News: MEGA POLL 2016 - Results

11/03/17 - 20:54:22

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello dear community,

After two weeks of voting we have finally reached the end of your thoughts as to what happened in the year of 2016.

We have received a whopping 1,153 votes, so first of all we would like to deeply thank you for showing interest in this event. Due to this huge amount of votes, the counting process has been a rather difficult and time-consuming one. And of course that having these many votes, a lot of them had to be left behind since they didn't meet the necessary requirements. But all in all this event went great.

To all the big winners, you have won 1 month of VIP Gold! Profile achievements will also be added! Good job!

And huge thanks to Invalid user for helping me putting this together!

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  • 1.153 wtf?

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  • Probably the number of total votes for each category

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  • Yay

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  • rigged 4Head

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  • Damn, I feel like my nickname was mentioned way too many times.
    Thank you guys! :)

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  • deserved win

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  • Wow, 1,153 votes seems like a huge number, at least I didn't expect that much votes. But it's all good!

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  • haha, thanks for still remembering me as one of the most missed admins.. it means quite alot to me even though im not active anymore.

    also thx for voting for my movie! :)

    this newspost made me smile and recalled all the good things that have happened to me over the years here on XJ.

  • Country: Romania Keo on 12/03/17 - 08:20:12     Comments: 229     Reply to this    
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  • gj for the post!

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  • Fame <3

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  • User of the Year zmokiE thanks who dont forget me:))

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  • best run of 2016 wasn't even good enough for the ROTW :^)

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  • Wow again mentioned as User of the Year MEH. So much love \o/

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  • I'll keep nominating you there even after xj dies :^)

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  • Fakan the true hero XJ deserves !

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  • wow) thanks guys!

  • Country: Germany hm^ on 16/03/17 - 17:05:00     Comments: 331     Reply to this    
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  • well-deserved, gj

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  • Best Trickjumper
    1. Country: Belarus throttle CS 1.6 Recordholder Gold Donator Gold Cupwinner - 3 votes
    2. Country: Russian Federation iNsprate Moviemaker Gold Donator - 2 votes


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  • lol

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  • Thanks for the vote guys and also for the votes in the direction of KZmod support.

    I' also like to announce that it all paid off! I just got this email from Steam Team 10 minutes ago:

    Your title, "Kreedz Climbing," has been Greenlit!

    This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

    The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

    THANKS to any of you who voted for it on Steam Greenlight!

  • Country: Germany hm^ on 16/03/17 - 17:07:14     Comments: 331     Reply to this    
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  • GJ for posting this wall of text.
    But tbh, was I the only one who voted for Raptor???

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