News: kz_xj_communityblock

28/10/08 - 15:28:07

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

I know you all have been waiting for the community block, time has past and a lot of different mappers have worked on the project.
This is the project where you, the community could send in your own blocks, and we put together a map, and I got to tell you, it's great!

Once again thanks to Fragmccracken for the original idea.
And thanks to radon and pf0llz0r for putting this project together, especially raver, who saved this map from the trashcan.


It seems that the wrong/unfinished version of this map got released. radon & Pf0llz0r fixed a lot of bugs and re-designed some of the hard blocks to fix the balancing, but they couldn't manage to compile the final version because of some problems they couldn't fix. Both of them went inactive and kinda gave up on it, raver however found a way to fix the bug on an older version of the map and gave the map to us. So this is not the way the map was meant to be and we will try everything to fix it and improve the outcome. raver: If you read this, please contact me asap.

If you have any suggestions please let us know. ATM we are trying to fix:
- The balancing
- The few bugs
- Trying to find better looking textures to improve the overall experience but of course the mapsize limits us to use 1-2 textures all over the map... and almost no details are possible as well.
- And of course: The map will have to pass the mapcheck team.

Sorry for all the inconveniences caused by our bad coordination/misunderstandings.



Get involved in the big and Forumthread and help us to improve this map. Thanks


Over and out, peace.

News: k3G & wRath - The rising

27/10/08 - 22:31:44

Written by: kz`Moxx

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Xtreme-Jumps Movies

This movie is made by the talented movie maker who got most of his movie making skills by making a lot of battle movies. I'm talking about boom.dll of course. The movie is about two jumpers from the opposite side of the world. k3g is from China and wRath is from Norway, <->.

k3g is mostly famous for his edge bugging records, which he proves he has under full control.
wRath is a very good jumper but a mapper aswell, he got it down!

Anyway, let's make this short, here's the movie:

k3G & wRath - The rising

News: 11 New Demos

27/10/08 - 19:00:56

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

fi Flibo

kzm_tinymountain done in 02:54 ( 02:55 us Supa )

tw 7D

cg_w00tblock done in 07:34 ( 07:35 de chrizZo )

lt Fact or Fiction

kzno_xtremeblock done in 02:00 ( 02:04 lt Fact or Fiction )

ar kunqui

clintmo_pentablock done in 04:12 ( 04:14 fr heL^_x )
kzru_sun5hine done in 01:26 ( 01:27 ro quve )

us SilverNinja

kz_underblock done in 10:00 ( 10:36 fi Jurpo )

cn iiN

kz_cg_coldblock done in 04:47 ( 04:48 se zhady )

fi XeopH

kz_real_islands done in 06:18 ( 06:22 us Supa )

se zhady

kzsca_broken done in 07:00 ( 08:20 se thopa )

gb leggie

kz_4caves done in 05:38 ( 05:39 dk fr0st )

no c0ld

imao_darkcavern done in 02:44 ( **:** n-a n/a )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didnt quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: XJ Pro-Challenge is over

26/10/08 - 13:51:06

Written by: faker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

is now officially over.

As some of you might have already noticed the Pro-Challenge was going slow, or to be more concrete, was put on hold for a while. Now it's official: The Pro-Challenge is over, earlier than expected.

There are 3 major reasons for that to happen:

1. radon, the map designer in this project, decided to leave the XJ staff a while ago due to his real life obligations and couldn't spend more time on mapping as well.
2. I couldn't find a lot of spare time for XJ lately, therefore it wasn't possible to finish the challenge earlier or find another mapper to fill in.
3. The general interest about the Pro-Challenge doesn't seem to be so big, we expected a lot more people to participate. I think having 50+ jumpers involved each month wasn't such an unreal goal, was it? There are so many other good jumpers around these days who didn't bother to participate...

However, now it's time to announce the winners:

SuPa 22 points
brian 21 points
Flibo 19 points

And here are the prizes:

#1 will be honored with 3 months VIP Gold
#2 will be honored with 3 months VIP Silver
#3 will be honored with 3 months VIP Bronze

Because it was impossible to earn 5 pro points in order to get a prize as well, we made some slight adjustments to the system:
-> Everyone who took part in the contest twice (=50%) is going to win:

1 month Vip Bronze for winning 2 pro points:
akkord, anny0, Gnomas, Lolz, LoHoX, wRath^, Z0ck3rOO7, zhady.

We hope you enjoyed this project as long as it lasted; we sure did. At least we got the major disciplines covered (longjumping, bhop, speedclimb, precision) ;)

prochallenge_precision results:
Click this link, or the link "Pro-Challenge" to your left


News: 3 New Maps

25/10/08 - 19:51:49

Written by: oO3ddYOo

Comments: 62

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Good evening everyone!

It's been a while since the last maprelease, but now it's finally here again. Some new awesome maps is finally tested and ready for release. I hope you all enjoy:

imao_darkcavern by zeroimao:

imao_darkcavern is an interesting map, your are traveling through an underground kind of goldmine system. The map contains allot of different effects and cool areas to checkout.

kz_pit by Ovi:

kz_pit is also a very interesting map, it's a block map, but it's not your regular block level, the design makes the map pop. Really pleasing for the eye and fun to jump too!

kzarg_infinitefall by ChaosAD:

kzarg_infinitefall is a very open map, your jumping in space, it is also kind of a block level, it features a future look in space and is a pleasure to jump.

News: Cordyline - The Movie

24/10/08 - 22:43:45

Written by: thopa

Comments: 96

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

The collaboration between the russian jumper Cordyline and the romanian movie maker Spaniolu is finally complete.

We all know what Cordyline is capable of when the goal is beating world records, but the majority of us haven't seen his trickjumping skills. This movie features Cordyline at his current prime, fused with Spaniolus smooth moviemaking skills. They both have spent alot of time perfecting their part of this movie, and the result is 6:30 minutes long and weights 194Mb. Download it from below, watch it and leave your fingerprint in comments as constructive criticism or positive feedback.

Download at XJ


News: Silky smooth sugar, an edge bug adventure

22/10/08 - 01:17:33

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 103

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

It all started out with Moxx being mistaken; he thought JAy was someone else.
Moxx and omilo were often just hanging around, chilling in vent like any other day, and for some reason JAy decided to come back day after day, leading to the three jumpers becoming friends. Months and months later, it all started as a joke; "Maybe we should do an edgebug movie?" - "Haha". But later it escalated to something more real, and that's how it all began. Silky smooth sugar.

The movie stars the pretty well-known jumpers and individuals Moxx, JAy & omilo.
It features some new unseen edge bugs and combinations, it also includes a Quintuple (5 in a row) edge bug.

Through trials and tribulations the three amigos have dedicated many endless hours to pursue the dream of creating a funny and decent movie. This is the result; for the next ~7 minutes you can enjoy some great edge bugs.

Silky smooth sugar, encoded in the x264 codec, will amaze your eyes and daze your brain for about seven minutes and twenty seconds. It features Moxx, JAy & omilo with their edgebugging skills.
So to see this movie, make sure you have the right codec. I recommend CoreAVC.

I hope you all enjoy

Silky smooth sugar

1 2 3 ... 182.85714285714 183.85714285714 184.85714285714 ... 312 313 314