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Posted on: 16.01.2014 12:27

An interview with my favourite mapper at this present moment in time, and by best kz friend :D. He makes some uber hard maps, and also sometimes adds pr0n rooms to his maps :P. Yes, he's Chrizzy!

Interview with Chrizzy

First off, for the people who don't know you, please inform them of your name, age and current location.

My name is Christian Aashamar, im 16 year old and live in Norway!

When did you start jumping? Did someone introduce you to kz or did you find it by yourself?

A little over 1 year i saw a map on a server name kz_6fd_volcano.. It sounded fun so i joined. I didnt really know what to do but i just jumped, couldnt to the strafe jump :) No one introduced me.

How did you find Xtreme-Jumps? How long ago was this?

I found it through :) It was 389 days ago

You've been admin even before I joined XJ :O. You must have been made admin quickly. When did you become admin? Are you still happy with your position today or do you want a promotion? ^^

Don't remember when i became a admin.. I think it was a little before christmas.. Of course i'm happy with my position, testing maps^^

Did you have a mentor who helped you in your kz "career" or are you self-taught?

I thought myself how to strafe without "w" some weeks after kz_xj_mountez was released, after that the jumping came along fast.. So to answer you're question, no :)

You have had some records for XJ, and I know you do a lot for kzno too :). Out of all records for XJ and kzno, which is your favourite record and why?

My favourite would be kz_ea_templeblocks in 05:18 and kz_6fd_volcano in 02:09.. Cant choose :P

Favourite climber?


Now on to some mapping questions:

You are well-known for the maps you have contributed to kz, but which do you feel is the best that you have made? Why?

Out of released maps: kz_undergroundvillage, because its the first map where i have made some okay details and stuff

Out of all the maps and mappers, which map is your all-time favourite and who is your favourite mapper?

Favourite map: kz_man_climbersxp[b]. Favourite mapper: Kreedz

When and why did you start mapping? Did you want to map like Kreedz? What else influenced you? (lots of questions xD)

I started just some weeks after i started jumping, yes i wanted to make maps like Kreedz and thats why i started. (Not many answers xD)

What do you think of the current state of maps being released? Could they be any better? If so, how?

Alot of them are really nice! One thing they could be more of: oldschool! :D

Is there any advice you can give to new mapmakers who want to make nice maps like you do? ;)

Use the Vertex Tool and Clip to and make some nice mountains, then only the vertex tool is needed to make some nice oldschool jumps :D Use noclip and maybe texture lighning if it fits with the map :)

Moving swiftly on to your life away from the computer....what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Jumping on the trampoline, riding my BMX, skating etc and just hanging out with friends :)

Favourite sport?


Favourite wrestler of all time? And current favourite wrestler?

The Undertaker and atm it's The Undertaker :)

Quick-fire questions:

Coca-Cola or something alcoholic?


Girls or watching Whose Line Is It Anyway while drinking Coca-Cola?


BMX or trampolining?


Favourite movie?

Dunno -.-

Favourite subject in school?


Jeff Hardy or T3dbundy?

Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian in a TLC match at Summerslam 2000 or the episode of WLiiA with Richard Simmons?

Summerslam 2000

Favourite music genre? Favourite band?

Rock and Metal.. Fav. band atm: Finntroll

Describe to us all your ideal map.

Long(+12 minutes), oldschool and alot of nice details

Which mouse are you currently using? Which mouse would you like to have?

I'm using MX 700, I dotn care what mouse i use.. If it work, feels nice and is cordless its good for me :)

Ok, I guess that's it! This has taken a long time to do but it's been a pleasure to do xD. Any last words or shoutouts to anyone?

Shoutouts to soul|ftw, faker, Moxx, OddYsseus, eXcaL, Count, XJ crew, PhooGi crew and everyone else who knows me :)

Thanks to Chrizzy for the answers and I hope you have had a pleasant experience reading this! So it's goodbye from me :)

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