News: 6 New Demos

01/12/07 - 17:22:54

Written by: thopa

Comments: 60

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_ea_dam done in 03:08 ( 03:10 ndR )


kz_kzfr_escape done in 12:00 ( n/a )


kz_exn_ezjungle done in 03:59 ( 04:05 ndR )


kz_kzfr_alexandrie done in 05:51 ( 06:15 sambb )


sn_dustown done in 02:45 ( 02:48 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kz_cg_gloomy done in 04:56 ( 05:10 chrizZo )

News: Cup winners of Novemeber 2007

01/12/07 - 00:48:09

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Yo yo yo!

The cup winners of Novemeber are...

1. Place: ndR - 1 month VIP Access on both Gamesevers or 1 VIP BNC and +av in #Xtreme-Jumps
2. Place: bl1Zz - 2 weeks VIP Access on both Gamesevers.
3. Place: Balky - 1 week VIP Access on both Gameservers.

Playing the most Cups: Jumbalar - 1 week VIP Access on both Gameservers.

Congratulations to all of you!

If you are one of the winners please contact faker in IRC for further instructions!

The new cup admins will be announced sometime next week. Thanks to everyone who took the time to apply.

News: XJ`s Pro Challenge #7

28/11/07 - 13:41:36

Written by: Fire

Comments: 106

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Wellllcome back everyone!

I have some very, very exciting news for you all today. Hopefully this will catch all of your attention.

This weeks map is going to be kz_cellblock_hard which is currently held by T3dBundy! Too hard to beat? Yeah we thought you might not be interested. Thats why this week theres a catch.

The catch is that TinTin is sponsoring this weeks challenge, and you know what that means? It means there is going to be a $ 100 prize amount for the winner to enjoy! Thank you TinTin for your generosity!

Challenger: Anyone
Map: kz_cellblock_hard
Prize: $ 100 USD

Don`t forget to submit your demo`s NOT ONLY to XJ but to me as well! Email the links for -email-

Thank you TinTin! And good luck to everyone that tries this weeks challenge. Hopefully many of you will try!

News: XJ Pro Challenge #6 Conclusion

27/11/07 - 23:12:36

Written by: Fire

Comments: 22

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

First, Let me say good bye to my friends and co-admins: elite <3, Noex <3, and ichirou
Secondly, I would sadly like to conclude last weeks pro challenge. Being the end of the 6th, I failed to receive a demo from anyone. Oh well, it happens from time to time I guess. No one will receive the $5 dollars for Kz_man_cameron and ndR may sleep soundly knowing his demo is still there for now.

I will be announcing the new challenge in a couple of days after thinking about what would be a good one and looking after some other things :D!

Cheers guys, have a good couple of days. Don't anticipate the next challenge to much!

News: Admin Changes

27/11/07 - 21:51:14

Written by: Juhmp

Comments: 50

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

As you may or may not have known, there have been some admin changes going on during this past week. elITe^ and ichirou have stepped down from their positions as Mapcheck Admins. elITe^ had some things going on in real life that needed all of his attention, and ichirou needed a break from mapchecking. elITe^ has been added to XJ as an Honorary Member. We hope when all things are worked out, elITe^, you will come back to jump with us once again!

Also, we have found a new AMX Coder, thealien, who will help rebuild the plugins on our servers, fix any existing problems, create a new top15 with more information, and keep the servers running smoothly! You can see some of his work in the j2s server, and on their website. NoEx has been added as an Honorary Member here at XJ. NoEx has not had a lot of time these past couple of months to help out that much around XJ and fix some much needed bugs due to his family and school. We hope to see from you later on down the road!

In addition, please welcome our two new mapcheck admins: ndR and Pf0llz0r! They have already started checking maps and are hard at work behind the scenes, helping out with the mapchecking process. Z0ck3rOO7 has also been added as a Demo Admin, helping Thopa out with records and the LJThread

Last but not least, welcome Bentski as part of the Coding Staff! He will be helping out eDark with fps-death and any other programming related things needed for XJ. Hopefully we will have an fps-death version soon that will be able to check 2man demos ;)

I hope everyone is excited to see some changes and we hope to have some updates/new things in store for you guys in the future!

EDIT // We are looking to recruit 1 or 2 more Cup Admins. Please leave a comment stating;

Name - 
Why you want to be a Cup Admin. - 
How many cups you can do in a week. - 
Why we should chose you. - 

News: 8 New Demos

26/11/07 - 19:00:09

Written by: thopa

Comments: 72

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_a2_godspeed done in 05:20 ( 05:35 ndR )


kz_cg_gloomy done in 05:10 ( n/a )


cg_nowhere done in 03:24 ( 03:28 sbzvln )


kz_ep_gigablock_b01 done in 02:20 ( 02:23 ndR )
kz_pacman done in 03:00 ( 03:06 laz )


kz_kzfr_alexandrie done in 06:15 ( 06:18 sambb )
sld_bside_winter done in 01:18 ( 01:19 emmalahana )
sn_ezycity done in 02:32 ( 02:35 sbzvln )

News: Map Contest Results

25/11/07 - 18:31:32

Written by: Juhmp

Comments: 96

Xtreme-Jumps XJ


1st Place: kz_cg_gloomy & 2man_bhop_gloomy by StoneCold

2nd Place: kz_1man_undestock by 8ball1

3rd Place: kz_kzj_tech by tenub

Read the rest...

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