News: 1.6 ROTW #190 - kayne on kz_redbrickworld

13/05/17 - 14:43:52

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 18

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Greetings XJ,

This edition should have originally been out on Wednesday, but didn't happen due to copyright issues. Nonetheless here it is, featuring one of the best dudes on the block, ex-top #1 - Country: Swedenkayne. And would it be fair not to notice this being his third WR after a three-year hiatus? Beating this oldschool map with quite some history with no hesitation at all, first held in 2006 by Country: Germanyfaker, then Country: FrancendR, Country: NetherlandstarGet, Country: Swedenzhady, Country: United Statesbrian...and more iconic names. And this already dangerous mix spiced up with some good editing from Country: Kazakhstanmalaysia - not too flashy, not too simple, just perfect. Great job! Hope to see more from both of you here.

Also, reminding that if you'd like to contribute to our ROTW (including ROTW Classics) series - PM me.

Featuring: Country: Sweden kayne
Map: kz_redbrickworld
Realtime: 02:31.01 (-00:03.12)
Previous holder: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star
Moviemaker: Country: Kazakhstan malaysia
Soundtrack: Dorian Concept - 11.04.2012

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Download Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #715.

XJ Team


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  • gj

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  • nois, just needed classic knf model imo

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  • Excellent music, never played this map before but colours seem nice, 60 fps, a player I never saw in his prime but I have come to admire in one clip, 60 fps. Well, couldn't have asked for more.

    P.S.- Knife skin link please. :3

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  • nice...but why moviemaker cut starting timer? no sense
    also awsome to see kayne's slashes...totally oldschool, cant remember who use it now of active players..:D

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  • Nicely done kayne and malaysia :)

    A minor detail, leave a spacd between the flag and the nickname when mentioning old players.

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  • nice comeback kayne

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  • knifeslash, baby.

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  • I missed that calm game style, reminds much of toff. Very well done.

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  • gj kayne for the run, even though it shouldnt be rotw imo... sewerbhop was way better :)

    good edit!

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  • I hope XJ will SOON realise that your words are the ones to follow and obey to! Astonishing feedback, thank you for your cooperation, dear godlike player

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  • what is your problem?

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  • He's trying to prove a point imo

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  • It's me or every single comment from Cobrex is negative?

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  • lately, yeah :) but come oon, braindead ppl make me wanna trigger 'em heh

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  • okey, that was kinda harsh, I'm sorry!

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  • being negative towards you ain't good, being positive is the same ... what do you want?

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  • great

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