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News: XJ Highlights: kz_1man_game trailer by korban

12/01/17 - 21:05:08

Written by: mao

Comments: 48

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

It is time once more for the Xtreme-Jumps Highligts. This edition features Country: Ukraine korban's trailer of the upcoming map kz_1man_game by the very talented Russian mapper Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper


Moviemaker: Country: Ukraine korban
Mapper: Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper

News: WR Release #709 - 22 New World Records

09/01/17 - 12:39:12

Written by: Memories

Comments: 60

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ar Mrjuice

bhop_its_2caves done in 05:35.67 ( 05:38.66 cn Zzz` )
rnr_speedcrag done in 00:40.42 ( 00:40.52 ru Toffifee )

ru Toffifee

bkz_dusttemple done in 02:48.93 ( 02:51.44 cz shooting-star )
cg_xmasjourney done in 04:43.97 ( 04:49.86 cz shooting-star )
imao_darkcavern done in 02:16.68 ( 02:17.25 cz shooting-star )
kz_adv_underground done in 06:05.41 ( 06:22.69 cz shooting-star )
kz_cursed_tomb done in 07:06.38 ( 07:08.46 cz shooting-star )
kz_j2s_summercliff_ez done in 01:58.18 ( 01:59.21 bg shNz )
kz_kzdk_templebhop done in 04:53.40 ( 04:56.55 us pizza^ )
kz_kzfr_alexandrie done in 04:36.26 ( 04:40.92 cz shooting-star )
risk_bhop_bunny done in 01:38.53 ( 01:40.16 cz shooting-star )
sn_nanoblock[hard] done in 03:51.77 ( 03:54.52 cz shooting-star )

cn R300K

bkz_wallblock[-md] done in 02:14.76 ( 02:15.69 ru Toffifee )

sk noxeR

fof_chillbhop done in 01:02.05 ( 01:02.17 hk shxKh )

cn rOboTaa

kz_ins_industryrun done in 02:42.75 ( 02:45.31 hk colcol` )

cz shooting-star

kz_kzfr_mariocastle done in 07:26.36 ( 08:46.72 cz shooting-star )

ru Dolphin

kz_megabhop done in 01:31.65 ( 01:31.70 ru Toffifee )

cn Sharks

kz_space[-md] done in 03:30.37 ( 04:09.89 ba SAJKEE )

cz fykseN

kz_vkz_mystic done in 09:10.45 ( 09:43.24 cz shooting-star )

ru misti

kzpl_christmasmission[-md] done in 01:47.15 ( 01:58.75 ar rawe )

be koukouz

risk_treasure_island done in 02:22.43 ( 02:23.93 cz shooting-star )
sn_mountsnow done in 04:28.34 ( 04:31.31 us pizza^ )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: 257 LJ Propane - by iNsprate

07/01/17 - 21:54:37

Written by: Cobrex

Comments: 30

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

YouTube Link

A tiny piece of eternity, untouched, unawakened. Theres no such thing as time here, in the world of infinities and zeros, the white abyss of apathy can be felt sneaking somewhere, scarcely discernible, awaiting all of us.
Petrifying atmosphere begotten by an excellent music choice combined with a gorgeous mirror concept and brilliant use of the fog.
Adding the color design to all above truly perpetuates this cinematic beauty, in which the performer of the wicked 257LJ jump, Propane, was rather lucky to be starred in.
With this masterpiece, iNsprate yet again demonstrates us his idealistic approach to the visuals, but it's surely more about the idea that comes with the imagination and the skill to materialize it, transform it from something visceral into a distinctive piece of work.
Great job both, ace!


News: We are looking for new admins!

05/01/17 - 16:30:44

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 12

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

We are in search of new admins that can help us in our quest to move forward, as well as providing constant content for the community. The following admin positions are open:

2)Front-End developer (JS, CSS, HTML knowledge);
3)Demo Admin (experience is a must)
4)Map Admins
5)Cup Admins
6)Newswriters (articles, interviews, etc.)

You can use THIS FORM to apply.
All applicants will be contacted shortly.

Thank you for your desire to contribute to this community! We appreciate your effort!

Best regards,
XJ Staff

News: Become a XJ Mapper Feature!

02/01/17 - 17:07:41

Written by: KarLi

Comments: 11

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

No New Year would be complete without the accompanying change that goes with it. You'll commonly find fresh starts with new beginnings and new ideas everywhere you turn. So it should be no surprise that the Map Team already has something unique to offer. It gives us great pleasure to announce the Map Team's first major event of 2017: The introduction of the XJ Mapping Team. For registered XJ members, The Mapping Team is the newest special user class that anyone is eligible to apply for and join.

The Mapping Team's main function is going to be work for the XJ site in creating content. Creating specialty maps for certain themes as the year goes on, and contributing to communal projects. Outside of the projects, this group is also existing for the benefit of mappers and mapping in general. With the team's cooperation in newly planned class restricted subforums, between the mappers we hope to establish a mapping bank of high quality resources to be used in these and future projects.

When you apply, it is generally favored that you: have basic mapping knowledge with Hammer Editor 3.4/3.5, are willing to contribute and work on projects for XJ, have clear communication skills using English, and agree not to share any information or materials with persons outside of the group. In the application you should include information about your mapping experience and what your ideas would be for XJ maps. Discuss what you've already done in terms of mapping and what you think your strong points are. Finally, be sure to include a brief description about yourself and/or your KZ history.

Post your application under this link:

Thank you

XJ Map Team

News: 2017: Happy New Year XJ!!!

31/12/16 - 20:37:08

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps XJ


We hope you are having a good time at this very moment and welcome the new year of 2017 properly!

First of all we would like to thank you for being here with us. We are honored that we can continue this journey with the rest of you and even though the current times aren't the best, we strongly feel that will change sooner or later. Our promise to the rest of this community is that we won't stop until we will accomplish what Xtreme-Jumps deserves.

Have a good year guys!
XJ Staff

News: Cheating: Banned for life #5: Fact or Fiction

29/12/16 - 15:31:11

Written by: FAME

Comments: 171

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

It has been quite some time since we last brought you an edition of our "Banned for life" news series, something which you've likely been keeping an eye out for since our last installment. We appreciate your patience and anticipation.

Its a bit of an unusual situation this time around because the player in question has already decided to end his Kreedz-playing career long ago, and thus has currently no records left in our present database. As you may have already gathered from the title of this post, Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned is the person in question. He is the latest player in this series where we uncover and expose to you, the community, who amongst us has been dishonest within their demos.

Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned: a long-time, old school player who established himself not only in demo recording competition, but was a worthy mapper, notable movie maker, and a helpful & friendly community member all together. Nevertheless, and just like the antiheroes involved in our previous Banned for Life unveilings, this man had a little secret. A secret which he has been hiding since the time of his first demo being released on XJ almost 9 years ago. The "secret" which assisted him in achieving those astonishing records may be more commonly known to the layman as simply: slowmo.

We know many of you reading this are probably thinking to yourselves about how this does not surprise you. Mostly because Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned had been widely accused of cheating back when he was most active. In the duration of his active years, a lot of these accusations stemmed from his mouse movement which was often described as "robotic". At the time, there wasn’t anyone who was actually able to provide any proof of it, and the only person who had knowledge on how to check demos for slow motion was assured that Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned demos were not cheated. Here, I am not going to be blaming Country: Unknown eDark for having missed the signs in his checking of Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned demos. He has undoubtedly done more for this community than most, and will never be forgotten. That aside; all of us do make mistakes, and he is not an exception. An additional factor which allowed Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned to remain undetected for so many years, is simply the lack of a dedicated demo checking staff. There was a long period where Country: Unknown eDark was the only person who could detect advanced cheats, and its not fair to assume one (very busy) man could check every last demo during our most active and heavily-trafficked time.

This exposure of Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned is a terrific representation of how eventually, everyone who behaves in such likewise and unsportsmanlike fashion, will end up receiving a ban just as well. As punishment for his cheating, Country: Lithuania FoF Mapper Moviemaker Permanent banned will receive a permanent ban from our website. Unfortunately, although you may desire to learn of all the details surrounding how this cheat was detected, Xtreme-Jumps will not be providing any further information regarding cheat detection, as this sensitive information may be utilized by other cheaters for their benefit.

Best regards,

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