News: New map check admins

29/05/08 - 04:58:45

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Me myself and I, and ofcourse the whole adminteam would like to welcome our 2 new mapcheckadmins, clair & sj.
Hopefully the people chosen will do a great job and have a good time as an admin, the admincrew and I wish them good luck as they begin their journey.

Some info about our newest crewmembers:

Shaun "clair"
Age: 17
Location: U.S.A

Maps released:

Mapping experience:
Clair has been actively mapping since April '07. He made a couple of crappy block maps and such, some aim maps, fy maps, a cs map, and even tried to start a de map (which didn't turn out well) but of all of this he came up with two official kz maps, with more hopefully on the way.

Patrick "sj"
Age: 19
Location: Germany

Found shortcuts on:

Jumping experience:
Sj has been finding alot of the big shortcuts on some of the most interesting maps, which obviously makes him a very good candidate for the mapcheckteam.

Welcome once again, have a good time!
And for all interesting souls out there wondering how it worked,
we had a vote which all map check admins could participate in, and vote.
Ofcourse if some of the authors of the maps chosen to check would like to apply, they had to check a different map.
Anyway, this is the 2 persons that was the most popular among the people and that they thought made the best mapcheck.

News: 3 New Maps

27/05/08 - 20:18:32

Written by: faker

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

I know we are late, but better late than never ;)

Sorry mappers, we had a few problems with the site recently so the release got delayed several times.

Whatever... here we go.

kz_kzsca_toonworld2 by aegget:

This is the long awaited remake of aegget's famous map kz_kzse_toonworld. This time the climb is much longer than before, but the themeset is still the same. You have to make your way through a wonderful toon environment to get to the top. A lot of bhops are waiting for you to improve your run and get an amazing record demo.

kz_kzsca_pyramid_ez by XaSer:

This is an easier version of XaSer's map kz_kzsca_pyramid. We know the previous one was pretty hard, but most of you guys out there should be capable of beating the easy one with a bit of practice. Enjoy your climb!

av_degyptianez by AvAtAr:

av_degyptianez is a really lovely custom map for everyone out there: It's very easy to beat but very hard to master. Everyone, including bloody rookies, should be abled to finish this map... but I promise you, the record will be hard-fought because it's an incredible speed map. Let the games begin!

Special thanks to radon for your help.

<3 the Mapchecking Team

News: 12 New Demos

24/05/08 - 17:07:57

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_absolute done in 05:35 ( 05:38 Dujes )
kz_junglezone done in 04:22 ( 04:24 loty )


drewbie_longjumps done in 00:28 ( 00:30 smallmuck )
kz_ancient_tomb done in 06:30 ( 06:31 thopa )


kz_creek done in 02:14 ( 02:15 radon )


kzfr_bhop_backalley done in 00:22 ( 00:23 SuPa )


cg_lighthops done in 02:15 ( 02:18 omilo )
kz_kzdk_stones done in 03:31 ( 03:36 omilo )


kz_arcdetriomphe done in 04:03 ( 04:08 sambb )


risk_ministry done in 01:28 ( 01:31 chrizZo )


zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:29 ( 01:40 Chrizzy )


bkz_cityblock done in 03:01 ( 03:02 zhady )

Read the extended news post for demos that was improved or didn't quite make it.

My last demo beaten by one second. It was fun as long as it lasted. Good job heat. :)

Read the rest...

News: kz_longjumps2

20/05/08 - 19:04:02

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

It's been a while now, since the kz_longjumps2 competition and we finally have the finished product here for you guys.
The reason it took so long to finish this project is because we had to work the new map into fps-death.
Thanks eDark for the hard work you put in to this the last couple of weeks, really appreciate it!

So finally after about 3 months we have the finished map here for you!

kz_longjumps2 by 8ball1

The map is ready but unfortunately your not available to send in demos yet.
Note: This isn't the same version as in the old package.

Thanks to all the admins that worked with me on this project and thanks to myself for making it happen.

News: Want to be a part of the mapcheck team?

19/05/08 - 13:36:43

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

As it seems the mapcheckteam is running on a bit of a low.
That is why we are looking for 1-2 new members to fill out the empty space.
I know alot of people are interested in a position in the mapchecking team, that's why we are doing this public.

What is required if you search for an position?
1. You need to be active.
2. You need to be able to check several maps a week.
3. You need to have a good personality.
4. You need to know relatively good english.
5. You need to keep your feelings aside and not vote yes because of a friend.
6. You need to be mature, we dont want a no vote because you dont like a certain person.
7. You need to have some experience in either mapping or jumping.
8. You need to be previously unwarned on the site.

Wow this seems interesting, how do I apply?
1. Play the map (from the start to the end)

2. Post your Opinion about the map, using THIS sheet:

2.1. The Jumps - Are they copied? / Are they new? / Is it fun to jump up these jumps? / Are they realistic (no blocks "floating" in the air and stuff)

2.2. The Textures - Are they good lookin? / Are they stolen? / Is there a cool background? / Are they realistic?

2.3. The architecture - Good/bad architecture? / Annoying teleporters or connected rooms? / Does the architecture fit (to the theme)

2.4. FPS and Bugs - Wallbugs? / Good FPS rate? / Shortcuts?

2.5. Challenge - Is the Map challenging (Easy, hard, xtreme) / Is this map good for records? / Can newbs complete the map, too?

2.6 Suggestion/fixtures - If your decision is no to kz/custom - What suggestions would you like to give to the mapper to make his map better?

3. Resume/Vote:

Your final Opinion on the Map!
->Should we add it?


If your vote is no: =>YES/NO to CUSTOM?

Aha, so what maps do I check and send in?
The maps we need you to check and perform a mapcheck is mto_greencave & kzsca_suburbia.

So where do I post my application?
You write it in a textfile and send the textfile to kz`Moxx on irc.
And it needs to contain the 2 mapchecks you performed, ofcourse using our mapcheck sheet.

And if I have any questions?
You send a private message to kz`Moxx at Quakenet stating your question.

News: 5 New Demos

18/05/08 - 23:01:14

Written by: thopa

Comments: 52

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_dalai_rats done in 01:12 ( 01:14 Dogos )


zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:40 ( 02:16 VoDkA`BoY )


kz_man_australia done in 03:46 ( 03:47 Perfo )


kz_kzdk_stones done in 03:36 ( 03:37 omilo )


kz_creek done in 02:15 ( 02:41 eefe )

Read the extended news post for demos that was improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

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