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06/03/18 - 15:21:48

Written by: shooting-star

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Hello XJ!

Today is the day when interview with Country: Russia qui. first sees the daylight. I want to sincerely apologize to him that it took so long.

The interview originates from June 2017, when I beat qsk_azure-2 for the first time. At that time, I was really focused on beating Country: Russia qui.'s works one by one. While doing so, stunned, I started to be interested in the mapper himself. I really enjoyed interviewing him and I believe you will enjoy reading it no less than me!

Please, read the extended newspost to find out more about Country: Russia qui.!

Best regards,
shooting-star and the team

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  • gj both, that's interesting

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  • I think xj should interview more guys from the past that did stuff for the scene, as most of them will become inactive at some point

    thanks for the interview though, always interesting reading those! :)

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  • i like qui`s maps and that was very interesting to read gj ss

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  • they did talk with each other on chat or voice chat?

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  • i blame qui for turning me gay.

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  • coo

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  • That was a good read. ;)

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  • qui is one of the best mappers for sure, gj both

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  • i know this guy

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  • That is an underrated news piece for sure judging by the amount of comments

    Thank you shooting-star and qui, enjoyed reading it a lot.

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  • I may be bias, but it always nice to see mappers to be given voice in this community, which doesn't happen a lot unfortunately.

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