News: 1.6 ROTW #187 - shooting-star on qsk_azure

03/04/17 - 11:57:24

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Mesdames et messieurs,

Presenting ROTW #187! Featuring one of the most aesthetic maps in here, primarily focusing on what the player sees with his eyes and what an act of bravery it is to go through this extreme journey, full of tricky and technical jumps. I doubt any thirdperson view would ever translate the difficulty onto the viewer's language as fluent as the run itself does it. And the soundtrack only complements that.

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star
Map: qsk_azure
Realtime: 03:31.01 (-02:10.31)
Previous holder: Country: Russia GoDfreee
Soundtrack: Mathias Grassow - Secrets Of The Moon

YouTube Link
Download Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #712.

XJ Team


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  • Nice editing skills Ovidiu!

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  • gg

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  • Almost mystical !
    Gj SS :)

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  • psixopat!

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  • ss s2

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  • mindblowing both run&edit... GJ!

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  • Really nice run! Good job!
    What's with the funeral music tho ?

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  • challenge

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  • gj run ss

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  • wow, great run !

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  • you have improved so much, well done shooting star

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  • I miss your sexy strafes :(

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  • awesome run and edit.sound name please?!

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  • i found, sry

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  • nice run! GJ shooting star

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