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Posted on: 15.01.2014 00:52

Interview by Romania w1zz for XJ Weekly Reloaded #9

Romania w1zz: Hello pizza, good to have you on the menu today. Why don't you introduce yourself to our clients, starving for this interview?

United States pizza: Hello w1zz, my name is Derek, I live in Florida and I am 20.

Romania w1zz: Ok, Derek, please reveal us your kz story. When you started, who introduced you to this mod and the date of your first world record here at Xtreme-Jumps.

United States pizza: Alright. Well I believe I first played Kreedz in 2003 or 2004.. My memory is pretty fuzzy so I don't really remember much, besides no CP Plugin, and a few maps. I didn't play for long, as I quit CS altogether for around 4 years. I came back in 2007, but didn't pick up on Kreedz until 2008-2009. Nobody introduced me to the mod, I just randomly stumbled across it one day. I believe my first WR was on kz_halicarnassus sometime in January of this year.. but in my opinion I don't really count this as my first REAL WR that I was proud of - since it was a brand new map and also I lost it the very next release. So really kz_man_halloween2004 was my first WR, but it depends how you look at it.

Romania w1zz: Many guys in this community classify you as a newcomer, and keeping in mind that your first world-record came in january this year, you advanced in the rankings page pretty fast, holding a number of 16 demos at the moment. Do you aim for more?

United States pizza: Well, there is the Top 5 goal a lot of people strive to get. I wouldn't say I'm particulary looking to get Top 5, but if I find a map I really like I'll try to record it.. Depends if I can find another 8 or so maps I like, lol. A lot of my current WRs are maps I've played in the past when I was less experienced and only recording for Cosy-Climbing. So when I hit a new skill-level I went back to a lot of those maps and finally conquered them. I still think I'm only above-average and haven't hit pro status like some other jumpers though.

Romania w1zz: So what kind of maps do you prefer?

United States pizza: Honestly, I don't know. I have to really like the map when I first play it, some bhop combos mixed in with fast climb. I don't like just insane bhop combos one after the other. Taking a look at my WRs they all seem really random, and also a lot of kz_ tag maps. But I think mainly the map has to have really good jumps that I enjoy doing over and over. (because you're going to be doing them alot when you record)

Romania w1zz: If you were to consider someone from the Kreedz scene as your idol, who would that be?

United States pizza: Err, that's a hard question. There are so many good players in Kreedz it's hard to pick just one. I really love Denmark puppetz, and his unique style. It just seems so perfect when I watch his demos, meaning like he mastered every single block to look really sweet. Hard to explain, lol. Hopefully I can get away with having more than one favorite jumper, so I'd have to say next is United States brian. As do I'm sure a lot of other people, I really would like if he'd come back but I respect that real life priorities come first. Third would be Germany chrizZo. Actually, I like them all equally so no real order.

Romania w1zz: Did you ever try beating a map but without any success and eventually gave up?

United States pizza: If I take the time to completely learn a map - every combo and jump, I will make sure to beat it. Sometimes I will give up temporary but someday I'll go try the map randomly. There are some maps I've tried for a while, but can't complete due to bad luck or skill.I came close to giving up on bkz_forestrace due to really bad luck, failing at the very last combo multiple times but I finally did it.

Romania w1zz: Do you like the competition you get when someone beats your record and you beat them back? Does it give you more satisfaction than when you beat a map without getting a reply from the other jumper?

United States pizza: Well of course I enjoy the competition or I wouldn't be playing. As you can see on kz_kzno_travel, China sKiCg and I got the map from 4:01 to 3:48. He currently holds the record and I have tried to get it back. It's a good test to your skill when you have to keep improving your own personal best to match up with the other players. Of course I'm not happy when I lose a WR, given the amount of time it took but I welcome the competition. But if someone like Belgium koukouz challenged me (which he has) I'm not on his skill level so there's a certain limit I can't cross yet.

Romania w1zz: Kreedz is fun for you now, but for how long will it last? Do you think of quiting CS anytime soon, again?

United States pizza: It has already grown a little mundane for me, and I find myself playing 10aa block HnS (suck it eurostyle) or only recording for Cosy-Climbing. This could be due to the lack of new maps here on XJ, and I really hope you guys start actively adding some more soon. Of course I don't know what goes on behind the scenes and for all we know they could be planning a giant map release soon. (hopefully with some popular unofficial maps, or just new speed climb maps) Yes I could see myself quitting altogether again someday but at the moment no.

Romania w1zz: Where do you see Xtreme-Jumps in the next couple of years?

United States pizza: I could see kz_phoogi still having the same time on it as now, because that map is so god damn awful to record. Naw, just kidding but really I don't know. Time will only tell, but it could be interesting. I really hope for some kind of stable league that doesn't die in a month. It's just going to be extremely weird, seeing how the WR times change and the new people recording. Oldschool players could make sick comebacks, current recorders could get insanely better. Who the heL really knows..

Romania w1zz: I would like to thank you for this interview and wish you good luck with your further records and I would like to see you in the Top5 soon. Now, if you have any shoutouts, please go ahead.

United States pizza: It was my pleasure w1zz. Thank you for interviewing me.

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