News: Demo Analyser

11/12/07 - 19:41:02

Written by: Juhmp

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello everyone,

Our newest coding admin, Bentski, has been hard at work creating a new and improved demo client. His work has paid off and we are proud to present to you the first public Demo Analyser client.

Demo Analyser v1.0.2 by Bentski

Features (Compared to fps-death):

• Improved Program Performance
• New and Improved Interface
• Faster Demo Loading
• The ability to open a demo from any location.
• Built-in Update Checker
• Error Check

Bentski is hard at work on the Admin version of the client and after he finishes that, he will begin working on the next public version. This program has been approved by eDark, so everyone should feel 100% sure the information they are seeing is correct. Enjoy :)


News: Bibo's 255 Movie

10/12/07 - 17:20:41

Written by: Juhmp

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Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hello everyone!

Today, we present to you the long overdue movie of Bibo's 255 Unit Longjump. The movie is made by rinkon, and highlights the demo that is found HERE. This surely is an amazing accomplishment, and on behalf of the XJ staff, we congratulate you again Bibo. The movie is encoded in x264. If you are having trouble viewing the video, please read the included .txt file.

DOWNLOAD the movie.

News: kz_xj_communityblock - A Mapping Experience

08/12/07 - 20:21:32

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Basically, i'm taking help from the community to make a blockmap.

Note that this is NOT a contest. Everybody that wants to be in it can be.

The difficulty for the block is: Easy to Average

The idea is the following:
Any mapper that wants to make a block level, the set size(512x512x512 UNITS) is free to do it, and then host the part on for example -link-
You will be able to make a sign on your map part with your name on it.
Then give the mapfile to me (Moxx) , FragMcCracken or radon.

Basically we take the parts, and with the help of radon and FragMcCracken, we are making a map out of it, adding a theme, details, atmosphere, etc.

All you need to do is:
1. Make a block with the size 512x512x512 units. You have to imagine that a block the same size is the one you are heading for.
2. Make jumps up to the next level, Imagine that a block the same size is in front of it. (Like a regular blocklevel)
3. Make a sign with the size 160x112 units, NOT on the block, not connected to the box. On this sign you will make a texture with your name. Write "Blockpart by: name" (That we later will add into your mappart, to make it look similar to all other blocks.)
4. Upload the mappart (including the .rmf and a wadfile with your sign) somewhere, (ex. -link- and send the download link to Moxx or rad0n.

The difficulty for the block is: Easy to Average

A picture to show what I mean
Backup if first one does not work


I think this will be great!
And also I want to say thanks to FragMcCracken for the original idea.

You are able to send in your block(s) until: 14/1-2008.

If you need help; feel free to ask Moxx, FragMcCracken & radon, which will be working with this project.

I received some questions if you can build outside your block, and the answer is no. You have to stay inside your margins.

See here for example

Don't go over the orange line, the green ones are your jumps and the blue one is your sign. The stage below and above will be made by another mapper.

Just to make things clearer.
You are NOT supposed to build jumps flying in midair, if you do, It's most certain you blockpart will not get accepted.

Ofcourse you are able to build on the wall to the next block, but that is at one side only.

We take for granted that when you send in your block, you have tested it, and are CERTAIN that it's the final version.
We dont want to have the same mapper send in the same map all over again, Thanks

News: 11 New Demos

08/12/07 - 18:59:14

Written by: thopa

Comments: 88

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_ea_dam done in 03:05 ( 03:08 007 )
kz_j2s_cupblock done in 02:39 ( 02:42 007 )


kz_1man_understock done in 15:03 ( n/a )
kz_wsp_caves done in 05:14 ( 05:20 tarGet )


kz_xj_caseblock_h done in 03:12 ( 03:17 T3dBundy )


kz_man_riverside done in 05:17 ( 05:35 Messing )


kz_a2_bhop_corruo_ez done in 06:18 ( 06:25 omilo )
kz_nbs_greatwall done in 02:58 ( 03:01 omilo )
po_roboclimb done in 02:06 ( 02:08 DHT- )


kz_kzlt_femtobhop done in 02:12 ( n/a )


kz_cg_gloomy done in 04:54 ( 04:56 Z0ck3rOO7 )

Expand the link below to read more about Boloss the cheater.

Read the rest...

News: New Cup Admins

06/12/07 - 17:31:05

Written by: Fire

Comments: 43

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

First, we just want to thank everyone who applied, it was a hard decision but in the end we feel we have made the right choices. We apologize for anyone who didn't get chosen and would like to remind you not to take it to heart. There is always next time, however as of now, applications are now closed. Your application will be open for two months, in case we need a new admin.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, it is my pleasure to announce the welcome of two new members of the Xtreme-Jumps team.


And the promotion of someone who isn't so new to the team...


All three people have our gratitude and best wishes while they stay with us at Xtreme-Jumps. We have no doubt that each will uphold their duties as the new cup admins, as they join the ranks. Each person will be contacted shortly.

Lets give them all a very warm welcome to XJ!

Good luck guys!

News: 2 New KZ Maps

05/12/07 - 19:52:04

Written by: Juhmp

Comments: 78

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello everyone! I present to you 2 beautiful maps today.

by 8ball1:

This is the map that received second place in the latest mapping
contest. It is a very creative and unique map. It is some what of a
puzzle to finish this map, so think before you jump.

by Fact or Fiction:

Forget about goldbhop! This is the new speed bhop map that we
will all see re-beaten. Not much to say about this map, just that
you should prepare for some insane demos!

Edit // kz_c2l_icebean taken down again due to miscommunication with the mapper. Will be fixed shortly.

Good luck, and have fun :)

News: XJ`s Pro Challenge #7 Conclusion

05/12/07 - 19:01:50

Written by: Fire

Comments: 87

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Ah, Yes, this week has been doozie.

Either way, welcome back to another conclusion of XJ`s Pro Challenge. As you all probably know this weeks challenge was on a harder map kz_cellblock_hard for an amazing amount of money at 100$.

Although I thought I would get many entries I was only able to get a few. Shame really, would have been nice to see the three heads go at it. (brian, zhady, ndR).

The winner of the 100$ with an amazing time of 03:42 is brian. This was an amazingly fast time! Bravo brian! The demo will be released by thopa very soon, so keep one of, if not both, your eyes on the look out.

brian please contact me on IRC asap so we can discuss the transfer ^^! Once again, great job brian, and Nice try to the others.

I did receive two other demos but at their humble request, I will not be posting them up. Thanks for the original idea to show the top 3 scary!



kz_cellblock_hard done in 03:42 ( 03:55 T3dBundy )

Download Demo

1 2 3 ... 182.85714285714 183.85714285714 184.85714285714 ... 287 288 289