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22/04/17 - 17:27:37

Written by: KarLi

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Mapping Collaboration Reminder
UPDATE: Project is extended and the new deadline is 1st May 2017
PS: you can still submit your map till 7th if u couldnt finish it till then, we will also check it.

Hello community!

Today we'd like to introduce to you our newest mapping concept: the Apprentice maps theme. Apprentice maps are made primarily with beginners in mind, and should be playable by even the newest players in our community. Therefore, the jumps are generally easy and shouldn't require much effort while climbing through the map; only beginners will find it as a challenge which is our goal to bring more easy (apprentice) maps in hopes of broadening our player user-base. This Community collaboration is overseen by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper and (myself) Country: Germany KarLi. We will be working in collaboration with mappers and map admins in order to ensure submissions meet standard expectations.

Rules for the mappers:
- Main theme: No restrictions.
- Basic Requirements: jumps/walls/sky
- You can use any textures you like.
- Additional (Not required): Details, Sounds, Models, Sprites, and more than 3+ Textures
- Jumps: Easy - no strafes needed for any jump i.e rotation with mouse to be able to make a jump.
- Map Length: 45s wr minimum.
- Deadline: 20th of April 2017 (15 days)
- Submission: Submit your xj_ap_mapname_mappersname.rar at -link-

Additional info:
- Map should look decent. Bugs and other issues need to be fixed. If it
fulfills the requirements and is playable it will be released as a custom
map. If it is really good, it will be released with kz tag.
- Mapname should be xj_ap_mapname (custom map).
If the map is really good, it will be kz_xj_ap_mapname.

- All map submissions will be considered. Declined maps are those which have major bugs and issues.
(If the mapper agrees to fix the issues the map can be accepted)
- Mappers will be awarded the Mapping rank on our Website and will get 1 month VIP gold.
- Maps will be streamed on Twitch and reviewed by the XJ Staff and the Map admin team.
- Only after 7 days will the maps be released and added to the Website database.

After the project deadline is reached a week will be given to the mappers to finalize everything and get the map ready to play and for download through the website.

Good luck and have fun mapping!


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  • GLL

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  • Sorry to burst your bubble but this won't accomplish anything. Maps are not the problem, there are plenty of easy maps already, and a lot of servers with easy maps only, that are all the time empty.

    The real problem is most of the steam players moved on csgo, non-steam players have private masterservers and the only way to get them on a kz server is to boost the server with money.

    Most of the remaining active players play mostly hard maps...

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  • Most of the active players they lay hard maps etc because they are not new to KZ imo, newer players wouldnt jump directly to hard maps, the problem is most servers load difficult/medium/hard maps and when new players enter they can't do crap, they cant even learn so they give up/leave and get frustrated of this KZ thing. But when for new players the maps are easy they can atleast enjoy and have fun learning the process..

    I agree most ppl moved to cs:go and we all accept that.. but that doesn't stop us from doing what we can to bring more players on cs 1.6 KZ, although its not the best deal its still worth doing.


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  • I'm just saying there are no more new players that you can bring to kz. Steam players already heard/played kz by now, if they liked it they kept playing.

    Non-steam players are impossible to bring to kz without paying money, and they are all kids who play only on those bhop mod servers, with axn-like gameplay and auto-bhop.

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  • So you are saying those players who play shooting and the other Mods have no chance of trying to start playing kz on random servers? i am sure there are every week atleast new few kz
    players for cs 1.6, we just dont see it and the sad thing is they dont keep playing cus of the reason i mentioned before, plus old players who know kz aren't that active so it is kind of boring to them.

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  • Do you actually believe that there are frequently appearing newcomers to 1.6, and even if there happens to be a couple of them, do you believe they jump into kz before getting off the game itself and stay here? The game is 17 years old, 13 milion people own it at steam, and it gets to peaks of 20k, nobody even buys it anymore, new players either play nonsteam or hop onto cs:go train, you can't really aim at newcomers.

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  • kkzjump, your time has come haha

    GL all

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  • So, speed maps

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  • i'm in

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  • thats totally fine idea, by my opinion.
    small (easy) maps are wha is need to be here..cuz you can just compare xj to cosy, and see their activity and their maps

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  • nice initiative guys

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  • Frankly i agree with fuzzy
    there are lot of ez maps here and in CC no need to focus on that. What is needed is to produce new ideas and new jumps like what mujik is doing to move KZ forward

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  • these type of maps/jumps are amazing...but its interesting for present/old players would like to learn, so they ill prefer some ez/short than that , my op

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  • Things would be much more interesting, if you picked a specific set of textures which can only be used and add a small prize, whatever it is;

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  • nice idea, only ~6 years too late :<

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  • 6 years before maps were already not that hard :D most maps were easy and fun as i remember since i started at around 2010 kz

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  • Is this what Fantasm hit me up about?

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  • Yeah =]

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  • so...
    it will be extended to 27 or not ?

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  • Extend for a week

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  • Will be extended till end of the month, TOP

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  • extend it like till end of 2017

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