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11/02/18 - 01:56:48

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

Due to the recent chatter caused by inactivity, I had a talk with a guy I respect and later on it crossed my mind to post the entire conversation, hoping it will answer some questions you guys have. It will also give you a look into my mind right now and how I'm looking at this entire situation. It's a private conversation, but fame gave me the greenlight to post it.
Perhaps some of you won't get the point of this, perhaps some will, but at least it shows you I'm VERY OPEN to anything. (and sorry for the English, it is just raw material)

4:56 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: what do you suggest?

5:04 PM - FAME: just like you lowered mapchecking standarts you need to do the same for demochecking. you don't need to check every demo for cheats but rather only suspicious demos and for such job you already have me and some other people in the background
5:05 PM - FAME: recruit a person who's going to make releases with some basic demo analyse, you don't need anything more than that
5:07 PM - FAME: there's still a lot of people who want to help, I recently found 5(!) demo admins for cosy
5:07 PM - FAME: and from what X told me, both X and X want to help with xj demo releases

5:07 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: X I know
5:08 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: ok, you are right
5:08 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this is how we will do it
1:41 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: is it possible you can contact some guys you know that are willing to help pls?
1:41 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: Im doing that as well, but both X and X are offline

1:42 AM - FAME: the thing is that I don't know who wants to help
1:42 AM - FAME: X told me about X and X but I'm not sure whether it's true
1:43 AM - FAME: it would be better if you make a post or something

1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: X said he wants to help, he didnt specifically asked for demo part
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: he only wanted to take care of things around the website
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: nothing specific
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like moderating it

1:44 AM - FAME: I bet X doesn't really want to take care of demos as well
1:44 AM - FAME: at least he said that he doesn't have time for it @ cosy

1:44 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: the system should had been changed long ago
1:45 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: those who were in charge while there were still active admins should had thought of this

1:46 AM - FAME: idk... people don't need much nowadays, they're fine as long as there are regular releases

1:46 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats true
1:46 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but im not fine with that

1:47 AM - FAME: they don't even talk about csgo or kzmod anymore

1:49 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its so frustrating, trust me
1:49 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: having all the pieces to the puzzle but no way to connect it

1:52 AM - FAME: why you don't consider passing CEO position so someone else?
1:53 AM - FAME: I mean when people are not happy with you and you don't want to leave it looks like some kind of dictatorship

1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: so there arent anyone to take care of some damn demos, but there is one to take care of everything?
1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this website isnt a country, dont think like that
1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: XJ is something private, who belongs to someone, even tho its opened to public

1:54 AM - FAME: no one is going to offer their help unless you ask for it

1:54 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: someone is paying for it, from their own pocket, its not crowd funding, like in a state
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this is all im doing, asking
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats the problem
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and no one is offering

1:57 AM - FAME: lets see what X/X say, if they want to take CEO position I'd honestly give them a try
1:58 AM - FAME: like, it can't lead to something bad

1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: that will never happen
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: I am overseeing everything
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: COO, Manager etc is something else
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: Im open to that
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and admins
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: not ceo
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: why they seek for a title?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: it matters if it says CEO or COO ?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: or what?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: what you guys is asking for is not logical

2:00 AM - FAME: I think they just want full control over website so they could bring their ideas to life

2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and you just said X doesnt even have time to take care of demos in CC, which is a small community, but he has time to lead XJ?
2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: they can do that from any position
2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: have I ever shut you down on smt you came at me?

2:01 AM - FAME: many admins were complaining that they don't have access to do something they could help with

2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats technical man, its not me
2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: or someone else
2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its simply technical
2:02 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: technology
2:02 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: come on, i dont see any viable argument here
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: if you guys really care (not talking to you directly), everyone who is talking now, should have come to me, or should have asked to come at them, doesnt matter, and say
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: hey ovidiu, I want to help you with this and this
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: ok, next guys, ovidiu, i can do this
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: so and on
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but that never happened
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: only X and X did that

2:05 AM - FAME: everything was much easier when X was around

2:05 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and you know what? the simple fact that they are talking this nonsense now it clearly shows they are not ready nor prepared to lead a community
2:06 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: they arent even ready for basic things, like a demo release

2:06 AM - FAME: so just announce that you're looking for COO/CTO and I bet you find someone

2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like I found 8 coders for the new website
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: where are they now?
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: where are all the accepted admins?
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like I said, its easier to talk on chatbox that to do actual stuff
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: i dont mind that
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: for the simple fact THIS IS a democracy, I let them talk trash
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: otherwise I wouldnt had
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: you worked with me, how many times I was wrong?
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: how many times I took bad decisions?
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: when I recruited you, literally 99% of the community bashed me
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: I took that shit because I knew it was a good decision
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: do you think it was easy for me?

2:11 AM - FAME: now you have to make another decision regarding xjs future
2:11 AM - FAME: otherwise it's not gonna end well
2:11 AM - FAME: I understand that people don't want to help etc, but still you have to find some solution

2:15 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: the only real solution I know it will save and bring XJ to another level is only if I work my ass off, which im curently doing, so I can actually help XJ with more than some work. XJ needs money, needs money for a new website. It needs money for various projects that will change XJ. One admin now who will do some demo release and after 1 month it will quit will not save XJ.

2:25 AM - FAME: I would love to see a new website but as for me it's kinda irrational to go for it considering current users activity, it simply doesn't worth it

2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its connected
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its a two ways street
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: you need new website (and big projects) for big activity
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but then you need big activity to justify a new website
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: btw just crossed my mind
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: would you mind if I take this conversation and post it on frontpage?
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: as a news
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: it will answer a lot of questions and it will give them a chance for a look into my mind right now

2:41 AM - FAME: yeah I don't mind

So yea, this is it. Normally I wouldn't have done this, but I think you guys deserve it. I'm aware it is not much, but at least you've read some honest words. It is just something for the night. I will prepare actual news in the meantime.
Please use the comments section below to share your ideas. I'm open to anything.

Best regards,


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  • The last jedi

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  • XD

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  • that is supposed to fix everything? you're right that this is not a country, but there's nothing moving in here. if you can't think about everything, then get someone to do that for you and let him work his magic, this needs so much more to work better.

    where are the videos, interesting posts, interviews, new technique explanations, some cheering for new achievments that has been done? have you seen how many demos got improved after the major edit that Toffifee, shooting-star and other players did in the last 1.5 year? where are the informations about the demo checkers? the PR is on a zero level. if Nannou is not answering then just tell us, we're more of a family than a country.

    And one more important thing: have you checked cosy or kz-rush lately? plenty of new admins, moviemakers, coders and also players. do you ever think about why they're working for those communities instead for XJ? get to the root of the problem really soon, for the sake of this site, thank you

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  • So u think that people dont offer help cause they dont like Ovidiu?

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  • it's because he's not even try to reach them. there are no ideas of cross-site partnerships (only the youtube uploads from kz-rush guys). you can really make this work.

    and to your question: yes, people are not feeling sympathy towards CEO himself, that's why we keep our kz-random challenge only to our members. I'm not sure if he's aware of this, but we really don't want to feed someone who is claiming that he's paying those 10 euros for the site from his pocket when there are plenty of donators...

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  • If I have to be honest and that comes through personal observation of the people around me (I myself have nothing against CyclopP) most of the people that refuse to work for/with XJ usually state the main reason as "because of ovidiu". Currently many kz-related projects are held apart from XJ, so I guess that for an actual change some drastic measures would be needed. I don't know what they will be but time will tell. As I said, that's just from my observation of the people around me and their major reasoning for "hating" xj. I never cared about this, I don't like or dislike XJ or Ovidiu, I just see it as an important pillar that keeps KZ alive, regardless of wether we like it or no. So if people truly desire to still keep KZ alive and even try to help it grow, they will have to force themselves to improve XJ itself.

    To be completely honest, XJ might never die thanks to CS:GO KZ, KZmod and if in the future kz manages to get to yet another platform, there will be always some content for XJ. It's just that we have to take it for ourselves.

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  • You guys may be right, but in all fairness they don't know me. But that's my fault. I admit that.

    People are talking, but no one has all the facts. Or if they have it, they ignore it. They ignore the fact that I'm the admin with the most longevity, 12 years. I'm the admin who caught cheaters no one would have dreamt of catching. I'm the one who actually started doing something in the transparency department with What's going on series, I'm the admin who never turned down anyone, always spoke with everyone who wanted to speak with him and many other things.

    Do this test pls and find a guy who knows both me and the former head admins and ask him for an opinion. How it was then and how is it now. How it was when faker took MUCH MORE heat than I'm taking now.

    Anyway, I just want to work. Talking is good, but working is better.

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  • Excuse my obstinacy please, I really try to leave you alone for a while at least, but every new post of yours just wouldn't let me hold myself back.

    People are talking, but no one has all the facts. Or if they have it, they ignore it.
    This is, my dear, due to lack of communication. 12 years of admin period and still not doing/learning some of the simple things such as this. We barely get any info.

    They ignore the fact that I'm the admin with the most longevity, 12 years.

    I'm not sure what you expect from people to do after saying this. With this experience, you should have had more than enough time to lean from mistakes and to stop repeating them. So, mentioning your 12 year old experience only puts yourself in a bad light actually.

    I'm the admin who caught cheaters no one would have dreamt of catching.

    It was not you.

    I'm the one who actually started doing something in the transparency department with What's going on series

    Right, like once in a year or a half. There's been a lot of questions until today (many still remain) which you haven't been able to answer for months. Sometimes it's enough to simply answer to people's questions right away on the site with simple comment. Sometimes it is enough because your series tend to take a lot of time for preparation.

    I'm the admin who never turned down anyone, always spoke with everyone who wanted to speak with him and many other things.


    Do this test pls and find a guy who knows both me and the former head admins and ask him for an opinion. How it was then and how is it now. How it was when faker took MUCH MORE heat than I'm taking now.

    faker was the best you could ever get. Everyone used to look up to him. He was a man to stand by his promise. When I was still an admin, and if I would have any resources or to ask anything, he was always happy to help. It is actually after his retirement that things started to slowly getting shittier and shittier.

    I really don't mean to offend you on personal level Ovidiu but I do sincerely start to feel like you are mentally unwell. Or you are just a troll. The third and least probable option is you monetize out of XJ. So it must be first or second.

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  • congrats on 1000 comments hardbitter

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  • lol ty

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  • It's ok my dear ex admin. You are already leaving me alone, or not, but it doesn't matter, because I have my own things to worry. On my worrying list, you hit low bottom. Actually somewhere outside the paper. Or better said, you are simply not on my list. Sorry if I sound harsh, but that's the way it is.

    So, I really want to answer everything, but hopefully you can understand where Im coming from. Answering takes some time, and I prefer to use it differently. Like talking to the new admins.
    In 12 years you see a lot. Especially if you are always on the frontline. That leaves marks. Deep marks. I see you have your way to twist everything I say, but that's ok. And if you msged me on steam, which daily I have like 20 windows opened in steamchat, perhaps I omitted that. It is common sense to msg at least one more time if you are that interested. And yea, faker is very loved now, I know and I am happy for him. He deserves it. But I wasn't talking about now. I was referring to the times he was in charge and daily he was called a Nazi, dictator, get cancer and die and the rest of the trash you guys covered him with. Why did he quit? Why do you think? Actually don't think, I will tell you. He got sick and tired of hearing those monstrous stuffs about him. He got to the conclusion you guys (or those guys or this community) doesn't deserve his attention. I am happy to see him being missed now. Perhaps same thing will happen to me when I leave. But that's not what Im aiming for.

    And for the last part, I actually laughed IRL. :)) so either I am crazy, a troll or making money from XJ. Well, crazy, yes, it's possible, but not in the way you say it; troll, no, I don't like it, even tho I would probably be the best troll the world has seen if I started doing that; and no, XJ is not making money. It is loosing money.

    So yea, in the end, not like I didn't expect this, but you are the only one who turned this thread into a personal vendetta. The other, as you see, came with constructive criticism, thoughts, ideas, opinions, which I greatly respect. And for this fact alone, that you have your own agenda, this will be my last reply to your posts.

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  • I twist everything you say because everything you say is not true. Arguing back to you is the easiest I have dealt with. I am much flattered you found the time to answer, but that is not the end yet :)

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  • Seems to me like people will always hate on the leaders of this organization. I remember when faker got in hot water over something. I'd say 70 % of the community wanted him to step down. Very very few supported him through - Well he continued for many more years and ended up being the most celebrated admin ever. It's always easiest to point fingers at the "authority". I don't know when you were admin, but 2 times at least people were calling for fakers head, much more intensive that now with Ovidui.

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  • "It is just something for the night. I will prepare actual news in the meantime." I think this is kinda important, because this chat isnt going to answer all the questions, it's just here for tonight to read and then we'll get more insightful news I think

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  • Does someone miss faker?

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  • Lower demo checking standarts.What a bullshit is that..Less carefuly you check,more cheaters gonna appear..Releases gonna be more frequent but will they be clean?Of course no.

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  • whaat..they didnt say it in that way...i guess by lowering demo-checking => dont check Shootingstar, toff, shnz...and in my opinion that is totally ok and time-saver...
    about possibly-cheaters, whats hard to undestand here?
    ...only suspicious demos and for such job you already have me and some other people in the background...

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  • Who says they are clean?Everyone is clean until get caught..

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  • players from top5...whats possibility that one of their 250+ demos hasnt been caught...0%...if one was cheated - all the rest would be, so they arent for no reason 'legends' and not hated players in kreedz world...its nonsense if we continue about them on this topic

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  • Sure..for how long vns was considered clean?Not to mention LyNn :D:D:D

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  • lynn was never considered clean what are you talking about

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  • Still.demos went trough fine for a while,they were obviously dirty..must be blind to not see it immediately.But talking about many years he was cheating undetected?

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  • Also demos isnt everything.Map releases should be quicker..not like they are now,and its been for last 5 years..1-2 month waiting.Things just need to move faster,so people dont leave.Keep em comming instead..

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  • +1

    Lowering demochecking standarts makes no sense.

    Besides, demos in XJ are much more rare compared to any other community. To get over 20 demos you'd need like 1+ month, which is plenty of time to check all these demos. Take for example cosy climbing where just a few months ago there were 40/40 demos every 4-5 days and people still managed to check them. With XJ I don't see the same problem.

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  • "fame: you don't need to check every demo for cheats but rather only suspicious demos"

    i don't even want to read anymore

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  • He means not deep analysis, but of course they will check it. This is what I do in KZ-Argentina and I had no problems so far, but I still do my job.

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  • bring thopa back !! ;P joking

    I added u btw CyclopP on steam

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  • 2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: you need new website (and big projects) for big activity
    2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but then you need big activity to justify a new website

    Absolutely not true.
    I was a CEO of bulgarian-kreedz for nearly a year and from activity of 20 unique IP's visiting it went to 60+ in a period of 2 months and it was all because of constant fast demo releases.
    A release keeps the recorders active. The more content on a website the more people that want to see that content. Of course the more stuff aside from demo releases the better, but they are not priority.

    N1 priority is to keep the demos flowing. Don't waste time with map releases and checking, ROTW's ,random news and cups. This is secondary. If you have a demo release every 1-2 weeks than as CEO you can think about what comes next and in between.

    Thank you for posting the chat, keeps the users informed. Don't forget to communicate with the users on regular basis. Just a simple "The release will be late by couple of weeks,due to admin personal life issues" will do. And please o please don't close threads just because they are against you Ovidiu. You can only more haters than anything else.

    Thank you, fame, for everything you do for the entire kz scene.

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  • what about us, for what XJ's weekly is one of the best things, because then we can finally watch the damn demos.

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  • All this drama could have been easily avoided... As the CEO you should, theoretically, know how to do everything involving the site. So you should. have stepped in and make the demo release yourself, and maybe add there a notice that current demo admin is inactive and you are looking for new demo admin/s.

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  • Yes, you are right. That will change. This actually was the sparkle I needed. Keep close!

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  • Normally you wouldn't have done this CyclopP, because community put you under pressure. And it is always like that, otherwise nothing ever happens. You see what it takes from community to have you started working? Then you resent why people are acting immature but I can tell you why. It's exactly the same as in state riots when people are not satisfied with governance. There was a fair petition-thread that you've locked, potentially the only thing that could turn things for good but you lock the thread reasoning that there is basically no one to handle your position (when you can not cope with it yourself). Don't you think you are being fucking arrogant, CyclopP? Let the community choose what they want? At least there was hoLy whom I personally trust much more than yourself and there might be more, you can't know until you try. And what are the talks around the site access being unneccesary thing at making changes when after MONTHS you can't spend a couple of minutes to update long outdated info on the panels? You cannot even sign in and drop a quick updater on the estimated release date or at least an overall situation around it. What are all this talks about? LOL

    And to answer your question: No, I'm not willing to take care of demos for various reasons, some of which being issues with time management and the ambition most importantly. Because unlike someone, I would rather see a guy with more time and desire doing that job, because it's important you know.. Higher chance things will be done in due time and quality. But no I don't think you understand that.

    On topic: In my opinion things like this has to be kept away off the publicity, this just makes thing more dangerous. Even though the idea is worth of being thought of.

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  • Thank you.

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  • Wow what a nice exceedingly elucidated reply from a CEOman. I guess you've lost your "professionalism" somewhere along the road, letting the feelings get the best of you to the point where you gonna ignore all my attempts at reaching out to you. That is some top level professionalism right there, you like so much to talk about. We're talking facts here. I do not even insult. Mind explaining thread lock more in-depth?

    Hopefully one day you will change your mind. When you do my door is open!

    Since 2014-15, this has been your favorite phrase. I even went down at your comments history to screenshot how many times you've told that but too bad all of this was said in chatbox. Not that you've turned someone's faith in you for good ever since. Honestly, do you think you have? it's been quite some years already? Do you plan this for 2026?

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  • I've come to know that going down the rabbit whole once again with you won't get us anywhere.

    But I will give you this: I get where you're coming from. My empathy level is still very high even though some of you guys poor down trash on me. But that's ok. It comes with the job.
    By all means, you can continue with this. But I can't take part in it endlessly. I understand everything everyone says and because of that I have work to do. See you around!

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  • It appears that I'm not the only one being bothered by a thread lock matter and while you are CEO you owe to the people, at least as little as explanation. But you keep avoiding answering to it.

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  • Explanation is very simple actually:
    1. You made your point
    2. No reason to talk about something that will not change, the ceo that is.
    I thought it was obvious.

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  • i may not be an experienced and old kz player,but how far i know,Xj is the only place where i wouldn't like to help (maybe in future) because of the things currently going on.Since i have join XJ i have never seen a release with less than 30 demos,and when i start looking back there are like 10 demos,15 demos like this,but now i think things are getting slow,days have gone no ROTW,the reason i don't want to hep here is simple because of slow admins,in Cosy i wanted to help because the other communities are doing well,there's a difference between a boss and a leader, A boss is the one who orders everyone and leader is the one who leads everyone,so there should be a leader who can guide and lead to the success.

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  • Hopefully one day you will change your mind. When you do my door is open!

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  • want to help cosy cheaters? nice joke.

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  • yes because of chetears im willing to help,i would try to suspect the cheaters and ban them to make the site good.

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  • interesno, but dont understand, sliskom mnogo teksta

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  • mentioning lowering of demochecking standards is probably the worst thing you could have done lol

  • Country: Romania Keo on 11/02/18 - 12:32:51     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • More often demo releases
    More often map releases
    Constant communication with the community
    Letting people/admins implement new ideas
    Constant ROTW
    KZMOD news and releases
    CSGO implementation
    New website (dunno if necessary, but perhaps it should, given the future addition of CSGO)

    How many of these have been actually done so far? and it's been years. Even with the CSGO thing, which i think now it's too late. People already have a place to go for that.

    Not really blaming the CEO, but it is hard to spark interest in people joining the administration when, from the outside, you see the lack of ACTIVITY and COMMUNICATION from the guy who takes all the decisions. You really need to understand that. People resent that.
    As fyksen said it, the PR is on a 0 level.
    And there are more to be said, but i'll resume to just that.

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  • More often demo releases
    More often map releases
    Constant communication with the community
    Letting people/admins implement new ideas
    Constant ROTW
    KZMOD news and releases

    CSGO implementation
    New website (dunno if necessary, but perhaps it should, given the future addition of CSGO)

    The green things you can consider done. Part of them will be seen quickly. The rest as implementing new ideas and ROTWs depend on actual human resources. For maps, demos, communication work is already being made.
    And as far as the CSGO implementation and new website, I'm afraid it can't be one without the other. This is the hard. I'm trying to figure something out for this as well, but knows...

    And for the blame part, I understand it and part of it I take. But I'm afraid work has to be done as well, not just blame everywhere...

    Really thank you for your input!

  • Country: Romania Keo on 11/02/18 - 12:53:04     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • I kindly disagree Ovidiu. The things on this list you consider as done, are actually not done. Each year it's the same complaints about the releases. rotws and others. Having fast ones for just a couple of months is not a thing i would say it's accomplished.
    Yes, it may not be up to you for some of these, but they're not done.

    And i just told you from my side of view, as i'm visiting this website for 10 years now, constantly. Those are things that are still needed to be taken care of.
    Perhaps a change of strategy is needed.

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  • They will not be lowered. It was just a way of saying, to simplify the actual release procedure. All demos will still be deeply checked. Who doesn't think that is welcome to send in some cheats. I'm missing the Banned for Life series...

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  • It just feels that you are scared to lose CEO position, but ... why so? Wondering if you are just being selfish or there is another reason behind it.

    lowered mapchecking standarts you need to do the same for demochecking

    Not really sure if it is just a bad joke or... Aren't you supposed to treat every player the same? It does not matter if he is playing for 1 day or 1 year, it is still possible that he can use cheats. Now as I have read about skipping demos, somehow it feels that some of the demos have been released with only a 'visual' check. Now thinking about it brings me to another question - "Is it possible that some of the demos, even from the big-names, are cheated?"
    I mean, it is, right? It is very possible but I sincerely hope I am wrong here.

    Anyways, the only reasonable solution that I see right now is to pass CEO position to someone else. Recruit people who have both time and passion to do the job and let the chips fall where they have to. Good Luck.

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  • If only you have read the post above yours. But this is common, posting without reading. It's funny how you guys see cheats everywhere and when someone actually did something, like me and fame with the banned for life series, I remember there were quite some trashing about that as well. But hey, mark my words, out of everyone who was head admin here, I am the only one who actually wanted and managed to push things forward in the anticheat category.

    I'm not afraid to lose anything. I have a job to do and I intend to do it. Those who want to stick around and see it, or not, are welcomed anyway.

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  • A heads-up for you Ovidiu. Next time you gonna post ass long 100 lines text, make use of the dropdown bbcode.

Default XJ Avatar
  • It is exactly how I wanted it to be. I know how to dropdown, but it's better this way this time. Thanks.

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  • .kropeq is the X guy if someone is curious

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 11/02/18 - 13:39:01     Comments: 329     Reply to this    
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  • Most important thing about this community are demo releases and nothing else you do or will do will improve activity as much as fast releases(at least once in a 2 weeks).
    CyclopP you have waisted your time and energy on thinking about wrong things,we don't need new site...
    First and most important are faster demo releases with them you will have rotws and if you keep it constant you will show again that you respect people who spend their time to record for this site and you will again have their ,,trust".
    After that there are new map releases cuz right now you can't even check current number of maps(demos).
    Afrer all of that few months later with more players(older ones back) you can even think about cups.
    Even tho I heaven't played kz for a long long time I still check demos mostly on youtube so why don't you share MrKZDemos chanell on every demo release It would benifit you both cuz I know that I am not the only one who doesn't have cs/free time to watch demos from cs...
    Even tho you shared this with us I don't really know what's happening and I see that a lot of people are angry with you and don't want to share their help because of you so I see 2 possible ways either change or give that spot to someone else,no offence.

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 11/02/18 - 13:46:03     Comments: 329     Reply to this    
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  • Forgot to say about not checking good enough some demos,people pull your heads from your asses this wouldn't be the first time for this I am sure that even the one whose name can't be said in last couple of years when he was active didn't check every demo as much as he could.
    So if this would make release more frequant do it.

Default XJ Avatar
  • Yes FLP, that's the plan for now. To get the XJ that everyone is used to back on track. After that, a new website is needed if you want to move forward. But that comes later.

    Really thank you for your thoughts. Highly appreciated!

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  • Look, I didn't want to get in this drama but here it goes.

    So Ovidiu, we know that managing a community can be everything but an easy task. My point is this: If X person doesn't have enough time everyday to put effort into something for the website/community, then please don't make this person an admin because everything will just be too slow.

    What would be cool is constant updates on what's happening in the background, that would help and would keep everybody informed. Don't make super-busy people admins for the sole fact they can't be in touch with the community all the time. Doing ROTWs shouldn't take months or a ridiculous amount of work, fucking hell there are several people who could make them and still never happens!
    Faster releases would attract more attention, yeah. I just don't see the reason to make people admin if they are too fucking "busy" and slow at doing their job, just look at KZMod, 5 god damn months without release, and the greenlight thingy is still in the front page after MONTHS AND MONTHS of the official Steam release, like, seriously? Ok it is time consuming and not easy, but the community is slowly dying, we do not have big activity anymore so the admins must do their best to try to keep the community united, what we see today is definitely NOT an union between admins and users. There are several people that have PLENTY of free time and knowledge and will to help, but it seems they will never have their chance because admins are too "busy" or never have time, or simply don't want to read PMs or applications. Why make practically inactive people admin when we know things will never be fast? This is XJ reputation, everything takes months. If someone is always too busy to do anything for this community then for fucks sake let another person with free time do the fucking job! Look at these demo admins, offline for a whole month without clear explanations. We need faster and better admins that are ALWAYS in touch with the website and users, but we never see that happen. This is why a SHITTON of people lost interest in this. If things continue to take so much time then I have to say that more and more people will start to leave the community/game for lack of motivation and activity.
    Like I said it is dying so everybody should do the best to try to keep the community alive and updated, otherwise the activity and interest will only drop and drop to the point of making users give up on this.
    If there is no time for you or other admins then let someone else interested and trustable do the job! Don't hold the community back, help it in every way you can instead of making things run so slowly!

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  • You are right Gorbachev. This has always been the problems. The admins. I mean I don't blame them, everyone has their life, but if this was a problem 10 years ago, it will be also a problem 10 years from now. Except if you make it a fulltime job. And that requires monthly salary, money.

    I respect every user on this community and the next news will show exactly that. The lengths I'm willing to go now, I even surprise myself. I wouldn't have done this if It weren't for you guys, those who still visit, post and care of this website.
    Currently out of close to 20 admins, only like 5 TOPS are active. You can't sustain a community this level with 5 guys, or less. And it is because I still care and I'm active, despite life issues, I'm willing to continue.

    The new website was supposed to remove the admin problem. It is structured different. It is a self sustained website by its users. If I will have the power to make that happen, man...

    But anyway, keep close and really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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  • Sorry for the bad words but it's that everybody is tired of things taking too long or not happening at all. If you feel overloaded with tasks regarding the community then you should look for some help, let someone active be admin to decrease the amount of work you have to do, when different people try to help each other things tend to be easier and almost never hit that "too much work, not worth" stage.
    I know that it is HARD to find trustable people, but I'm sure there's a lot of people willing to help and make the community better.
    CSGO KZ should have been implemented years ago and I honestly think that practically NOTHING happened in the background regarding that.
    In my honest opinion most admins were too lazy to do their work, I know, I know it is not simple but as I said, when multiple people help each other everything can go faster.
    Have a talk with some specific members, try to know if they have knowledge, if you don't find somebody suitable, then oh well, you tried.
    Don't let the community die like that, months without ROTWs, months without KZMod news, maps or demo release.
    Honestly, just kick the lazy admins from their positions since they are not doing their job and can never do something in time or are never available and or are never in touch with other admins or users. I know these things take time, but come on, working at least 2 hours in 2 days fixing things, implementing stuff, checking maps, demos or applications should not be hard or too time consuming.
    I have no hope for this community to estabilize when there's nothing happening in the background with lazy people that don't want to commit to something, like one of the admins bashed me when I said they need to act professional, "who cares? It is not a real job." or something like that. It is not a real job but you should show commitment and be able to handle responsibilities. Why someone with such way of thinking is in charge of something for the community? Like, seriously?
    Keep things the way it is now and NOBODY will show interest in using the website or doing anything around here. Several things that could potentialy increase the activity were suggested but the admins never listen and never try to do them.

    COMMUNICATION and lack of interest and responsibilities is what is missing here.

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  • It's not like I don't let them. Never said no to any admin who wanted to do a thing or who wanted to become admin. Literally anyone has that chance, he just needs to come forward. I am trying as well to contact certain people, but I can't contact them all. Don't be under the wrong impression it is like this because I don't want help. I do.

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  • Don't get me wrong, as I said, dealing with this stuff takes time, you have ro rely on others and is definitely not simple, it's just that I have the feeling that you are taking charge of almost everything, and maintaining a community is impossible with just 1 person, I don't imagine the pressure you are under at the moment, this is why the website needs more help and reliable people working TOGETHER. The union makes the force and this is what we need. Let other admins look for people willing to help as well, not just you as we all have different contacts.

    The point is: More communication would keep everybody updated, and that would lead to less problems and people complaining. Let us know what is happening in the background, maybe some of us will see the situation and have ideas to help on improving things. Transparency is one of the most important things in any administration, be it in a gaming website or managing a big company. If all help is appreciated, then let's the help come in.

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  • The thing that keeps happening (and will keep happening if nothing is changed) is that Ovidiu starts working harder after something like this happens, and after he sees negligible improvement in the situation, he loses motivation, so we get a periods like this one, with absolutely no activity (and the cycle keeps repeating endlessly).

    The only thing that can fix it (apart from new CEO), is that you (Ovidiu) must not lose motivation after you see no improvement following your hard work. The situation XJ is in now, won't get fixed after a short period of your hard work. You need to persist, and only then, after all of your future hard work goes simingly in vain over and over, we shall see people's moral reach sufficient levels leading to an exponential improvement in the scene

    Some of my thoughts, the least I can do to help a site I've been visiting for years

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  • seemingly* lel

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  • I didn't want to say this myself, but you just did a touchdown. You summed up perfectly everything that happened.

    But yea, I didn't give up, not yet. I'm still here and taking tons of trash, insults and wrong opinions about me. Despite the fact that all odds may seem against me, this website and community will continue.

    And I assure everybody that no one else in my position that would have went through the same things as I did, would had continued. That's the difference between me and the rest. I have 12 years of XJ, 12 years of work, 12 years of good and bad, 12 years of insults, 12 years of seeing countless admins come and go, and yet I'm still here.

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  • Okey so don't trash me just because my account here is so new, been following XJ rather actively from 2007 or so.

    Please don't consider lowering the demochecking standards. For me XJ has always been the community which will ultimately catch the cheaters. I know it's a difficult battle, I've checked hundreds of demos during my years in CS using tools available for public and a few private ones. Can't even imagine how time-consuming a deep demochecking process is. It's very easy to start slacking when it comes to players everyone trusts, and to be honest I don't think huge harm comes from that. I would love to throw in an application for demoadmin but I would also need a good team for it otherwise I wouldn't have enough time.

    One huge problem with this community has always been a big lack of income (as far as I know). One good method might have been setting up a youtube account uploading raw runs and monetizing those. In the past this would have been a massive amount of work but nowadays it should be a lot easier with shadowplay etc, but it might be too late for this now? Without income you only have volunteers, which are easily corrupted and unmotivated.

    Lowering the map standards is fine, I've made over 20 maps for deathrun and I always thought mappers are what keeps a game alive. New players are drawn in a lot easier when they have maps they can actually record and beat. Mapchecking shouldn't be a too complicated process, I know from personal experience that a team of 1-3 players absolutely cannot find what hundreds of players can. So shortcuts and bugs will be found, but those can be dealt with later on.

    As mentioned in the other comments demoreleases really are the most important thing here now. KZmod will never become a replacement for this and CSGO kz will never happen until you have proper coders that get paid well for their work.

    Maybe all of this is useless since the game is really dying. The amount of players online on steam has been dropping hard in the past few years. Still we see the oldschool players visit the site all the time, which tells nobody every really forgets kz. Let's try to keep this train running smooth all the way to the end.

    Also massive thanks to FAME, you're one of the best things I've seen to happen to kz in years. Kind of lost my track of thoughts towards the end but I got few things said that were on my mind :)

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  • Fear not Commandeer, as I stated above, nothing will be lowered for demo checking. I'm putting together a team now of several demo admins, would be great if you would like to join and help. Way less work for everyone. Hit me on PM if you are interested in a talk.

    I'm glad you see the big picture. The money, yes, always a problem. Previously said tons of times that if you want to see actual results, you need paid guys for that. It was never possible. This why everything is so hard and this why we are in this situation. I am a human myself and I have my breaking down periods, my share of inactivity caused by lack of motivation. Why? Because I have more than 12 years of work and I've seen admins come and go so quickly that for some I don't even remember their names. That's frustrating, knowing you are the only constant. It's like you are immortal and you see the same things happening over and over again. It might sound fun at first, but later on, it's depressing.

    Anyway, huge appreciation for you for writing down your thoughts. Thank you!

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  • ovidiu your deep words are making me cry,if you keep on doing things fast than we don't need any other CEO,like i said don't become a boss become a leader :)

Default XJ Avatar
  • I don't understand the problem? I check this site occasionally and if there are demo/map/movie releases that's great.
    Majority of the Cosy staff probably still goes to school/university and therefore have more time on their hands. The experienced demo checkers usually are older and have life's outside of the internet. Personally, I prefer any experienced demo admin with integrity over a young, inexperienced one, even if this means fewer releases. It's important to check demos in depth, especially after that terrible next-level cheat surfaced on cosy.

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  • Many long posts but still no release...

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  • im really sad to see XJ as it is now.. hard for me say who to blame... i guess both sides are partly responsible for what XJ has become.. both admins and users.. as a former admin ( COO )i took care about literally everything... map checking, demo checking, weekly news, interviews, year polls etc.. and its definitely not one man job but back then, I had good steam friends who were wiling to help me, help XJm but ye, mostly a had to ask them myself.. but i thought about it as my duty to keep the site interesting cuz i accepted the COO position with all the + and - and i knew what i was going to..
    Those times are gone, more and more people are losing interest in this game and site and noone can blame them, time goes by. On the other hand people are hungry for demos, and its admins responsibility to feed them. They are really not asking for much..

    I made many mistakes as an admin but i would never let this happen, sorry Ovidiu.
    Btw. dont think I forgot the time when you kicked me out of administration cuz my contributions were not quality enough haha. Just joking, its gone, but i couldnt resist, sorry :)

    Well, good luck to you guys. Maybe i am a dreamer but I still believe in XJ, as i never gave up on it.
    Gotta say I miss my time here.

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  • Hey PU9, glad you posted so Dimitri here can remember your period doing alot of stuff that the community loved and enjoyed the activity so much.

    For me esp. was the mapping contest where i participated with a great map.
    And you asked me to be there on livestream when we presented the Maps that were submitted and i was there enjoying the time with every1 and im really glad you asked me to be there as I participated with every1 more than i would thought of beside submitting the map.

    You were great!

    Wish you could have stayed more and forever!!

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  • Thanks for the kind words Spidy, it was a spectacular night back then indeed :) me, you, Fantasm, tenkae and others..

    kz_siedlungclimb is definitely one of your best maps, if not the best.

Default XJ Avatar
  • You are honestly one of those guys who should be brought back in the line. Like thopa too. Let bygones be bygones.

    I thought you did a hell of a job, back then.

Default XJ Avatar
  • all those problems are kayne's fault. he made thopa got kicked haha

Default XJ Avatar
  • Not that my honest opinion will change anything around here, since I'm often seen as an ex legendary troll as ShoCk once said, but I feel it's the time to give out my 2 cents.

    My dear CyclopP,

    It is with an absolute delight that I am handing out my point of view on this catastrophic status XJ has been since 2 months.
    First of all, I don't deny you work behind the curtain to keep XJ alive and on tracks. Must be tough for a grown up romanian, who earns on average 5 bucks a day, to handle so much.
    Fact is, us, random users, don't see anything new. Maybe abit more sharing would be helpful, and when I say sharing, I aint talking about sharing food at the local soup give-away !
    Second, may I suggest you get your bloody fingers out your fuckin butthole and start by putting good people in your staff ? Wtf is iNsprate doing in the admins lmao ? The guy is useless as fuck and has fun with admin rights srsly ... You really think people will be kind to you and him with this kind of behavior ? You boys seem to be as corrupted as ukrainian politics (no offense fellow ukrainian members), not giving a shit about what people may think of all this crap, and just going on and on. That's some serious schizophrenia right here wow ...
    And since fykseN pointed it out, we keep our challenge only on KZRA because XJ isnt stable these days, period. It's been deteriorating since Faker & Oddy left the field quite frankly and it doesnt seem to get better as the time goes on.

    Maybe it's time to hand out the CEO position my good friend and start doing something useful with your life, instead of wanking all day on what seems to be the highlight of your existence, being the boss of a website #YOLO

    If you have any remarks or questions, feel free to send me a postcard bro, I'll be happy to help you out with how life works and how to be successful and all.

    Sincerely yours,

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  • Wow so much drama... i know that 2 mounths are long time for release and the CEO and admins (if there is active ones) should have done something or just let us know what is happening (YES).. I readed all comments and theres so much hate on Ovidiu Dumitru (someone for his own reasons, someone for community) I dont know what exactly is happening behind the stage but Ovidiu is here from 12 years and still trying to help the community, lets look it from the good side, not only bad. All this hate maybe is for good to motivated him to do much more work or just to retire him idkn. You have to create strong and responsible team and everyone to do what he has to do and everything will be like before, releases, rotws.. etc.. I believe that XJ will stand up again. Sorry for my english btw. Greetings

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  • Okay... i didn’t read all the comments, but damn.
    First of all, i don’t want to sound hatefull, i don’t know you Ovidiu.
    Like most of the players mentioned it, 90% of us are here for the demos, i’m visitting XJ quite alot recently, and when i log into the site and see the exact same thing from 1/2/3 weeks, i just leave.
    Second, give people a chance to participate. I saw in the chatbox that before a year there were “enough” democheckers, and didn’t took Fiveshot. Like.. do they even get payed? I don’t think so. One more demochecker will always bee better than one less.
    Third. You need admins? Make a f*cking statement, pin it on the news feed, tell us you are recruiting people, we can’t read minds.
    News and information are always good for us, and it will save you some bashing as you can see.
    Don’t get me wrong i just want to see XJ where it belongs.
    Have a good night. :)

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  • I will make a longer comment soon, but as of right now. I see no one giving Ovidio credit for at least trying to 1up the communication with the community. What he is doing right here, is actually to put a direct spotlight on the current problems within XJ and make the whole staff more transparent and open for suggestions. I see this guy Hardhitter trying to pick him apart, and all of that shit. This reminds me of back in the day, when people wanted fakers head. It happened once or twice, even worse than this. And look now, the most celebrated admin of all time. I don't expect Ovidiu to surpass him (as he had the best and most memorable years of KZ.) but I think he is definitely doing the right thing.

    As for me, who is not playing or anything. I miss the ROTW, I think these runs are not only a great entertainment for us. But it's also boosts the reason to record, you might become the ROTW which is always a big honor. So I think bringing back those would be very helpful.

    There was once something called XJ's weekly, but I can't recommend trying to pick it up again. It's tough work and the admin doing it will burn out sooner or later.

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  • So true Scary,

    still kudos to CyclopP for running this site further.

    Like PU9maker already wrote its not a one man job a nd blaming the whole thing only on him is wrong.
    Demochecking is also not an easy task when you don't have the lust/energy anymore for it and its a hard hitter. Many guys can offer their help, but can they keep their work up and running like in the beginning when they had start it? I guess they will lose interest sooner or later in doing the job.

    Why blaming it on CyclopP when you can just contact him and explain him your idea? I had done it serveral times to CyclopP and he offered it to me to publish it on XJ. But yes the time factor is still the main problem and its still a hobby from all of us.

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  • So have more people doing small things rather than assign a person to manage a whole area and have full responsibility.

Default XJ Avatar
  • well managing a whole community and lazy admins is not an easy task.
    there are enough users who would like to help but are they good for it or do they only want to have the famous admin tag under their name?

    its not easy to find the right person for a given task.

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  • You were account #152. Damn son 13 years ago! I was waaay sooner like 477

Default XJ Avatar
  • i'm sry Scary for stealing your ID :)

Default XJ Avatar
  • See you in 13 years ^^

Default XJ Avatar
  • Thanks a lot guys, Demo and scary, means a lot to me. I knew the old guys would understand. Only those who went through this can really understand what it's like and how it all works. You guys said it perfectly!
    I miss having guys like you by my side!

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  • prvate=?

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  • To be honest here is a whole generation, i mean most of the top players are doing this since 10 years or more.. im visiting xj since 2005, jeez this is 13 years.. i saw many things and i grew up with kz.The thing is now that these 14-15-16 years old kids that used to play a lot every day and night, now they are persons with a job, family, study and so on, and the limits in this game are pushed as far as it could be and there is nothing more to happen, unless something like 1+ unit on all lj categories and some miliseconds improve which is a lot of hard work and i dont think people have the time to do it,and for the "new" players its impossible to beat these records.So there are needed many new maps, so the "new starts" can shine and so there will be more work for the demochecking admins.The gaming industry is improving so hard, and no one finds cs 1.6 so attractive as it was used to be.Its sad to say it but this site will keep getting low visits, its just like this, its normal, things change.I remember when i donated to xj and after 1 hours i got banned bcs of "multiaccounting" to some old acc that i did not remember the name or the password.Ok, i know rules are rules, but i wanted to help the site montly and i just got banned and had to write essay about this lol, some people had really poor and bad attitude, but its in the past.Concentrate on maps and give some chance to the new players to shine as jumpers, mappers, ademocheckers, ceo, cup adminds, pornhub stars and so on, you need some fresh meat.

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