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02/01/17 - 17:07:41

Written by: KarLi

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Hello community,

No New Year would be complete without the accompanying change that goes with it. You'll commonly find fresh starts with new beginnings and new ideas everywhere you turn. So it should be no surprise that the Map Team already has something unique to offer. It gives us great pleasure to announce the Map Team's first major event of 2017: The introduction of the XJ Mapping Team. For registered XJ members, The Mapping Team is the newest special user class that anyone is eligible to apply for and join.

The Mapping Team's main function is going to be work for the XJ site in creating content. Creating specialty maps for certain themes as the year goes on, and contributing to communal projects. Outside of the projects, this group is also existing for the benefit of mappers and mapping in general. With the team's cooperation in newly planned class restricted subforums, between the mappers we hope to establish a mapping bank of high quality resources to be used in these and future projects.

When you apply, it is generally favored that you: have basic mapping knowledge with Hammer Editor 3.4/3.5, are willing to contribute and work on projects for XJ, have clear communication skills using English, and agree not to share any information or materials with persons outside of the group. In the application you should include information about your mapping experience and what your ideas would be for XJ maps. Discuss what you've already done in terms of mapping and what you think your strong points are. Finally, be sure to include a brief description about yourself and/or your KZ history.

Post your application under this link:

Thank you

XJ Map Team


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  • Thanks alot to Fantasm for helping to write the newspost =]!

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  • Official Mappers Corner - last post 07/24/13

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  • Dont understand you .

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  • I dont wanna be a dick about this, but isnt that section dead already?
    + when you say "XJ Mapping Team", its more like "1.6 Mapping Team" ... so is kzmod a part of XJ afterall?

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  • Well KZMOD is another thing, we would implement it when cs:go is implemented aswell because then kzmod maps can be easily ported in cs:go. Ppl who would like to map for kzmod can post their projects on kzmod section for now.

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  • I think we both know the truth about "implementing kzgo" on XJ :(

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  • ive been around the game long enough to tell you that... this project has no future at all. If mappers don't map at their own, they won't in any way. Cheers.

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  • Alright =]

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  • I can't dance, I can't tap.
    Only thing about me is the way that I map.
    I can't dance, I can't sing
    I'm just sitting here mapping everything.

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  • haha nice one <3

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  • oh! nice

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