News: 1.6 ROTW #191 - fykseN on kz_bridge

21/06/17 - 17:05:54

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Greetings XJ,

Mark our words: this ROTW will become legendary!
Country: Czech Republic fykseN is an uprising star who managed to squeeze himself into what KZ has the best to offer! kz_bridge is one of the best oldschool maps who has been conquered by some names that will make your head spin: Country: France kimo, Country: China 007, Country: Finland Dujes or Country: Netherlands tarGet. See what we are talking about? Good job Country: Czech Republic fykseN!

Also, reminding that if you'd like to contribute to our ROTW (including ROTW Classics) series - PM me.

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic fykseN
Map: kz_bridge
Realtime: 03:18.32 (-00:01.20)
Previous holder: Country: China rOboTaa
Moviemaker: Country: Kazakhstan malaysia
Soundtrack: Nocow x Volor Flex - Alongshore

YouTube Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #716.

XJ Team


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  • gj

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  • good choice

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  • Felt redbrickworld was faster, anyway bridge was an equally good contender plus had that vintage factor. Gj fyksen.. smooth and without the usual hiccups, ur Dems always reminds me of pizza dunno y lol, great climbers both!
    And ya u should have mentioned mgD's name too prolly on the newspost, it stayed unbeaten on the rec list for so long.

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  • puppetz too, i remember that he was the first to duckbhop those tiny gaps under the bridge. it felt "risky" at that time to do that :)

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  • I only mentioned the oldschool players. That was the purpose. And I think only puppetz would slowly start to qualify as oldschool from the remaining ones. Years have to pass :D

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  • Good job fykseN and malaysia! :)

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  • Gj both :)

    KZRA back on the front page !

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  • boss

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  • finally my friend... you deserve it :P good job

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  • What a chill jumping style this man has. Those doubleducks to bhops looked mighty fine. I woulldn't say the micro looked super fast, but I guess it was, like with zhady, that mega control makes it look a bit slower.

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  • gj fykseN

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  • gj fyksen and malaysia

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  • great

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  • Well done fyksen. AT LAST :-)

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  • finally! :D GJ fyksen

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