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News: Cheating: Banned for life #1: Lolz_

31/10/14 - 17:43:00

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 67

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Lately a.k.a beuhnoix

Hello community,

I'm thrilled to say we have finally managed to discover and set a list up, filled with cheaters that are active, as well users who used to be active here on

I'm aware of this long lasting problem and the constant downfall of XJ due to this situation.
Most of you blamed us for not taking action and the rest mocked us for the situation. And I understand all of you, you had every right to think like that. After all, all we wanted was a safe and clean place to do what we love: to jump.

I won't even start saying how awful the gesture was of anyone who considered they should cheat their way into our community. The lack of respect and appreciation is clear.

For these reasons, I say no more! The time has come to do something about this situation!

For this, we've together put up a new series called "Cheating: Banned for life" to give each and everyone of them their last moment of "fame", because after all, after the big Unbanning Wave and By popular demand: 3 jumpers unbanned, we promised it was the last chance they will ever get. And we will for fill our promise.
(Note: The names from those lists don't automatically mean they will be banned)

So, for the first edition, we have Country: Belgium Lolz_ a.k.a beuhnoix.

As usual, the XJ policy regarding cheats, will not offer any details whatsoever about the whole situation.
All we can say is that he got busted recently, repeating his previous act in the same manner. I guess the new chance we gave him didn't mean anything to him, as he did the same mistake twice.

In conclusion, he will be banned permanently from XJ effective immediately. Not just from demo section, but from the entire website, giving the fact he was messing with the entire community repeatedly through his actions. All of his current, as well as the old demos, will be deleted.

I hope this isn't coming as a surprise. We've warned everyone that going down this path will involve drastic measures from our side . We wanted to forgive and offer a new beginning for everyone. Those who reached our hand of help, but decided to keep following their old habits are no longer welcome within our community.

Also, for those who thought we have no experienced demo checkers, tools and that eDark is inactive, think again. Our list is long and we aren't stopping. We've just started and I'm positive our community will become a cleaner place in the future. I'm also sure that we will hit some bumps along the road, but that's part of the process.

We hope we can stay together and I'm sure that together we will become stronger!

Thanks for your attention and see you soon with a new name on our new series!

Best regards,
XJ Staff

News: Movie Making Contest Information

28/10/14 - 18:04:25

Written by: ViDtam

Comments: 13

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey guys,

So the movie-making contest deadline is already really close. We would like to talk about the things that are going on.

Many of our participants asked for more time to work in their clip. We think that giving more time will result in better entrances, so we are giving you guys slightly more time to work on them.

The deadline is extended to: 10 November 2014

So there were people that had several issues making the clip, and they informed us that they would like to drop out from the contest. We are also changing the trick-jumper for Country: Romania Cobrex, he is now paired up with Country: Russia iNsprate. You can see the new chart in the extended news post.

When your clip is finished it must be submitted in the "Movie Center > Submit Movies" page. The file must contain the demos and it must be named like this: moviemaker_trickjumper_contest.rar. If you are having any other issues please report them to Country: Lithuania ViDtam or Country: Romania Cobrex.

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News: What's going on #2

24/10/14 - 21:06:23

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 51

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

Following the first edition, it's time we continue with a new update, especially considering the latest happenings.

Before we start, I would like to apologize for the lack of professionalism that we as admins showed over the last few days. And I would also like to apologize for not being 101% dedicated and commited to XJ in the last weeks. Thank you for your understanding and hopefully we can proceed forward.

And like I previously said, we are on the verge to accomplish something great or stay stuck in the current form. I would like to assure everyone that our staff is as strong and united as ever and no matter how many hits we get, we will stay together and continue to work on this legacy that has been passed on to us.

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News: 5 New Maps

21/10/14 - 17:39:55

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 40

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Time for a map release!
From all of us, to all of you...


ins_axn_tooncastle by Country: Germany hm^ Mapper and Country: Belgium badgamer Recordholder Commentban: Provocation/Insult in the chatbox. Third chat related violation, this is your last warning.

Challenge: Easy


kza_lagster by Country: United States lagster

Challenge: Bhop map - Hard

kzpf_deathless_x by Country: Russian Federation PreFect

Challenge: Bhop map - Extreme

kzsca_snakebhop by Country: Germany hm^ Mapper

Challenge: Easy

nobkz_mst_honduras_h by Country: Germany Marc St

Challenge: Hard

Stay tuned for an upcoming KZ map release in the near future!

News: ROTW #147 - lrs on kz_radium

18/10/14 - 02:35:08

Written by: PU9maker

Comments: 27

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there, and welcome to the 147th edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Sweden lrs
Map: kz_radium
Mapper: Country: United States tenkae
Realtime: 04:20.93 (-00:39.02)
Moviemaker: Country: Germany devian
Previous holder: Country: Belarus throttle

There's a new sheriff in town.

... and he's taking his competition down one by one. But for the love of God, how else to crown yourself as the new 'rule maker'? We have to admit that this guy has some boiling hot blood going through his veins to take down such a masterpiece former world record. kz_radium is one of those few maps where you can prove that you're the man!

Country: Germany devian has been invited to edit this ROTW and he did a really good job. I hope he will help us in the future again. Thank you!

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

News: WR Release #666 - 16 New World Records

13/10/14 - 07:51:45

Written by: PU9maker

Comments: 54

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Country: Czech Republic lrs

kz_aggressive done in 07:51.99 ( 09:14.62 Country: Sweden LEWLY )
kz_radium done in 04:20.93 ( 04:59.95 Country: Belarus throttle )

Country: Bulgaria Armageddon

kzro_darkhole done in 04:55.17 ( 05:25.85 Country: Russia KOT )

Country: China chinakungfu

kzra_somecaves done in 10:26.85 ( 10:34.06 Country: Russia kocmonabt )

Country: China DaBaiTuMaiTang

kzro_fastcliff done in 02:20.87 ( 02:21.86 Country: Latvia slay3r )

Country: Russian Federation Dubstep

cah_lost done in 02:22.58 ( 02:24.15 Country: Romania NeW )

Country: Russian Federation Kpoluk

k_sun done in 05:52.29 ( 06:12.65 Country: Czech Republic PU9maker )

Country: Poland memek

ins_toontrain done in 03:36.07 ( 03:37.05 Country: Denmark kQbmig )

Country: Argentina Mrjuice

bhop_its_2caves done in 06:24.55 ( 07:11.68 Country: Belgium beuhnoix )

Country: China PMSA

kz_district done in 02:13.43 ( 02:43.72 Country: Russia Lolwhat )

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker

kzro_nightcamp done in 02:39.99 ( 02:43.78 Country: Romania w1zz )
kz_built done in 04:07.53 ( 04:17.45 Country: China YMLJS)

Country: Bulgaria rampL

kz_man_nasa done in 01:18.62 ( 01:20.06 Country: Bulgaria rampL )

Country: Germany wayz

bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:17.22 ( 00:17.53 Country: Sweden eclipzh )

Country: China Zzz`

kz-endo_bikinihop done in 03:03.13 ( 03:25.38 Country: Czech Republic PU9maker )
kz_kz-endo_portal done in 01:48.43 ( 01:48.55 Country: Denmark kQbmig )

Click here to see which demos were rejected/improved


News: The Map Review of 2014

10/10/14 - 18:20:10

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

The Map Review:

What is this?

This is the big map review of 47 maps from 4 releases during 2014, after the new mapping approach was initiated.

Why was this needed?

There were misunderstandings and misinterpretations, and some mistakes were committed. Mapcheck team reviewed all these maps and old mapchecking posts have been consulted and considered when making the final decision. Tags may change from kz to custom or from custom to kz.

What will happen to the WRs?

World Records will be preserved.

Which maps are we talking about and what are the changes?

47 of the maps released during the last 6 months were reviewed, check the extended newspost for details.

Where do we go from here?

The same approach will be used, but to avoid future misunderstandings we will be more clear about everything. The misunderstanding that we would "accept everything" will be avoided. We said we will be more open, that we encourage new mappers to start mapping and that this isn't done to move maps around from one community's database to another. New clear guidelines and rules will be created for mappers and map checking team. Better communication between the mapper and the mapchecking team. Better feedback will be given.
More information will follow.

The database has issues, but cleaning it would require lots of manual work. The only one who has access and can do this is Stanimir Dimitrov and he is extremely busy at the moment. Looks like we will have to live with some issues for now.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused or will cause. We hope you will agree that the changes are for the better.

Rename those map files if you are going to record, or your recorded demo will be discarded.
Or, re-download the map and keep both versions. Just make sure you record on the right map.

Read the rest...

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