News: Mapcheck Update

30/09/07 - 19:39:24

Written by: faker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey guys,

we have to admit that the latest release wasn't our best one. I'm not talking about the maps, they are great imo, it's more the way they were released.

Therfore we had a meeting and discussed a better solution for such big "bug sc" problems in the future:

The mapcheck progress will take 2 weeks in the future:

- The first week will be used for voting, just as before, so the mapper is still going to know the result after the first week.
- The second week will be used for expanded maptesting sessions. We'd be glad to see other talented guys join these sessions and help us finding >bug< shortcuts, mapbugs/crashes and stuff like that. Two people already accepted and are going to help us in the future: sj and ndR. If you are skilled in finding bugs/shortcuts and want to help us, too, just write a comment or be active in IRC, cause we'll commonly pick such people at first.

Remember: We test the quality of the maps and see if they fit for the record sections, we are no beta testers!

Thanks for your attention :)

News: 14 New Demos + Additional map route

30/09/07 - 01:51:32

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_tropiclimb_b01 done in 03:28 ( 03:30 Dujes )


cg_wildwesthop done in 02:56 ( 02:58 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kz_sideways done in 11:19 ( 11:42 akkord )


kz_xj_brickjump done in 02:44 ( 02:45 007 )


kz_peak_b02 done in 02:52 ( 02:57 ndR )


dg_insane done in 08:16 ( 08:26 ndR )
kz_man_australia done in 03:47 ( 03:48 Dujes )
kz_man_dinocanyon done in 06:08 ( 06:10 Mooney )
kz_man_dreaming done in 11:47 ( 11:50 7D )
kz_real_caverns done in 06:35 ( 06:40 sbzvln )
kz_real_islands done in 07:00 ( 07:05 Mooney )
kz_underblock_ez done in 09:19 ( 09:20 Jurpo )
kz_wsp_inferno done in 10:23 ( 10:24 @p )
kz_xj_doubleblock done in 09:24 ( 09:26 Jurpo )

Additional map route:

kz_tpc_possclimb_b01 will from now on be divided into two alternative routes. The additonal route includes the snake, and therefore it's added as kz_tpc_possclimb_b01[+snake] and kz_tpc_possclimb_b01[-snake].
Check the picture if you're not familiar to the map.

News: 2 New Maps *Update 2

29/09/07 - 22:39:14

Written by: Z0ck3rOO7

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hey guys,

we got 2 brand-new KZ_ maps for you.

The first map is:

kz_highlands by s0liD
Please make sure that you have the newest version of the map!!! (Updated 14:45 GMT +1 -> Sorry for the couple of mistakes.

Do you like speed maps, with lots of quick and easy jumps? Well this is one map that has tons of bhop lines, mixed with some amazing surfing parts. The atmosphere is one of simplicity, situated in a "highland" type scenario. As well as being a peacefull map.

The second map is:

kz_fortress by rinkon and s0liD

It's like a very, very big, haunted castle. The map has a lot of oldschool jump lines, and the jumps in general are just superb. The map itself has a very spooky and erie atmosphere, and tends to be a very long climb. Just like Highlands, this map has a lot of unique textures, making it look like something out of HL2! So put your brave pants on and begin the climb!

Thanks to Fire for the help ;)

Good Luck and Have Fun at this maps :)

News: XJ's Weekly #34

28/09/07 - 19:12:36

Written by: Fire

Comments: 40

Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

Welcome back to another addition of XJ's Weekly. Scary and Omilio have left me alone this week, with the help of a few other of course. I hope they come back soon, enjoying New York Scary? I know your going to read this. Sadly this week not much has happened. However on a brighter note, our servers are back up! Yay! Cups, Cups and more cups to come! Thats alot better then the boring week we had here at XJ. Ok, now on with the real weekly. Enjoy!

Read the rest...

News: Gameservers back ONLINE

27/09/07 - 23:55:27

Written by: faker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey guys,

as most of you might have already noticed the gameservers are back and online again :)

Our IRC bot will be back, too, so there will be more cups again very soon :)

We are also working on another mapcycle for server 2, the public server, so if you have any ideas feel free to post them!

Note: The "Server Top15" function is still not working 100% (some little bugs) and will be fixed soon. Don't worry, all the top15 times are NOT lost.


News: XJ's Pro Challenge #2

27/09/07 - 16:36:22

Written by: Fire

Comments: 59

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Well it has been a few days since I posted the sad news about ndR... but now its time to announce the next challenge.

This weeks challenge is going to be on ...


Everyone who thinks they can beat the record is welcome to join up and geek the map this time! :)

However, this challenge, seemed a little easy to Me and some of the staff, so were adding a little catch.

Maybe a 250 unit catch along with an uber shortcut. NO COUNT JUMPS.

Ok so maybe that was a little extreme....If you do the Shortcuts you will get 10$. But if you only do a normal run with out the shortcuts it will be 5$ reward. Make sense? Good.

Just like last week please host your demos, on and then catch me on IRC or email me at also, you must submit the demo to After all whats the point of beating a record if it doesn't become the current record?

Make sure you follow all of Record rules.
All demos submitted will be sent to thopa or another admin for a check-in with the famous DR. FPS-Death.

As well as getting the record, we decided to up the reward for this week. Maybe some extra inspiration to geek the map. Who knows. As promised the more popular they become the higher the stakes. So with out further explanation.

5$ for normal demo
10$ for shortcuts. :)

News: 5 New Demos

25/09/07 - 21:33:26

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_sideways done in 11:42 ( n/a )


kz_pacman done in 03:32 ( 04:11 SSJGoku )


cg_islands done in 01:01 ( n/a )
kz_cargo done in 03:04 ( 04:19 ndR )
sn_noobbean_2 done in 03:47 ( 03:58 sbzvln )

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