News: Happy New Year :)

31/12/07 - 19:49:19

Written by: faker

Comments: 41

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey there,

the whole XJ team would like to wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year!
Have a nice New Year's Eve and enjoy your party :)

Before things are getting too hot I've got a little present for you all (a little late tho, but it's still winter isn't it ehehe):


Another cool map with a christmas/winter theme, leading you through several rooms with a really enjoyable winter atmosphere. Are you going to find the secret room, and the whale penis? :hm:

peace out :x

News: XJ Weekly #43, XJ Pro-Challenge 8 Results, XJ Pro-Challenge 9 Announced

28/12/07 - 19:44:39

Written by: Juhmp

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Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

Hello everyone, its weekly time!

First off, the results of the last XJ Pro-Challenge. The map was
kz_man_climbersxp and the time was 14:24. Unfortunately, we did not
receive any demos on this map =(. The $50 dollars is still up for
grabs and will be available for this XJ Pro-Challenge. With that
being said, I now will announce the next XJ Pro-Challenge!

Click on read the rest, for the rest of the weekly.

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News: 10 New Demos

28/12/07 - 00:25:52

Written by: thopa

Comments: 81

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_kzdk_bridge2 done in 08:21 ( 08:43 faker )
kz_kzdk_templebhop done in 05:47 ( 06:04 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kz_kzdk_oldtemple done in 09:41 ( 09:52 ndR )


kz_ea_beneath done in 02:44 ( 02:46 ndR )
kz_redbrickworld done in 02:49 ( 02:53 zhady )
kz_xj_3ways[xtreme] done in 04:29 ( 04:30 zhady )


clintmo_falling done in 01:22 ( 01:23 Bunkka )


kz_kzsca_mineblock_ez done in 11:56 ( 12:25 kropeq )


kz_man_riverside done in 05:07 ( 05:17 Messing )


kz_man_beanstalk_b02 done in 03:25 ( 03:30 sbzvln )

News: Merry Christmas :)

24/12/07 - 21:48:05

Written by: faker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Merry Christmas everyone!

We here at XJ would like to wish you all a very happy and wonderful Christmas. Now before you dig into all of your presents and food, we have a little gift for you. If you are lucky, you will open the right present , but if you don't want to guess, you can just check the extended news post below! The others: Have fun and good luck! Once again, everyone have a Merry Christmas and start preparing for New Years ;)

<3 Juhmp, Mehz and s0liD for the great help!

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News: 7 New Demos

24/12/07 - 01:27:00

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_peak_b01 done in 02:48 ( 02:52 ndR )
kz_peak_b02 done in 02:50 ( 02:52 ndR )


kz_c2l_icebean done in 04:41 ( 06:08 shadowman )


kz_cho_mountaintree done in 05:01 ( 05:10 sKiCg )


kz_kzsca_mineblock_ez done in 12:25 ( 19:34 veer )


kz_kzfr_escape done in 05:33 ( 07:14 jocf )


kz_tropiclimb_xp done in 09:40 ( 10:42 FuzZerd )

Merry Christmas! :)

News: XJ's Weekly #42

22/12/07 - 23:39:21

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 52

Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

We would like to apologize to all users for the downtime during this "hack-attack".
To cheer you guys up, here's this "fridays" weekly!

Click on the read the rest button to read the weekly.

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News: ..of the year

22/12/07 - 23:20:50

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 112

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

This year you will be able to nominate your favourite jumpers in different categories, And the categories are:

Admin of the year
Cheater of the year
Comeback of the year
Cupplayer of the year
Demorecorder of the year
Forumposter of the year
Jumper of the year
Newcomer of the year
Mapper of the year
Most helpful of the year
Longjumper of the year

You will write in the comments who you want to vote for, remember you can only pick ONE for each category.
Everyone who votes for 2 persons will have their comment deleted.

For example your post will look like this:

Admin of the year: Thopa
Cheater of the year: OxyGeniuS
Comeback of the year: SuPa

This is only an example, you can pick whoever you want.
But stay serious, this isnt a joke.

You are NOT able to nominate yourself in any chategory


1 2 3 ... 182.85714285714 183.85714285714 184.85714285714 ... 289 290 291