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Posted on: 16.01.2014 12:45

he's the fastest demo uploader in the wild west! He's the longjumpz0r, he's t3h one who pwns your asses in cups! Lets give it up to faker!

Interview with faker

Yo, first begin by telling those who don't know you your name, age, country and how long have you been jumping.

Yo, my name is ralf aka ralle :E, im 19 years old and i life in munich, germany. I started jumping about 12 months ago. :>

Who introduced you to the kz world?

Well, its a hard question. I played kz_6fd_volcano (especially the megablock part) exactly 1 year ago, but i couldnt make it up there, even with scout, so I thought "that sucks" and didnt play it again. Some weeks later we were training de_nuke (with my 5on5 team) and we wanted to make a nice 1st round tactic including the famous nuke jump. I just couldn't do it :(
At the same time I saw the Movie "drake jumps 4 austria" and a movie made by ernstaugust by coincidence. So I joined the IRC channel of ernstaugust and asked him if he could teach me the nuke jump. And he did it! (what a pleasant person :D) So it was ernstaugust and drake :)

When you started jumping did you have any problems? If you did which exactly?

I started jumping about one year ago, and the biggest problem I ever had to face was the longjumping. After 3 Months I had completed most of the easy/average maps, but i couldnt do 220 units :E I started full time jumping like 4 Months ago... When i quited normal Counter-Strike

When did you start recording demos? Do you only record demos for xj or for some other community too?

Well, first i started over with recording small demos of little shortcuts which I found and posted them into the XJ forum. After i while, when i improved my skills a lot, I tryed to record some WR demos; atm im holding like 3-5 World records, but usually I prefer to play cups or play maps I dont know that good. (or test new and unreleased maps).
I made some other demos for, but most of them are done in 5-10 Minutes with a bad time just to fill the record list ;)

Who inspired you to begin recording demos? Do you think you have developed a better technique than you had before? Are you satisfied with the way you are jumping nowadays?

I just played some maps which I liked a lot, the both dr0_ maps for example, and then I saw that the records of these maps were easy to beat or that these maps didnt have a record yet, so I tried to make a nice demo on them. But usually i dont have the patience to play the same map again and again to get a perfect run ^^ My technique, well, it got better for sure, especially the longjumps. I couldnt do 220 Units for a long time, even after I started to jump regularly (3 months) :>. Then i saw Altsich doing the 250 Units jump and started to learn longjumping, too. After some months of training i finally did 250 units :) And no, im not satified with my style atm. I destroyed my old Copperhead some days ago cause the mousewheel was damaged and bugged, and now I cant longjump mpre than 247 units for example, cause i dont have a nice feeling for the new mouse. And bhops, bhop skill depends on the mouse u got; all logitec mouses are very nice for bhops, and the g5 is definately UBER :> (hopez 3:21 and hop 04:54 in 10 minutes [both demos]) :>

When did you start jumping on xj? Who introduced you to xj?

After showing me the nuke jump ernstaugust introduced me to the XJ world. XJ was searching for some admins at this time, and fortunately I was taken :)

Which was your first demo recorded for xj? When was it?

uff, i think it was sn_beachcliff in 7:27. I submitted it like half a year ago ^^

Did you have a mentor or a teacher who helped you when you started?

ernstaugust helped me in the beginning, and later T3dbundy taught me a lot. thx for that <3

Which is your favourite map?

kz_man_ultrablock cause it makes mega fun and is so oldsql and kz_ea_parkblock; nice jumps and a uber challenging shortcut. I hope ill have the record on it sometime in the future :) I also love kz_ea_harbor and kz_ea_parkblock + kz_facility :) <3 rad0n

What do you think about the kz-mapping level nowadays? Do you think it could definitely improve?

Yeah, there are some elements that are missing. I think some adventures (like a little maze or some codes) or more surf/fun elements could be pretty nice. But the desgin and textures possibilites reached their end, cause i dont think you can make the maps look better with the HL1 engine then they are looking atm.

What do you think about kz-jumper's level nowadays?

I think we reached the "3rd generation". Most of the real oldsql jumpers are gone, and some of the recent pros are going inactive atm so there will be some other new and skilled jumpers who will appear soon and send in their records. (zhady or soul|ftw for example ;)) We reached a pretty high level, too. 1 Year ago 250 was th3 uber, but atm there are like 20 persons who did 250. But i think we are pretty close to the maximum, pros in the future cant get much better.

How did you find out of

ernstaugust gave me the link after he explained me the nuke jump ;)

How did you manage to become an admin?

Well, i was pretty active at the Website and in IRC + I wrote a nice application with a good text and a decent language level (english intensive course @ school). And i had a little luck for sure, cause I became Admin very quick (when I was a total newb @ jump skill^^)

faker is a veeeery nice nick! (btw i love all nicks as u might realize mine just sucks XD) why did you choose it?

nah... I think my nick sucks, so unpersonal... your nick rocks :)
To answer the question: I played in a league for normal cs (ESL) some years ago and a fakeaccount was named faker. I was #1 in the 1on1 Ladder with this nick, so the fakeaccount became the real account and that stupid nickname became my real nickname in IRC and stuff.

Besides kz jumping. What kind of stuff do you like to do?

PC: Music/DVDs ... RL: Crusing with th3 car, parties, sports and hanging around with my mates.

If you could stop jumping kz what would you do with the time you spent before in jumping?

I probably would have collected some more tickets for driving too fast or damaged my brain more than I do anyway with getting drunk. :D

What is your favourite subject at school?

Hm, English and Sports

Favourite real life movie?

Matrix for sure

Do you like your position in xj? Are you comfortable?

I should be Head Admin for sure cause i do much of th3 work ;D But its ok,i t' s just a internet "title" so I dont really care. I just enjoy the work, thats why I do it that active :D

Why do you think you havent become Head Admin yet?

Hm, it was decided some time ago that only the founders stay Head Admins and all other Admins are normal Admins, so ea and FikoN became normal Admins again, too. Like equality for all :P And im not a founder of XJ, so i dont think I have chances to get HeadAdmin :o

Do you score much with the ladies?

Only @ holidays and partys :D. No real "fulltime" girlfriend ^^

What kind of music do you like?

I listen to what I like, not only one genre: Hiphop/Crunk (at home and car) and some cool rock (taking back sunday for example) and house/electro too (at home, partys, clubs) :)

What kind of girls do you like?

beauty > character. :D blond hairs and blue eyes ftw. and not too shy

Which is your favourite demo at XJ?

Sandblock in 06:31 by T3dbundy :)

What do you think about t3d's sudden decision of quiting kz?

It wasnt sudden, he played less and less kz during the last months. We chatted pretty much in ICQ so i knew pretty soon that he will stop it one day cause he said he keeps losing the fun. I think its a pity, and the real sad thing is that there are some unreleased demos (~10) like caseblock_h, quadrablock, or xtremedesert T3d never submitted cause of small (!) mistakes :( That sucks :/

What do you think you have to improve the most in your skills?

I still want to get faster on normal maps, i'm training to reduce my slowdown and stuff atm

If you could jump the map of your dreams. What would its name be? Give us a brief description of it!

It was a bhop styled map with some elements of longjumps, extreme bhops and surfs. And there would be some nice adventures and nice secrets. Many possibilities too reach the end, dependent on your jump style (bhop, longjump) and your skill. I would name it kz_fantasyisland or something like that :x (I suggested rad0n to do such a map... but he said the HL1 is too gay for such a big project) ^^

What do you think about mappers and maps nowadays?

Well, the maps are getting better and better and the mappers are trying to find and realize the last unseen ideas/themes

What would you suggest toy mappers to improve their maps?

Be more self-critical, just compare your maps to good kz_ maps and then think again if you really want to submit them for a kz_ (which stands for good quality) tag ^^

A new mappingcontest! :D What do you think about the pics shown by each mapper?

There are some very nice maps, and i think it will be a hard decision which map wins. I hope ~4 of the maps get kz_'ed in the end.

The short questions:

Blastoise or Venasaur?

Judolf! (insider)

Beer or coke?


Party or football:


Kz or sports:


Cups or demos?


Live at Germany vs Argentina @ football's world cup final in Germany or T3dbundy vs tarGet @ XJTV the 17th of november with password weloveyoufaker?

World cup final for sure.



PS2 or Pc?


What would you like to be doing now?

Drinkin a beer with igna and some argentinian chicks would be great!

If you could meet anyone, any jumper whom would you meet?

tarGet (who brings some weed), kimo (some wine) and T3d (his LJ script ;D) igna is already here with the chicks XD

If you could go anywere were would you go?


Neo or Trinity?


The man which walks with the blue suit in the middle of the street on one shoot of the matrix movie or morpheous?


It was nothing but a pleasure doing this iview! thx faker for your time :D any shootouts? :)

Yeah, was a very nice iview ;) thx IGNA. Greets are flying out to all peeps who know me and have supported me in the past.

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