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Posted on: 18.05.2014 16:35

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Yohan "ndR" Gonzalvo.. Many things come to my mind when I see your name but there still might be a few newcomers who aren't familiarized with you. So please, tell our community a few words about yourself.

Country: France ndR: Hello there! I'll try to be quick and clear because there's much to say haha. Yohan Gonzalvo, French, currently living in amazing Paris, 24 in December this year. I just started my 2nd year of Master's degree in Strategic Management and International Affairs. I started playing kz in August 2005, reached top5 a few months later and held the first top1 position for a few months after zhady and I had a huge battle. I've held most of the admin positions on XJ during all those years, but I'm "only" an honorary member right now, giving my opinion about staff decisions and so on. Ah and to (finally) end this introduction, some of you might also know me through the moviemaking prism, as I made a few kz movies :-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: this is what I call introduction :) How's life treating you these days ? Do you still have time for skateboarding, snowboarding, bastetball and you do love your current girlfriend ? :))) ( if you check this news you will understand more clearly :D -link- )

Country: France ndR: Holy sh... I didn't remember this interview haha, thanks for the huge laugh when I saw a picture of me when I was 14! Life is treating me well these days, I'm currently launching my own company (which I unfortunately can't talk about because I'm negociating with huge companies), doing an internship as a Project Manager in a world-famous Parisian photography studio, and also going to university. I'm perpetually exhausted but I think it's worth it, and this interview allows me to explain people why I'm inactive jumping and moviemaking wise, more in details, as I'm often asked why I don't make any movie anymore. About skateboarding and snowboarding I stopped a few years ago, for the same reasons mentioned above, growing implies more responsibilities and less free-time, but I'm fine with it. And to answer your last question, I don't love anyone as I'm single at the moment, but still going out with a few girls, nothing serious :-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Yea, I see. As you grow old, priorities have to be changed. But how I see that, when one door closes another door opens. Without any exaggeration, you are a truly gifted guy. You made your name as one of the best moviemakers, previously top #1 climber, you're also wise..Seems like everything you touch turns into gold. Damn you man, is there anything you really suck at ? :D

Country: France ndR: Thank you very much hahaha, even if I think you idealized me quite a bit :-) I think I really suck at commiting and being organized. I'm always doing a thousand things at the same time, and it makes me lose so much time to be like this... I start something, do something else 5 minutes after, and so on. Ah and I also suck at keeping my apartment clean hahaha, I spend like 3 or 4 hours every week cleaning it, the day after it's like I did nothing, I'm lazy to clean it again, and some morning I randomly get mad when waking up and seeing all the mess so I spend again 3 or 4 hours cleaning it perfectly, what the hell! :-)
Ah and last but not least, I suck at cooking! Which makes me having to double my efforts to seduce a girl ;-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: hahahaha, we are the same in those aspects =] You are also an avid traveller. And in your relatively young age you've travelled to so many amazing places. What was the best place you've visited ? And how was your latest destination - Bangkok ? I can't get rid of this picture in my head from The hangover II movie. Drugs, prostitutes with penises etc.. Do you have any interesting story from there that you could tell us in a few words ?

Country: France ndR: Ouch you just hit my weak spot, be ready for most likely the longest answer of this interview :-) You're right I love traveling, I started at the age of 17 by going to China, and kept on travelling almost every summer. It's really hard to mention a "favourite place" as I don't have one, the same about a cool story to tell, so I guess I'll just talk about a few ones.
The most beautiful place I ever visted was without any doubt Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand (it's where the movie 'The Beach' was made): blue lagoon water, fine sand beaches, almost no one around, jungle everywhere, nothing else to say. New York City was amazing for two reason: my first time travelling totally alone, at the age of 17, secondly because it was to visit my ex-girlfriend (who you might have heard about if you read my latest Chronicle).
One of my best memories ever remains the first time I went to China: chinese kz players knew I was coming, so I was in contact with one of them (Simen.eQ) if I remember right. He invited me at restaurant and we had really interesting discussion, he then told me to come visit his highschool a few days later. Which of course I did, but I wasn't expecting that I would basically live what a Hollywood star live. I had several hundred highschool students around me, taking pictures of me, asking me autographes. I even signed autographes to a few kz players, which was such a shock for me, as I just considered kz as a game and nothing else. It's a feeling I will never have again and this is one of the reason why kz has been important to me, as it clearly helped me in my life, for many reasons, but that's another story!
About Bangkok, it is true that in a few touristic districts you will find mostly prostitutes, katoi (ladyboys) and scammers, but Bangkok or Thailand can't only come down to this. Thai people are certainly part of the nicest population I ever met, they are truly kind as soon as you are interested in their culture, they are really curious about foreigners, they always smile, and they often have a standard english to be able to have a conversation with you. The country is truly beautiful, temples are just mind-blowing, and the overall atmosphere is weird but enjoyable, I could sum it up as a "beautiful organized mess".

Since this was your initial question and for your reading pleasure I'll tell you about what happened to me in Bangkok 2 weeks ago: my biggest hangover ever. I was at a leaving party of some random french expatriate I didn't know, I drank a lot and smoked a joint (which I'm not used to), we went to the most famous nightclub of the country around 1am, with basically only known people from cinema or TV inside. I kept on drinking, and started to speak with a pretty girl who was a TV host on a national channel, we then danced and started to flirt until I litteraly puked on her (you can't imagine how shameful I still feel now), so I ran away to the restrooms, puked again in a sink. A cleaning lady got mad and started yelling at me, so I came back to tell my friends we had to leave now or none of us would enter the nightclub ever again. It was around 4am, we took a taxi to go to another nightclub, I puked again in front of the nightclub so they asked me if I remembered where my hotel was, I was barely able to speak and they found the hotel card inside my wallet, they put me inside a taxi telling the guy to drive me there. Guess what? 15 minutes after I puked again, all over myself, inside the taxi. Guess what else? The taxi driver got so mad that he started yelling at me, stopped the car and just threw me out of the taxi. I was laying on the pavement in a random and unknown district of Bangkok, and slept there until morning. The thing is regreat the most is that I didn't spend the night with that pretty girl though :-) As you might have guessed I'm currently trying to break the world record of the longest interview on XJ, as I'm not able to do kz world records anymore hahaha

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: HAHAHAHAHAHA you just made my day man. LOVIN IT..
That was your real life, now let's take a look at your virtual life - ndR and kreedz-climbing. How did that all start ?

Country: France ndR: Hmm that's pretty old, it was in August 2005. I was a CS player at that time, just playing the regular game with a cool team, we were doing LAN parties around Paris for fun. Then someday on a random public server I saw a guy bhopping, I was amazed by the technique and asked him to teach me. He refused and left me with a question I needed an answer to: how to freakin' bunnyhop?!
I then found bhop scripts on the internet and started using one, just for fun. Until someone told me I could be interested in a weird kind of map, tagged "kz_". After a few researches I randomly connected to a french kz server, which happened to be KZFR's. I truly loved the concept, even if I was so bad at it, I just didn't know strafing existed, I kept playing on the server and got the concept of bhopping, thanks to the script. I removed it and progressively learnt all the basic techniques. You guys must keep in mind that kz was not like today: communities were not developed at all, there was NO tutorial about anything, you just had to figure out how strafing or bhop worked by yourself. I played a lot in my LAN server, alone, and started doing French records soon after. Then you know the story, I registered to XJ and kept on playing and bla bla bla... :)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: You used to be one of the best climbers from all over the globe. With a hindsight, what comes to your mind when you start remembering these days ?

Country: France ndR: I feel a bit nostalgic and even sad from time to time when I think about it. KZ is clearly an important part of my life, not only because of, or I should rather say thanks to the World Records I had, but for everything that made me grow. You must be wondering what the hell I'm talking about, so I'll give you a few examples:
Before playing kz I was the worst student ever in English, I could barely say a few words. When I got a bit serious into KZ and Xtreme-Jumps, I had to speak english. At first I was litteraly using Google Translate to understand what people told me and to translate what I wanted to say, but progressively I learnt the basics, then got a medium level, then started to join TeamSpeak or Ventrilo servers and improved my oral english. I believe that if I didn't play kz, I would still be really bad at english, and I wouldn't have followed the studies I've followed.
As a person who loves travelling and other cultures, I spent countless hours chatting with people around the world, thanks to KZ and Xtreme-Jumps, I even met in real life a few KZ players from France or foreign countries (FoF, Perfo, Lola, chinese players,...).
My admins position at Xtreme-Jumps taught me a lot about how to manage your time, how to manage a project, how to lead a team, how to work in group. And guess what? When I recently created my business I had a few presentations in front of bankers or investors to raise funds, and they were all interested in my previous experience with XJ, which I think played a huge part in making this successful.
When I was younger my parents were so mad to see me spend my whole life playing a meaningless game on the internet, but I now realized how much it brought me. So yeah, without any pretention, what comes to my mind when thinking about these times are feelings of accomplishment and pride, because I damn enjoyed that game, I freakin' enjoyed making World Records, I enjoyed getting mad when zhady destroyed my World Records and that I was geeking to get them back, I enjoyed discovering new techniques, pushing the limits of the maps, the game, the engine, I now feel a bit as if I was some kind of e-game pioneer hahaha :-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: amazing words, Ive got nothing to add. ;) As you said eariler, you are listed as a honored member of XJ community. What are your current contributions to the community ?
Country: France ndR: I wish I had more free-time to dedicate to Xtreme-Jumps as an admin but this is unfortunately not the case. Nevertheless, I visit the website everyday, browse the forum, I try to stay informed about the current trends and events in the community. From time to time I share my opinion about strategic management questions in the admin forum, and that's pretty much everything.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: When you look at XJ now, what do you see ?

Country: France ndR: I'm not going to make any friends by saying this but I have a feeling of uncompleteness when I take a look at XJ today. We could have gone so much further, we really had a huge potential, but we kind of missed the boat, I think it's a bit late to get really serious. The community sure has grown, but remains really immature and the bad and tense latent atmosphere doesn't help, with basically a new huge drama every week.
faker mustn't be blamed for this, he's the one who did the most for this community, dedicating countless hours. I know him well since 2005 and I think I'm a good witness to affirm this. What missed to XJ was a little 'ass-kick' to get professionnal, as we needed money to launch serious projects and attract more people, but unless you stop working or studying and dedicate your whole time and money to this task, it's pretty much impossible. I nevertheless still enjoy the website, as there are still cool and kind members in the community :-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Amen to that. Despite the fact you havent touched this game for a long time, I'am convinced that you could tell us some advices about recording, movements, timing, how to control nerves, whatever you find important

Country: France ndR: I'm not the best guy when it comes to advice actually: I never ever succeeded in controlling my nerves, I was always stressful when getting closer to the end timer during a recording session. I basically tried everything to fix this, with no success. My only suggestion will be to learn patience, to never give up, to (try to) stay as calm as possible, to disconnect when you feel you won't do it right now, do something else and then try again soon after. I was actually really bad at kz technically wise, I sucked at longjumping (my record was 251), I wasn't constant in bhopping, my multi-strafes were a bit weird, but I was patient and made as much efforts as need to achieve my goals.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: This is it :) I gotta say I had the best time chatting with you. Im so glad we did this.Time for a few quickies.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Whats the best movie you created ?

Country: France ndR: I can't decide between AESTHETIC 2, Chinese art 2 and 'Map Teaser' (link: -link- ), sorry :-)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Favorite NON-alcoholic drink ?

Country: France ndR: Lemon squash all the way!

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Have you ever eaten a snail ? ( and im not asking you just because your are a french )

Country: France ndR: Of course I did, I couldn't be considered as a French otherwise!

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Do you still watch demos from time to time ?

Country: France ndR: From time to time, when it's a map I love (kz_ezalpin...)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Favorite movie/series ?

Country: France ndR: Matrix/Lord of the rings/Lord of War/Star Wars - Breaking Bad / Homeland / Community / How I Met Your Mother (sorry I just can't pick one!)

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Will we see another part of ndR's chronicles anytime soon ?

Country: France ndR: If I find the time to write it, I hope so

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Thanks again for this amazing 2 hours long adventure. Its was simply great ! As usual, Ill give you a chance to express your final words.

Country: France ndR: Thanks to my e-friends, to the ones who became IRL friends, to people who supported me at KZ, to people who supported me as a moviemaker, to people and admins I've had the chance to work with, to the whole community (even if you guys drive me crazy from time to time), and to PU9maker for allowing me to share my thought under the form of an interview. I wish you all the best, gaming wise and even more life wise!

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