Better texturing method.

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Posted on: 16.03.2014 12:26

Hey, I decided the create a tutorial about a little trick for better aligning of textures. I don't think many mappers knows this trick, although it's very simple and much easier than using the texture application tool "manually" .. Like moving around with Shift, Center, Fit, align World, Face, you name it ..

So lets get started:

I've created a very simple rock/cliff of a few solids here.

"Texture bugs" is not easy to see from far away, although it's quite easy to see that the big face around the middle looks kinda stretched. These kind of faces mostly occurs when you've clipped/vertex manipulated a brush, in my experience.

So, now you open the Texture Application tool, and link (do not select those stretched ones, if you have any of those, this trick aligns the other faces to the one you've selected) ..

Now, hold Alt, and right click on a face next to the one you've just selected.
Wow, that really does look much better, doesn't it? Now, move around in the 3D window, and align the other textures like you just did. You should have a fine looking piece of art now :D

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