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News: Just Beat It

24/07/14 - 13:36:28

Written by: PU9maker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hi, Country: Slovakia perd0 here.

It was a great idea Country: Czech Republic PU9maker approached me with and I was happy to say a big 'yes' to it.
As for being an administrator there, I am organising this stuff regularly for the national Kreedz community of my countrymen and Czechs but honestly, sadly things ain't so bright when it comes to this. It is due to the lack of activity we are experiencing in the recent months, when there's just not enough active playes anymore.
Newertheless, the idea is cool and it would only be a good thing to transform it here, where the competition is still on a high level.

So what is the point of it?
Well, it is about recording and beating the records - therefore the name 'Just Beat It'. It is the kind of Country: Great Britain leggie's monthly challenge -link- you had the opportunity to experience some time ago, though there's one major rule change to it. You don't actually need to establish a new world record for the chosen map, the best time uploaded will easily do the trick. Yes, the competifion is still about player's attempt to break the current world record - that's what we are hoping for - but we think lowering the requirements might just increase the popularity and make it more attractive for bigger number of players.

Here's the list of rules in short:

- it is a monthly challenge

There might be 2 winners !
- if you won't beat the current WR you will be rewarded with a random steam key (nothing too expensive though)
- if you beat the current WR you will be rewarded with the prize money of $20

- the general XJ rules for demo recording apply

- use demo uploader to send in your demos

Just Beat It #1

small map image here

Chosen map: TBA

Current world record: TBA:TBA.TBA by TBA

Deadline: TBA (probably somewhen around end of the month)

A random steam key for not a WR run + A movie clip on the front page
The prize money of $20 for a WR run + A movie clip on the front page

The map to beat for August and all the relevant info will be announced within a few days !


22/07/14 - 21:40:47

Written by: PU9maker

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney



• Slots : Minimum 2 ( even numbers )

• 1 vs 1 - Admins will try to pair up players with a similar skill level.

• 2 maps (1 bhop and 1climb ) 2 demos from each player.

YOU MUST SAY "challenge" at the end of your demos !

• Winner is the one with the lower summed time of both maps.

• Upload your demos via -link- and dont forget to change 1.6 World Record to Tournament Record.


1. Country: Bulgaria actepukc^
2. Country: Russia Dolphin
3. Country: Latvia slay3r
4. Country: Bulgaria rampL
5. Country: Argentina rainstorm
6. Country: Ukraine Adantoud
7. Country: Romania NeW
8. Country: Romania Freezing
9. Country: Russia DeathClaw
10. Country: Poland kropeq
11. Country: Latvia laachux
12. Country: Russia Toffifee
13. Country: Sweden ztabby
14. Country: Poland Woody
15. Country: Netherlands MarrocaN
16. Country: China xiyangyang
17. Country: Latvia LAKIKS
18. Country: Russia Kpoluk
19. Country: Romania Cobrex
20. Country: Canada nigerioasc
21. Country: Romania Spider1
22. Country: Romania ][CR@ZY][
23. Country: Lithuania MEEL
24. Country: Sweden VNS
25. Country: Bulgaria NAJh
26. Country: Norway kzno`Psycho

Example :

Country: France player1

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:36.11
kz_facility done in 01:44.04
Total time : 03:20.15

Country: Russia player2

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:34.10
kz_facility done in 01:50.04
Total time : 03:24.14

Winner : Country: France player1


Grand Master Country: United States player3 ( The one with the lowest summed time of all participants )

2nd Place Country: Slovakia player4

3rd Place Country: Germany player5

• Tuesday/Wednesday - sign-up day + winner announcement from the previous challenge.

• Saturday 17:00 GMT+ 1 - maps announcement.

• Sunday - 17:00 GMT+ 1 - deadline to send in demos.
So you've got 24 hours to send in demos since maps announcement.

• You won't know who's your opponent until we announce winners.

Demo rules

• Cheating will result in a permanent ban


21/07/14 - 09:26:34

Written by: PU9maker

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello Community !

It's a privilege for us to bring you something extra ordinary. kz_gigablockier is a map from the old times when Country: Canada Kreedz was still mapping. However this map, along with many others was put on ice for a long time, but now after so many years Country: Sweden SadPuppy with the help of Country: Canada Kreedz blessed us with finishing this monster.
Once you hit the start button you'll be experiencing an interesting journey full of surprises and traps so BEWARE ! The atmosphere is so powerful that after a few minutes of climbing a dark and deep feeling will embrace you and won't let you go until the very end. Jumps are creative, sometimes risky but also fun and well-situated so you can show how fast and courageous you are.

Without any further ado let's get to it.

kz_gigablockier by Country: Sweden SadPuppy & Country: Canada Kreedz

IN THE EXTEND NEWS YOU CAN SEE AN INTERVIEW WITH Country: Sweden SadPuppy and some really interesting facts about the map itself.

Read the rest...

News: Count got married !

17/07/14 - 14:30:52

Written by: PU9maker

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Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : Hey man ! Kind of long time no see, how have you been lately ?

Country: NorwayCount: Hey! I'm doing awesome, busy but awesome:D Having a little daughter in the house takes up most of my time these days. Fishing, exercise or even the smallest amount of free time is an extreme luxury these days, but I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : The main purpose of this interview is the fact that you got married a few weeks ago. How was your wedding ? Was it exactly the way you and your wife wanted it to be or was there a little drama too ? How did you feel right before the wedding ? Did you have any last-second doubts ?

Country: NorwayCount: Yes, I got married May 31, a beautiful and hot spring day here in Norway. The wedding was perfect, all our friend and family had a great time and luckily the bride showed up;) If it was exactly like we wanted it ( like I had something to say about this matter^^)? You know girls, they all want the fairy tail princess wedding:p but I'm not a prince and I'm pretty sure I don't have a castle, so we had to lower her expectation just a little bit. All in all it was a perfect day as we hoped it would be:) Right before the wedding I was most worried if anything would go wrong, so no last doubts;) But I had a "holy shit, I'm getting married today!" feeling when I saw my bride at the wedding:)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : Do you feel somehow different as a married man ?

Country: NorwayCount: I didn't think I would, but I really do. It's hard to explain but I somehow feel more relaxed:)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : When and where did you meet for the first time ?

Country: NorwayCount: We met at a music festival in Oslo 5 years ago.

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : How did you propose ? Did you prepare anything special ?

Country: NorwayCount: I took her to one of Norway's best spa hotels. And after a long day at the spa I had a bottle of champagne and some chocolate sent to the room. And then I did the classic on one knee proposal:)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : How many people attended your wedding?

Country: NorwayCount: We had 90 guests.

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : Did anyone get drunk or otherwise embarrass themselves at the reception? Where there any funny moments that got stuck in your memory ?

Country: NorwayCount: No sorry, no one got drunk until the party started;) but one of my cousins, who is a very quiet man, was suddenly the king of the dance floor . That was amazing:)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : Are you planning on going on honeymoon ? If so, where to ?

Country: NorwayCount: Yes, but we have to wait for our daughter to get a little older. Nothing planned yet, but we are considering Mexico or the Maldives.

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker : Damn, still can't believe it. The legendary Count - A married man. Thank you very much for agreeing on doing this interview. It's always an honor talking with you. I wish you and your whole family BEST OF LUCK ! If you want to say something to the XJ community, here is your chance.

Country: NorwayCount: First of all, thank you for this interview, after all these years you still make me feel like a kz superstar:p To the community I just want to say that you guys keep surprising me with awesome runs and jumps. And I have said it before, please make more movies of wr runs:D

News: Info about New Mapping Approach

14/07/14 - 17:11:50

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello community,

After the recent change and the map release that happened afterwards, we believe it is necessary we add a few mentions:

1)One of the main reasons this change happened, was because of the inactivity over the mapping department. We hoped that this move will make mappers to map again, but it was under no circumstance made to move existing maps from other communities to this one.
So for the future map releases we will no longer be this tolerant when it comes to accepting maps (especially existing maps from other communities).
You will still be able to submit maps you think are good and deserve to be in our official list. However, I repeat, we encourage new and old mappers to start mapping!

2)Map releases will be split into three categories:

2.1)Custom maps
The rules here are simply. These are maps focused on jumps rather than on the overall environment of the map. This is how the judging will be done as well, based on jumps.
However, maps with basic architecture and environment, such as one room made out of 4 walls, will not be accepted.

2.2)KZ tag maps
For those mappers who would like to have a map with KZ tag. These are custom maps with good environment and architecture. It will be checked for all kinds of bugs, but the smaller ones will not prevent the map from being accepted.

2.3)Special map releases (KZ tag only)
These are for those KZ tag maps that really shine. For those mappers who spend a lot on their map, perfecting it on every level, making it flawless, these mappers deserve to be in the spotlight. These releases will consist only of one map or more if the maps are from the same mapper.
Most of the times the release will consist of a presentation promo as well, made specially for the map by our official moviemakers.

We are also aware that some maps from the mentioned map release weren't supposed to be accepted. We will try to avoid this mistake for the future and hopefully we will be perfecting our system for a smooth process.

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to share them. I will be answering all of them in the comments section below.

Best regards,
Ovidiu D. - CEO

News: WR Release #658 - 28 New World Records

12/07/14 - 19:44:41

Written by: SUBWAYZ

Comments: 61

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Country: Brazil aloprando

jagkz_breezeclimb done in 01:14.22 ( 01:16.42 Country: Sweden Nikita )
kz_man_madness[easy] done in 01:39.36 ( 01:42.22 Country: China F2sh )
kzlv_vaz_ujo_h done in 01:30.36 ( 01:31.55 Country: Great Britain eightbO )

Country: Russian Federation Bibika

cg_sp0ngebl0ck done in 04:08.35 ( 04:12.21 Country: Denmark kQbmig )
j2s_westbl0ck done in 02:34.78 ( 02:35.04 Country: Sweden LEWLY )
kz_cornsilo done in 03:55.55 ( 03:58.81 Country: United States pizza^ )
kz_dbh_pipehop done in 01:42.29 ( 01:43.09 Country: Russia Bibika )
kz_kzdk_delianshop done in 02:00.88 ( 02:01.91 Country: Sweden VNS )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337] done in 04:34.43 ( 04:37.39 Country: Sweden zhady )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[-1337] done in 03:19.48 ( 03:22.32 Country: Finland Flibo )
kz_phoogi done in 03:50.78 ( 03:51.53 Country: Sweden LEWLY )
kzarg_infinitefall done in 01:52.70 ( 01:53.48 Country: Russia Nukk )
kzra_swords done in 01:07.96 ( 01:10.71 Country: France juhx )
sn_mountsnow done in 04:30.41 ( 04:31.31 Country: United States pizza^ )

Country: Ukraine fame

cg_coldbhop done in 00:25.74 ( 00:25.83 Country: Bulgaria shNz )

Country: Denmark kQbmig

cobkz_fabric done in 00:43.62 ( 00:44.22 Country: Brazil aloprando )
cobkz_toonworld done in 03:15.38 ( 03:19.75 Country: Latvia slay3r )
fu_bhop done in 02:47.90 ( 02:55.30 Country: Latvia laachux )
kz-endo_portal done in 01:49.25 ( 01:53.53 Country: Brazil aloprando )

Country: Sweden Nikita

kzra_fl_sharahur done in 03:43.79 ( 03:54.79 Country: France specimen )

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker

cl_gloom done in 06:02.68 ( 06:46.73 Country: China 77dancer )
kz_rd_giganticwall done in 06:28.54 ( 06:31.12 Country: United States pizza^ )

Country: Russian Federation ShoCk

kzse_valleycliff done in 02:28.11 ( 02:29.69 Country: Sweden VNS )
mto_greencave done in 02:35.08 ( 02:37.45 Country: Sweden LEWLY )

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star

kzus_evagria done in 27:26.13 ( 28:54.90 Country: Denmark kQbmig )

Country: Romania Spider1

kzua_zp_hamunaptra_x done in 88:56.31 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Sweden VNS

kz_cg_venice done in 01:19.76 ( 01:20.20 Country: Bulgaria shNz )

Country: Brazil wlvz

kzlv_vaz_ujo_e done in 01:27.68 ( 01:27.83 Country: Great Britain eightbO )

Click here to see which demos were rejected/improved

klz_venual demilio.dem

News: Divine by KRATER

07/07/14 - 20:51:14

Written by: PU9maker

Comments: 37

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hey fellas,

Another movie release is in front of us and this time it's about a Russian star also known as ShoCk.

Despite the fact that Country: Russia ShoCk is no longer an admin here on XJ, he still very willingly helps us "behind the courtain" with all sort of things. And that's also one of the reasons why we decided to make him a Birthday movie featuring on the front page.

You are about to see some fresh jumps with a smooth style but what really does matter when it comes to trickjumping is MovieMaker's creativity and originality which is not an easy task to accomplish since over the years we've seen hundreds of movies.
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina KRATER did everything what was in his powers to make it as best as he could and I believe it does belong to his best creations.


Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Hey man ! So.. One year older again :p How are you feeling ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: Yo! I feel like this birthday is something special compared to the others, I think I've never had that many greetings ever before, it feels so nice, thank y'all :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Russians are generally known that when it comes down to celebrations, it's usually pretty wild. How was your celebration ? Any unforgettable memories ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: Didn't celebrate yet, but yeah I plan on drinking till I puke. Not really, that's a stereotype of course, I and my mates don't usually throw the cap over the mill but it happened so that the cafe I reserved is a pretty loud place and the night happens to be a football night as well so I guess it's gonna be a little more wild than normally :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Haha, dont forget to take some photos/videos ! :D How was last year for you ? Did any interesting things happen to you ? Did you experience any important life changes ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: Sure thing! Yeah, quite a few changes, I just realized that it's the first birthday in my life I celebrate not being a student :> That sucks but I let it go, I've got job now and things changed kinda a lot. I don't change kz for anything though, even though my schedule became more difficult to plan out.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: What are your plans for the following year(s) ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: Keep on doing my job, fight my way in career of course. All the routine I've got today I guess, hanging out with mates and chicks, gym, kz, quake and all that stuff, maybe find myself a girl to fall in love :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I've noticed that you started to be kind of active again when it comes to recording WRs. Any particular reason for that ? Is the "old" passion back ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: Uhm I have really no idea why it happens. I have always been in and out of recording, tbh I don't know what motivates me or gives me incentive to record stuff but lately I feel like recording a lot :D I noticed though that once I beat a record, it's a good start to keep on beating more because it's somehow becomes easier. Also, I got myself that plastic mousepad and it feels more pleasant to play with it. It could also be that I was out of recording for quite some time until lasy month(s)? so I kinda had time to grow weary :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I hope this enthusiasm will last for at least a few more months and you will keep showering us with some great records ;p Anyway, I want to ask you about your bday movie. How do you like it ? What do you like the most about it and what could've been done better in your eyes ?

Country: Russia ShoCk: I didn't watch it yet haha :D I'm one of those guys who leave the tastiest for the last. I just wanted to let this interview pass so I can get down to watching without being "bothered" :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha ok, I wont hold you any longer. Let's watch it right now. :)

Country: Russia ShoCk: Yep, won't you ask me for shout outs? :(

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: How unconsidered of me ! Ok ShoCk, the floor is yours.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Oh cool! Well big thanks to krater for this movie, it's a great present for birthday and big up to you PU9, you're the guy that makes changes, I have a huge appreciation for the job you're doing. Keep up!

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