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News: WR Release #682 - 12 New World Records

05/10/15 - 14:12:12

Written by: FAME

Comments: 35

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

lt Kiskis

k_under done in 02:28.30 ( 02:33.83 lt Kiskis )
ytt_wow_mix done in 04:16.92 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

bg hrznnn

kz-endo_bikinihop done in 02:56.68 ( 02:57.73 kr lambdaaa )

lt PuKiS

kz_anubis done in 02:57.95 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

bg shNz

kz_creek done in 01:54.53 ( 01:55.05 es ducu )
kzfr_ramses done in 09:49.83 ( 12:35.36 ar kUZKKK )
mto_greencave done in 02:32.06 ( 02:35.08 ru Selhouette333 )
sn_kza_lighthouse done in 03:17.46 ( 03:19.27 fi KeltA )

cz fykseN

kz_dutchtown done in 08:44.66 ( 08:47.64 ar marc0z] )

cn rOboTaa

kz_ea_spiral done in 05:43.55 ( 05:50.36 be koukouz )
kz_man_deathhill done in 02:11.58 ( 02:14.10 us pizza^ )
kz_xj_climbtrip done in 06:17.94 ( 06:21.59 cz shooting-star )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: ROTW #165 - Bibika on j2s_westblock

01/10/15 - 20:30:12

Written by: zythH^

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there and welcome to the 165th edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Russia Bibika
Map: j2s_westblock
Realtime: 02:34.54 (-00:00.50)
Moviemaker: Country: Lithuania TonTo
Previous holder: Country: Sweden LEWLY

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new ROTW brought to you by Xtreme-Jumps!

Year after year, those legendary maps get beaten by the very best jumpers, some more often than others and "j2s_westblock" is a goal for them. Since it got released, this was seen as a favourite like other maps that are also included in the past release: cg_strafejumpZ and kt_aztecclimb.
We are not sure how good you are in history, but there are names whom had this map worth to remember: Country: France ndR, Country: Netherlands tarGet, Country: Sweden zhady. And even more than names, we had a fight between 3 men: Country: United States brian, Country: France heL^_x and Country: Argentina kunqi. Right after those, we had another fight between Country: Argentina Chasquido and Country: Finland novice... What can we say? This is a map full of rivalry where every single one of them gave their best and excellence to recover their own trophy known as 'j2s_westblock World Record'. And after this years, these fights who could be the one to take it from the previous top player and considered by many the Kreedzer of the Year in 2014 Country: Sweden LEWLY? That is right, Country: Russia Bibika! When a map like this is being pushed to the limits we think and overthink about who is going to be the next holder and especially, how can he do it? Well, Country: Russia Bibika mastered the map like he did in the past. Improving Country: Sweden LEWLY's time by 50 milliseconds and his own (demo removed due to +use bind) demo by 24 milliseconds. Now, who dares to fight Country: Russia Bibika in the people's favourite arena?

For such World Record we could not allow it to be in the wrong hands and we do not regret to invite our friendly and very well-known moviemaker Country: Lithuania TonTo, he is already known around here for is marvelous creations but what can we say? It is Country: Lithuania TonTo himself, his name has a reputation and there is no way he will disappoint us, edit after edit seems like he is more experienced and can surprise everyone with a new effect or colours, his flow combines perfectly with Country: Russia Bibika's run and hands down for this masterpiece, that is only considered as ROTW. For us this more than that! We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

With pleasure, here is the ROTW #165:

This ROTW covers the WR Release #681.

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

News: 4 New maps!

27/09/15 - 20:49:29

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 51

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello Community!

The map admins have been working hard for getting new maps to you!
Here are 2 new official KZ_ maps and 2 new custom maps, there are still some maps in submission that will get evaluated and hopefully we can release some more maps in the upcoming weeks!

But for now, enjoy these and we will be looking forward to some new world records!

kz_anubis by Country: Bulgaria JustErroR^ Mapper

Type: Climb/Bhop
Challenge: Easy

kz_kzru_MIR by Country: Russian Federation muJik25 Mapper

Type: Climb/Bhop
Challenge: Extreme

dyd_horizon by Country: Russian Federation dydka Mapper

Type: Climb/Bhop
Challenge: Average/hard

ytt_wow_mix by Country: Bulgaria ei-zmei Mapper

Type: Climb/Bhop
Challenge: Easy/Average

Thanks map admins and more coming soon!

News: KZmod WR Release #11 - 48 New World Records

23/09/15 - 17:13:18

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 26

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Country: Cyprus Adantoud

kz_mix_multitude[dance_it_up] done in 07:04.39 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_sliderace_city done in 00:44.82 ( 00:47.07 Country: Romania Cobrex )

Country: Estonia azL

kz_mix_sickness[surf_run_2] done in 00:05.81 ( 00:06.83 Country: Finland jusuuh )
kz_surf_happyhands2 done in 00:51.92 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Romania Cobrex

kz_mix_multitude[goose] done in 00:40.37 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_mix_multitude[mystery] done in 00:48.40 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_moria[hard] done in 01:35.60 ( 02:05.00 Country: Belarus throttle )
kz_refinery_ez done in 07:49.06 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_tunnels done in 05:20.90 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Argentina D2B

kz_cmfrb[wooden_maze] done in 00:47.78 ( 00:49.35 Country: Belarus throttle )

Country: Argentina D2B,kUZKKK

kz_caverns_deep[2man_rooftops] done in 02:34.50 ( 02:59.56 Country: Argentina kUZKKK,marc0z] )

Country: Argentina D2B,kUZKKK,marc0z]

kz_coop_minis[3man_legacy] done in 01:58.24 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Ukraine FAME

kz_bhop_backport done in 00:38.73 ( 00:38.82 Country: Canada sooshka )
kz_bhop_goldhop done in 01:31.56 ( 01:32.13 Country: Canada sooshka )
kz_bhop_watertemple[stairway_2] done in 00:51.29 ( 00:53.53 Country: Ukraine FAME )

Country: Brazil gss

kz_cathedral[slide] done in 00:18.63 ( 00:18.75 Country: Canada sooshka )
kz_mix_multitude[straight_bhop] done in 00:04.39 ( 00:04.65 Country: Argentina D2B )

Country: Taiwan Hsun

kz_bhopcage done in 01:06.59 ( 01:07.47 Country: Taiwan Hsun )

Country: Argentina kUZKKK

kz_aim_flareworld[bfm_range] done in 02:01.89 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_mars done in 04:37.86 ( 04:54.92 Country: Argentina kUZKKK )
kz_mix_cruma[ruins] done in 00:39.75 ( 00:40.89 Country: Argentina kUZKKK )
kz_trippin done in 08:30.28 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Argentina marc0z]

kz_mix_journeys[easy_journey] done in 03:07.07 ( 03:08.26 Country: Romania Spider1 )

Country: Brazil R4D14710N

kz_beach done in 00:52.22 ( 00:55.10 Country: Finland sambb )
kz_fofmania[flying_rabbits] done in 01:19.65 ( 01:21.49 Country: Serbia alx )
kz_fofmania[xmas2009] done in 00:51.29 ( 00:52.10 Country: Ukraine FAME )
kz_mix_cruma[lava] done in 00:59.62 ( 01:02.29 Country: Brazil R4D14710N )
kz_still[sewers] done in 00:18.48 ( 00:19.23 Country: Argentina D2B )
kz_thehills[gold_digger] done in 00:17.12 ( 00:17.46 Country: Argentina D2B )
kz_thehills[old_mine] done in 00:49.93 ( 00:52.81 Country: Argentina D2B )
kz_xtremeblock[look-out_tower] done in 00:43.91 ( 00:53.24 Country: Argentina D2B )

Country: Finland sambb

kz_bhop_dementia done in 03:55.44 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_brooklyn[mini] done in 01:49.10 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_cloudwalker[backyard_playground] done in 00:21.81 ( 00:24.93 Country: Russia Dubstep )
kz_crate_delight[hillslide_hop] done in 00:24.19 ( 00:36.41 Country: Argentina D2B )
kz_debod[cavehop_mini] done in 00:16.90 ( 00:17.35 Country: Russia Xavi )
kz_highwire done in 04:40.52 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_hillside done in 02:54.40 ( 02:58.37 Country: Finland sambb )
kz_metro[railway] done in 01:05.30 ( 01:26.81 Country: Argentina D2B )
kz_mix_multitude[conveyor_belt] done in 00:17.82 ( 00:19.76 Country: Finland sambb )
kz_mix_piraraa[the_power] done in 03:35.90 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_showerworld[mini] done in 01:19.58 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )
kz_testlab[lab_hop_mini] done in 00:24.79 ( **:**.** Country: n/a )

Country: Canada sooshka

kz_bhop_minimalism done in 25:33.49 ( 25:44.33 Country: Denmark kQbmig )

Country: United States woaH

kz_bhop_monster_jam[fast] done in 05:01.32 ( 05:39.10 Country: Lithuania Kiskis )
kz_surf_beginner done in 00:48.15 ( 00:50.21 Country: Brazil gss )
kz_surf_mesa done in 00:48.94 ( 00:49.27 Country: Estonia azL )
kz_surf_utopia done in 00:52.76 ( 00:54.44 Country: Estonia azL )

Click here to see which kzmod demos were rejected/improved


News: Battlemovie: Counter-Strike 1.6 VS KZmod

21/09/15 - 20:10:27

Written by: Coppenst

Comments: 33

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hello community!

It's been a while since KZmod has been introduced and alot of world records have been set!

You will also recognize alot of the maps are imported from Counter-Strike 1.6 kreedz into KZmod...
Also some of the players who were/are world record holders in 1.6 are also making their way into the KZmod scene.

Country: BelgiumBadgamer is known for his great 'axn' or 'bhop mode' skills, for that reason we created this video, because he holds the world record in both fof_axn_scroll_killa and kz_fofmania[scroll_killa]!

Thanks to Country: Aland Islands WeMeRA for the edit of this video.

So, now is the question: Which demo is faster? Check it out!

YouTube Link

News: WR Release #681 - 13 New World Records

19/09/15 - 11:55:59

Written by: FAME

Comments: 83

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

cn YRagoN92

cah_lost done in 02:00.87 ( 02:07.08 cn YRagoN92 )

bg shNz

cg_strafejumpZ done in 00:59.17 ( 00:59.43 qa kzz1lla )
daza_militarybase done in 02:52.02 ( 02:52.74 se LEWLY )
jagkz_natal done in 01:10.16 ( 01:10.41 cn Zzz` )

bg hrznnn

its_mistcavern done in 02:01.17 ( 02:01.86 ar Aguslash )
kz_ins_trainrun done in 02:20.37 ( 02:22.37 nl rigu )

ru Bibika

j2s_westbl0ck done in 02:34.54 ( 02:35.04 se LEWLY )
kt_aztecclimb done in 01:00.97 ( 01:01.61 fi novice )
sn_noobbean done in 02:07.78 ( 02:08.94 us pizza^ )

lt Kiskis

k_under done in 02:33.83 ( 02:35.87 cz fykseN )

kr lambdaaa

kz-endo_bikinihop done in 02:57.73 ( 02:58.01 bg hrznnn )

ar Cupe

kzro_nightcamp done in 02:33.37 ( 02:35.43 cz PU9maker )

ro Klefer

risk_ministry done in 01:00.75 ( 01:03.45 ro Klefer )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: ROTW #164 - shNz on kz_cfl_mountainchurch

16/09/15 - 21:22:00

Written by: zythH^

Comments: 34

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello there and welcome to the 164th edition of the Run Of The Week!

Featuring: Country: Bulgaria shNz
Map: kz_cfl_mountainchurch
Realtime: 00:41.95 (-00:00.11)
Moviemaker: Country: Lithuania M4kind
Previous holder: Country: Sweden chip

"Wow!" That is all we can say about this latest release! What an amazing one and as always, the worst part is to choose a demo that has to be done by the moviemaking team...

This time, we are happy to show you again the Bulgarian Monster Country: Bulgaria shNz! The question is: Is Country: Bulgaria shNz human? We guess not! Every single time he beats a World Record, he does it like this is nothing to him and looks as easy, as eating a cookie. The previous holder, Country: Sweden chip, is known for controlled, clean and quick runs due to the fact of his experience in kreedz, however Country: Bulgaria shNz had the nescessary abilities to improve the demo by 11 milliseconds! How amazing can it be? One of the fastest runs done by the swedish legend improved by one of the favorites in the community! It is astonishing and in this ROTW you will for sure agree with us.

The waiting list for ROTWs is getting big and that pleases me a lot. We, as a Movie Team, have to choose a moviemaker for each ROTW, this time we chose Country: Lithuania M4kind. His ability to adapt the edit for the run is amazing, the flow in it is something from other world, we can assure you will sense fantastic feelings. Without further information, enjoy this clean and gorgeous ROTW.

With pleasure, here is the ROTW #164:

This ROTW covers the WR Release #680.

YouTube Link

See you in the next edition of ROTW!

Have fun watching!

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