News: XJ Highlights: Cupe on kz_built by malaysia

07/07/17 - 18:09:48

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Greetings XJ!

One more thing has befallen our sight! After his latest run of the week video, which was impressive, our dear member Malaysia, who tightens his grip even more for this one, pleases us with work better than ever before.
We're having Cupe, in one of the eye-candy runs from his recent comeback, which hopefully promises more wonderful demos in the near future!

Moviemaker: Country: Kazakhstan malaysia_007
Jumper: Country: Argentina Cupe CS 1.6 Recordholder

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  • Written by frussif

    10:58 PM - iNsprate #Strafeace: dude you're dumb
    10:58 PM - iNsprate #Strafeace: malaysia is a nick
    10:58 PM - Schwarzkopf: jesus christ

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  • a pretty weird choice to edit the intro in that way ... but I guess I'm down with it. Good clip overall, nice colors, bad mixing on the song there(u know), the worst font i've ever seen, decent outro - reminds me of the oldschool edits. GJ yo!

    I'm really diggin Cupe's style, tho I gotta give huge grats to the mapper ... damn, awesome gameplay! Who's is this guy?

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  • Kicius i reckon

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  • Yeah fontchoice is a bit weird to say the least! I'd like a sick serif like a minion pro bold italic.

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  • What a tricky map

    I love that Cups is back to business, such confident style

    And a really fine edit this time around!

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  • crack

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  • Mega awesome!

    I really like the no-bullshit approach, on focusing on the run itself in the edit of this one and the run was good!

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  • super run

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  • ma lai xi ya ,tai bang le !

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  • Q

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  • nice run ameo

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