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Posted on: 15.01.2014 18:37

Almost every jumper knows AltsicH, he has been inactive for a little over a year, but will he ever get back? Ive set myself the mission to find out of that. So I had a little chat with AltsicH, which ended in an interview. Enjoy

[b]Interview with AltsicH[/b]

Hello Altsich! First of all a little introduction for those who don't know you: You have been one of the best and most respected jumpers in the world and we've seen you in the famous movie potatismos together with FikoN and kimo. Are you ever coming back to KZ jumping?

Nope, I have no plans whatsoever on doing that, I am playing some with me fellow jumper fikon and a2clan. Thts it...

Why did you choose to stop, and why won't you start again?

first time I quit: it was getting too easy, too poor competition (sry guys :P) and second time: Just couldn't stand the rule-changes and stuff made by XJ (sry again). And I guess I just don't feel like spending more time with KZ, I know where I can get a short period of time but.. Only cups are fun.

Okay but now, after XJ and Kzmaps have split up again, and the competition is hard again - with jumpers like zhady and ndR - will you maybe consider to come back?

No I don't think so, maybe in the future with my beloved mate FikoN and with Moxx who is so cute aswell ;) besides zhady, ndR and other players play TOO much, or at least they did before. Besides when I played KZ I was ahead of my time ^^ no but I know what I've done, and I'm proud enough for that..

You spoke about the clan, a2clan, which you have had together with FikoN. Can you tell us more about it?

It's not a clan that me and fikon is in, it is a clan we are collaborating with, they're cs-clan that discovered kz, and now that kreedz quit making maps he left his project to the real mad mapper SadPuppy, and his fellow clanmember Shizuka. We test their maps and kreedz maps while Puppy is working on them. They need ideas all the time and stuff, and pic-previews are available @ #a2 and -link-.

There's a whole lot that you people don't know about

What do you mean?

Kreedz old mapprojects are taken over by SadPuppy, maps kreedz been working on for some time, and he gave them to SadPuppy to complete and pictures are available for these maps at their site. Maps like gigablockier, serenity and alife.. among others and some of Puppy's own projects. And a map will be released with previews of these new maps. Also, waRi is a part of that team, he released cambodia in the name of a2 (addicted 2)

Wow that is interresting, will we ever see you participating in any cups?

Sure you will ;D ofcourse. I love cups

Okay AltsicH, I really hope to see more of you in the future, and you are right, you were way infront of them back in your time :) Any shoutouts? (To John maybe?)

Well I sure hope kzmaps grow big again, I hope kz will keep growing and to some of the greatest players ever that also became friends of mine while I played, kimo, Moxx and FikoN. You guys made it ALL worth my while. And also a big thanks to XJ who took over when kzmaps became inactive, for hosting so many cups and for great management, you always did you best!
And to all great players and pro's in the making Keep on doing what you do best – BTW Sweden has the best jumpers

AltsicH’s top 10 list (ONLY for your entertainment)

Girls on trambolin or girls in a jacuzzi?

Girls in a jacuzzi

Beer or vodka

Beer <3

What would you prefer to be, the biggest man on the planet or the ugliest man on the planet?

The ugliest the biggest could never get laid.

Bungeejump or skydiving?

skydiving. It'll last for longer, and I love heights and views

Kzmaps or Xtreme-jumps


Hard maps or easy maps?


Titanic or Natural born Killers

Haven't seen natural born killers. So Titanic I guess

smoker or nonsmoker

Smoker, just love the taste of cigarette in the morning.

Pokemon or me?

Scary for president!

FikoN or ndR? (as good jumpers?)

FikoN, cause of his speed and precision! best ever

scary and AltsicH over and out

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