News: Xtreme Jumps - Kreedz Climbing Party Celebration!

27/12/17 - 01:05:00

Written by: KarLi

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello to everybody,
Welcome to our first Kreedz Climbing Party Event!

On this event we will focus on having fun in the game with plenty of challenging and fun maps. You can use hook freely without finishing a map. Server admins will organize race challenges, cups etc and the winners will be listed on a newspost after the event. There will be no rewards this time! Our goal is to have fun in the game by gathering with friends and players from other communities. During the event there will not be any hard maps, we will keep it fun and easy for people who are new to the KZMOD scene.

Event Date: 30th December 2017
Event Time: Postponed to 22:00
Event Server: Official KZMOD Server
Server IP:
Twitch/Stream Link: -link-


You can post your sugguestions or ideas about the event HERE

Thanks for everybody's sugguestions and ideas about the event, we hope to see you in game!
For any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact us.

XJ Team


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  • GJ! GL & HF =)

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  • GL everyone

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  • sup bois, seems legit

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  • q

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  • Change the name from KZmod to something more suitable. KZ leads the thoughts over to concentration camps and also people outside have no clue what it is. Jumping Madness, Jump it, Climbing just something that makes it clear what it is. That would be my recommendation, the game looks like the real deal and finally we should be able to step out of the shadow of 1.6.

    Ontopic, GL to everyone :)

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  • yeah good idea ;) hope to see u!

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  • Hm it kinda makes sense imo, I have to agree.

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  • That's why its called Kreedz Climbing and not Kzmod :)

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  • My point being the same. Kreedz doesn't reference what the game is about, just who created it. It's a great tribute, but should be abandoned imo.

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  • Makes sense but Kreedz should remain, as the official name is actually Kreedz Climbing. Tho, having a really normal random name won't make it easier to be found .. but yeah w/e

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  • thanks for everyone who joined.
    see u on the next one ;)

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