News: Kreedz challenge - Bhop CUP #1

16/05/17 - 15:30:51

Written by: platino92

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Winner: Country: Latvia slay3r - VIP for 1 month!

Second place: Country: Russian Federation translucent - VIP for 1 month!

Third place: Country: Ukraine FAME KZmod Recordholder Bronze Cupwinner - VIP for 1 month!

Stream - Twitch

Tournament tree:

Scheduled: 20 May, 17:00 first stage ; 20:00 final stage CET It's one day cup!

Cup details

Gametype: 1v1, free for all, unlimited number of players
Format: Two stages. First stage - free for all melee cup (so called "Round Robin"), single match (map will be selected randomly for every match).

Based on players who signed up, 1 or 2 groups of players will play for a spot at the final stage of the cup. Final stage - 8 players, 1v1, best of 3 (maps will be still selected randomly)

Prize pool: 1st place 1 month VIP , 2nd place 1 month VIP , 3rd place 1 month VIP .
Tournament tree: - Tree is shuffled 30 minutes before the cup starts


Schedule: Matches are played non-stop. First match starts at 18:00 CET, then average time for Bo3 = 15 minutes, One day tournament.


Signups: Just leave a comment in the comments section to sign up for the cup.


Match time - 5 minutes, rematch - 2 minutes.

If the participant has not shown up as it's time to play after 5 minutes, then defeat and a short ban time can be applied.

A participant is obliged to leave the server after his match has finished; unless admin allowed him to stay.

We do not bear responsibility for experienced lags, whether they are caused due to your connection problems or system spikes. However, if it heavily affects your game, you can request a rematch. It's possible only with opponent's agreement.

You are obliged to use your real nick on the server so that you are recognized.

Disobeying admin's instructions will get you disqualified or banned from one or multiple Cups.

Being warned by admin 3 times will get you disqualified from the tournament and banned from one or multiple Cups.

Cup rules can be updated and differ from each other, depending on format and theme.

Spectating and administration

Cup admins: Country: Italy platino92,Country: Czech Republic shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder Bronze Cupwinner

Keep yourself updated

Xtreme-Jumps Steam group - announcements start a few hours before Cup launches, then for every stage as it's progressing.

Monthly Cups Update section - contains all the Monthly
Cup concerned updates for each Cup.


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  • Count me in this time ^_^

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  • long time no see ya in a cup.Go go :)

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  • In

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  • I'm in

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  • yo

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  • I'll play this one :)

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  • i am in

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  • Count me in. Current nickname is Creep

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  • in, btw better to change coldbhop, bhoptoon with goldbhop, pharaonrun, chillbhop or smth like this, these 20secs maps arent so good for cup imo

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  • thanks for the advices but i've already took a look about those maps. pharaonrun doesnt fill well for this cup (it has some longjumps to do that are not easy + a small kz part). same for goldbhop and fof_chillbhop (it has kz part on it). the fact some maps with 20/30 seconds wr are in, is not a fact that the battles wont be intresting and intense. but thank you for noticing me bn_tombbhop. that map will be removed from the maplist for this cup. :)
    p.s. you may say that kz_megabhop and kz_megabhop_hard has also a kz part , but its relatively small , so for now they are still in

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  • imin

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  • iiN

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  • meh, im in

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  • inn

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  • I want to participate

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  • wayz is in. he has some problems with leaving a comment under the post.

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  • Ye I had too. For all the people who cant write ¨i.n¨ Just sign up in a different way without saying this word. Like sign me up, i want to participate, Ill play or something like this.

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  • Sign me up

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  • I am in. GL Andrey :)

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  • =D

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  • Im in

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  • i wanna participate

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  • xavi is in :)

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  • I'm In cup

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  • Hey platino92 what about cheating rules in "cup rules section" Nothing is mentioned about it. Is that allowed? Cuz i know few guys that cheat on last cups and nobody do shit.

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  • oh, unbinded theyr mwheel too? xd

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  • That wont work, it will but only on "shit" cheats and if u are capable to bypass steam protection so that allows u to execute cmd's on steamed server players.. but good bhop cheats for example some juice bhop cheats are strictly connected with mwheel that means if cheat bhop key is mouse2 and u have +jumo on mwheelup and server admin execute amx_exec <player name> <command "example unbind mwheelup"> mouse2 will stop work for you. The opposite if u bind +jump to mwheel mouse2 will work again.

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  • gl

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  • i'm in.

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  • Im in.

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  • I am in.

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  • gj vieja

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