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22/05/15 - 16:58:12

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 37

Xtreme-Jumps KZmod

Hello community,

It gives us real pleasure to announce that we have finally integrated KZMod into, as the newest official mod supported by our community.

This is the first new MOD, which is actually a standalone game implemented into XJ, hopefully one of the many to come in the near future.

KZMOD has been added to the new XJ as an official standalone game, as a result of two very important facts: the first one would be out of respect and consideration for all the hard work the guys who created KZMOD put in. Secondly, we at the new Xtreme-Jumps believe it is time to have a unified community, where all the Counter-Strike jumping mods are present. This is the direction nowadays and it is the only way we can grow and become a really important community in esports.

This means that from this moment we are accepting and will be releasing, demos, maps, movies and everything else related to KZMod will happen on XJ.

You can find all the needed things to get you started for any plans you might have concerning this mod, in the KZMod Menu.
Also, a forum dedicated entirely to KZMod is already in place and awaits you to start some discussions.

Before we can go any further, let's take a moment and thank some of the guys who worked countless hours on this beautiful game: Country: Germany SoUlFaThEr, Country: Raptor, Country: Germany FragGyver, Country: Sweden Millet, Country: United States DaFox, Country: United States kaos_nyrb, Country: United States .seroxx, Country: United States Aoki, Country: Germany eDark, Country: Bulgaria IceVip, Country: United States nirrad and to everyone else who contributed even a little bit.

And huge thanks to Country: Ukraine fame for making this integration possible.

News: WR Release #673 - 35 New World Records

18/05/15 - 18:29:10

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 74

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

bg shNz

8b1_hellinashop done in 02:11.32 ( 02:12.26 ru round )
kzarg_infinitefall done in 01:49.01 ( 01:53.48 ru Nukk )
kzus_bleu done in 01:04.02 ( 01:04.80 se kayne )
risk_sector done in 01:07.40 ( 01:07.72 se kayne )

de wayz

bkm_tbt_londonstation done in 00:17.31 ( 00:17.76 cn MetamorPhose^_x )

de hrznnn

bkz_factory done in 02:42.40 ( 03:01.40 cz PU9maker )
kz_nobkz_factoryrun done in 04:07.73 ( 04:09.15 ar Aguslash )

cn YRagoN92

cah_lost done in 02:21.53 ( 02:24.15 ro NeW )

cn MetamorPhose^_x

cobkz_fabric done in 00:43.10 ( 00:43.62 dk kQbmig )

ru Bibika

fof_32 done in 01:28.89 ( 01:32.27 pl Morys )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[-1337] done in 03:19.29 ( 03:22.32 fi Flibo )
kzra_swords done in 01:05.81 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
risk_simpsons done in 02:53.62 ( 02:54.50 se LEWLY )

ar Aguslash

its_mistcavern done in 02:04.06 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
risk_compound done in 00:09.13 ( 00:09.35 ar Aguslash )

cn L377

jagkz_natal done in 01:11.61 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzsca_snakebhop done in 01:11.37 ( 01:12.19 fr toytoy )

ar Mrjuice

kz-endo_toonbhopz done in 02:27.67 ( 02:27.91 pl memek )
kz_antiquity done in 02:35.31 ( 02:37.67 cn MetamorPhose^_x )
nfs_longjumpez done in 00:24.82 ( 00:24.86 bg shNz )

cn chinakungfu

kz_climbers_b01 done in 05:44.08 ( 05:44.41 us pizza^ )
kz_man_cameron done in 05:53.35 ( 06:03.05 cn chinakungfu )

hu Skizo_

kz_kzfr_bhopspace done in 00:00.59 ( 00:00.68 fr Np_O )

rs alx

kz_kzro_atentemple done in 04:52.76 ( 05:02.23 cz shooting-star )
kz_xj_communitybhop done in 06:05.94 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

lt Kiskis

kz_kzpl_lodge done in 14:03.27 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

it Gene

kz_kzsca_cons done in 03:31.04 ( 03:36.74 bg DeeDFTW )

cn rOboTaa

kz_kzsca_fjellheimen done in 05:07.13 ( 05:10.90 se kayne )
kz_xj_3ways[hard] done in 04:33.14 ( 04:36.17 se LEWLY )

kr porta

kzfr_spaceone done in 03:04.19 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru juhx

kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:42.88 ( 00:43.43 pl neXt. )

fi betty

kzro_excitedbhop done in 08:16.64 ( 09:29.26 cn Zzz` )

pl memek

kzse_bhopblock done in 00:12.67 ( 00:12.75 pl memek )

se Kraeft

risk_xtrm_weaponsfactory done in 02:10.27 ( 02:15.66 se Kraeft )

bg rampL

rpz_downfall[boxes] done in 00:05.17 ( 00:05.19 fr Np_O )

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News: ROTW #156 - shNz on cg_wildwesthop

16/05/15 - 16:48:59

Written by: zythH^

Comments: 46

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there, and welcome to the 156th edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Bulgaria shNz
Map: cg_wildwesthop
Realtime: (-00:01.49)
Moviemaker: Country: Portugal zythH^
Previous holder: Country: Finland KeltA

After the big change in the demo rules everyone thought that some players would stop recording. But the past release just shown the opposite, so many demos! Congratulations to everyone!

However only one run can be the chosen one and so today is time to unleash the bulgarian beast known as "shNz". I am not sure what you think, but Country: Bulgaria shNz does the same beasty and mean bhop, strafes and doubleducks between bhop combos! Quoting a man and adapting it to the kz, "Why would a man want all that skill?"!
This run just shows what I said above and I have to ask myself: is this guy a machine? Sometimes I believe if Country: Bulgaria shNz geeked hard, and I mean really hard he would reach top1 easily because he doesn't make many mistakes in his runs. However, he prefers to show us his monsterous skills from time to time which is not bad!

Written by Country: United States Ovidiu Dumitru:
And what else could I say about our head movie admin Country: Portugal zythH^, other than extraordinary words? However, I'm not going to say those, because I would like you to judge for yourself what he accomplished in the following video. Let's just put it this way: he is the head movie admin for a reason!

Without further ado, have fun!

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

News: Admin recruiting

14/05/15 - 15:30:13

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 11

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey everybody,

As you remember from the last post, we are searching for new admins who want to help out and have time to do so!
Not all positions are open for the moment, but here are the ones we do need:

We need a Coder to take care of the Xtreme-Jumps website, who also has the skill and time to do so during these busy times with the integration of all the mods and changing around some other stuff.

Also we would like to create a small Moviemaking Squad to take care of the ROTWs and some other projects related to moviemaking. Remember, it's not just about showing off your skills, but also to promote Kreedz in all of its glory that it has to offer!
The squad will be supervised by our current head movie admin Country: Unknown zythH^ Moviemaker and work together as a team.

This brings us to the Map Admins who are in charge of checking maps, finding bugs, shortcuts and basically do a full quality control check. The team will be supervised by our new head map admin Country: United Kingdom spr1n Mapper Recordholder.

You can fill in this form to apply for the position that you want and o fcourse motivate why we should choose you for the job!

Kind Regards,
XJ Staff

News: What's going on #4

11/05/15 - 18:21:37

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 38

Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Hello community,

Starting today, XJ will make some changes for its future plans!

1. As you all know we talked about implementing other jumping mods, officially supported by XJ. KZMod, followed soon by CSGO KZ will be the first ones to come and we are trying to get it done as fast as we can. After that, SURF, SLIDE and HideNSeek will be added to the list of mods that will become part of the Xtreme-Jumps community.

2. Now some cup news time! We have seen that weekly cups are hard for everybody to maintain a steady rythm, so the suggestion would be to have 1 big cup each month with VIP prizes and of course with a livestream.

3. A new XJ tournament will be held during this summer. A poll will follow to see when most of you guys have free time.

4. And now something Legen - Wait for it - DARY, LEGENDARY! A new Prochallenge Cup! For that of course we are going to need new Prochallenge Maps and so a mapping contest will be held for this so we can have some new challenging maps coming our way.

5. Time for some army movements: recruiting: we are looking for at least an website coder with enough time and skill, especially for implementing the new mods to XJ and other admin positions as well.
You can apply here and choose what position and why we should hire you!

6. Also we talked about getting a map contest ready for the Prochallenge Cup, but we are also to planning a new map release in the upcoming weeks, with some very creative and awesome maps as I have seen! So stay tuned for this work of art coming your way!
Also, we might pick somebody for a testrun on some of the maps to see what you guys think of them! A random winner will be chosen from the comments down below.

7. Last but not least, the XJ gameserver will also be taken care of so that the entire mappool will be available, so that you will have a place to play the new maps with friends or become friends, sharing the same passion for a map!

If you guys have any more suggestions you can always send in some at suggestions. You will be heard!

For now, I wish you all the best and stay tuned for some positive changes and news ahead!

Best Regards,
XJ Staff

News: WR Release #672 - 39 New World Records

09/05/15 - 19:27:42

Written by: fame

Comments: 75

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

cn Zzz`

bhop_its_2caves done in 05:38.66 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:22.27 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzro_excitedbhop done in 09:29.26 ( 13:19.52 fi betty )

ru Bibika

bkz_abstract done in 01:35.99 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_cg_rivacliff done in 01:45.12 ( 01:46.66 bg shNz )
kz_dbh_pipehop done in 01:41.82 ( 01:42.26 bg shNz )
kz_dojo done in 04:29.33 ( 04:33.91 cz shooting-star )
kz_nolve done in 02:27.97 ( 02:29.40 se LEWLY )
kzsca_burrow[red_bricks] done in 02:03.78 ( 02:05.76 ru DeathClaw )

bg shNz

bkz_volcanobhop done in 01:37.07 ( 01:37.55 se kayne )
cg_wildwesthop done in 02:38.05 ( 02:39.55 fi KeltA )

cn MetamorPhose^_x

bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:17.76 ( 00:17.84 ru Nukk )
cg_d2block_ez done in 02:49.79 ( 02:53.17 ar juanch0x )
kz_antiquity done in 02:37.67 ( 02:54.51 cz PU9maker )
kz_ea_beneath done in 02:13.03 ( 02:16.56 fi KeltA )
kz_kzsca_still done in 01:50.93 ( 02:32.54 cz PU9maker )

ru Bunkka

clintmo_falling done in 01:18.37 ( 01:18.55 ru Bunkka )

ar Mrjuice

clintmo_longjumper[h] done in 00:29.63 ( 00:30.18 br duduuHba0 )
nfs_longjump done in 00:25.35 ( 00:25.51 bg shNz )

de hrznnn

cobkz_minecraft done in 01:05.75 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

cz PU9maker

fmc_torres done in 02:41.37 ( 02:42.58 cz PU9maker )

be Beginner

fof_axn_scroll_killa done in 01:04.31 ( 01:21.08 be Beginner )

ar buh

fof_chillbhop done in 01:02.85 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
fof_utopia done in 01:39.14 ( 01:43.67 ru Toffifee )

cn rOboTaa

kz_bridge done in 03:19.52 ( 03:22.13 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 01:32.32 ( 01:40.46 cz shooting-star )
kz_pit done in 05:12.89 ( 05:20.41 ro w1zz )

ar Cupe

kz_built done in 03:34.29 ( 03:47.60 cz PU9maker )
po_roboclimb done in 01:47.62 ( 01:50.83 us pizza^ )

cz fykseN

kz_dutchtown done in 09:48.30 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru ShoCk

kz_kzdk_oldtemple done in 08:18.98 ( 08:21.23 us pizza^ )

cn chinakungfu

kz_man_cameron done in 06:03.05 ( 06:09.22 bg DeeDFTW )

cn patchouli

kz_memphisblock done in 04:39.19 ( 05:02.41 cn PETR1FI3D )

ar Aguslash

kz_navidad done in 04:14.76 ( 04:37.09 cz PU9maker )
kz_nobkz_factoryrun done in 04:09.15 ( 04:46.20 cz PU9maker )
risk_compound done in 00:09.35 ( 00:09.53 se kayne )

fi betty

kzpf_deathless_x done in 08:18.34 ( 17:26.41 fi betty )

lt kSiunkaS

kzro_darkhole done in 04:09.82 ( 04:35.61 cz fykseN )

se VErzuZ

skitz_box_silo done in 02:28.70 ( 02:31.51 fi KeltA )

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News: Illegal demos

07/05/15 - 15:34:51

Written by: fame

Comments: 154

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

Last week we asked you for your opinion regarding +use scripts usage and we finally took a decision. It was not an easy decision and like it or not, it had to be done. Current 119 illegal records are going to be replaced with legal ones as they do not obey the following rule:
You are not allowed to use any script or metamod or amxx plugins that give you an advantage to other jumpers.
For several years this rule was ignored by demo admins, but it always was forbidden to use any kind of +use scripts or macros.

Also, we found 7 more demos which do not obey next rule:
It is strictly forbidden to change your keys/binds/aliases during a run, they must be set before you start the timer.
They will be replaced with legal demos as well.

The +use bind on scroll remains allowed, but only in case if you did not rebind your keys during a run. All other ways of +use spam are strictly restricted.

It will take us some time to restore old demos, hopefully it will be done untill tomorrow. As soon as we finish restoring old demos we will be ready to post a demo release, which most likely will happen on Saturday, so stay tuned.

Best regards,
XJ Staff

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