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Posted on: 15.01.2014 00:55

Interview by Romania w1zz for XJ Weekly Reloaded #4

Romania w1zz: Hello Ma$taKilla. Even though many people heard about you here at Xtreme-Jumps, please let us know who you really are, what you like to do and maybe tell us if you expect anything from moviemaking in the future.

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: Well, first of all my real name is Michal Martinec, I am from the Czech Republic and I have made movies since I was 12. I started out with cutting clips from the game Mafia.

Anyways, next to moviemaking I like skateboarding, playing airsoft and, you know, other stuff that everyone does, like hanging out with friends, my girlfriend and so on. Well, about moviemaking, I love it, but CS 1.6 is not any fun for me and since I've got my Full-HD camera, in real life movies I can play more with my imagination...

I want to make movies one day, be a professional director.

Romania w1zz: Please tell us if there is anyone special that introduced you to the KZ scene.

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: I think it was my cousin Czech Republic Bk#kL, because he discovered there is something like "jumping" in CS. But strafing was too hard for me, so moviemaking showed clearly better. And then FrancendR let me make his movie, so I think it’s because of him that people know me.

Romania w1zz: I never knew Czech Republic Bk#kL is your cousin. So since the release of heL^_x - The memories, you never thought of starting a new KZ film project, but will we ever see a new movie signed Ma$taKilla and starring a jumper, in the near future?

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: I never said I left KZ moviemaking scene, so it's possible that you'll see another movie by Ma$taKilla.

Romania w1zz: Ok, you didn’t leave the KZ moviemaking scene, but now you have a Full-HD camera. Did you capture and edit anything since your acquisition?

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: Sure, I have made about 30 minimovies and 2 longer movies. Most of them are about skateboarding.

Romania w1zz: Do you think you can give us some examples?

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: It would be my pleasure. I'll show you my last 2 minimovies. The first one is a military movie, which I am proud of (I had to do everything by myself, even camcoder handling) and the second one is about skateboarding: Trickipedia, which shows one trick in many different angles.

Military Movie
Skateboarding Movie

Romania w1zz: I have to say I am absolutely impressed, especially about the military video, even though the other one is great as well. So you’re plan is to be a professional moviemaker. Do you see yourself at Hollywood in a few years?

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: Oh, thank you. Well, even being a director still stands as a dream. And it's almost impossible to get to Hollywood, one more thing to dream about.

Romania w1zz: You should keep practicing, be confident and I am sure you will get to be a famous director one day, because you have a lot of talent. Thank you for the interview, looking forward to seeing more movies from you, and if you have any shoutouts, please go ahead.

Czech Republic Ma$taKilla: Thank you too and I just want to advice all the moviemakers out there, be creative, don't use many tutorials (recent movies look like they were made by one person). Thanks a lot for your support and do your best.

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