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News: WR Release #671 - 31 New World Records

12/04/15 - 17:46:42

Written by: fame

Comments: 78

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

rs alx

bhop_its_2caves done in 06:18.43 ( 06:24.55 ar Mrjuice )

bg shNz

bn_tombbhop done in 02:17.26 ( 02:18.62 tw DizZy )
kz_cg_rivacliff done in 01:46.66 ( 01:48.82 bg hrznnn )

cn chinakungfu

cosy_canyonblock done in 08:34.27 ( 08:49.40 cn chinakungfu )
kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 06:29.16 ( 06:30.84 cz shooting-star )
kz_sideways done in 09:38.26 ( 09:54.18 ru DeathClaw )
kzra_somecaves done in 10:23.68 ( 10:26.85 cn chinakungfu )

cz PU9maker

fmc_torres done in 02:42.58 ( 02:42.91 fi ajuhhhhh )

be Beginner

fof_axn_scroll_killa done in 01:14.20 ( 01:15.16 ar emmalahana )
ins_axn_tooncastle done in 00:48.95 ( 00:49.73 ar emmalahana )
kzfr_bhop_wood done in 00:31.89 ( 00:32.71 ar emmalahana )

lv quickfire

fof_chillbhop done in 01:05.59 ( **:**.** n/a n/a )
kzsca_snakebhop done in 01:10.21 ( 01:10.23 fr toytoy )

pl memek

ins_toontrain done in 03:34.23 ( 03:37.05 dk kQbmig )

ru Bibika

kt_aztecclimb done in 01:01.60 ( 01:01.61 fi novice )
kz_concise[easy] done in 02:44.51 ( 02:46.67 se kayne )
kz_cornsilo done in 03:49.01 ( 03:52.02 cz shooting-star )
kz_j2s_icevalley done in 02:08.58 ( 02:08.79 se LEWLY )

cn Zzz`

kz-endo_bikinihop done in 02:58.23 ( 03:02.15 es drizz )
kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:22.96 ( 02:24.54 lv quickfire )
kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:43.22 ( 00:43.40 fr g-Lp )

cn DaBaiTuMaiTang

kz-endo_loko done in 01:59.40 ( 02:01.17 br aloprando )
kzro_fastcliff done in 02:14.50 ( 02:15.54 cn DaBaiTuMaiTang )

ar Mrjuice

kz_antiquity done in 02:35.89 ( 02:38.58 cn MetamorPhose^_x )

br aloprando

kz_dp_medieval done in 02:05.96 ( 02:09.89 es ducu )

cn rOboTaa

kz_ea_beneath_h done in 02:22.07 ( 02:24.97 be koukouz )

ru muJik

kz_ins_insilio done in 15:43.68 ( 18:41.19 lt PuKiS )

cn MetamorPhose^_x

kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 01:24.75 ( 01:25.67 cn YRagoN92 )

ru ShoCk

kz_luonto done in 03:23.79 ( 03:25.06 fi KeltA )

hu Skizo_

kz_man_congo_b01[+carpets] done in 00:33.69 ( 00:33.70 bg hr1sch0 )
risk_compound done in 00:09.20 ( 00:09.50 ar Aguslash )

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News: Cheating: Banned for life #4: VNS

01/04/15 - 20:24:11

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 163

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

To be quite honest, when we first started this we thought it will be enjoying cleaning up the community. The thought of starting fresh was overwhelming. But now, we have come to realize that our actions will also do some damage. We already knew that, but somehow, as we go deeper into the problem we get that feeling of awareness and suddenly everything feels more "real".

I guess this is because we kind of have the first major player about to be banned. Country: Sweden VNS Recordholder Permanent banned is considered, more or less, by a considerable proportion of our audience, as an iconic players. And when this happens to someone like that, dark feelings are also bound to happen.

However, we would like to think that all this is for a greater good. So, with this being said, let's get into some facts. We will reveal as much as we can, without mentioning sensitive informations about our checking procedure.

Before going any further, we would like to mention that we had to discuss this matter with the well known Country: Germany eDark before taking any decision. We felt that it is important to find out his opinion and eventually to have his blessing, more or less, because we wanted to be absolutely sure of our findings. In the end, this was his conclusion:

eDark wrote ...
eDark: overall i would say the hacking part is solid
eDark: yes for the hacking part it s enough

So, between the years of 2012 and 2015 he used 4 different bhop hacks and he recorded 64 cheated demos. You may also ask yourself what does the "hacking part" means. Well, beside the cheating proofs we had there were also other suspicious facts, but those do not concern Xtreme-Jumps and due to this reason are left out.
All of his demos will be deleted and he will be permanently banned.

This is an unfortunate case, as the player in question had a special place in our hearts and he was on the way to really leave a mark in our KZ community.

However, our journey doesn't stop here and we are really working on possible solutions to change this community for the better. These things require time, but we are confident we will manage to accomplish some of them, at least.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

Best regards,

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News: ROTW #154 - aloprando on rr_dangerblock

31/03/15 - 12:03:49

Written by: zythH^

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there, and welcome to the 154th edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Brazil aloprando
Map: rr_dangerblock
Realtime: 02:43.31 (-00:00.13)
Moviemaker: Country: Aland Islands WeMeRA
Previous holder: Country: Russia Toffifee

Before we start a war because of this ROTW I have to say, and believe me, this was one of the hardest choices we had to make in ROTW history. Not the hardest though, but it is for sure in the top5. Amazing demos were released but two particular demos were even better than the rest: kz_kzdk_kosovo by Country: China YRagoN92 and rr_dangerblock by Country: Brazil aloprando. These two players amazed our eyes with some fantastic runs. While they are not god or robots, they both had some minor mistakes, but these two runs were really outstanding. So having two close to perfect runs made everything harder. However, we had to choose one and I am sure some will agree with this choice but some will not. As I already know, we can't please everyone. I feel both sorry and sad that I couldn't use both as ROTW, but this is the way it is. Here is something to Country: China YRagoN92: I am sure that if you keep that level you will for sure be starring in a future ROTW!!

And after these pleseant runs to watch I had the pleasure to accept this request from the well-known Country: Aland Islands WeMeRA, as he asked me if he could take some ROTWs and obviously I know his works and I know he is able to take care of this, we gladly accepted. I am sure that this run was in good hands and it won't fail from any point of view.

Furthermore, enjoy it as much as you can!

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

News: WR Release #670 - 19 New World Records

26/03/15 - 11:45:04

Written by: fame

Comments: 78

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ar emmalahana

clintmo_falling done in 01:18.26 ( 01:18.55 ru Bunkka )

cn Zzz`

jagkz_natal done in 01:10.91 ( 01:11.02 se VNS )
kzpf_deathless_x done in 09:39.91 ( 11:33.80 cn Zzz` )

pl neXt.

ksz_mountainvalley done in 03:24.27 ( 03:29.21 se VNS )


kz_antiquity done in 02:38.58 ( 02:54.51 cz PU9maker )
kz_kzsca_still done in 01:50.15 ( 02:32.54 cz PU9maker )

cz shooting-star

kz_bkz_deathjourney done in 02:00.18 ( 02:00.28 br surRendi )
kz_man_everest done in 04:08.89 ( 04:10.29 cn xiyangyang )

bg hrznnn

kz_built done in 03:42.95 ( 03:47.60 cz PU9maker )

cn rOboTaa

kz_ea_waterfall done in 03:32.24 ( 03:33.35 fi KeltA )
kz_kzdk_digger done in 03:50.02 ( 03:52.87 se VNS )

lt PuKiS

kz_ins_insilio done in 18:41.19 ( 31:44.17 cz PU9maker )

cn YRagoN92

kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 01:25.67 ( 01:40.46 cz shooting-star )

cn chinakungfu

kz_man_cameron done in 05:53.92 ( 06:09.22 bg DeeDFTW )

ar Aguslash

kz_nobkz_factoryrun done in 04:14.99 ( 04:46.20 cz PU9maker )
risk_compound done in 00:09.50 ( 00:09.52 hu Skizo_ )

fr g-Lp

kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:43.40 ( 00:43.43 pl neXt. )

br aloprando

kzse_bhopblock done in 00:12.58 ( 00:12.75 pl memek )
rr_dangerblock done in 02:43.31 ( 02:43.44 ru Toffifee )

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News: ROTW #153 - aloprando on risk_lego_firehouse

24/03/15 - 17:08:50

Written by: zythH^

Comments: 35

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there, and welcome to the 153rd edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Brazil aloprando
Map: risk_lego_firehouse
Realtime: 01:46.35 (-00:00.61)
Moviemaker: Country: Lithuania Marshall
Previous holder: Country: United States pizza^

These past releases the skill level is growing and growing at a high rate, especially for some players like Country: Brazil aloprando, players who were already skilled but they are still improving their skills and times. Everyone knows Country: Brazil aloprando from past releases and even ROTWs as well, so he is not new regarding these things, but let's be straight, with inactivity we often lose some abilities. However these "old" players decide to surprise us with astonishing runs from time to time, showing us that they are not "dead" and that they can still beat the new and recent record holders or even the most hard records like this one. Let's take into consideration that Country: United States pizza^ run was pretty sick and improving it with less than a second was a hard task for the brazilian player.

Without forgetting the moviemaker, I asked an old friend of mine to do this ROTW. Don't get me wrong, but this was a must to me and I believe that Country: Lithuania Marshall will not dissapoint you or Xtreme-Jumps with his moviemaking abilities! He is also coming back to the moviemaking scene and is actually working on his new project. Let's wish him good luck and hopefully his work will be worth of front page like this ROTW was!

PS. We will be working to recover the old ROTW news (from #147 to #152).
PS2. Don't forget that I am the ROTW admin with Country: United States Ovidiu Dumitru, so if you want to do or have a chance to edit a Run Of The Week be sure to contact us!

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

News: Weekly Cup #18: Results

23/03/15 - 13:35:02

Written by: ShoCk 3's

Comments: 18

Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Another Weekly Cup has come to an end, this time surprising us with an Argentinian mystery man coming out of nowhere and making his way through very serious opponents to the Winner of the event, gratz!

Country: Argentina tanap> Gold Donator Gold Cupwinner wins 2 weeks Gold VIP
Country: Russian Federation Toffifee Recordholder Silver Donator Silver Cupwinner wins 2 weeks Silver VIP
Country: Unknown shooting-star Recordholder Bronze Donator Bronze Cupwinner wins 2 weeks Bronze VIP

Due to various reasons and lack of players being one of them we decided to slow down with the cups and from now on Weekly Cups will be held every two weekends as we are positive this is the only and best way for all of us. Cheers everyone and see you next edition.

This edition of the MOTW comes with a bang right at the end:

Weekly Cup #18 VOD by tIdAL_waVe (Day One)
Weekly Cup #18 VOD by tIdAL_waVe (Day Two)
Weekly Cup #18 VOD by Kangaroo (Day One)
Weekly Cup #18 VOD by Kangaroo (Day Two)
Weekly Cup #18 Brackets

News: Weekly Cup #18: Reminder

21/03/15 - 18:22:32

Written by: ShoCk 3's

Comments: 5

Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

It looks like 10 players is all we've got for this cup so the brackets shaped up differently from what you are used to see, so check them out. The advancing systeam will work like this; Players from round one that advance to round two will have an advantage over the opponent of eliminating both maps, hence an opponent is not required to make choices. Then, the players from groups D and F that will advance to Semifinals will have a disadvantage of not having an opportunity of dismissing maps. That's about it and we are starting very soon.


FAQ for participants

I'm on the server and I have to dismiss a map. Whose word comes first, mine or my opponent's?
As both players are on the server it's required that they write in chat /roll - plugin will randomly select a player. The one with less number (looser) chooses first.

How do I know when it's time to play?
Every participant is required to add an admin on steam so that he can invite you to the server when it's time to play. Here is a steam page of the guy you need :)

I had an admin on steam and was all the time online but he didn't message me. Why did it happen?
It's most likely because you had different interface name on steam so an admin simply couldn't find you. To avoid these situations it's higly recommendable to use your real nick so an admin can reach out to you.

I was too late for the sign-ups and the cup is already full, is there a chance I can still join?
Yes, there is a chance. Just leave a comment like everyone else did before you and you might be picked as a substitute for missing player. For example, if your comment was 17th and someone of the 16 players couldn't participate then you come in as a substitue. Then 18th and so on.

I find some of the plugins on the server disturbing, can I disable them?
Yes, of course. Current list of plugins that might disturb you is as short as: /ljstats, /invis, /speclist

How can I check my opponents final position?
Write in chat /position


Match time - 5 minutes, rematch - 2 minutes.

Final position counts according to the /position plugin and it's recommended to stay still on the block as it's 1-2 seconds remaining till the end of the map.

Camping more than 5 seconds will lead you to defeat. Camping is determined on admins agreement in non-standard situations. Don't fool around or jump back and forth repeatedly.

If the participant has not shown up as it's time to play then defeat may be applied.

A participant is required to leave the server after his match has finished; unless admin allowed him to stay.

Money transfer is performed using paypal, make sure you have an account.

We do not bear responsibility for experienced lags, whether they are caused due to your connection or hardware issues. However, if it heavily affects your game, you can request a rematch. It's only possible with opponent's agreement.

It's strictly prohibited to quit from the Cup particulary when you have advanced from the first round. Violating this rule will get you banned from one or multiple further cups.

It's recommended to use your real nick on the server so that you are recognized.

Disobeying admin's instructions may get you desqualified or banned from one or multiple Weekly Cups.

Weekly Cup rules can be updated and differ from each other, depending on format and theme. It's highly recommendable to check out the rules every new edition.







Stream: by Country: United States tIdAL_waVe and Country: United States Kangaroo
Admins: Country: Russian Federation ShoCk 3's Recordholder Gold Donator // Country: Bulgaria D@NG3R` Silver Donator

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