News: 6 New Demos

03/02/08 - 14:41:52

Written by: thopa

Comments: 84

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_kzfr_tibet done in 07:26 ( 07:33 @p )


kz_stonehenge done in 02:35 ( 02:38 Trickster )


kz_cxg_jekyll done in 05:18 ( n/a )
kz_kzhu_jail done in 02:18 ( 04:41 Winkuz )
mto_lightblock done in 02:37 ( 03:03 7D )


kz_christmas done in 17:18 ( n/a )

News: The cup winners of January are...

03/02/08 - 02:01:32

Written by: Mj`

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

And the cup winner of January are...

1. Place: Natu` - 1 month VIP Gold
2. Place: XaSer - 2 weeks VIP Bronze.
3. Place: MAGIC`FeF - 1 week VIP Bronze.

Playing the most Cups: fr0st - 1 week VIP Bronze.

Congrats and enjoy!

If you are one of the winners please contact faker (at IRC) for further instructions!

News: 13 New Demos

01/02/08 - 22:18:40

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_kzsca_cons done in 04:18 ( 04:19 jocf )
mto_lightblock done in 03:03 ( n/a )


j2s_4tunnels done in 04:05 ( 04:20 ndR )
kz_construction done in 04:01 ( n/a )


kz_kzsk_forsaken done in 08:11 ( n/a )


kz_kzse_dustbhop done in 02:05 ( 02:08 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kz_kzfr_escape done in 05:29 ( 05:33 Nas )


rd_riverpeak done in 06:08 ( n/a )


kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 03:04 ( 03:18 Bibo )


kz_ea_goldenblock done in 05:04 ( 05:20 loty )


kz_kzfr_bhopdwarf done in 00:15 ( 00:16 emmalahana )


kz_kzhu_jail done in 04:41 ( n/a )


kz_cfl_jost done in 07:01 ( 07:24 007 )

LAN-demos, user accounts and a bug-timer demo. Read below.

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News: XJ's Weekly #48

01/02/08 - 21:26:07

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

It's time for the 48th weekly, soon 50 weeklys and it's growing strong every week.

Click below to read it.

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News: All addicts!

31/01/08 - 19:23:16

Written by: ndR

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Good evening Xtreme-Jumpers!

I'm back with an interesting article about something we never talk about, and which is nevertheless important :)

What is an "addiction"?
Is it dangerous?
How can this happen?
And what about kz?

All the answers are there!

I let you all read it...
You will need much courage to finish it, good luck!

Click here to read it: -link-


The cup winners of January will be delayed until Saturday -Fire

News: Tournament Final round results!

30/01/08 - 17:49:27

Written by: TinTin

Comments: 58

Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Ok, it's finally time to announce the winners!

First off we would like to thank all participants for making this tournament possible. The tournament has been a big success and we got world records on almost all maps of the week.

Last week brian took a big lead and he only needed a couple more points to win it all, Flibo and SuPa was tied on third place. So now all theres left to do is to click on 'read the rest' to see who took the biggest leap :)

Read the rest...

News: 7 New Maps

28/01/08 - 07:25:25

Written by: Juhmp

Comments: 86

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

What a map release we have for you today! No need for much of an introduction, so lets get right into things.

kz_construction by radon:

It's been a while since we've seen a radon map, and to come back with a map like this, is mind blowing. The detail and appearance of this map is absolutely amazing.

kz_cxg_jekyll by 8ball1:

A very beautiful map with very special jumps. The atmosphere makes you think you are in an old french city after dark.

kz_kzhu_jail by colix:

A map were you have to break out of a prison during the day! There is a mixture of bhops and normal climbing. The map is pretty fast and has some nice shortcuts.

kz_kzsk_forsaken by peRd0:

A block map set in Arabic surroundings. You almost feel like you are in an Arabic city when you are jumping and hear the arabic people talking. :P

kz_kzus_mountaincrest by clair:

A very fun map to jump if you like bhops. clair really improved his mapping skills on this map .

mto_lightblock by mentalo:

This is the climbing version of cg_lighthops that was released last time. It continues on the "light" theme and takes you through a good fun climb.

rd_riverpeak by red:

A map made by an oldschool mapper. You can definitely see and feel the "oldschool" when you're jumping the map. You jump through many themes before finally reaching the end of this beautiful map.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Special thanks to: Z0ck3rOO7 and omilo

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