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Posted on: 16.09.2015 22:37

Country: Russia ShoCk: Hello, PU9maker, let's start with the casual presentation. Who are you?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Hi ShoCk and everyone ! My name is Ondrej Kouba, 24 years old boy who lives in the heart of Europe - Czech Republic. 9 months ago I started to work at the Police department. In my spare time I like to work out. Usually on Monday - Wednesday - Friday. Some call me crazy because I eat only a very healthy food. Esp. colleagues at work :D I'm also interested in physics, psychology and human behaviour overall. And as you know I still enjoy CS 1.6 and mostly the thing Patrick "KreedZ" Wright started in 2003-2004 :)

Country: Russia ShoCk: Unexpectedly. Do you mean physics of cs engine, psychology and behaviour of the ct model overall?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Haha no, I mean the study of natural things around us. Psychology of human mind and human behaviour such as body language, behavior in extreme situations.. :p

Country: Russia ShoCk: Yeah, I see. On a more serious note. Interesting thing to study man. Do you need if for your job or for self-development? Being a part of police department.. that sounds badass. What exactly do you do?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Mostly just for self-development but knowing potential human behaviour in stressed situations can be very helpful esp when you work as a Police officer, hell, might even save your life. There's one thing Country: Bulgaria shNz told me once. I'll quote Nowadays, the world is filled with ambitious young men, just like myself, and you know, I have to compete on every level in order to be successful in the future. That's what I believe in, too. It is indeed very interesting but paradoxically not many people are interested in it. Its prolly caused by the fact that people don't understand it. ( I understand it only on a very very superficial level ) Your IQ has to be very high to understand it deeply ). It's not so badass as It might seem to you. I work in a small and "sleepy" city where nothing very dangerous happen usually. There is one story that happened to me Some weeks ago when I was serving night shift. And around 10 PM. Old lady on the street asked me and my colleague if we can try to get in touch her friend who doesnt answer her calls, she havent heard of him for a week or so. She told us the address of her friend. We got there in like 5 mins. It was a big house but it had to be a very old house. It looked more like a ruins. So we tried to ring the bell, nothing. We "screamed" Anybody home ? etc.. Still nothing. That old lady had a emergency key from this house. So we stepped in. It was quite scary to be honest.. Weird feeling you know.. Electricity was turned off. So we only had our flashlights. It looked normal in there tho. No signs of breaking in, nothing.. Then we went up to the attic. It looked like a library there. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of books. I was going alongside with my colleague and suddenly my colleague "bumped" into something.. it was a body hanging on a rope. I'll never forget this experience. It was.. huh.. The poor man hang himself cuz he had money issues and severe depressions. So he decided to end his life.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Wow. That's a real horror. You knew what you were going for, right? Any regrets seeing this in that relatively young age?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: No, no regrets at all. I like this job. Sometimes it's a real horror as you said but I love adrenaline. Firemen have more difficult work. Take a car accident for example. babies, kids.. This is a real horror. No wonder they have an appointments with a psychologist quite often.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Yeah but on the other hand your job has a wider range of unexpected dangerous situations. It really takes balls to be into it, my appreciation. You'll save not one life, I'm convinced. You must be stressing out a lot because of these things. I guess this is where workout and kz step in to relieve some tention?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: It can be very stressful sometimes but humans are amazing creatures and they get used to almost anything. The stress accumulates whether I want or not and that's when workout and kz are stepping in, exactly. Workout is now a inseparable part of my life cuz I always clean my head while working out and I feel really relaxed afterwards. KZ is also fun but you know it can be stressful too sometimes :) Esp while recording haha.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Yeah it really helps, both of them. Turning on the music, launching your favourite game and letting the flow go through you. And considering the dedication you come with, recording must be one of a few stressful parts since you're basically giving all of yourself to this, coming up with ideas, maintaining the whole vibe and all that. Would you consider it to be your second life perchance? Or what else is it for you, your dedication doesn't seem to ever go away.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I dont record as much as I did before. Mostly because recording is really hard for me and the passion is also fading away. I started playing KZ seriously 2 years ago, before that I was only longjumping. And I really cant compete with other players who play from 2006-2010. I have to put incredible amount of effort to beat one single demo. When I entered to XJ I had a dream. Beat 273 DCJ block and beat a World Record. And I did. Those are the best memories from my whole KZ carrer. I will never forget the feeling when I pressed "e" button on kz_sk_proclimbing and saw the new WR. And the same goes for 273 block. XJ means alot to me. That's why I put effort in it. Coming with ideas is harder day by day because everything has its limits. So does XJ. We are inevitably approaching the point where 1.6 will die. All we can do now is to try to enjoy the few remaining months/years. And when you will look back in 5-10 years. You'll think to yourself Damn. Those were the times!

Country: Russia ShoCk: Others would say the other way around "Damn.. Why did I have to spend so many years in vain", not me though and I like the way of your thinking :) To be honest, I've watched all of the demos you lately recorded and you look really confident, you have the flow that others strive to get. You appear to have a good control over your model so it comes off weird, maybe you get nervous or what do you think is the cause for your self-inconfidence?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I only improved my previous records. It was easy because in the past I spent many many hours on those maps. As you can see all my records are quite long maps with a small amount of bhops. Because bhop is my weakness. And there are not many maps that suit me. I only get nervous on the very end of a map. Like 15-20 seconds before the finish but yea, its really weird how much time you can lose in a 15-20 seconds just cuz of nervosity, fascinating. I still dont know many things about HL engine. If you want to become good at anything you have to understand it. maybe Ill take a break from KZ for some time, it usually helps to get some motivation back.

Country: Russia ShoCk: For me it's harder to record long maps rather short/medium, so I guess it's about this and that. You're probably more consistent than rapid even though the map doesn't require long bhop combos, and someone else is the other way around. And yeah from my own experience, I confirm that, take a break if nothing works, don't strain yourself super hard, it will come back twice effective as it works that way for me. Let's talk about yourself as a COO. How did that happen, how does it feel? Has anything changed at all? :D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Some months ago CyclopP sent me a message saying something like.. "Hey, I really appreciate how active you are, thanks to you XJ is a better place and that's what we need" Then he explained to me that PsYxOpAt is very busy with his real life obligations and wont be able to be COO anymore due to a lack of his free time. So we talked about what COO position would actually mean to me. I wasn't completely sure if im ready for this position and CyclopP somehow find that out from my answers. Our conversation ended up without a direct "YES" or "NO" so I guess we both were kind of confused haha. Anyway they started to look somewhere else. Coppenst seemed like a good candidate but when I find out, I felt kind of touched because they made him COO without telling me. Later on It was all explained to me. Long story short : they thought I'm already very busy with all the stuff im doing for XJ and didnt want to put more burden on my shoulders. Actually being a COO is not that hard if you have a good team of people.
Well, for me basically nothing has changed.

Country: Russia ShoCk: So, there isn't any more work than you've had before you became a COO? Not that you're doing nothing of course but isn't there some specific things that COO should be taking care of?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Maybe just that I coordinate our staff, trying to improve current ways etc. but I was doing that even before I became COO :) I recruited some guys to our map team.
By that move I hope for more frequent map releases. Country: Romania Keo, Country: Lithuania Kicius, Country: Sweden eLiTe.. they all are experienced mappers with a good sense for this. Also frequent map releases = frequent WR releases = more activity overall. Which is my goal - to keep XJ active. Other than that I try to come up with new ideas, something that could attract players but its very very difficult to be honest. Thats how I would sum up my function as a COO.

Country: Russia ShoCk: I can imagine. Map and WR releases.. two essential things for keeping the life in the community. There are quite a few side projects going on on the front page and I could say that's enough of the material to keep people attracted (at least for me). However, knowing you and your ideas, perhaps you have something else to share regarding new things coming up on XJ?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: There's one thing I've got in mind for a few months already. I named it KZ BOOK. The main idea is to collect all the important and memorable events from KZ history from the very beginning when Kreedz built his first kz map, first kz movies, when XJ started, famous battles such as ndR vs zhady, Evolutuion of KZ/XJ 2003-2014 and so on and make literally an online book about KZ. I realize its kind of crazy but one can have a dream, right ? :)

Country: Russia ShoCk: To say the least of it.. well I don't know what you're smoking man but if it's ever going to happen, it will be a bedtime story for my children. Somehow, I hear it increasingly with each passing day how people are obsessed with the "good old times". Sometimes you just think people live in the past. Sorry for inserting my own opinion, but that's even getting annoying sometimes *mad*. Are you a supporter of this?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha I can see you telling a bedtime story to your children. So kids, Once Upon a Time someone pressed the jump button. And his name was.. Kreedz. I wouldn't say I'm a supporter of those good old times but I certainly would love to come back there. I missed the golden era of kz in 2007-2010. brian, KeltA, koukouz, Chasquido, novice, spr1n, Flibo, puppetz and others. Those were the best times as it seems so for me it's understandable that people like to talk about these "good old times". Although, it's indeed annoying to see people who have probably no idea how it was back then talking about those times.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Great to know that there's someone who's sharing my opinion :) So, switching right on to the most sensational news of this year. How do you feel about XJ and kzmod/csgo being parts of XJ? I heard that cs 1.6 will be no longer getting the attention it have always had but instead all focus will be concentrated towards these two games. Is there any exaggeration about it?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: To be perfectly honest with you im not very excited about it BUT this is only my personal opinion. Im a guy who doesn't like changes. On the other hand I will do what's the best for XJ community and if kzmod/ cg:go kz is what community wants, I will respect it. I believe many people are looking forward to it. Raptor put incredible amount of time and effort into KZ-MOD and the game does deserve big appreciation. About CS 1.6, nothing lasts forever, and Im almost sure these two new mods will put 1.6 to shadow. How?ever its too soon to make any assumptions. Let's wait and see.

Country: Russia ShoCk: That's so true, Raptor invested a lot of efforts into the development of the game and putting it next to csgo was exceedingly inappropriate of me as I see now. We're yet to discover the final build of 2.0 so it's a bit early to judge indeed, although I feel like it's a great game as of even now. However, talking of csgo, an already built game that offers you gameplay today. Have you tried kz in it yet? From the videos it looks weird, but weird isn't always bad right?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I did. And I didnt like it. I really dont like the physics there for KZ. For me its very uncomfortable. Ofc, the graphics cant measure with 1.6 but still, its not for me. Raptor did one crucial thing in KZ mod - a 1.6 physics. Which I'm really glad for. 1.6 movements is what makes KZ so special and enjoyable. I think no other game can beat this feeling when it comes to KZ.

Country: Russia ShoCk: True to your thing =D How do you feel about general behaviour of XJ? Would you like to see people act differently maybe or you like it the way it is?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: heh, I'm pretty sure you already know the answer. However lets elaborate it anyway. I'm not completely sure if im the guy who can judge other members because I acted like a dick too. But if we take a look at the community as a whole its really toxic now. Hatred, insults, humiliation is a daily routine on XJ. Its a paradox actually. When kz started most of the players were just a little kids who acted more mature than the 'adult' players today. 2005 was a different year in many aspects. People were nicer to each other overall, everyone tried to help each other. There are still nice people on XJ but not as many as it used to be.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Well many of the times yeah but there's still some savvy left out there in my opinion. Earlier, not really long ago, any insult within the site would most likely get you punished. There were many complaints regarding strict censorship in these times and my take is new management heard XJ and this is where it has led us. Would you rather stick to the old politics or you would give people more freedom but alongside with it more indecent but active community?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I would rather stick to the old politics. It worked just fine. There has to be some order, otherwise people will act like a loose cannon. Esp in an online community. I will have to discuss this with other admins but I think its needed. Maybe this is the key how to restore friendlier community

Country: Russia ShoCk: Keep it fun. Well, last question, actually two, before we go quickies. Any estimated date on where to expect XJ servers and revival of weekly cups? :)

Country: Czech RepublicPU9maker: I dont know whats the problem with XJ server and why they are offline for such a long time. Such things should not happen on an official KZ community. I will have to ask Psyxopat, or OddYsseus about it. Although

Stanimir Dimitrov wrote ...
I can put a server page with a search option where people can submit their servers like kz-endo, nobkz and such
This could be a solution if we won't get our official servers. Regarding weekly cups - as you know when its summer people have usually other interests than sitting in front of their computers. So the activity is low but we are planning to revive them in ~October. Im really looking forward to it. Tidalwave is ready to sream too. So I guess we will have some fun again ;p

Country: Russia ShoCk: Alright, sorry if my questions were a little provoking, I promise it won't happen in the quickies. You ready? =D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha. shoot. I always wanted to answer these

Country: Russia ShoCk: Abroad or home?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Home sweet Home

Country: Russia ShoCk: Favourite music genre?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I dont have one. I listen to classical music, chillstep, pop, rock..

Country: Russia ShoCk: Do you like to prove points?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I see what you did there :P

Country: Russia ShoCk: Ok sorry for this one, I promised =D Best friend or girlfriend?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: haha. If your girlfriend is also your best friend, thats the best combo

Country: Russia ShoCk: Ahh nice trick you did there! Interview or being interviewed?

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: I did many interviews. And I really enjoyed being interviewed so I choose being interviewed.

Country: Russia ShoCk: Alright, it's nice to interview you either. Thanks for providing us with some info and for sharing your points of view. Best of luck in your job, either in a department and on XJ :)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker : Thank you, it was fun :p

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