News: 1.6 ROTW #192 - shooting-star on kz_highlands

05/07/17 - 00:00:57

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 14

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Greetings XJ,

ROTW #163 - kzz1lla on kz_highlands

Presenting the justification of the recent shortcut hunt from shooting-star. This is simply monstrous, beating what seemed like a perfect run before your very eyes. This marks history for kz_highlands!
On the moviemaking side, malaysia takes the wheel again and doesn't disappoint us, consistently providing quality content for our hearts and souls. Enjoy the show!

Also, reminding that if you'd like to contribute to our ROTW (including ROTW Classics) series - PM me.

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star
Map: kz_highlands
Realtime: 03:01.81 (-00:15.78)
Previous holder: Country: Qatar kzz1lla
Moviemaker: Country: Kazakhstan malaysia
Soundtrack: Keosz - Intention

YouTube Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #717.

XJ Team


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  • nice delete fails D

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  • Super sick run shooting, you're a beast :)

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  • and this time SS won't disagree with the ROTW choice

    nice video tho

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  • one of the most enjoyable maps!!!! thanks for rotw

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  • Sick run ss! I could feel the nervousness after that shortcut haha. I enjoyed the edit also :-) gj both

  • Country: Argentina afu on 05/07/17 - 19:44:49     Comments: 231     Reply to this    
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  • honestly i prefer kzz1lla's run..

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  • Gj !

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  • cool shortcut, it cuts @28 seconds from kzz1lla's run but 15sec is also good.
    i would have chosen kz_kzsca_ancientblock run, it has a more spectacular shortcut :)
    it had the same impact like supa did with kz_42_amazon or zylle on bkz_wallblock.

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  • isn't as clean as kz1lla's run but also cool

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  • ss s2

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  • good ss~

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  • kzz1l rip my bro

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  • I disagre with this #ROTW.. I think sn_minivolcano Toffife run is better...
    Good edit but bad run...

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  • Obviously you don't know how hard these shortcuts are.

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