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News: KZmod WR Release #25 - 53 New World Records

22/08/16 - 03:37:48

Written by: afu

Comments: 16

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hi guys. We're very sorry for the delay. From now on, I'll be working with Country: Georgia Nokkan Moviemaker KZmod Recordholder, both of us checking KZMod demos. Have a nice day!

Country: Argentina afu

kz_4youreyesonly done in 07:36.85 ( 07:51.47 Country: Finland sambb )
kz_bhop_bathhouse done in 00:41.14 ( 00:41.73 Country: Argentina afu )
kz_bhop_shrubhop done in 01:47.73 ( 01:49.10 Country: Russia Xavi )
kz_bhop_volcanohop done in 01:35.15 ( 01:35.43 Country: Canada sooshka )
kz_bhopcage done in 01:05.53 ( 01:06.22 Country: Finland gizpo_O )
kz_cmfrb[wooden_maze] done in 00:45.84 ( 00:47.75 Country: Hong Kong Disillusion )
kz_crate_delight done in 04:23.27 ( 04:24.37 Country: Romania Cobrex )
kz_debod done in 04:25.23 ( 04:43.46 Country: Finland gizpo_O )
kz_karnak done in 06:12.75 ( 07:50.94 Country: Argentina afu )
kz_little_rock done in 03:58.05 ( 04:17.50 Country: Russia Xavi )
kz_minecraftcontest[ei-zmei] done in 01:50.23 ( 02:02.31 Country: Finland sambb )
kz_minecraftcontest[flash] done in 00:38.08 ( 00:39.06 Country: Romania Cobrex )
kz_mix_cruma[lava] done in 00:55.77 ( 00:57.74 Country: Brazil R4D14710N )
kz_mix_cruma[ruins] done in 00:35.68 ( 00:36.35 Country: Denmark kQbmig )
kz_octoblock[beneath] done in 01:00.34 ( 01:04.79 Country: Georgia Nokkan )
kz_octoblock done in 02:10.55 ( 02:15.32 Country: Finland gizpo_O )
kz_prison[amphibia] done in 02:20.91 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_rutces[kz_brickstgrass] done in 03:54.82 ( 04:11.54 Country: Romania Cobrex )
kz_rutces[kz_greycliff] done in 03:11.17 ( 03:18.18 Country: Romania Cobrex )
kz_rutces[kz_pirgu] done in 00:15.90 ( 00:33.48 Country: Ukraine Berkut )
kz_rutces[kz_suhubhop] done in 01:21.49 ( 01:24.46 Country: Romania Cobrex )
kz_surf_protraining[ezblock] done in 01:27.21 ( 01:29.28 Country: Russia kocmonabt )
kz_testlab done in 02:21.11 ( 02:21.71 Country: Argentina afu )
kz_thehills[gold_digger] done in 00:15.58 ( 00:16.65 Country: Hong Kong Disillusion )
kz_thehills[old_mine] done in 00:46.43 ( 00:47.40 Country: Hong Kong Disillusion )

Country: Panama anker

kz_bhop_backport done in 00:38.32 ( 00:38.43 Country: Ukraine FAME )
kz_bhop_femto done in 01:34.00 ( 01:35.78 Country: Canada sooshka )

Country: Czech Republic descent

kz_mix_journeys[surf_journey] done in 01:03.52 ( 01:07.19 Country: Estonia Twize[k] )
kz_surf_happyhands2[bonus_2] done in 00:15.91 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_happyhands2[bonus_3] done in 00:20.61 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_misc done in 01:53.10 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_overgrowth[bonus_stage_junior] done in 00:09.52 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_overgrowth[bonus_stage_silverlol] done in 00:09.17 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_sluice[bonus_stage_3] done in 00:10.32 ( 00:10.56 Country: Great Britain Fizzerino )

Country: Brazil gbl

kz_bhop_wtf[surf_mini] done in 00:36.56 ( 00:44.92 Country: Germany TopKleare )
kz_mix_piraraa[the_escape] done in 00:16.30 ( 00:16.50 Country: Czech Republic descent )
kz_mix_simpsons[surf] done in 01:22.92 ( 01:25.61 Country: Brazil gbl )
kz_surf_calamity2 done in 02:02.69 ( 02:03.22 Country: Czech Republic descent )
kz_surf_mesa done in 00:48.07 ( 00:48.41 Country: Great Britain Fizzerino )
kz_surf_sluice[bonus_stage_1] done in 00:09.31 ( 00:09.35 Country: Great Britain Fizzerino )

Country: Brazil gss

kz_mix_sickness[surf_run_1] done in 00:15.30 ( 00:15.39 Country: Brazil gss )
kz_rutces[kz_puntslide] done in 01:30.62 ( 01:31.16 Country: Ukraine Berkut )
kz_surf_beginner done in 00:46.77 ( 00:46.85 Country: Great Britain Fizzerino )
kz_surf_gi_zelda[easy] done in 00:17.16 ( 00:17.24 Country: Argentina HermeticA )
kz_surf_gi_zelda[hard] done in 00:18.09 ( 00:19.46 Country: Argentina HermeticA )
kz_surf_gi_zelda[shortbox] done in 00:19.25 ( 00:20.06 Country: Brazil gbl )
kz_surf_happyhands2[bonus_1] done in 00:14.29 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_surf_happyhands[b] done in 00:06.34 ( 00:06.35 Country: Argentina HermeticA )
kz_surf_sluice[bonus_stage_5] done in 00:17.41 ( 00:17.59 Country: Great Britain Fizzerino )
kz_surf_syria done in 01:15.41 ( 01:16.02 Country: Brazil gbl )

Country: Russian Federation kocmonabt

kz_freezing_ridge done in 08:11.32 ( 08:23.47 Country: Russia kocmonabt )

Country: Brazil Laudz

kz_fragmania[lj_race_hard] done in 00:07.12 ( 00:07.17 Country: Brazil gss )

Country: Germany TopKleare

kz_surf_happyhands[b] done in 00:08.42 ( 00:08.61 Country: Brazil gss )

Click here to see which KZmod demos were rejected/improved


News: Map release: 2 new maps

21/08/16 - 11:56:22

Written by: Fantasm

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


Recently it was announced that Country: Canada FuZzy1 Mapper's map fu_extreme would be removed from its listing in our map pool until a valid demo could be submitted. This is due to the length of time the map had been in active rotation without a completion. Today we are announcing a policy in regards to the removal of additional maps fitting the "extreme" difficulty level. The concept is simple, and aimed to decrease the amount of maps we are rejecting from the map team simply due to the perceived difficulty of the map, alongside doubt that a record could be made. Going forward, when a Hard/Extreme map is released on the site, a new 120-day mandatory completion period begins, where some player must submit their record before four months has passed, or the map will default to a removal of its listing. With this in mind, and starting from today, the maps which will face termination from the map list 120 days from now, are: kz_obscurity, and kzru_bear. Good luck to any motivated precision climbers who take a shot at these demos.

kz_bedlam by Country: Russian Federation Rachel, Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper & Country: Russian Federation qui Mapper
Challenge: Hard/Extreme
Type: Precision, all styles

It brings us great pleasure to announce the release of kz_bedlam, created by three brilliant Russian mappers: Country: Russian Federation Rachel, Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper & Country: Russian Federation qui Mapper. Easily earning the official kz_ tag with its originality and innovation, the map is truly unlike any which we've ever seen. When we caught word of this map it was being described as "a true piece of art", and that's exactly what this map is. 2016 has brought us some of the strongest mapping seen yet on Counter-Strike, and kz_bedlam simply adds to that claim.

From the dreamy ambient setting, to the bizarre abstract architecture. To the puzzles, races, and games — this map simply takes the cake. New ideas displayed and never before seen user interaction setups, the map will have you challenging yourself for hours if it is your first play. Patience, skill and ingenuity are the only way to survive and conquer this beast of a map. Enjoy your play on kz_bedlam, and get those demos rolling.

muj_dom by Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper
Challenge: Hard/Extreme
Type: Custom/specialty, Bhop/Mixed

As an added bonus, we present to you another mapping project by Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper: muj_dom. This custom map offers more of the same from kz_bedlam in terms of both difficulty and originality. More specialty/custom sections which force the player to learn and adapt to the use of various, uncommonly seen techniques which are needed in order to complete the map (there is even a "no standup bhops" section). Making their way through each section, even great players will find it challenging to progress at times. With the pleasantly surprising recent influx of new fresh skill to the community, we hope to see this map completed in the near future.

XJ Mapcheck team

News: Developer & Designer needed!

13/08/16 - 07:54:02

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 20

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

Two new admin positions have just opened. We are looking for:

1)Front-End developer (JS, CSS, HTML knowledge) that will work closely with our Back-End developer on building the new XJ website;
2)Designer (that will create the graphic interface of our new website) and will also work together with our current designer.

You can use this form to apply.
All applicants will be contacted shortly.
For those who desire, you can use the application for various admin positions. We will take them all under consideration.

Thank you a lot for wanting to help! We appreciate your effort!

Best regards,
XJ Staff

News: WR Release #696 - 49 New World Records + New demo admin

09/08/16 - 09:10:45

Written by: FAME

Comments: 55

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

First of all, we would like to announce our new demo admin - Country: Argentina Memories CS 1.6 Recordholder, the one who made this glorious release possible. Welcome!

cn MetamorPhose^_x

bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:17.15 ( 00:17.22 qa kzz1lla )
daza_cobkz_inducility done in 03:04.82 ( 03:11.55 se LEWLY )
kt_blockrace done in 01:37.23 ( 01:40.89 us pizza^ )

cz shooting-star

cg_oldtexas done in 05:50.82 ( 05:57.13 qa kzz1lla )
cosy_dusttown done in 06:30.67 ( 06:45.25 cn DiLo )
fu_sane done in 06:52.59 ( 08:15.19 ar Aguslash )
j2s_peakez done in 02:05.70 ( 02:23.47 cn rOboTaa )
kz_ea_highblock done in 02:35.16 ( 02:35.20 ar Cupe )
kz_hypercube done in 06:02.64 ( 06:03.21 ar Aguslash )
kz_kzfr_mariocastle done in 09:28.35 ( 10:49.49 ar tr33p^.- )
kz_kzro_atentemple done in 04:42.77 ( 04:52.76 rs alx )
kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 06:23.90 ( 06:24.50 cn chinakungfu )
kz_kzsca_greenisland done in 04:15.06 ( 04:17.38 ro w1zz )
kz_redbrickworld done in 02:34.13 ( 02:34.98 se kayne )
kz_sideways done in 09:23.25 ( 09:54.18 ru DeathClaw )
kz_stonehenge done in 02:14.76 ( 02:16.11 ro w1zz )
kz_wsp_arpino done in 02:27.52 ( 02:39.77 cz shooting-star )
kz_xj_climbtrip done in 06:07.47 ( 06:17.94 cn rOboTaa )
rr_inside^outside done in 02:43.26 ( 02:44.25 cz PU9maker )
sn_ezycliff done in 02:40.27 ( 02:41.16 cz fykseN )
vee_nintendo done in 03:35.91 ( 03:39.34 ar CaBeZa )

ru Toffifee

clintmo_longjumper[e] done in 00:58.95 ( 00:59.52 bg shNz )
j2s_sandland done in 02:39.02 ( 02:39.86 se LEWLY )
kz_ghat[+cave] done in 01:30.19 ( 01:30.28 cz shooting-star )
kz_j2s_icevalley[-boost] done in 03:03.22 ( 03:13.02 ar kHz )
kz_man_castle done in 06:16.19 ( 06:28.28 se kayne )
kz_stb_mystic done in 02:52.77 ( 02:56.15 ar Mrjuice )
prochallenge2_bhop done in 02:33.73 ( 02:34.08 ar Aguslash )

cn Zzz`

cobkz_minecraft done in 00:56.63 ( 00:56.95 kr Poter )

ar Memories

kz_a2_godspeed done in 05:03.48 ( 05:06.52 dk puppetz )
kz_highblock_xp done in 03:44.89 ( 03:45.89 cn rOboTaa )
kz_man_trippin done in 04:38.62 ( 04:43.61 pl 1312 )

cn rOboTaa

kz_kzdk_digger done in 03:42.77 ( 03:47.67 cn rOboTaa )
kz_kzsca_ancestry done in 03:27.81 ( 03:33.90 cn rOboTaa )
kz_kzsca_pyramid done in 03:53.10 ( 04:00.61 cn rOboTaa )
kzsca_suburbia done in 03:35.32 ( 03:39.76 cn rOboTaa )

ar emmalahana

kz_kzfr_bhopaztec done in 00:21.04 ( 00:21.60 fr pruno )
kz_man_bhopdesert[-boost] done in 00:06.38 ( 00:06.56 cn Zzz` )
kz_man_bhopocean[-boost] done in 00:06.58 ( 00:07.10 cn Zzz` )
kz_man_bhopsnow[-boost] done in 00:06.61 ( 00:07.00 cn Zzz` )
kz_space2 done in 00:23.43 ( 01:06.57 pt SAMNY )

cz fykseN

kz_kzfr_treeclimb done in 06:50.86 ( 06:51.42 se kayne )
kz_kzus_secretbase done in 11:02.36 ( 11:07.73 se kayne )
prochallenge2_longjump done in 02:25.31 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar Aguslash

kz_navidad done in 04:02.10 ( 04:04.51 cz shooting-star )
rpz_downfall[boxes_full] done in 00:22.79 ( 00:23.36 cn Zzz` )

ar Mrjuice

kz_satomi done in 03:16.41 ( 03:17.01 pl 1312 )

ar rainstorm

kz_xj_communitybhop done in 05:54.21 ( 06:05.94 rs alx )

cn chinakungfu

kznl_delta done in 05:02.28 ( 05:09.62 cz fykseN )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: Prochallenge #2: 4th Round & Other news

04/08/16 - 08:24:55

Written by: FAME

Comments: 26

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

There was some minor bug on a slide part so please, re-download fixed version of a map -link-
Demos recorded on both versions will be accepted.


First of all we would like to apologize for a such big delay, there were some reasons behind that. Now, without further ado let's proceed directly to the winners of current round.

The results of 3rd Round - 1st Phase on prochallenge2_longjump:

1. Country: Unknown fykseN CS 1.6 Recordholder with 10 points prochallenge2_longjump_fykseN_0225.31
2. Country: Argentina Aguslash CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder with 9 points prochallenge2_longjump_Aguslash_0241.13
3. Country: Ukraine FAME KZmod Recordholder with 8 points prochallenge2_longjump_FAME_0251.47
4. Country: Russian Federation Dolphin with 7 points prochallenge2_longjump_Dolphin_0425.72
5. Country: Germany hefakz Gold Donator with 6 points prochallenge2_longjump_hefA.kz_0603.40

Click here to see Overall Ranks after the first 5 maps

1. Country: Argentina Aguslash CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder with 45 points
2. Country: Unknown fykseN CS 1.6 Recordholder with 22 points
3. Country: Denmark kQbmig CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder with 20 points
4. Country: Europe Oz1m with 17 points
5. Country: Poland kropeq CS 1.6 Recordholder with 16 points
6. Country: Poland KZPL|Woody with 12 points
7-8. Country: France Berkut CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder with 9 points
7-8. Country: Serbia spoun with 9 points
9. Country: Ukraine FAME KZmod Recordholder with 8 points
10. Country: Russian Federation Dolphin with 7 points
11. Country: Germany hefakz Gold Donator with 6 points
12. Country: Argentina CaBeZa CS 1.6 Recordholder with 4 points

The final segment of the 2nd Pro Challenge tournament was originally intended to take place as a live event, and was scheduled to occur at some point this month. However, and as some of our patrons may have been wondering the reason behind, last month's map to be released by Country: United Kingdom spr1n Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder was delayed due to some personal responsibilities of his, and so we've taken the initiative to not wait any longer and simply skip to the final map of the series: prochallenge2_mix by Country: Czech Republic Roadrunner Mapper. It has not yet been decided if and when Country: United Kingdom spr1n Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder's map will be released.

The final round of Prochallenge 2 tournament takes place in an old abandoned research center
surrounded by rocky walls somewhere deep in mountains. The whole area was cleaned up and
reconstructed to create the ultimate kreedz challenge. Jumpers will be tested in many skill
areas and will have to showcase a mix of different techniques. Creativity, versatility
and precision are key to beat this map!

August: 04.08.2016 - 01.09.2016

prochallenge2_mix - by Country: Czech Republic Roadrunner Mapper

Challenge: Hard
Type: Mixed

As a followup to the last map-team news post regarding a new fixed version of kz_abstract_plane, Country: Unknown OddYsseus brought it to our attention that the fixed version of kz_emblem which the site has been hosting for quite some time now, was actually the wrong, older/incompatible beta version. This has been the case for an extended period of time unfortunately, as it was not noted until just now that the site's data loss we experienced (fall of 2014) included the fixed version of this file. This error has been corrected, and to anyone looking to replace their beta version can do so here: kz_emblem

Lasty, another map-related news we need to address as a side-note: the Beat It! challenge that has been presented in the side bar for nearly 9 months now has gone unanswered, even with a hefty and generous bounty to entice our community. The map team has decided to end this challenge and remove the map from the website entirely. Two things worth mentioning; as this map transfers to Cosy-Climbing in the coming weeks, should any jumper manage to pass it, they are welcome to submit their demo to XJ, which after being checked and cleared, would reinstate the map back to Xtreme-Jumps, but without the player receiving the original prize pot. The money which was earlier in this prize pot may or may not be transferred to future mapping projects or challenges.

XJ Staff

News: Updated version of kz_abstract_plane

24/07/16 - 10:18:22

Written by: Fantasm

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

In the spring of 2013 Valve released a final version to the original Counter-Strike. This is when console commands such as "m_rawinput" and "cl_filterstuffcmd" became available as well as when XJ changed the legal fps_max setting to 99.5 from 101.

For some reason, a select few maps from the XJ arsenal became unplayable by anyone using this updated version of CS, and could only be played again by enabling CS Beta through Steam's Counter-Strike launch settings.

The problem was, most of the community didn't know about this fix, and it was not feasible as a long term solution to the problem. A few years ago we were able to get mapper Country: United States Timmycakes Mapper to edit and recompile his epic map kz_emblem which fixed the issue, making the map playable again community-wide.

Unfortunately the other maps such as kz_kzlv_wanderer have yet to be fixed. However, we were recently fortunate enough to have Country: United States Timmycakes Mapper repair another of his legendary maps: kz_abstract_plane, which most XJ members who have been here for at least five years will remember fondly.

Download and replace your original copy of the map with this 2016 recompile and remind yourself why this map was such a landmark to the community to begin with.

You can download updated version of a map here: kz_abstract_plane

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