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Posted on: 15.01.2014 11:53

waRi just interviewed the godfather of all climbing maps: Kreedz. And he wants to share this interview with all of you guys! So have fun learning something about the history of climbing maps!

Interview with Kreedz

1. The name Kreedz is quite familliar to all kz jumpers but who is he?

I'm a Canadian guy studying computers engineering and having jobs in different kind of computer related enterprises once in a while during studies (even had the chance to work in a game company for 8 months, job is really nice there though work conditions are kinda bad).

2. We all know that you invented kz but when did you first start playing cs and what clans did you play in then?

If I remember right I started playing CS at beta 3, which is about 8 years ago. The only clan I have been in seriously is IcP (Insane Counter-strike Players) which I founded with a bunch of friends. The clan ended up to go very well and we've been at good positions in leagues that probably don't exist anymore. As it happens to every clan, we started to lose interest and left the lead to other guys but it slowly died after that.

3. You invented kz climbing maps - how on earth did you come up with an idea like that?

I like to be in high altitude, the feeling is not the same in a game of course but still kinda gets close to it sometimes.

4. Before kz, did you make any other maps?

The first map I made was a box with a sky, 2 walls and grenades all over the place. I was so happy to have managed to compile and play a map that I enjoyed it a lot. I then made some crappy things just to practice mapping and then decided to model after my house.

5. Which was the first ever climbing map you made? how did kz emerge?

The first climbing map I have made was my first serious map project : my house. The map had no goal in itself at first. As the map was evolving, I thought it would be nice to play hide and seek in it. Later on, I have added some trees around the house. I thought it would be nice if we could climb on them. I then made the trees higher and higher and made a huge tree and realized climbing them was quite fun ! This is mainly where the idea originates from.

6. You have made lots of maps (44 including axnbhops, if im not mistaking) which one is your favourite and why?

My all-time favorite is kz_man_climbersxp. What I like in it is that it is a huge world to discover (although I can't really discover something I built) and the difficulty level increases very slowly so everyone can have some fun in the map and clear many rooms even if they aren't very good climbers.

7. Making the 1st kz map could you ever imagine how popular it would become and that it would still be as popular after all these years?

Not at all. At first, I was just messing around the kz_hauntedhouse map with real life friends. I then made the giantbean to play with some clanmates and other folks. After a year or two, I was receiving mails from different places around the world commenting on the giantbean map. That's when I decided to make more of them and made kz_climbers, kz_dimensions, kz_ascension, kz_climbersxp and kz_peak. Those new maps were being liked a lot and some time later a clan approached me to make a map for them (kz_crs_iceclimb). It went on like this for a while and then new mappers began to have interest and also made jumping maps, making the community grow faster.

8. The kz maps are still getting checked for kz_tag by -link- admins ... do you think that is important & if yes what would you say to these admins to help them make good decisions?

Yes it is important as when someone joins a server in a map that has the kz tag, he knows he will play a nice map. What I suggest (I don't know how they are doing things right now so maybe this is already being done) is that they do not only say yes or no, they have to give advises to the mappers that do not make maps good enough yet so that they get better, and even if they get a very good map but that it has some annoying details in it, they should suggest to fix them, maybe the mapper just didnt notice.

9. There are a lot of mappers working on kz projects these days. What is the best advice you have for those guys? What is the "Kreedz old-school" way of doing it?

The fact that a map is fun to discover is as important as the quality of the jumps. For this reason, make sure not to make the whole thing very hard or lots of people will not be able to discover enough of the map to enjoy it.

10. SoUlFaThEr & the kzmod made a 1st official release of kzmod
this year (hl² engine) ... the mod had a great start but is now facing some
problems. What do you think of the kzmod ? Have you tried it?

I've tried it of course. The jump feeling is still a bit different, that probably doesnt help. The main problem I think (and I have read many comments about it) is that we need some more enjoyable maps, (not saying the current ones are bad) maps that are huge and wide open, that give a great high altitude feeling and that it is not too hard for beginners to get at interesting places.

11. When you where still climbing which was your favourite map and did you have a map which you didn't like at all?

I'd say my favorite was the statue of liberty map by NightNoob. I was quite impressed when I first saw that map, I couldnt believe I was actually gonna climb the whole thing, the statue was almost looking as if it was part of the map's background. The maps that I did not like are the ones that have tiny little hard jumps all the way and that feel closed down.

12. And speaking of climbing have you ever climbed mountains or trees irl?

Of course ! Although I'm 23 I still love to climb trees :) I've been climbing on them since I was old enough to be able to grab branches. I've also been doing indoor and outdoor rock-climbing, rather like outdoor of course. At the place I was living when I was young there were lots of very nice places for it.

13. Do you still play cs or kz at all?

Not been playing any computer game lately.

14. Do you miss mapping and why did you give it up?

I've been making so much maps that I kinda got bored of it, I really needed a break. Mapping was using dozens of hours of work per week and I couldnt deal with girls, studies and work on top of that.

15. Will we ever see the mapper Kreedz again or is he gone forever?

I'm afraid to say it's not looking like it will happen, but who knows…

16. How is real life going for you?

It's going great ! I'm currently finishing a student job in Quebec city, my favorite town up to now, I got a new girlfriend here during summer and I've been offered a permanent job for this winter (when my studies will be finished) at the place I work. I couldnt ask for more.

Some quick and easy questions:

1. What's your personal longjump record?

Didnt practice that a lot, not even sure but probably around 230.

2. If you had to make a kz map right now what would it be ... a tree , a
block or a mountain map?

A tree !

3. Favourite jumper all time?


4. What do you do on your sparetime now that you don't map anymore?

Enjoying outdoor Quebec city life.

5. What CD is in your CD player right now?

Cowboys Fringants (group from Quebec, Canada)

6. Your favourite movie?

Independence Day

7. Your favourite book?

I hate books.

8. Rain or sunshine?

Both simultaneously

9. Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Vegetarians should not live. I am carnivore. Vegetarians dont have enough proteins in their food to be able to climb. They will crash down.

Thats all :) ... any shootouts ?

SadPuppy might hate me for this (or maybe everyone already know about it) but there's at least 4 more KZ maps I have made that are not released yet, huge and fun maps. They are currently under SadPuppy's control, hope he will release them soon :D

Thanks kreedz! <3

a fait plaisir waRi :)

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