News: Map release: 2 new maps

10/09/17 - 20:37:39

Written by: SadPuppy

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps


some fresh meat for you! And more to come!

Remember that we still would love Apprentice (xj_ap) maps as well!

Please note: We will need a recording of someone jumping the entire map!

Since I'm not much of a jumper I mostly want to see how a map is done, how jumps are done and get a feeling for how hard it will be to complete without checkpoints. It's mostly a test to see that the map at least is possible to finish. If someone sneaks in impossible maps then we will address it and you'll have to record a demo of someone completing the map without checkpoints. For now, if you can provide a recording of you (or a testjumper) completing the map with a few checkpoints then it likely won't be a problem for someone to make a World Record on it. I just don't think it is needed to bother you to make a demo over and over if you make small mistakes on jumps.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!

kz_airmountain by Country: Argentina CiNdOR^ Mapper
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
Airmountain Screenshot 1
Airmountain Screenshot 2
Airmountain Screenshot 3
Airmountain Screenshot 4
Airmountain Screenshot 5

It seems like everyone's favorite choice of climbing style these days is speed-heavy, or maps where the jumps don't have to be bhopped, but easily can be for combo's that deliver a fast progression through the map. CiNdOR^ delivers here on exactly that type of map. A very beautiful floating-in-the-sky mountain theme where the windy sound ambiance lets you know just how much is at stake if you fall. We can always count on CiNdOR^ to deliver the goods when it comes to detail and visuals in his maps and they are present throughout this one, which has a nice balance of both a cliff and block-style jump path. This is the type of map that inspires certain players to come out of retirement, so get ready for some competitive demos!

gbc_script_mimic_m by Country: Brazil Gorbachev_x Mapper and Country: Brazil .script Mapper
Challenge: Average / hard (according to mapper)
Type: Jump / slide
Mimic_m Screenshot 1
Mimic_m Screenshot 2
Mimic_m Screenshot 3
Mimic_m Screenshot 4
Mimic_m Screenshot 5

The purpose of the steep up-slide at the start button seems to be a warning to novice jumpers that “this map is not for you.” A short map in terms of the number of jumps within, but one which quickly turns into a long map due to the number of attempts needed to succeed in each area. Be prepared- there will be fails. Not to worry though, the soft purple lighting and the calming choice of music by the mappers somehow seems to be enough to hold back the frustration of not being able to land your jumps. Another precision map added to our rotation with fingers crossed in hopes for a completion.

Thanks to Country: United States Fantasm for the map descriptions!


XJ Mapcheck team


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  • gj cindor
    beautiful map

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  • great map gorba and script

    also gj cindor aswell :D

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  • Cool maps!

    Gj guys,

    SadPuppy for release.

  • Country: Romania Keo on 10/09/17 - 22:49:14     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • did not expect such a fast map release, following the last one! Great job sadpuppyzaur!
    Also, great maps you mappingzilla's!!!

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  • good looking map cindor, I would install cs just to try it

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  • nice news and it seems nice maps
    its also nice you (finnaly) put screen of these :P maybe you can also add a approximmately time for each one, would be nice i think
    nice work fantasm and sadp

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  • Good job to all :)

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  • Good job with kz_airmountain Frijolito, very nice design. Too bad the jumps are ugly.

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  • Brilliant job cindolele, loved the design and loved jumping it. 5/5 design and gameplay :))

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  • both maps look nice !

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  • good job mappers and admins.

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  • GJ

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  • good map brazucas!

    and gj sadpuppy !!

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  • cnd

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  • Looks nice Cindor good job !

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  • fresh meat but we need some Vegan maps???????????? haha

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  • Perhaps it is vegan meat?

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  • xD we need a vegan model verificator for that.

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  • "according to mapper" so... near impossible then? :P

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