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Posted on: 18.05.2014 16:35

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: toytoy my man ! how are you feeling ? its your 1st interview ever, right ? are you nervous ? :P

Country: France toytoy: hahaha I'm good how about u? Well not that much I guess, looking forwards to see what u prepared for me

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Im pretty good, just chilling, friday night, having a beer next to my keyboard.. Well, dont worry. Im not gonna hurt you =] So who are you ? How old are you ? When did you lose your virginity ? tell us everything !

Country: France toytoy: Haha nothing more than a fresh beer after a long week! I was actually thinking about taking some too, u made me thirsty now! Well let me introduce myself to u; so my name is Anthony Bazin, I'm 20 and I live in Rennes, in Western France. Sadly, I haven't lost my virginity yet, or well, I don't know if pets count.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: hahahhah. I rather wont respond about your pets love haha. So how do you like living in France ? What are the positives and the negatives of this country in you eyes ?

Country: France toytoy: I like living in France, I mean it's a nice country with a huge melting pot of people, great history etc. The negative points might be things like high taxes, expansive life, the bad administration, etc. so yea I can tell that I like it in terms of events, especially in my town, where u can find many kind of activities and stuff. As a big fan of electro dance club house blabla music, I can tell that France has a lot of potencial in this field, and I often go to clubs to see deejays permorming their live sets, discovering new talents, meet new people, and first of all have some fun. So yea, I mostly like France in terms of events and because it always moves on.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: So you are a party boy :P I also used to be but after a few "Police problems" I better calmed myself down haha. You're a VERY talented when it comes to drawing. When did you discover this gift ? Did it somehow affected your life ?

Country: France toytoy: Yea I love drawing, it's for me a way to express things that words can't. Actually I'm drawing since I can hold a pencil in my hand, and I didn't stop since. I don't think it's a question of "gift" or "talent", in my opinion, everyone on earth can be a good drawer as far as u invest much in it. I spent hours and hours drawing without seeing the time passing, drawing just requires patience, much patience and apply. Drawing surely affected my life in this way, as I entered a private graphic art school, and I'm really proud and happy of it, after two years masturbating at the University, lol. Otherwise, I'll give u another advice in drawing; it's no need to draw if u're not inspired or if u don't want to, don't be too hurried of finishing what u're drawing, it's just a matter of time, the more time u'll spend on ur work the more u'll get satisfied. Anyways, I don't think I can call that a gift, but just training and patience are the keywords to succes.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: yup yup, the key to the success is repetition and patience :) You are well known in CC Community for your records, not so much in XJ community, but your recent breath-taking record on kz_shrubhop_ez amazed the whole community. Was it hard to beat such a legend as shNz is ? And what do you think ? is there still anyone crazy enough to challenge you on this map ?

Country: France toytoy: Haha yea well, if u look closely my recs aren't that impressive.. Concerning shru, I used to geek it much last year, as I saw I was able to do the ladder sc, I said to myself "why not?". At this time, the wr on it was like 0104.45, can't remember it well, and I was sure it was possible to improve it, even with my low skills compared to shNz. So I kept on geeking it, until I did 0104.1x once, then I improved it twice to get something like 0103.4x. I was so glad to have my first 'real' XJ wr (yea cuz I can't consider my recs on those kz_man_bhopfag maps as real wrs), that I didn't see shNz's special birhday release coming, with an amazing 0102.52. When I saw this, I was like "OK, I'm done", I geek'd this map so much that I couldn't stand it for a couple of times. Then I stopped playing it for like 2 months maybe, and train my bhops skills as much as I can on Cosy maps and did some dems for KZFR to train myself, and one day, without spending more than 20 min on it, I did 0102.09, and felt satisfied, even tho I knew my run wasn't perfect and that shNz could've taken it back easily. When he took it from me with his 0101.54, I wasn't really surprised cuz I know I was messing with DA bhop legend. His run was amazing, even if I thought he was kinda slower than me at the beginning (as he did more standups than I did), and took some different way before the final wj, he definitly had almost destroyed the map.
Then months passed, and I stopped playing it again until this month. First I was thinking about trying it without the dd standup cj or whatever u call this jump on the bridge, because I was sure I'll be able to do 0100 and even under 01 min without it, but with a real perfect run. I was already able to do the sc, but I thought it was 'too random' to do it in a run, and then to pass the two other scs with the ladder and the wj was really a mess of time. So I said "oh fuck, let's train the brige sc". I trained it until I perfect my technique, and then tried it in runs. I knew if I did it I wasn't forced to do a perfect run. First I failed many times passing it then failling like a dumb on the final part for example, and then here we are, I did it without failling, even if my run sucks I think soon I'll reach 56 secs if I keep trying it. Let's hope some other guy would challenge me on this map, cuz shNz told me in pm that I "won the battle" lol. So I can say I'm glad that I finally took it, but sad that shNz will stop trying it, and even stop playing, as I heard in some 'rumors'.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: such a small map with such a great story ! wow. hats off to your patience. Just browsing through your XJ & CC WRs and besides some 00:00:01 maps, basically all of your runs seem to be pretty good, so you definitely got a potential but even this quality isnt enough in this game. People improve themselves every day. Where do you see yourself in a few months ? Are you willing to put the effort into KZ to become a legend ?

Country: France toytoy: Well yea, actually I'm trying to get some KZ maps instead of bhop ones, I have 4 or 5 maps in mind for XJ. In the future I don't see myself on the top actually, but well who knows, if I keep on playing no one knows what could happen ;D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Sounds good to me ;) Do you have any KZ idols ? And if so, who is it and why ?

Country: France toytoy: yea sure I got some idols in KZ, my fav' one is shNz obviously, because the game looks soooo easy when u watch his dems, smooth strafes, slow or fast ones, and his double ducks are just insane. I always be fascinated by this guy, plus he's really kind and got the same passion for drawing too ;D. Otherwise I love kayne's style, he's really fast and when u watch him playing u have this feeling that every move is calculated with such precision, as LEWLY does, strafing less. I could tell u many more players I love like heL, Chasquido, kkz, novice, etc. All those players motivate me to try my best and enjoy the game, as they surely do or used to.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Kinda long time ago you joined insilio team. One of the most prestigious kz clans out there. What is it like to a part of it ? Does it actually have any "advantages" that you could tell us about ?

Country: France toytoy: Yea it's been more than a year now since I joined insilio. First I heard from Lolz that the team was coming back and recruiting, so like him, I made an application to be a part of it (even if I thought I had not a chance to be in), and I was totally surprised I was accepted, I thought it was a joke actually lol. Now since I'm in, I met all different nice members, chat'd with them and became good friends with some (like u my man!), and since then I'm glad to wear the tag, not because it's a prestigious KZ clan, but first because the people I met there give me the taste of playing, improving myself to one day reach their level, plus first of all and once again, having fun. By the way, I really miss our meetings on ts like we used to do, long time I haven't heard ShoCksburger's voice, I really miss him, and everyone. So if u guys see this, how about to organize some meetings on ts somtimes? ;D

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Yea, we definitely should meet up on TS sometimes .;) Okey man, it was fun. Can we move to the last part of the interview - quickies ?

Country: France toytoy: yea sure man! here we go.

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Evian or Vittel ?

Country: France toytoy: VITTEL haha

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Me or you ?

Country: France toytoy: both toghether

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Mari or Juana ? hahah

Country: France toytoy: hahahaha both as well

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Summer or Winter ?

Country: France toytoy: Summer obviously

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Please, share one of your drawing ?

Country: France toytoy: -link-

Country: Czech Republic PU9maker: Ok ! And your final words are...

Country: France toytoy: First I'd like to thank you PU9 my man for interviewing, to apologize for the time elapsed, and then shout out to my fellas 7uP, benigger, hoLy, Lolz and Np_O!

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