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Posted on: 15.01.2014 00:54

Interview by United States pLaguE for XJ Weekly Reloaded #6

United States pLaguE: Before we get started, how bout you tell the people who don't know you, a little about yourself.

United States Exolent: I'm Exolent, obviously, and I'm currently 19 years old. I code AMXX plugins as well as various other things in different languages. I play Counter-Strike 1.6 as well as other games. I like the gameplays of KZ, HideNSeek (blocks and noblocks), Bhop, Guns (regular), Surf, ScoutzKnivez, and others. I am a forum moderator and plugin approver in the AMX Mod X section of the Allied Modders forums. I'm going to college for application development and web page development.

United States pLaguE: When did you get started on coding?

United States Exolent: It was probably in middle school when I started doing HTML and CSS for a profile on I did some HTML and CSS work for a few years before I started learning Pawn for AMXX. I wanted to learn AMXX scripting because I wanted to personalize the plugins on my server without having to wait for someone to do it for me. I began to like programming a lot so I continued making plugins and helping others even when it was of no benefit to me but to learn and help. Later, I learned a little PHP and JavaScript for only what I needed. I took a Java programming class in high school and learned that quite a bit. Later on, I had to learn about MySQL for an AMXX plugin I was writing so I know some about that but not as much as I'd like. This past year, I extended my knowledge of PHP and JavaScript and also learned C++, Perl, and VB.Net. Currently, I'm learning more about MySQL, C++, and Java in college.

United States pLaguE: Who in your eyes is the best coder out there?

United States Exolent: There can't just be 1 single coder I can name. There are a lot of coders I could name because of what they did but can't compare because what they did was so different. If the question is for the best coder ever, I couldn't tell you that because I'm sure there were great coders that I didn't know. But currently, some great coders are Arkshine, ConnorMcLeod, Joaquim Andrade, Hawk552, Emp`, and the list goes on. Arkshine is great because he has done great things such as finding private data offsets of players and rewriting the CSSDK (not perfectly of course). ConnorMcLeod is great because of how much experience and knowledge he has about AMXX scripting. Joaquim Andrade created the powerful Orpheu module as well as many other AMXX plugins. Hawk552 created some unique and difficult plugins, such as CS Tactics, and has been around for a long time, even written some of the original tutorials on the AMXX forums. Emp` has the same experience and knowledge as Connor, but in different areas of coding. I, myself, am quite a good coder (not trying to have an ego, just being honest) with my 3.5 years of experience in various different aspects of AMXX scripting. Therefore, there cannot be one great coder because someone will always have done something more than someone else. With our combined knowledge on the AMXX forums, it's the best source for the best code.

United States pLaguE: Do you think Xtreme-Jumps has come a long way from back when there was only a short amount of plugins?

United States Exolent: Honestly, I didn't get involved in the community or servers much until about a year ago. And I didn't even play on the servers until recently when I started writing their new KZ plugins. But the change that my new plugins will bring I think is a long way considering I'm actively fixing bugs when they arise and adding new features as well. But from way back, I can't comment because I don't know about it.

United States pLaguE: Where do you think Xtreme-Jumps could go in the near future?

United States Exolent: I've seen some planned updates for Xtreme-Jumps that I should probably not mention, but I think that they can take the community very far. I also think that with an active staff that can meet any necessity that arises (AMXX coding, web coding, server admins, web admins, etc.) and that conflicts and immature users are taken care of properly, the community will thrive.

United States pLaguE: Are you working on any KZ-related projects at the moment?

United States Exolent: I'm still making behind-the-scenes updates on the KZ plugins that I wrote for Xtreme-Jumps that I plan to have finished within a week or so. Other than that, I don't have any KZ projects that I need to do right now.

United States pLaguE: Before we go, are there any quick shout-outs you wanna say?

United States Exolent: Of course! I'd like to thank faker and oO3ddYOo for choosing me to be Xtreme-Jumps' AMXX coder, goobRe (AKA SexaCuti0n3r), pLaguE, Sleepy, xPaw, Stewie, 3pac, dS, Willy, and of course everyone who supported my AMXX coding whether it was back in jukeNrun or recently in the KZ plugin. Also, you, for actually reading all of this.

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