: Russia Bunkka

clintmo_falling done in 01:18.55 ( 01:18.70 Country: Argentina emmalahana )

Country: Czech Republic fykseN

kzro_darkhole done in 04:35.61 ( 04:54.67 Country: Czech Republic fykseN )

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker

kz_abstract_plane done in 08:11.30 ( 08:11.67 Country: Sweden LEWLY )
kz_antiquity done in 02:54.51 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_built done in 03:47.60 ( 03:53.32 Country: Bulgaria hrznnn )
kz_ins_insilio done in 31:44.17 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_kzsca_still done in 02:32.54 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_nobkz_factoryrun done in 04:46.20 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Latvia quickfire

kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:24.54 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star

kz_brickfacility done in 05:05.06 ( 05:16.22 Country: Czech Republic PU9maker)
cg_oldtexas done in 06:07.06 ( 06:09.75 Country: Russia DeathClaw )
cl_gloom done in 04:58.69 ( 05:08.27 Country: China 77dancer )
kz_arcdetriomphe done in 03:35.29 ( 03:39.30 Country: Belgium koukouz )
kz_bkz_temple2 done in 03:03.18 ( 03:03.56 Country: Lithuania MEEL )
kz_cornsilo done in 03:52.02 ( 03:55.55 Country: Russia Bibika )
kz_emblem done in 06:12.01 ( 06:22.47 Country: Sweden zhady )
kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 01:40.46 ( 01:41.91 Country: Czech Republic shooting-star )
kz_kzfr_vache_and_cow done in 04:21.38 ( 04:21.63 Country: Belgium koukouz )
kz_kzro_atentemple done in 05:02.23 ( 05:06.44 Country: Serbia alx )
kz_kzsca_desk[bluecave] done in 08:03.29 ( 08:41.10 Country: France g-Lp )
kz_kzsca_mountainvillage done in 11:49.77 ( 11:52.86 Country: Finland Flibo )
kz_vkz_mystic done in 09:43.24 ( 10:17.82 Country: Russia Dubstep )

Country: Belarus throttle

kz_dare done in 13:48.69 ( 17:47.06 Country: Latvia akkord )

Country: France toytoy

kzsca_snakebhop done in 01:10.23 ( 01:10.64 Country: Latvia slay3r )

Country: China Zzz`

kzpf_deathless_x done in 11:33.80 ( 17:26.41 Country: Finland betty )

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News: Cheating: Banned for life #3: kabeN & PaintKZ

03/03/15 - 19:32:35

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 77

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

After the long wait and the encountered technical problems, we thought to come in hot, this time with two names in one bust.
We know you have been waiting so badly a new edition of what has become a really popular series.
Before we start, we just want to point out that the process of catching cheaters is not an easy one. After tons of work and countless hours spent on analyzing demos, movements, patterns and so on, comes the most important question: are we right? Because no matter what we find, if we can't answer that question positively, then we don't proceed further. This is how the universal rule of conviction works as well: instead of convicting an innocent guy, we better leave 10 guilty guys walk. So before making any move, we need to be absolutely sure. Of course, like we always said, mistakes can also happen and those which will come to happen, the guilt will be on us. It's nothing personal and all this work is done for something bigger than us, for a clean environment where we can all have a good time playing this game we all love.

The two jumpers are, just as the title says, Country: Poland kabeN Permanent banned and Country: Argentina PaintKZ Permanent banned.

What do they both have in common? They were both busted as a result of using slowmo in their demos.
We are very happy of the progress we made in this field, the slowmo area. For years we have been struggling for a break-through in what is probably the hardest cheat to catch.

We are also almost sure there are others still using slowmo who haven't been caught yet, but some variants of it can be harder to detect. However, our efforts won't stop here.

Country: Poland kabeN Permanent banned's LJ demos will be deleted and he will be banned permanently from this community.
Country: Argentina PaintKZ Permanent banned's demo is already history since it has been improved since. He will also be banned.

Also, as a reminder, we encourage all those who are currently cheating to come forward, because this is the only way they can still be a part of this community. Their demos will be removed, but they will still have the chance to continue their journey in our community. No other punishment will be involved. For the rest, the only verdict is permanent ban. And make no mistake, we will catch them sooner or later.

Now that this is out of our way, we can start the final preparations for the LJ Release, as some of these cheated demos were standing in our way. We already found lots of cheated demos there as well, but all that next time.

Thanks a lot for your time. See you soon!

Best regards,
XJ Staff

News: Weekly Cup #16: Meele

28/02/15 - 16:48:33

Written by: ShoCk 3's

Comments: 35

Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Hello everyone,

Update: (Ovidiu Dumitru) There will be a slight delay for the starting of this event, as ShoCk encountered some unexpected real life problems. All efforts are being made to start the cup this evening. Thanks for your understanding.

While the community waits the site to recover, we're breaking the routine and hosting a quick meele cup for you this Sunday. It's quite simple; depending on the amount of sign-ups, we'll draw the groups. First round is supposed to have multiple groups, each of which plays the same map of round one. Later on, all the winners from map one fight each other on the second map and so on. For this cup we picked the most popular maps, so you don't get worn out learning all the unfamiliar maps with just one day of time ahead.

//Update 2

1st place - Country: Russian Federation Toffifee Recordholder Gold Cupwinner
2nd place - Country: Italy Gene Recordholder Silver Cupwinner
3rd place - Country: Latvia quickfire Recordholder Bronze Cupwinner

Group A: neXt, quickfire, NeW, Bibika, shooting-star
Group B: aloprando, toff, Cricket, Gene, ma0


1. kz_kzdk_templebhop (2 loosers from each group)
2. j2s_westbl0ck (2 loosers)
3. kz_streetbl0ck (1 looser)
4. kz_cellblock (1 looser)
5. kz_cg_holodeck (final map)

Scheduled: Sunday, 1st of March 18:00 CET
Stream: Xtreme-Jumps provided by Country: Georgia Nokkan Moviemaker


Match time - 5 minutes, rematch - 2 minutes.

Camping more than 5 seconds will lead you to defeat. Camping is determined on admins agreement in non-standard situations. Don't fool around or jump to the block and back repeatedly.

If the participant has not shown up as it's time to play then the substitute will be found.

A participant is obliged to leave the server after his match has finished; unless admin allowed him to stay.

We do not bear responsibility for experienced lags, whether they are caused due to your connection problems or system spikes. No rematch for melee cup is required due to lags, unless it affected all players.

It's strictly prohibited to quit from the Cup particularly when you have advanced from the first round. Violating this rule will get you banned from the next 2 Weekly Cups.

Please, use your real nickname on the server so we recongnize you.

Disobeying admin's instructions will get you disqualified or banned from one or multiple Weekly Cups (from the current one primarily).

Weekly Cup rules can be updated and differ from each other, depending on format and theme. Check the "rules" tab out every new edition.

This is the first cup we run on our new server provided by nobkz and with this cup we want to make sure everything works fine. And we're 99% sure it does. No prizes provided for this cup, just have fun.

News: Demos fixed

25/02/15 - 22:52:46

Written by: fame

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello again,

We are glad to tell you that the records list is now finally up to date, right as it was before the crash. It should have happened already a couple of days ago, but it was delayed over and over again as we had to deal with another unexpected bug in our system. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that some demos are missing as well and some of them to have wrong flag on demos page, so be sure to report any bugs you find to this thread and they will be fixed as soon as possible.

Now, feel free to submit your demos and we will come back really soon with new Banned for life series.

Best regards,
XJ Staff

News: What's going on #3

25/02/15 - 10:54:45

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 10

Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Hello community,

We are back with another edition of behind the scene news. This time we will focus on our site recovery after the recent crash.

As you were already been told, after the crash, the only available backup we had was several months old. This version of the site not only did it bring the content to its initial state, but it also came with a lot of bugs.

You may be wondering why the process of updating the site takes so long. Mainly it is because the lack of an active tech admin. Some of our admins decided to retire after the recent crash and at the moment we aren't doing great in the staff department. We are forced to work with old admins as well as third party community members. It is highly appreciated that old admins are still beside us, willing to help in hard times as these. We also encourage community members to step forward in helping us. There is no harm in this and we will be more than glad to build on the relation between staff and community.

At the moment, the current situation is as following:

- maps are updated;
- demos are updated, but a release must happen to fully complete the process (at this moment the release script is not working. We are currently trying to solve the problem);
- 3 demo releases will happen to end the updating process (most likely they won't be visible, as those demos were already released once. However, we will announce the completion in a later newspost);
- both submit pages (demos & maps) are fixed. You can start submitting maps, but we ask you to not send WRs just yet, not until the update is complete;
- user registration is fixed. New users can join now;
- preparations for future newspost releases is already being made. An LJ release and new Banned for life newsposts will happen as soon as the update will be completed.

I think this is it for now. Let's complete these tasks first and then we will be talking about our next steps.

There is also a BUG REPORT forum thread available, dedicated to bugs you might find after the recent crash.

Thank you for the patience!

Best regards,
XJ Staff


20/02/15 - 19:10:17

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 9

Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Hello community,

After the recent crash and the old backup we had available, all things around the site returned as they were back in October last year. We are currently working on bringing back as much as we can, as in before the crash.

In the meantime, all users who had VIP status for February, as well as for other months, please write me a PM here on XJ with the exact informations: VIP star/level and for how long it was given to you.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Best regards,
XJ Staff


19/02/15 - 00:51:00

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 31

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

I would like to start by deeply apologizing to you, our users, for this situation.

Secondly, I'm very happy that we have finally managed to get back online.

What happened?
Huge, monumental problems at our service provider firm. Our HDD died on us all of a sudden. In that moment, we lost everything. And I mean everything. I cannot even say what we went through in those moments. And to be quite honest I don't even want to remember. We went to hell and back.
The guys over there did their job very fast and within minutes, the HDD was replaced with a brand new one. And here is where our nightmare started. We had no backups anymore, since the daily ones were located on that HDD.

We found then a backup on one of our external storages, but that one was from March 2013. Imagine the feeling we went through. We simply refused to think that's the only one available.

So after few more days of searching, we found this one, from October 2014, which is also the final one as you can see.
This is clearly better than the other choice, but it's still not the best. Months of frontpage work has been lost.

As far as our demos and maps go, we are confident we can get them all up to date, as in before the blackout. Just be patient few more days until we can upload them all, that if we will have any luck with our plan.

What's next?
First of all, like I said, our main objective at this moment is to get back up to date the WR list and the MAP pool.

After that, as well as in the meantime, we will try to start our daily activities step by step, thus getting back on track with our previous plans.

The rest of our future plans are still a priority to us. You will see more news regarding this in the near future.

I guess this is it for now. I'm just happy we are finally back and that we can start working to get the website back to our daily activities.

If you have any questions, please use the comment section below. I will answer answer each and everyone of them.

Thanks a lot to Country: Germany OddYsseus, Country: Unknown faker and Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper Gold Donator for their work to bring us back.
And thanks to all of you for your interest and support.

Best regards,
Ovidiu Dumitru

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