News: WR Release #719 - 37 New World Records

18/09/17 - 21:11:17

Written by: Nannou

Comments: 53

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

de hrznnn

bkz_dqvolski_most done in 01:46.99 ( 01:47.28 cn R300K )

ru Dolphin

cg_islands done in 00:54.43 ( 00:55.28 bg shNz )
dg_winterclimb done in 00:54.17 ( 00:54.64 bg shNz )
jagkz_breezeclimb done in 01:12.48 ( 01:13.01 cn MetamorPhose^_x )
kz_anubis done in 02:38.58 ( 02:41.74 ar Mrjuice )
kz_cg_xtremedesert done in 03:08.18 ( 03:10.09 bg shNz )
kz_hopez done in 02:42.86 ( 02:43.45 bg shNz )
kz_synergy done in 02:03.25 ( 02:03.31 bg shNz )
kzsca_watertemple done in 02:18.05 ( 02:19.48 tw DizZy )

cz shooting-star

kt_aztecclimb done in 00:59.68 ( 01:00.97 ru Bibika )
kz_concise[hard] done in 02:55.31 ( 02:56.22 fi KeltA )
kz_giantbean_b15 done in 01:53.76 ( 01:54.26 ru Toffifee )
kz_j2s_darktower[full] done in 02:13.51 ( 02:19.60 ru AeonFlux )
kz_j2s_darktower done in 01:05.48 ( 01:06.07 br surRendi )
kz_kzro_alienruins done in 08:40.12 ( 12:13.74 ro Spider1 )
kz_kzsca_desk[icecave] done in 05:28.35 ( 05:35.46 cz fykseN )
kz_kzsca_desk done in 04:55.87 ( 04:58.49 cz fykseN )
kz_kzsca_mineblock_ez done in 09:33.59 ( 09:37.02 se LEWLY )
kz_rd_giganticwall done in 06:16.37 ( 06:21.22 pl neXt. )
kzls_smile done in 02:28.35 ( 02:29.58 ru Bibika )
kzro_smalltemple done in 01:12.51 ( 01:12.67 ar Memories )
rd_riverpeak done in 05:37.73 ( 05:43.61 ru MEfro )
risk_xtrm_weaponsfactory done in 02:09.75 ( 02:10.27 se Kraeft )
sb_speedvalley done in 01:47.28 ( 01:48.80 ru Toffifee )
sn_ezycliff done in 02:36.11 ( 02:36.94 cz fykseN )
sn_noobbean_2 done in 03:33.20 ( 03:34.99 us pizza^ )
sn_noobbean done in 02:07.05 ( 02:07.78 ru Bibika )

ru MEfro

kz_airmountain done in 03:14.24 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzsca_heaven done in 02:11.81 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

cz fykseN

kz_concise[easy] done in 02:42.76 ( 02:44.51 ru Bibika )
kz_tropiclimb_b01 done in 03:14.88 ( 03:15.99 fi KeltA )
kzro_mountainsein done in 05:59.76 ( 06:03.33 pl neXt. )
qsk_fractured done in 04:55.66 ( 04:58.29 pl kropeq )

ru Bibika

kz_j2s_icevalley done in 02:07.77 ( 02:08.79 se LEWLY )

ru Nannou

kzro_axn_volcano done in 01:19.38 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar rawe

qsk_qube done in 04:12.39 ( 04:36.05 us pizza^ )

cn DeAth^

vee_mojave done in 02:14.37 ( 02:14.91 qa kzz1lla )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • siiiiick!

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  • wow!

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  • LAST

    All fucking legends, Good Job you all. especially SS, Fyksen and rawe lil gayboy, Also dolphin, Sweet runs!

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  • GJ ALL esp Nannou, fykseN and ss.

    kz_kzro_alienruins 8:40 subarashii

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  • WoW, great records. Didn't expect so many good maps from you Dolphin. You are becoming one of the best bhoppers. Glad to see you :) Keep it up!

    Welcome back, Bibika.

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  • Thanks, toff :)

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  • ebanis! DELFIN!!!! GJ!~!!!~!!!!!

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  • And Good Job for top1 again SS :) Fyksen for top4. Nice work.

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  • Well done shooting-star

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  • gj guys !

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  • wp friends

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  • Awesome demos.

    rip Kraeft

    Welcome back Bibika.

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  • gj boys

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  • Monstrous.

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  • rawe <3

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  • rawe, shooting-star, Bibika, hrznnn!
    Dolphin heavy weight

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  • rawe bestia!!!

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  • SS, FykseN and RAWE! Splendid work guys, it's nice to know that this community is still alive.

  • Country: Romania Keo on 18/09/17 - 22:56:50     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • incredible release!

    DeAth^ i like your weird but smooth style.

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  • sweet bibika

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  • Amazing shooting-star, simply amazing how can you easily record such amount of hard WRs so fast, congratulations.

    Glad to see that you're using your potential on XJ Dolphin, beating legendary maps, such a beast.

    Good job for Top 4 fykseN, you have a really nice consistency man, keep it up.

    And I'm very happy to see Bibika back, even if it's only one demo, it's a great one, can't wait to see your run man, and hope you do some more WRs, definitely my favourite.

  • Country: Argentina afu on 19/09/17 - 02:08:39     Comments: 233     Reply to this    
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  • my goodness.. the people that search for scs instead of working their speed really piss me off

    don't get me wrong, shooting-star's run on aztec climb is good, but i'd rather stick to bibika's wr.

    the same thing happened with kzz1lla's kz_highlands. that run was one of the best if not the best run in this site. again, ruined by some crappy sc found by a guy who does only that: finding scs.

    although shooting star is REALLY fast and god know how the fuck is he able to do those shortcuts (maybe infinite tries?) i prefer worse time, but better runs.

    i really hate his style, ultra-shaky, shit strafes, safe when he knows he can fail but still wr the map (i do it as well) but he'll never be comparable to people like lewly, memories or bibika, who didnt give a fuck about failing after doing 1 in 100 chance shortcuts

    but who the fuck am i to discredit shooting-star for the wrs he gets.. the guy is insane but i just simply dont like him

    gj rawe dolphin bibika mefro and others

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  • its totally ok to not like him, but i think you are wrong if hes beating up all with only doing new scs...
    personally, i like him because no one ever had doing it like what is he doing now...amazing bhops - his unique style of it, and also doing those abnormal scs in a run is what is he special in kreedzing

  • Country: Argentina afu on 19/09/17 - 21:04:38     Comments: 233     Reply to this    
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  • ye ur right.. i mean, his run on downtown is awesome for example. but when it comes to maps that he can't beat because it's too geeked, we usually see them beaten by some dumb sc :/

    im in a relation of love-hate with ss. i like the wrs that are clean, like kzsca downtown. but i really hate seeing good runs like bibika on aztecclimb or kzz1lla in highlands destroyed by a shitty sc

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  • if im not mistaken he used an unused sc on downtown..(?)
    anyway, for me, doing these sc cuz he coulnd combo better, is more interesting to me...if lewly,shnz,dolphin or whoever was that good why he didnt do the sc like shooting star? :P also for shaking strafes...for me thats again plus...its shows that human is playing, pressure...not like cheaters nowadays :)

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  • mrdka vole

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  • Argentina fiera!!! rawe ;)

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  • Dolphin rocks
    gj MEfro, Nannou, rawe

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  • Omgthis is fucking epic! 1.3 seconds on aztecclimb?! :O

    Sooo many good records amoung that release shooting star.

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  • GJ all especially:
    Bibika, Shootingstar, hrznnn, rawe, fyksen, and dolphin...i think the kz_hopez wont be beaten in next (atleast) 2 years :D
    (ok gj for mefro and nanou then, but it can be really improved)

    but that DeAth^ in my eyes is....totally suspicous..not that perfect run but those bhops..:/

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  • Wow, what an astonishing release! Amazing records, Dolphin, you had seen my suggestions on kz-rush. :) Nice to see that Bibika is back to recording again. Also great job Mefro, Nannou, rawe, shooting-star, fykseN, hrznnn, DeAth^. Thanks to Nannou for the release. Your job is appreciated.

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  • yea, w/o your suggestion I wouldn't even try :DD

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  • Of course, man. =)

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  • wheres mi amigo shnz ?

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  • Moster :O

  • Country: Argentina mao on 19/09/17 - 16:29:30     Comments: 105     Reply to this    
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  • rawe =)

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  • GJ all esp Rawe , Bibika

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  • GJ hrznnn,rawe,fyksen,SS

    and Dolphin beat legend maps! awesome!!

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  • This is a sick release. That's what I call a merciless act of cruel domination. Dolphin, I hope you will continue turning your passion into a totally destructive force, taking this course of action to the very end. If you are able to destroy those records, you should be able to destroy them all. So please, take it to the end. I would like that to happen and I'm looking forward to witness my own extinction. It's time for these pathetic, lame-ass excuses for significant achievements to perish into nothingness.
    Actually, you guys could make it a collective effort. And I mean not just everyone involved in this release, but all the other active players too, so make sure to spread the news. Keep it completely ruthless, don't hold yourself back out of pitiful nostalgia for the good old days. I sincerely encourage you to do it. In fact, I dare you to! I dare you to reveal the true price of my records. Do me a gigantic favor and make my day by shredding all of them to pieces.

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  • Savage

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  • Only to come back and rape them all again, thus reinforcing your dominance? You sneaky manipulative bastard! :D

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  • cute poem bro

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  • gj all

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  • Gj Dolphin, fyksen, SS :)

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  • S-S very strong!
    Dolphin DAVAY DAVAY! we want more :D

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  • cg all, awesome release

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  • holy shit

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  • amazing!

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  • omg! mefro, doplhin, bibika, nannou, SS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Congrats everyone, est KZRA squad.

    Bibika keep recording bro ;)

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  • Good work from everyone, congratulations

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  • just wow

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  • cg for top 1 again

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