News: XJ's Weekly #38

09/11/07 - 17:23:32

Written by: Fire

Comments: 112

Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

Ok, Ok, I understand that I've been missing in action for the last two weeks! Sorry, Please don't slander me on IRC! Anyway, I apologize for missing out on two weeklys, which I probably could have packed full of
information. But lets put those two weeks aside and start a new for I have returned with a new weekly just asfull with information as ever before. However, before we begin, I have a statement from the scariest guy I know. Scary`Sir takes the throne!

So let's see what has happened lately. We've seen the return of a legend, in form of T3dBundy, we've seen him beat some really good records, but on easy maps, mountez, coldbhop and coldbhop_v2. We've also seen him leave again, yes, it's true, T3dbundy has gone inactive once again. We've seen a new world record in long jumping made by Bibo. We've also seen the always incredible ndR in action, beating some very good records too. We've seen a movie with a unknown guy named Spork, who jumped 255 and we've seen a lot more. It's been a great period for KZ.
But in the middle of all this we saw something which I found better than all this. The playing legend, the never beaten, the probably greatest KZ talent ever, the Armstrong within KZ - ZHADY has among all this founded time to beat two of the probably most prestigious maps in KZ - 3ways[extreme] and cg_extreme and with runs that really really really show that this guy is nearing perfection in KZ. zhady have done what T3dBundy couldn't accomplish after his comeback, zhady has done what no other could do. According to my judgment, zhady has now taken the throne from Mr. T3dBund. himself. And I would probably rate myself as one of the persons who has the most knowledge about the KZ scene. Taking two of the hardest maps in KZ, with that speed, with that perfection and with that control, you can only rate zhady as the absolute top in the KZ world. Once again, zhady impresses us, this time in the extreme way. So thank you zhady!

Wow, with a statement like that, there is certainly going to be some good responses in this weekly! Bring them on!

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News: Map Contest Reminder

08/11/07 - 17:37:47

Written by: Juhmp

Comments: 30

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take this time to issue a quick reminder to all mappers that are taking part in the contest that the Deadline is November 15.

Make sure to label your map submission as "CONTEST_MAPPERSNAME_MAPNAME," when you are submitting.

If you have any questions about the contest please refer to the original news post located HERE

Hope to see some more submissions!

News: 12 New Demos

06/11/07 - 19:27:28

Written by: thopa

Comments: 85

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_sfinx done in 07:55 ( 08:47 k3G )


bkz_aztecblock done in 07:10 ( 07:15 zhady )


bkz_forestrace done in 02:31 ( 02:34 Z0ck3rOO7 )
sn_nanoblock[easy] done in 04:04 ( 04:06 zhady )


bk_icerock done in 02:20 ( 02:22 sambb )
kz_cg_tower done in 02:18 ( 02:19 sambb )
kzse_ancienthopez done in 01:41 ( 01:46 sbzvln )


kz_j2s_summercliff_h done in 02:24 ( 02:26 zhady )


j2s_4tunnels done in 05:02 ( n/a )


kzro_smalltemple done in 02:22 ( n/a )
zr_hetablock[easy] done in 04:49 ( 04:57 brian )


kz_man_owtcity done in 03:36 ( 03:43 brian )

News: XJ's Pro Challenge #5

04/11/07 - 23:00:59

Written by: Fire

Comments: 48

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Well, well, well,

Welcome back ladies and gentelmen, soulds and hoho^'s,

It is once again that time of the week for all you KZ pro's to take is amongst yourselves to beat my next challenge. Which map will you be playing this week? Well none other then one of my favorites, and this one will certainly catch the eye's of many, I hope anyway, especially Moxx.

This weeks map: ak_rh_warehouse_ns
Challengers: Anyone
Prize: 5$

I lowered the prize amount this week because, it only seems like one person submits a demo each week anyway. Make this more popular and I will raise it back up again.

BTW, I need @p to PM or email me about his 10$ prize ^^ -email- will be sufficient.

Anyway, Good luck to you all with this weeks challenge. I hope to announce a cool winner come next Sunday.


News: 2 New Custom Maps

04/11/07 - 18:05:10

Written by: Z0ck3rOO7

Comments: 45

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hey guys,

we got 2 brand-new custom maps for you.

j2s_4tunnels by s0liD

s0liD's latest map is based on the 4floors theme, but this time it is bigger, longer and harder. Definitely one of the most inventive bhop maps.

kzro_smalltemple by ecks

If you want to finish this map you have to make your way through 2 rooms full of tricky jumps. To find the right way is definitely a challenge on this map! Be careful: Don't screw it all at the end ;)

Have fun playing these maps ;)

News: 8 New Demos

04/11/07 - 16:48:41

Written by: thopa

Comments: 38

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kt_aztecclimb done in 01:10 ( 01:13 zhady )


kz_rd_giganticwall done in 07:03 ( 07:19 7D )


kz_sideways done in 10:52 ( 10:59 Messing )
kz_sfinx done in 08:47 ( 08:56 @p )


skitz_box_silo done in 02:54 ( 03:08 donakos )
kz_kzfr_alexandrie done in 06:18 ( 06:24 sambb )


kzse_ancienthopez done in 01:46 ( 01:47 Z0ck3rOO7 )
sld_bside_nightblock done in 02:02 ( 02:03 Nas )

News: 8 New Demos

02/11/07 - 16:46:41

Written by: thopa

Comments: 47

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_man_owtcity done in 03:43 ( 03:45 zhady )


kz_kzdk_radiobase done in 02:51 ( 02:54 Messing )
kz_sideways done in 10:59 ( 11:13 k3G )


sld_bside_nightblock done in 02:03 ( 02:04 zhady )


kz_adventure done in 02:33 ( 02:37 brian )
kz_man_temple done in 06:03 ( 06:08 T3dBundy )
kz_real_islands done in 06:30 ( 07:00 Perfo )
rd_jump_house done in 04:34 ( 04:39 ndR )

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