News: 2 New Maps

23/09/07 - 00:29:34

Written by: Z0ck3rOO7

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hey guys,

we got 2 brand-new maps for you, 1 kz_ map and 1 custom map:

kz_sideways by rinkon and s0liD

This is a completely new mapstyle, because the whole map is sideways. Can you find the way without getting confused?

cg_islands by DaMp

This is the latest project by our upcomming mapper DaMp. It’s a nice map with an oldschool touch. Jump up the moutains to get to the final island and finish the climb.

Thanks to FragMcCracken for the help ;)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did :)

News: 9 New Demos

22/09/07 - 15:52:07

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_viva_lasvegas done in 07:44 ( 07:46 Jurpo )


kz_adventure done in 02:37 ( 03:41 rEs0LuTe )


clintmo_falling done in 01:23 ( 01:25 Mj` )


kz_rambo_xen done in 00:37 ( 00:38 ro0st3r )


kz_space done in 02:37 ( 03:38 Messing )


kz_cargo done in 04:19 ( 04:38 ndR )


kz_pacman done in 04:11 ( n/a )


kz_cfl_aqualand done in 03:57 ( 04:30 ichirou )
kz_bye_erarock done in 03:48 ( 03:56 sbzvln )

News: XJ's Weekly #33

21/09/07 - 20:42:02

Written by: Fire

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Xtreme-Jumps Weekly

Welcome back to XJ's Weekly

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Not much happened this week! Just kidding! Once again, we have a pretty full weekly for you all to enjoy. So while you were all jumping and improving your KZ skills, the weekly crew was out gathering information from your favorite jumpers and even some of our own had news to share! So with our further adu, here's the weekly just for you! (No ryhme intended) :D

Read the rest...

News: 7 New Demos

17/09/07 - 20:49:35

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_space done in 03:38 ( n/a )


kz_cargo done in 04:38 ( n/a )
kz_ezalpin done in 02:56 ( 02:58 ndR )
kz_greenplanet done in 03:35 ( 03:47 sambb )
kz_wsp_marioland done in 04:11 ( 04:20 raYLa )


kz_adventure done in 03:41 ( n/a )


cg_cbblebhop done in 01:24 ( 01:25 faker )

News: XJ's Pro Challenge #1

17/09/07 - 05:46:47

Written by: Fire

Comments: 79

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello boy's and girl's!

Welcome to Fires weekly challenge!

This is the first of a series of challenges ill be dishing out to our proffesional jumpers here at XJ.

5$ (usd)


All of XJ's Demo rules apply.
You must kill your self at the end of the run.
You must beat the current record.
You have exactly one week from the date posted to complete the challenge.
You must send your demo to Fire and you must submit the demo to XJ.

With out further ado.

Our first challenger is... ndR

The map that was chosen for ndR to beat this week is going to be...


The current record is 1:39, will ndR win the 5$ challenge and beat the map in under 1:39!? Only time will tell.

Best of luck to you my friend, and challenger!

-Fire out.

As these challenges go on, and become more popular the prize amount will increase. Keep that in mind jumpers!

News: 4 New Maps

16/09/07 - 22:53:07

Written by: faker

Comments: 59

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


the new mapcheck system is up for a few days only, but we are proud to present you 4 brandnew and awesome kz_ maps:

kz_adventure by rad0n:

This map is a real adventure! You have to think and find the right way to hit the end timer!

kz_cargo by eiRa:

You start inside a storage facility at a port and you have to make your way onto the ship. Later that day the ship is loaded and leaves the port. Then you have to find your way into the control room.

kz_pacman by stinnZ & SimpleXx:

Another awesome and inventive map by stinnZ & SimpleXx, based on the oldschool pacman game. You have to beat several bhop and a few block stages to win the game!

kz_space by rad0n:

radon's 2nd strike: Another awesome and inventive map with an unseen and authentic theme.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did :)

News: 7 New Demos

15/09/07 - 20:59:59

Written by: thopa

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_kzsca_pyramid done in 04:31 ( 05:21 soul|ftw )


kz_dbh_pipehop in 01:54 ( 01:57 Z0ck3rOO7 )


kz_bye_erarock done in 03:56 ( 03:57 zhady )
kzse_valleycliff done in 02:48 ( 02:52 Z0ck3rOO7 )


bkz_junglebhop done in 01:46 ( 01:48 T3dBundy )
cg_coldbhop done in 00:26 ( 00:28 ndR )


kz_kzse_dustbhop done in 02:09 ( 02:13 Z0ck3rOO7 )

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