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Posted on: 15.01.2014 00:53

Interview by Romania NeYoXDDD for the XJ Weekly Reloaded #7

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Hello omilo, I am glad to make this interview with you !! First of all, please introduce yourself to those who don't know you very well.

Swedenomilo: Hey !! my name is Omid and I was originally born in Tehran, Iran. Moved to Sweden when I was about 3 months old. Not a lot of people know that. I work at an Insurance company at the Economics Department, and just spend my days working, being with friends and in front of the computer of course :)

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Can you tell us how you got introduced to the KZ scene?

Swedenomilo: Oh !! It was such a long time ago that now I almost forgot how it all started. But I think some gaming friend (don't remember who) showed me some KZ map like six years ago...and I simply fell in love with it. From there I basically moved more and more away from " CS shooting" and found friends in different KZ servers with whom I liked spending time and talking. Later on I got to know some of the best jumpers of that time, who taught me how to strafe and stuff. After that I was stuck and addicted to KZ.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Wow! six years really mean a lot! But what determined you to continue playing KZ? Was it because of the big "dream" to become one of the best players in the world or because you simply enjoyed the game and saw in it a way to relax and have some fun?

Swedenomilo: At first it was just fun to play the game, later on I discovered www.kreedz. com and xtreme-jumps. eu and saw what people were able to do in World Record and I was amazed! So my goal was to try to be as good as some of them, which wasn't that easy and took some time for me. What kept me motivated to stay in the scene later on was probably just the guys I hung out know, talking in vent, playing on random servers, spectating some pro's and occasionally slipping a World Record or two in to XJ . Of course I had a few longer breaks from time to time, but no, I didn't have any dreams or goals to become the best in the world. I just played it mostly to relax and chat with fun people.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: On which map did you manage to do your first World Record ?And how much time did it take you to do it?

Swedenomilo: My first World Record was on cg_strafejumpZ I think, back in early 2006. The map was new and I was the first one to have the World Record on it so it didn't really take that long to get it. Probably just a hour or so. It's the classic way of getting your first World Record. A map that has no World Record on it yet. Of course it was taken from me in the next demo release :( (Here is the release with my first World Record on XJ Ã -link- )

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Well, you are still in the KZ scene,but what is your main role now? Are you still playing or are you spending time on other activities related to KZ?

Swedenomilo: Nowadays I almost only spend my time with admin stuff, mainly for kz-sca. I'm the head-admin/owner there and try to manage that as good as possible. I've also been a admin at XJ for quite some time now, working with map-checking, demo-checking and almost everything else in between. Recently I've become too busy to be as active as I used to be on XJ. So mainly admin work is what I do in the scene nowadays, trying to do whatever I can, to make KZ bigger and more mainstream.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: What is your opinion about Xtreme-Jumps nowadays?

Swedenomilo: Tough question, but I mainly think XJ needs to become more mainstream and professional with bigger tournaments, ladders and so on. There isn't much to do for normal users on XJ now days.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: How do you see Xtreme-Jumps in a few years?

Swedenomilo: It would be cool to see XJ have big tournaments on a regular basis on some bigger LAN events. But that depends on if they can keep their users active and make the site grow with more fun features. But I definitely see XJ moving away from only World Record demos and towards ladders,tournaments and things like that more.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Do you have any regrets related to your involvement in the KZ scene ?

Swedenomilo: No, I can’t say that I do. I’m satisfied with most of my work and achievements.

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Any advice for the newcomers?

Swedenomilo: Have as much fun as you can in the beginning and don’t take it too serious. You’re not going to become the best kreedzer in one month. So be patient and have fun !!

RomaniaNeYoXDDD: Thank you very much for this opportunity omilo. I hope that you shine in your career and become a successful person !! At last, would you like to give a shout-out to anyone?

Swedenomilo: Thanks buddy,it was my pleasure....I just want to thank all the people who have helped me with all kind of things, both KZ and non-KZ related. You all know who you are and thanks for the good times !!

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