News: 6 new KZMod Maps

11/03/18 - 23:53:08

Written by: KarLi

Comments: 23

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

kz_tetris by Country: Poland Kostek aka Besath
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
kz_tetris Screenshot 1
kz_tetris Screenshot 2
kz_tetris Screenshot 3
kz_tetris Screenshot 4
kz_tetris Screenshot 5

kz_devstyle by Country: Ukraine Berkut CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Challenge: Average/Hard
Type: Climb/Bhop
kz_devstyle Screenshot 1
kz_devstyle Screenshot 2
kz_devstyle Screenshot 3
kz_devstyle Screenshot 4
kz_devstyle Screenshot 5

kz_brickngrass by Country: France 8ball1 Mapper Moviemaker, Country: United States Timmycakes Mapper
Challenge: Average
Type: Climb
kz_brickngrass Screenshot 1
kz_brickngrass Screenshot 2
kz_brickngrass Screenshot 3
kz_brickngrass Screenshot 4
kz_brickngrass Screenshot 5

kz_warehouse_ns by AssKicR, Country: Poland Kostek aka Besath
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
kz_warehouse_ns Screenshot 1
kz_warehouse_ns Screenshot 2
kz_warehouse_ns Screenshot 3
kz_warehouse_ns Screenshot 4
kz_warehouse_ns Screenshot 5

kz_extreme by Country: Unknown insen Mapper, Country: Netherlands Chrizzy Mapper, inSaNe, Country: United States Timmycakes Mapper
Challenge: Easy/Average/Hard
Type: Climb/Maze
kz_extreme Screenshot 1
kz_extreme Screenshot 2
kz_extreme Screenshot 3
kz_extreme Screenshot 4
kz_extreme Screenshot 5

kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 by Country: Germany dEMolite Mapper,Country: Germany DaMp Mapper,Country: Netherlands Chrizzy Mapper,Country: Poland Kostek aka Besath
Challenge: Easy/Hard
Type: Bhop
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 Screenshot 1
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 Screenshot 2
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 Screenshot 3
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 Screenshot 4
kz_bhop_coldbhops_v2 Screenshot 5

Big thanks to Country: Germany pacMan KZMod Recordholder and Country: Czech Republic HaRdC0rEeEe Mapper KZMod Recordholder for helping making this release.
Maps updated to kzmod records list aswell -link-

Have fun playing & recording!

XJ Team


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  • Great, Kreedz Climbing needs more maps!

  • Country: Romania Keo on 11/03/18 - 23:55:35     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • woohoo, kzmod maps!

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  • What about the new surf maps???

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  • they need to be submitted, or atleast if we know which new surf maps are available we'll consider for release.

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  • well i have 3 options:

    1. striking with a dmca report for infringement
    2. sticking with an utterly crap remake in a beautiful engine....
    3. requesting a remove on xj

    it depends on how the remaker's reaction.


    Like i had already stated in serval posts, i had never and i will not give out any permissions on remaking any of my maps!

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  • I wouldn't necessarily call Source a beautiful engine but it's true that the port is ugly. I guess option number 3 is the best since 1) I never intended to release ports on XJ and 2) the original mapper is against it.

    Another option would be for me to send you the vmf file, as the basic geometry and triggers are all there so you could (if you would like to) touch up your creation properly :) I realize kzmod's scene isn't very active so wasting time on it might not be very appealing though.

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  • I gotta say, that without permission, a good many of my maps were simply TAKEN and ported to CSS and even more of them in CSGO without any permission whatsoever.

    I could bitch and complain all I want about it, but it won't change one thing:

    My maps are getting played. With this attitude, I don't care.
    I am surprised you would act like this about your map, ugly port or not. It going to get played, and even removing it won't help because people have it. Just relax and let people play your map.

    No harm was meant

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  • Since i cant edit that:

    I DO encourage anyone porting maps that ask me about it to get permission because that is our policy but....yeah.......maybe they tried?

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  • well i know soulfather, thats why dmca or the ecd exists. to help ip holders to hold on their ip's.

    i never got any requests so far and thats why i had wrote it in the past: prevent converts/remakes which are not source worthy, since source is capable of alot more instead of placing only walls. z.b FragGyver did a nice map, but in the end it comes to the knowledge from the designer. does he know the tools? does he know that source is capable of alot more when used with a good concept and selfmade custom models?
    even tho that i said no, with a good concept or testable alpha/beta it can be pitched to me to get permissions.

    but in the end i'm done with the kz scene. still looking into the scene what had been changed. i can let it be removed but i already wrote pacman i will let it stay to show it off, how it shouldn't be

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  • sue him dEMolite, I want to see that *popcorn*

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  • i will never sue someone only because of an dmca or ecd request. (Its just a removal request nothing else)

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  • i'm curious how would you prove you are the creator of those maps to dmca.
    what was the purpose you created them for anyway?
    so what if they are crap remakes on a beautiful engine like you said? they became so popular because the way they are..

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  • you can directly message the hoster depends on the region where it is being hosted.
    e.g is it USA you are referering it on an dmca incident.
    if it is in european hosted you are refering it on an ecd incident.
    those are the direct regulations about intellectual property.

    if the hoster is not responding to that, then you have better luck with one of those dmca / ecd removal firms.

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  • You guys treating us so well...

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  • good

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  • I can't even see the new maps in the record list though?

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 12/03/18 - 12:13:41     Comments: 287     Reply to this    
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  • Only main routes are in rrcord list

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 12/03/18 - 12:16:41     Comments: 287     Reply to this    
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  • Gj people. I was expecting real new maps. Anyways Gj berkut!!

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  • 8ball1, Chrizzy wow! Nice come back guy's!

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  • And I'm glad to see the rest of the Oldies!
    As well as KarLi, pacMan, HaRdC0rEeEe thanks for release!

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  • that tetris map would be perfect for some trickjumps edited by a high af APE_O

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  • great work admins! bring more kzmod maps!

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  • Great maps, guys! Good job all.

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