News: ROTW Classics #19 - thopa on kz_cg_extreme

28/02/18 - 22:58:48

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 32

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Run Of The Week Classics is BACK in the spotlight, with its 19th edition!

A real hero!
2007. Over a decade ago...

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See you when April ends, for a new Classic, because we are back in business!


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  • <3

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  • Is he dead,that this is called ''tribute''?

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  • No he is not. One doesn't have to be to pay him tribute.

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  • really really nice <3

  • Country: Romania Keo on 28/02/18 - 23:25:34     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • oh thopa...i still miss him to this day.
    Great to see him remembered not only for his huge dedication to the community, but for his jumping skills also.
    A true classic!

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  • would somebody remind me why has thopa left?

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  • I think he was banned for something trivial. Can't remember what exactly :)

  • Country: Romania Keo on 01/03/18 - 09:05:55     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • i think it was the leak of demo checking tools or something.

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  • One of the best guy i've ever met on xj... and no need to talk about his professionalism in demo-checking and how he was that "IN" xj projects and made this community step forward that much..

    thopa pro <3

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  • So cool... Thanks for this piece guys,
    Btw, where is he now?

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  • without a single dd btw

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  • I love that caveman style strafing, definitely effective though. Not the prettiest strafes, but synced and effective.

    Thopa was the man back then.

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  • What a champion he was Thopa! Such a humble and good person, I miss him :).

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  • well original it was in_extreme from InseN, he later on reworked the map adjusted some jumps and retextured the whole map later on.

    what you guys are referring to from the description it was more to in_extreme

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  • You are right dEMo, but we both know no one really knows or remembers InseN. Would be great to host an edition dedicated to him as well.

    Few are still around who know InseN was a beast! He destroyed maps like kz_megabhop or kz_kzfr_rabbithighwayez back in the day. I'm also sure no one even knows this movie -link-

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  • Beautiful to watch. For 2007 this is incredible... Good job XJ TEAM. i saw a lightning this month, after the BIG HATE you are going well and i am not playing anymore but it is a pleasure to see NEW STUFFS in this community. Big up

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  • dont get me wrong, about NEW STUFFS i mean - new demos, players etc.. ofc ROTW Classics is not a new thing, but some players dont even knows who is thoppa... or brian, t3d, cordyline, chrizzo, bibo( he has a cool job now, i am happy about that ) and many more...

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  • good times

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  • that's dope

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  • I love the raw style of jumping players had back then. Great job by the moviemaker too, very enjoyable.

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  • thopa's amazing. back at the years when first prochallenge map series came out, thopa was the first who recorded prochallge_precision. Gj ovidiu, keep providing us with materials like these.

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  • For rawstyle jumping, keep in mind in that time, precision mouses came later.
    the most famous mouse amongst jumpers were the MX Series from Logitech.

    and i guess around middle of that time the G series and razor came with high dpi mouses.

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  • very cool jumper. he didnt know cj technique at that time? no?

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  • Good evening!

    I was informed that I am on the front page of XJ, and must say that I am truly honoured. I really am. Thank you. :-)

    Years have passed since I was active, but oh my – those years were wonderful. Since I quit playing kz I have not engaged myself in any computer game at all. For me, kz had everything and this community were full of joy, friendship and challenges.

    kz_cg_extreme was my first world record, officially. I wanted to beat the toughest map out there, and actually I felt quite embarrassed when I submitted the first world record since the time was 16 minutes and I knew I could improve it a lot. It had plenty of fails. I submitted three records on this map and my ultimate goal was to beat it under 10 minutes, and I didn’t quit until I succeeded.

    My story on this map started way back, when it was going under the name in_extreme (as you have mentioned). When I started playing kz I was not involved in the Swedish kz community. I always played on the Finnish kz servers, kzfi. As most kz players I have spent countless of climbing hours during evening and night time on holidays and my co-player at the time was p3tsin (kzfi´). He was better than me, and probably the best Finnish player at the time. He was also administrator of kzfi, and during one specific time period back in 2006 (maybe even 2005) we always changed map to in_extreme when there were few players on the server at night time. Most people hated the map.

    In_extreme was the hardest map we knew, and kzfi ruled under one important policy – it is not possible to use checkpoints at any given time on their servers. Actually it was impossible to gain checkpoints. Playing on the kzfi-server made you an astonishingly good kz player since you had to develop your patience and skills deeply. Since I had finished every kz-map at the time without checkpoints I had to accept the challenge of in_extreme, and so I did.

    P3tsin finished in_extreme without checkpoints as the first person (ever I guess) in 72 minutes if I remember correctly. He had to extend the server uptime many times and the first time I finished it the timer stopped at 91 minutes. Server uptime was about 120. Prior to beating the map we played it countless of times and we failed both hard and easy jumps miserably.

    At one time InseN was playing in_extreme among with us and we pitched the idea that he should upgrade his map and submit it to kz since XJ did not want to accept in_extreme to their maplist at the time. He had already thought about this and when he knew the map was beatable with no checkpoints and within a reasonable amount of time he started his work, reworked the map and asked for beta-testers. The map was a pure joy to climb compared to in_extreme (which had plenty of laggy parts) and the only thing we pointed out as flaw were a few places where the texture was ‘null’. InseN was a great mapper.

    When kz_cg_extreme was accepted as a map by XJ I took on the challenge. I spent countless hours learning every single jump and perfecting my movements. Mentally I still remember every single jump and I could probably create a close replica of the map in Hammer.

    After a lot of practising I always finished the first part of the map without major fails, and only restarted every world record-try about every 2/10 tries due to stupid fails on the first part. I mostly fell on easy/average jumps. After playing the same map for many hours there are no specific hard jumps, it is the sequence of the jumps that is hard among with you becoming nervous occasionally.

    The most annoying part of the map is the gate at the beginning, with the countdown! The record run of 09:54 does not contain the quickest first part I have done but in total it is the quickest time I have finished the map. Only once while I was practising I finished the second part without any fails at all and mentally I always had that in mind when climbing. I knew I could make the map without falling, but I also knew that would be a very hard feat to accomplish.

    The most irritating jump on the map is the small jump at the beginning of the second part and the part where you have to jump, strafe left and slide upwards about half ways on the second part of the map. I failed those jumps many times.
    The scariest part is not hard, and I never fell here, but I found it to be the high and small-area pillars (12 jumps) before the shortcut with a water below. I never made that shortcut and I always disliked the high jumps afterwards although I knew the high jump technique by heart since I created the "gravity_research"-map just to find out. The part I practised the most was at the first part of the map where you have to jump down through a small gap and land on a block above the water. After a while I had three different techniques and never failed it. During the record run my heart beat quite fast at the end since I really wanted to beat 10:00 and when I saw the timer at 09:52 I just smiled and felt amazing internally. I kept the WR a secret until the demo release. ?

    This map is great joy! And again, thank you for reminding me of this great time of my life. Most people remember me as an administrator of this website but the core of my being at the time was a climber of every map that was created, and I had to finish them all without checkpoints.

    My comment on some of the comments:
    - I used the red Razer Diamondback.
    - I always did the first jump with SPACE and if I bunnyjumped - I used mwheeldown.
    - My strafestyle was not the most beautiful, but I had developed great prestrafe timing and it was effective enough to finish any map among with 1-3 small strafes. The most important thing is to know the attack angle of the next block, just know your left and right side and do not hit into any obstacle.
    - My LJ record was only 250, I had higher stats but never landed 251 due to lack of high top speed because.
    - At the time CJ was not known. But let me tell you something fun. I held the first record with a Count-Jump included. It was on kz_xj_mounthard. I recorded that WR close after CJ was invented and released to public. Most people hated CJ at that time.
    - As for prochallenge_presicion, I loved that challenge and knew I would get the best time. It was my kind of map.

    You who commented; I know most of you and I do miss you. :-)

    Omilo, tack! and likewise. :-) You do not know this but the first time I played on the same map as you i did not like you because you were better than me. We played at kz_chinabl0ck. You were a beast of that map at the time. :-)

    As most old players I occasionally visit this website from time to time and I am updated in the skill level of today. I am utterly impressed! World records are extremely qualitative today.

    Keep up the good work and always be competitive. :-)

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  • "...I could probably create a close replica of the map in Hammer..."
    That's sick!

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  • Feeling so much joy right now we made you come out of "hiding" :D
    Thank you for taking your time to write this. Always a ton of fun to read such stories.

    Oh and btw, tried contacting you, but you were nowhere to be found. Nice to see you around!

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  • Hey thopa,
    I always looked up to you when I first started kreedzing. I was honestly heartbroken when XJ decided to drop you as an admin. You were always so nice and helpful - nothing could've ever changed my opinion about you as a person.

    Nice to see you take the time to write these words :)

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  • What a story, that brings me back! Had so many similar experiences! Haha yea I had no idea but that's funny :D.

    Good to see you!

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  • huh like Ovidiu said , Always a ton of fun to read such stories.- is so interesting to know what was happened in the beginning of something, thanks for sharing this thopa

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  • What a pleasure to see u around thopa, hope u'r doin good since thoses gold era days !!

    :D peace bro

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  • Thopa.. what a memories we share aha.. "how's the weather?" pure classic.

    Great run!

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