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Posted on: 18.05.2014 16:37

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Hallo heL, what's going on ? how are you tonight ?

Country: France heL^_x: hello bro, not as active as i used to be on the kreedz scene, but very happy to be answering somes questions for xj community, i'm pretty good, it's holidays time here so chill, smoking a good joint a bit of Nas and let's do it right, like a bosses.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha seems like you really know how to enjoy your time. =] Its been a while since your last fact over 4 and a half year ! That seems unbelievable, huh ? Please, update yourself.

Country: France heL^_x: Yes, i remember Cyclopp and Moxx's one, the only thing that changed is that i grew up, with studies too and stuff u know, i don't have much time to spend as before on the "competitive" gaming i mean, I still play kz, cs normal shooting, league of legends, and also Day of defeat 1.3.. the best haha ! On the others side, i'm studying Management, and if everything goes good, i'll be doing an MBA (Management Business Administration) school, so let's say that i'll have less time cuz of that ;) And when u "grow up", u learn about life.. Nights, Days, Girls.. Weed.. and stuff goes on.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha I see. So you are now 20 years old student, right ? Where do you see yourself after finishing school ? Do you already know what do you want to do for a living ? is my guees : a TOP manager, correct ? :)

Country: France heL^_x: I'm still 19, will be 20 on february, don't rush me :D :P. But to be honest, i can't see my future, i'm living my life from day to day, and I digg that ! I chose MBA studies because it belongs to my scholarships since I was approximately 16, so i just go with the flow, and i chose those studies because u can travel a lot, i'm young, healthy and i love travelling, meeting new people, different life styles and stuff, and the best way to do is while u're young, while u're studying.. and on top of that u'll end ur trip with a diploma ! What else ^^ ?We'll see what the future will bring to me. I'm a curious guy by nature, i like to know everything, how things work and co.. -> Travelling gives us a huge knowlegdes, and this is the part i love.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: sounds really nice. Ur so called "adventure kind of guy". and Im pretty sure you won't get lost in the world ;) I wish you good luck and enjoy your life ! We've got only ONE after all.

Country: France heL^_x: exactly and if i'm lost, i can still climb :P

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha, thats the spirit ! now, if you dont mind I'd like to move our conversation to the KZ. July 11, 2010 ? Do you know what that date means ? :) Alright, I will tell you. It was the last time you showed up in a WR release with a map called rd_jump_house done in 03:51.44 ( 04:07.58 be koukouz ) Why is this actually a sad day in KZ history ? No more desire for KZ ?

Country: France heL^_x: (haha nice works :p made me laugh) Actually, i really don't remember the "spirit" of that time, When i was "geeking" in the good old days with only one goal : reach the top. But if i remember right, i've already been "bored" (thats not the good word cuz u can't get bored with kreedz, but you know after beatings many maps, being #1, i think we all lose a bit of motivation..To be honest, i don't even remember the map rd_jump_house, that's not a map that was "meant" to me, i think it was just an easy demo to take.. Nowadays, KZ is too complicated, i m not gonna say hard cuz u still have the pleasure and stuff, but with the milliseconds stufff, a bit of new technique like A+D on a vent or some shits like that, it makes the map too hard to beat, you know i love breaking boundaries, but i just don't get the point beating map by 0.05 seconds or so..I'm pretty sure and i know some maps that i could beat but there's many reasons why i dont play that much anymore as i told you.. The first is the mouse ! I used to have g5, like everyone else (even x5 g5.. Yeah i broke some^^), i tried g400, g500 or the others that logitech sold out, but i don't know, the scroll isn't the same, i don't feel the same position with my hand.. Strange, so I play with an old Intellimouse 1.1 Explorer, and it's shitty for kz ! And like i already told you, I grew up; i've others thing to do ^^ But maybe i'll make one to be back in the game :p cuz i don't even have one wr left ^^ thats a bit frustrating when u used to be good at this shit :p

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: sure I get that. But as a guy who loves to push limits you should understand decimal system. On a certain level I agree, its sometimes funny to see 8 mins map improved by 5 ms but if you consider for example bkz_goldbhop.. decimal system allows to push this map to its limit. :) That would be great, So you actaully consider.. I dont wanna say a comeback but 1-2 WR.. ? is it possible ?

Country: France heL^_x: ofc i won't make a "comeback" with a special release or so haha (and maybe?? :pp) But yeah probably i'll try to take 1-2 yes, i've few maps in mind already ! And yeah, i understand the decimal system, and i think you have to understand very well the engine of the game to beat "xtremes maps" like 0.05, because it's just a question of double ducks, or how long you stay on every block, ur path/trajectories and every little things that a demogeekers know! But it's a good thing the decimal thing, it just keeps the kz-scenes alive and that's huge, because imo, i even thought when the decimal wasn't there, we needs another 500 maps to be competitive, what's the point recording somes maps which "can't" be beaten normally.. but thanks to XJ staff from cup-admins to head-admins, They all are doing good work to update some news, doing interesting things, leggie challenge... keeping the scene alive is the only thing that matter, to keep alive our hobby that is Kreedz..Thats great for kreedz-lovers as us ! We all "know" eachother thanks to this! i can see it because when u're outside of the scene, u have a different point of view about the situation.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: exactly, great words. haha just found this movie starring you IRL <a href=''>on kz_kzse_toonworld </a> Kind of nostalgic, dont you think ? :) You definitely should beat this map haha.

Country: France heL^_x: lool i was at wc i just came back omg old video yes but yeah, kind of nostalgic yeah u said it. toonworld is an old story.. I beat it but never sent the demo, cuz it was Lolz's favourite map too, so i let him the wr. And i remember when he had the wr 2:31 if i remember right, i've already done 2:25-26 which was a great time. i see that now it's 2:24.. it's still beatable since my experience of that map is that 2:20-21 was possible with a perfect run but yeah, toonworld was one of my favorite map.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Good times :) You are written in the KZ history till the end of its days. When you look back, whats the very first thought that cross your mind regarding KZ ?

Country: France heL^_x: laughing. As i said in the previous interview, when i was playing with many frenchies/belgians so everytime we were playing together and stuff..A very very good times, with HNS stuff... but i also remember that it's strange to admit and tell yourself that of a ~7 billion people on earth, you used to be the best player ever. Many things come to my mind when i think about kz : Nervous when i fail, the pleasure of beating a map, and the stress at the end ? Your heartbeat is like x100 faster. Its like doing something crazy but you're just in front of your computer.. that's a very good sensations.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Indeed. That has to be a warm feeling :)
You also had your ups and downs. Lets start with the negative part of your KZ carrer. fakedemos and cheating. ( -link- ) Im sure you remember this day. Did that all happen just because you were suspecting spr1n of cheating ? Nowadays, you have a different and also objective perspective. You are also wiser so what can you tell us about it ? Do you regret your previous actions ?

Country: France heL^_x: I've also been busted with the bind mwheeldown +jump; wait; -jump at the day !! ^^ To be honest, wigbl0ck demo was just trolling, i used to be a huge troller, not much to say haha. The streetbl0ck demo is different, we were friends with elfeN, and i just made the demo on his computer and send it to xj, i won't say that i was like i don't give a fuck what they're saying, we're joking, if u want a wr from me, u have it.. (And i'm 75% sure that there are ,or were because i don't follow the scene very often nowadays, many demos were recorded by me, not from the record-holders if u see what i mean.. ^^) Yes, i think my young attitude contributed with something on those acts, but i just regret it because it could have kicked me from the kz scene, and xj is the only one.. But other than that, i had very very fun moments when i was doing this demo on wigbl0ck hahahaha, laughing when i think about it ! but those fakedemos and cheat thing was because i just "wanted" to leave the scene and i didn't care about the consequences or about the others opinions. Anyway, yes that's a bit a dark-part about my kz history, but i don't think people keep that in mind and everyone get the point that it was only trolling.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: yea lets bury the past and focus on the present >] but before we do so, we will take a look at the bright side. You were the first person who raped kz_synergy_x. There were doubts if this map is even possible for human. You proved it is and also won 115€. How long did it take you to beat it ? Was is really that hard for you ?

<a href=''>kz_synergy_x contest won by heL^_x </a>

Country: France heL^_x: I don't really remember how much i geeked it, but i already had the map before it went public in beta, so i had the chance to try it before, even before the challenge.. But yeah that's a hard map, shitty combos and stuff, but i've been geeking the 1st part of the map. Because the ten last jumps of the 1st part, can teleport you at the beginning. But when u reach the 2nd part, u already know that u can beat the map (for me..) that's why i just let the pressure go and i fail like 4-6 minutes on a noob combo haha. To be honest, it wasn't that hard because standups are my ++, i used to gain so much speed that i could continue my combos even if i slow down.. but yea, its a complicated map because of the "combos" that were hard, 256 drop cj and stuff.. that's not a map that i like, but as we were saying i like breaking limits, and it was considered as the hardest bhop map ever.. I had to take it down ! its not even a challenge, when u're good in football, u wanna kick everyone ass's right ? Kz is the same :p its logical ! and i'd also like to thank admins who let me participate in this challenge cuz i was "banned".. ^^ You might remember that poll about it :p

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Agree. Without challenge and pushing limits KZ and many things in this world would've no meaning. I know your comeback is off the table but still..One day you'll wake up and think.. Merde ! I miss my KZ days, all the nervers, amazement when you know you did WR even before you press the finish button, stupid fails, funny fails.. Those memories will last in every single Kreedzer forever, I dont think you will ever forget about KZ.. Imagine yourself as a 70 years old man, telling your grandchildren about KZ hahah :)

Country: France heL^_x: haha merde :p Yes i agree that my game-career will follow me, and i don't even regret it, it allows u to meet some people, it also helped me with my english alot, because this is the main language on XJ, so i've been forced to adapt, and now i'm glad to have "not that bad english" ^^ I already miss it to be honest, but we all have to move on, and just a little secret : kz wasn't good for study.. Because u just do ur shitty binds to record;stop;sv_restart1 and u just start again, and again... till u go to sleep. I was a true geek when i was on godmode recording ! And it also made me the man i'm now, so i can be greatful. But i've made my time on the game, was one of the best climbers on kz, was on the french top CS team (WCG France etc.. (ps: i've to admit that kz helps u alot on normal shooting counter-strike !, huge advantage) i think i just have to be happy for what i've been on CS and now when cs is dead.. with this shitty cs:go we can all go jump from the top of chinablock's and just break our legs ^^ i was afraid of that kz will die too in the same time but luckily xj still is alive ! but as i told you for me the scene is not the same. we used to battle with legends like zhady brian, chrizzo puppetz ndR supa and other machines (i just can't tell everyone), but i'm pretty sure everyone knows who were the legends of the Kreedz Scene. There's not even fight between climbers nowadays. we remember Country: Sweden zhady vs Country: France ndR, i used to "fight" against Country: United States brian .. and co. The kz-scene was much more attractive imo.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: thats a good answer :) CS 1.6 shooting is dead but as long as there is atleast one last jumper, KZ is alive. At the end I always ask people to share their advice about recording. And since you were and probably still are considered as one of the best players around the globe, I want a pretty good advice from you, because we all know you have a certain "je ne sais quoi" when it comes to KZ ! :D

Country: France heL^_x: Advice, i don't have much to say, just look at the demo if u really don't know the maps/combos and try to find new and be faster than the current ones !There's some tips that i used to do with spraytags for example to remember where i've to bunny, where i've to stop my combos to avoid losing time.. Or think about jumps like a highjump, that's hard to explain but when u understand that u have to jump like 5-6 units from the edges for highjump, u learn everything. On top of that, just a good weed joint, a chilling music and lets go and for the hj thing, even when u understand it.. It still hard haha edgefriction is teh shit. Learn the engine of HL1, and u can beat everymap. sry i'm high bro haha ideas are a bit confused haha.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: hahahaha. We are done. just a few short questions :) french fries or french kiss ?

Country: France heL^_x: french kiss

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: ndR or kimo?

Country: France heL^_x: ndR

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Are you Country: Finland novice ? Sorry, you might not understand it :D :D :D

Country: France heL^_x: haha ofc i understand this question what a mess I used to be in the middle of this "novice is hel ??" but the fact is Ive never even talked to him ! i was out of the scene when i learn this shit elfeN told me wtf ? is it you ? He thought that i was recording in secret or so. But no, i'm not novice to answer the quicky question haha. but i admit that i watched one of his dems to get the point about all this mess, and i agree that he has kinda the same style.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: hahahaha Favorite french movie ?

Country: France heL^_x: wow hard question i don't watch french movies often. i'd say Leon. A film with jean reno, produced by luc besson

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Favorite map ?

Country: France heL^_x: i can't chose one, there's so many maps that i like aswell. Lets say kz_facility and kz_cg_extreme..

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: $500 for 15 demos. Y/N ?

Country: France heL^_x: Y, i go find g5, i geek for a week => 500$

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: $1000 for a permanent comeback. Y/N ? hahaha

Country: France heL^_x: hahaha i'm not a slut

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Favorite song ?

Country: France heL^_x: Nas, R.A The rugged Man, biggie and many french rappers too but nobody can't know them so.. (i couldn't chose a song..)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: What was your bets WR in your eyes ?

Country: France heL^_x: i pretty much liked my facility's one tbh.. i jus't didn't made the vent-sc with dducks and this is why i don't have the demo anymore.. or mby kt_aztecclimb was cool and i don't even talk about the 256 sc at the beginning on facility^^

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: OK, thanks so much for your time. It was absolutely amazing talking with you. The floor is yours. Final words.

Country: France heL^_x: u're the man who contacted me, cheers to you cuz nobody could see those words if u weren't here so thank you, i don't have connections with kz-scene anymore or even kz-friends, but i'd like to give a credit to Country: Belgium Lolz <img src="" width="11" height="11"> , Country: France *Np_O* and that's prolly all ah yes, Country: Sweden Moxx too :p Country: Germany faker, and Country: Germany zocker thats all bro.
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