News: Interview with Bibo

07/10/07 - 19:42:16

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Wow, A lot has been happening this week at XJ!

Amongst all this, Scary has added another victim to his charts. This time hes taken Bibo the long jump Monster for a spin.

This was indeed a very good surprise for me, and hopefully for all of you XJ members out there!

Interview with Bibo

News: 6 New Demos

07/10/07 - 17:29:24

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_xj_brickjump done in 02:43 ( 02:44 Messing )


sn_giantree_v2 done in 03:46 ( 03:49 sbzvln )


kz_cg_pianoclimb done in 02:26 ( 02:28 zhady )
kz_man_dragon done in 07:40 ( 07:43 nipper )


kz_wsp_1337block done in 12:14 ( 12:19 gangien )


cg_cupiators done in 00:53 ( 00:58 Tonic )

News: #Insilio Tournament

06/10/07 - 21:57:58

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps Misc

You read right, the Insilio team is hosting a huge tournament.

Tournament Website

The following players have now been invited...

Z0ck3rOO7 - tjubby - HoHo^ - Fire - Poison
snOOp - myth - ndR - Fatalis - Pjves - ElitE
Chriszo - ichirou - zhady - bl1zz - smalmuck

Now that all 16 of the following players have accepted the invitation open sign-ups are being held! Heres the information you need to sign up! "When the sign-ups are full (total of 32 players) we are going to start with the poule fase."

Read the rest...

News: New Longjump Record!

06/10/07 - 19:01:41

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Who would have thought we would see the day when someone made 254. If that wasn't amazing enough Bibo has pushed the limits again and come back to us with a new demo displaying the new World Record long jump for us with an amazing distance of 255

Here are the stats that Bibo's jump had.

Total jump lenght: 255.26 units
Prestrafe speed: 273.05 units/s
Topspeed: 333.605 units/s
Distance from border (J): 0.179688 units
Distance from border (L): 0.0571747 units
Units in fact: 255 units

Heres the demo for everyone who wants to see it. You will be able to download it from the LJ record thread soon too. As well as a movie displaying this awesome jump! Hopefully Rinkon will hurry up with it!


Bibo - "Chea."

GJ Bibo you definitely are a monster when it comes to long jumping!

News: 13 New Demos

05/10/07 - 23:35:06

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_kzfr_tibet done in 07:33 ( 07:52 Perfo )
kz_wsp_inferno done in 10:06 ( 10:23 Perfo )


kz_kzdk_kosovo done in 03:55 ( 04:21 faker )
kz_rambo_xen done in 00:35 ( 00:37 emmalahana )


cg_wildwesthop done in 02:54 ( 02:56 heL^_* )


kz_civilizations done in 08:35 ( 08:47 HoHo^ )
kz_j2s_icevalley done in 03:15 ( 03:18 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kzsca_brickvalley done in 02:13 ( 02:14 007 )


kz_highlands done in 04:11 ( n/a )


vee_mojave done in 02:28 ( 02:31 KTM )


cg_cbblebhop done in 01:19 ( 01:24 ScooteR )
clintmo_bhoptoon done in 00:37 ( 00:38 ScooteR )


kz_bhopwarehouse done in 00:09 ( 00:10 donakos )

News: XJ's Weekly #35

05/10/07 - 20:43:57

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

Welcome back everyone to yet another edition of our lovely weekly. Not much happened this week... especially with the down time we had on Tuesday. Oh well. Faker has left us for 9 days, I hope hes enjoying his vacation, make sure to PM him and ask him how it was when he returns! Well this, I fear, will be more of a summary of this week then of future things to come... I do have a few surprises up my sleeve for you all to enjoy however! So here we go. :(

Read the rest...

News: XJ's Pro Challenge #2 Conclusion

04/10/07 - 21:33:43

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Sorry about yesterdays down time... but now that we're up and running again I thought I would submit some cheerful news for you all!

Last weeks challenge was open to anyone who was willing to participate on the map cg_cbblebhop

The person who beat the record this week was... ScooteR!

Great job! His time on the map was 1:19! <--0.o Great work! Sadly he didn't do both shortcuts so was not eligible for the full 10$. However his work has won him 5$! The demo will be released with the next demo release. GL Thopa xD...

Scooter please contact me for details :)

The next Challenge will be posted on Saturday!

Until then Happy Climbing

-Fire out

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