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Posted on: 15.01.2014 18:22

One of the biggest profiles ever in the KZ world has chosen to retire. Im talking about tarGet of course, the one and only. He has evolved KZ jumping and many people saw him as the absolut best player ever. It didnt took very long to realize that a player like tarGet needs an retirement interview because e will be missed by the whole scene. Lets hear what he has to say.

Interview about tarGet's retirement

tarGet, you have been banned from XJ some time, what is your current status about that?

Well... i know its my own fault but to be honest i dont rly mind it.. cuz im not rly into kz anymore.

Are you planning to stop playing KZ?

I already did stop playing kz, not so long after i got banned (2nd time)

Okay so you stop on the top, but why did you stop?

One of the reasons was, when i was banned ppl didnt trust me anymore, i saw that on the comments i got after it. i didnt want to start recording demos again without ppl trusting in me. Other reason is, for me KZ didnt have the same feeling as it had for me in the start, i got bored in playin it and i also wanted to try some other things (non-kz related)

What are you doing at the moment then?

At the moment im playing Quake 3: Defrag, defrag of quake 3 is like kreedz of CS

Okay, you have been one of the best players, (If not the best) in a long time, you evolved KZ for many players. You see the top players (ndR, zhady etc.) jump with your style. You hear people talking about you all the time, what have you learned in all this time?

hmm.. i havent been around that much lately and i havent seen any of the new demos of zhady nor ndR, i rly dont know if they use "my" style, like u say. i think its just there own style but it maybe looks like mine. but what have i learned from all this.. DONT CHEAT :P hehehe... and if i rly did evolve kz for many players.. im glad i could help u guys with that...

What do you think about the split between KZmaps and Xtreme-jumps? Would you prefer one site instead?

Well ye, one website is better, cuz u get all info on one page, u dont have to switch between those two.. but I have no idea if kzmaps or xtreme-jumps was first. but what i do know is that kzmaps was more international and xj was most german, correct me if im wrong. i dunno whos idea it was to bond these 2 together but it was kinda useless now they splitt up again.

Do you have a favourite jumper?

My favorites were fikon and kimo, but i think they also quit kz or something.. but just b4 i got banned.. a0ke was one of my favs.

Where do you see the KZ-world in two years?

Well i hope for u guys not in the trashcan ;P i think kz will still remain in 2 years as long it doesnt get boring. u guys will have to think of new things to keep ur customers happy

Was it a hard decision to stop so sudden, I imagine that KZ played a pretty big thing in your life?

nope not at all, also cuz school started again and had tons of homework and came home very late. i didnt have time for kz anymore. that was also one of the main reasons i stopped playing. but ye, kz did play a big role in my life.. it rly was fun.. to meet tons of nice ppl and get rly nice comments when i did demos n stuff.. i rly gonna miss those things

What was the best part of playing KZ if you look back over your shoulders?

I think being numbero uno on the demo top5 and also that i could help ppl with kz

Many people see you as one of the nicest people in the KZ-world, "Newbs" can always ask you for help, you are not arrogant and you are always willinge to support people - How did you do it?

How do i do it u ask ? just listen to what those "newbs" have to say, or ask, then just awnser them in the most positive way u can bring it.

Did you have a favourite map? And why?

My favorite hard map was kz_tomb.. and ez / average.. natureblock[ez]... why ? i think kz tomb became one of my favorites since i played the map when guardix (sort of) released it.. it was very hard at the beginning.. but i played it more and more.. and in the end it wasnt so hard anymore ;P and why natureblock.... hmm dunno.. i just like it very much

What was your funniest moment in your entire KZ career?

Being banned.. and ppl calling me names n stuff.. and later on.. when i released demos n stuff.. they're being so nice and friendly and keep suckin up to me..... that was quite funny >.<

What was the worst moment in your KZ career?

Being banned...... 2 times ! :O but that was just a stupid mistake :(

How are your feelings about quiting? Are you sad about it? Will you miss the scene?

Hell ye im gonna miss it, but im not sad about it.. but i cant explain my feelings about quiting kz.. it was like: ok i stop playing now.. and BAM.. i quit kz.. i didnt had like hard times with it or something

Will you ever consider comming back?

Well MAYBE.. if defrag is becomming boring.. and i got nothing to do anymore.. but even then i have to consider if im gonna play kz again.. we'll see..

Why would you come back for? What will you miss the most?

What i will miss... being one of the best

Well, here are some good-bye comments written by randomly selected people:

NiconeN: It was nice to know u mate, gl hf with rl, peace <3

kz`Moxx: It's sad that such a "symbol" of kz is caught with cheat. But it's not all that, The "cheat" doesent make you a 100% good jumper, You also need to have some skill. But it's still sad that it had to be like this.

mustdiea0ke: Good bye target! I'll miss you'r incredible demos. I hope you return someday. I think that you along with T3dbundy are the best two jumpers in the world. You are like a higher level than the rest of the pro's and the scene will really miss you.

dark|RADON`eyew: tarGet, you are strange :) but thanks for everything ! good luck man

Himuraken: Thanks to Target for make so good demos. Good luck in real life and the other games you'll play

omilo: love you tarGet and i still pwn you @ defrag, HOLA!

sc0utter: Gl with your rl, your demos were very nice

ndR`: You were my first 'kz hero', my 'model'... I always wanted to become as strong as you, maybe later I will become stronger than you, I hope! I was really disappointed when you were banned for the second time but it isn't important now :) I wish you good luck in your real life, I hope that we will still be able to make some 'Peesswee' :D (pcw)

Perfo`: The only thing I regret was that we did'nt met when I was working in the Netherlands. GL for your real life and HF with defrag! Target, to me you were some kind of model. I wish i could have been as fast as you. The fact that you were banned didn't change a thing for me. You were still the KZNL pwnor.

MovieM|4knuk: I would like to say : Target is for me one of the best Jumpers in the whole world and also a very vey good friend !

What do you have to say to those comments?

Thx for everything and ill see u guys around..

tarGet, I can say this for sure, the whole XJ community wishes you good luck for the future, you'll be missed and remembered as one of the persons who evolved KZ and changed it for many people. THANK YOU TARGET! Do want to say anything before we let this interview end?

Thank you scary^^ for this interview and to make things more clear to other ppl why i quit 'n stuff.. i wish u all best of luck and like i said before.. ill see u guys around, and if u guys need help.. i would still like to help you guys out

We will miss you tarGet!

tarGet over and out!

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