News: Want to be a part of the mapcheck team?

19/05/08 - 13:36:43

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 41

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

As it seems the mapcheckteam is running on a bit of a low.
That is why we are looking for 1-2 new members to fill out the empty space.
I know alot of people are interested in a position in the mapchecking team, that's why we are doing this public.

What is required if you search for an position?
1. You need to be active.
2. You need to be able to check several maps a week.
3. You need to have a good personality.
4. You need to know relatively good english.
5. You need to keep your feelings aside and not vote yes because of a friend.
6. You need to be mature, we dont want a no vote because you dont like a certain person.
7. You need to have some experience in either mapping or jumping.
8. You need to be previously unwarned on the site.

Wow this seems interesting, how do I apply?
1. Play the map (from the start to the end)

2. Post your Opinion about the map, using THIS sheet:

2.1. The Jumps - Are they copied? / Are they new? / Is it fun to jump up these jumps? / Are they realistic (no blocks "floating" in the air and stuff)

2.2. The Textures - Are they good lookin? / Are they stolen? / Is there a cool background? / Are they realistic?

2.3. The architecture - Good/bad architecture? / Annoying teleporters or connected rooms? / Does the architecture fit (to the theme)

2.4. FPS and Bugs - Wallbugs? / Good FPS rate? / Shortcuts?

2.5. Challenge - Is the Map challenging (Easy, hard, xtreme) / Is this map good for records? / Can newbs complete the map, too?

2.6 Suggestion/fixtures - If your decision is no to kz/custom - What suggestions would you like to give to the mapper to make his map better?

3. Resume/Vote:

Your final Opinion on the Map!
->Should we add it?


If your vote is no: =>YES/NO to CUSTOM?

Aha, so what maps do I check and send in?
The maps we need you to check and perform a mapcheck is mto_greencave & kzsca_suburbia.

So where do I post my application?
You write it in a textfile and send the textfile to kz`Moxx on irc.
And it needs to contain the 2 mapchecks you performed, ofcourse using our mapcheck sheet.

And if I have any questions?
You send a private message to kz`Moxx at Quakenet stating your question.

News: 5 New Demos

18/05/08 - 23:01:14

Written by: thopa

Comments: 52

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_dalai_rats done in 01:12 ( 01:14 Dogos )


zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:40 ( 02:16 VoDkA`BoY )


kz_man_australia done in 03:46 ( 03:47 Perfo )


kz_kzdk_stones done in 03:36 ( 03:37 omilo )


kz_creek done in 02:15 ( 02:41 eefe )

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News: Opinion survey about our Donation/VIP system

18/05/08 - 13:24:13

Written by: faker

Comments: 81

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hey there,

it's been a while since the Donation/VIP system was introduced. Actually some of you people were generous enough to help us out and made some donations, but the general interest seems to be pretty small.

Altogether it didn't really meet our expectations. Without the special donations by TinTin, Count, Fire and radon we probably wouldn't have done that well. Thanks again for your generous help guys, especially TinTin :)

However, we are curious ot find out what you guys think about the system? Did you enjoy your VIP time or did you get bored? If you didn't donate yet... why is that? Do you think the packets are too expensive or the VIP periods too short?

Please tell us all your thoughts about our VIP system and help us improving it.

Thanks in advance

News: 6 New Demos

17/05/08 - 15:44:37

Written by: thopa

Comments: 86

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_shrubhop_ez done in 01:11 ( 01:14 Cordyline )


kz_dalai_rats done in 01:14 ( 01:16 brian )


kz_a2_bhop_corruo_ez done in 05:56 ( 06:00 omilo )
kz_kzdk_stones done in 03:37 ( 03:39 Messing )


zr_hetablock[easy] done in 01:56 ( 04:49 sambb )


zr_hetablock[hard] done in 02:16 ( 05:09 Z0ck3rOO7 )

News: 11 New Demos

13/05/08 - 22:13:42

Written by: eXcaL

Comments: 98

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_darkmine done in 01:54 ( 01:57 zhady )
kz_shrubhop_ez done in 01:14 ( 01:15 heL^_x )


kz_kzsca_fjellheimen done in 05:35 ( 05:38 Dujes )


kz_creek done in 02:41 ( n/a )


kz_kzfr_bhopwaterrace done in 00:40 ( 00:41 ZzdNk )


kz_cg_xtremedesert done in 03:36 ( 03:40 PuppetZ^ )


po_roboclimb done in 01:58 ( 02:02 omilo )


kz_kzlt_dementia[-tranquillity] done in 03:23 ( 03:56 reAti )


vee_mojave done in 02:24 ( 02:26 Chrizzy )


drewbie_longjumps done in 00:30 ( 00:31 Patriot_sb )


kz_man_bhopforest done in 00:07 ( 00:12 Count )

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11/05/08 - 20:04:19

Written by: faker

Comments: 95

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

is back!

Brought to you by: radon (Maps), faker (Conception), TinTin (Sponsoring) and of course Fire for the original idea.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Any Feedback or suggestion is appreciated.

News: XJ's Weekly #61

09/05/08 - 20:51:18

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 100

Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

As time goes by it seems to get closer and closer to another weekly, here´s the new one.

A big fat one for you guys this week!

Special thanks to our new weeklymembers loopah & JAy

Peace out and read the weekly below.

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