News: WR Release #714 - 28 New World Records

10/04/17 - 11:37:10

Written by: Nannou

Comments: 63

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

pl neXt.

cg_coldbhop_v2 done in 00:52.91 ( 00:53.25 bg shNz )
kz_fl_secret_temple2 done in 03:35.15 ( 03:36.76 ru Toffifee )
kzus_desertblock_ez done in 06:51.49 ( 06:52.58 cn fanzeng )

cz shooting-star

cl_nuke done in 02:59.40 ( 02:59.70 qa kzz1lla )
kz_cxg_jekyll done in 02:31.57 ( 02:32.72 lv akkord )
kz_dare done in 08:35.82 ( 10:39.34 by throttle )
kz_kzsca_cavemine done in 04:04.61 ( 14:36.23 ar Aguslash )
kz_kzsk_forsaken done in 04:50.51 ( 05:04.74 cz shooting-star )

bg Ndubz

cnd_overblock done in 04:19.91 ( 04:56.05 bg Ndubz )

cn patchouli

j2s_4tunnels done in 03:08.61 ( 03:09.79 se LEWLY )
kz_minimountain done in 01:12.87 ( 01:18.54 cn patchouli )
kz_tomb done in 06:50.14 ( 07:08.32 cn patchouli )
kzno_xtremeblock done in 01:48.74 ( 01:50.49 se LEWLY )

ru Dolphin

jagkz_natal done in 01:09.71 ( 01:10.16 bg shNz )
kz_kzdk_covebhop done in 01:45.58 ( 01:45.65 bg shNz )

cz fykseN

k_under done in 01:30.37 ( 02:17.12 sk noxeR )
kz_kzdk_timber done in 05:25.16 ( 05:30.84 pl kropeq )
kzsca_watertemple2 done in 03:29.84 ( 03:32.20 se LEWLY )
sn_warehouse done in 02:05.74 ( 02:06.33 bg shNz )

uk eightbO

kz_bkz_egyptbhop[-md] done in 02:14.17 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

no ToxicKZ

kz_gigablockier_pub done in 83:07.35 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

sk noxeR

kz_kzlt_femtobhop done in 01:33.38 ( 01:34.11 ar Mrjuice )

ru Toffifee

kz_kzse_towerblock done in 01:55.95 ( 01:58.45 se kayne )
kz_rang_maze[+maze] done in 03:31.27 ( 03:35.77 br aloprando )

ar rawe

kz_man_neighbourhood[-md] done in 03:59.18 ( 04:51.43 ar rawe )

kr krbunny

kz_space2[-md] done in 01:16.46 ( 01:27.56 ru MarkiNN )

pl memek

kzse_bhopblock[full] done in 02:00.36 ( 02:21.65 no ToxicKZ )

ar Aguslash

risk_ministry[full] done in 02:09.59 ( 02:22.26 ru Toffifee )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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Default XJ Avatar
  • wtf shoting

    gj agu/

Default XJ Avatar
  • rawe, and nanou

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  • cg all, amazing demos guys

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  • really good release
    gj all

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  • KZRA!
    shooting-star, patchouli, neXt, Dolphin, Toff
    I don't know what to watch first :D

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  • neXt, fyksen, shooting star, patchouli GJ

    insilio ftw

    oao aoa =w=

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  • cold2 , 4tunnels, xtreme ... best of best demo @@@@@@@@@

    SS !! gj man :DDD

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  • ss! nice cavemine:D and patchouli gg

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  • Nice cavemine, I've been trying for a long time that sc

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  • wut eightbo :d

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  • didn't notice anything special in the run, where's the sc? :P

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  • ~35 second of run and this bhop with 299 pre. This is like a 245-246 block with sbj in a run... Congrats ss!

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  • How to choose whats ROTW from here?

    GJ next, shooting-star, patchuli, dolphin, fyksen, toff, noxer, argentina and others, probably gonna watch all of them

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  • It's easy. You see those bhop maps? Here is the answer.

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  • gj all esp ss patchouli

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  • nice rlz gj evry1)

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  • Wow amazing release boys !

    KZRA raping it, wp SS, patchouli and my boy fykseN !

    Cavemine & xtremeblock Oh my God epic !

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  • gj everyone, but poor lewly :D

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj everyone. amazing demos

Default XJ Avatar
  • coldbhop & xtremeblock for rotw

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  • Oh my, Dolphin, you have become very skillful bhopper, this is really good job :)
    Gratz Toffifee, neXt for coldbhop, patchouli, ss, fykseN.
    Thanks Nannou for the release.

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  • femtobhop - coldbhop !! GJ

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  • gj eightbO

Default XJ Avatar
  • GJ neXt and memek

Default XJ Avatar
  • patchouli on j2s_4tunnels -link-

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  • gj all esp kzno_xtremeblock done in 01:48.74 is a record i have to see

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  • Patchouli. Each and every demo.

    Well done shooting-star! Fine battle it is. I hope I'll be able to spare some free time for it.

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  • This is fucking amazing, just good job all, sick demos everywhere

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  • amazing release!!
    rly sick demos next,shootingstar,patchouli,Dolphin,fyksen,toffifee and noxer

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  • nice realease , many interesting demos GJ all especialy Dolphin for beating shnz crazy records

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  • fantasic realease! memek, SS, Toff <3
    patchouli good job!

User Avatar
  • sick times!

    gonna watch

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  • well done guys, great release

    memek a jednak poprawi?e? :) , super demko graty

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  • GJ guys!

Default XJ Avatar
  • So many impressive demos... it's difficult to choose the best one.

    congrats to all, esp my brothers - memek and neXt.!

    I must admit that I fell in love with Toffifee's demos some time ago, keep it up man, the best style in history for me, love to watch your every single demo.

    what else...

    In my opinion these patchouli demos are at least weird. It seems to me that she is using slowmo. Weird movements, vibrations etc. If I'm wrong then I'm sorry.


    congrats SS for sc on cavemine, you are crazy :)

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  • he could use slowmotion in 4tunnels and Pau9maker was spectating him?

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  • Gj all. esp cavemine, xtremeblock and nannou!

  • Country: Romania Keo on 11/04/17 - 00:10:29     Comments: 227     Reply to this    
Default XJ Avatar
  • WOW, this release is so legendary that it cannot have only ROTW!!!

    Amazing! congrats to all jumpers, these are sick demos!

  • Country: Romania Keo on 11/04/17 - 09:58:41     Comments: 227     Reply to this    
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  • only one*

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj all , nice edit malaysia_007

Default XJ Avatar
  • patchouli its cheat.

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj topos

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj patchouli! Thanks for the tunnels

User Avatar
  • GJ Nannou

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  • please can anyone make yt video of shootings cavemine? I've never seen anyone doing that bhop SC and I thought it is imp and more imp in a run.
    GJ \S/ (y)
    whats gonna be next? you can do dreaming SC in a run ofc! :D

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  • trust me, we've tried

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  • k

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 11/04/17 - 17:10:13     Comments: 324     Reply to this    
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  • thanks mate! truly amazing

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 11/04/17 - 17:09:21     Comments: 324     Reply to this    
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  • And this is why you shouldn't rate player quality by numbers of demos he did,run on kzno_xtremeblock is run of the year or years if you like!
    Congratz patchouli even tho I always loved your style and your selection of maps you really surprised me with this one.
    To make this run even more bad ass and legendery you should quote Mr Chow at the end of the run with ,,Suck on these little chinese nuts,so long gay boys" quit the game and never come back here again.
    shooting-star those are some sick maps and sick times,keep up with beating extreme maps we want quality,leave quantity to Toffifee

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  • You are so funny :)

Default XJ Avatar
  • you are right, it is not about quantity, it is the quailty that matters

User Avatar
  • lmao

User Avatar
  • flp, you wanna say toff hasnt best style at this moment? :D patchuli is like cant tell if hes even legal

User Avatar
  • Define "style" and map picks are something applying to it.
    As for biorobotics, i started to really doubt someone for the first time in quite a long period of time, that means you got it Patchouli. Amazing job.

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  • FLP you would be better off logged out. There you go: -link-

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  • *triggered russians* lulul

User Avatar
  • impressive

Default XJ Avatar
  • Gj amazing release

Default XJ Avatar
  • forsaken


Default XJ Avatar
  • Fabulous release! Would be hard to choose ROTW though ^^

Default XJ Avatar
  • nice demo all

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