News: iNsprate's Strafeaces - by Nubz

25/01/17 - 16:29:12

Written by: Cobrex

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One of the greatest moviemakers, Country: Finland Nubz, came back with yet another prettyful clip!
It features Country: Russia iNsprate who managed to update his personal bests, followed up by a rather unusual track to hear in a Country: Finland Nubz work. Although he left a mark in the moviemaking scene with his "oteofof" and "cloudy night" masterpieces, there's a more relaxed, chilled side of him which he excels in aswell. Take notes!


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  • "His personal bests" and you only show one lj, srsly ?

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  • 254 with 11 strafes
    256 with 9 strafes

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  • 254 and 256

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  • gj both

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  • gj

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  • and that'l do it. its a wrap! goodbye extreme jays

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  • great

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