News: 1.6 ROTW #184 - noxeR on fof_chillbhop

13/03/17 - 23:23:13

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 16

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello people!

Feeling numb? Let's shake things up with this very energetic take on the totally awesome run by noxeR!

Featuring: Country: Slovakia noxeR
Map: fof_chillbhop
Realtime: 01:02.05 (-00:00.12)
Previous holder: Country: Hong Kong shxKh

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Download Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #709.

XJ Team


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  • Sweet, I love Rotws <3

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  • congratz noxer <3
    nice ROTW!

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  • fantastic

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  • Gj mate, nice run :)

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  • Finally a good rotw edit. Really liked it. And really nice campath intro.

    I hope that the upcoming rotw will be like this.

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  • lol

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  • lol what? Last ones were so boring. This even tho compared to others is not that good, its still much better than the last 2-3.

  • Country: Argentina afu on 14/03/17 - 00:42:47     Comments: 206     Reply to this    
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  • gj boxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • gjj nox

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  • good, but that campath made me dizzy .... imhightho

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  • 60 fps please.

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  • cg noxeR :)

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  • holy shit people it's 2017 why not 60 fps

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  • this

    btw is this really run of the week? 7 posts on frontpage is 5x rotw, only ONE rls and this megapoll crap :D

    gj anyways

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  • love koan sound

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  • inzane

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