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Posted on: 16.03.2014 12:34

Clip tool.
(The "safe" way of manipulating with objects)

You can cut and slice objects with this tool.

How to use it:

1) Select your object by selecting the "Selection tool" [Shift + S] and then clicking on it in the 3D window.
2) Select the "Clip tool" [Shift + X].
3) Now at any 2D window draw a line over your object which you want to slice/clip/etc.
4) You should see that the object is now "divided" into 2 parts - with white border and with red border. The part with white border will stay and the red part will be deleted.
5) To cut your selection, press [Enter] on your keyboard.
6) Voila, your object has been sliced.

Some more stuff:


Q: Why the "safe way"?
A: Because with this tool it is almost impossible to get an error.

Q: Is it possible to cut a corner off from a cube (or any other object, a.k.a. clip in two 2D views simultaneously)?
A: No. At least not without having to rotate your object. To achieve this easier (and probably without errors) try the "Vertex tool".

Q: The textures are wrong positioned/stretched/not showing at all on that face I just clipped.
A: Try selecting that face with the "Texture tool" [Shift + A] and checking either "World" or "Face".
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