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23/03/18 - 23:03:00

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

It gives us great pleasure to test new waters in regard of the recent burst in activity, which in our opinion will mark a new era for XJ.

It all started after a comment was made by Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina SAJKEE Mapper in the ROTW #199 - promax on kzru_pharaonrun news:
SAJKEE on 04/03/18 - 11:22:06
Suggestion: Can someone make Usp and Knife models in colours of XJ to use in ROTW ,I think it will be nice, ...

So here we are, just two weeks later, setting up a new contest for anyone who will be interested!

Name: XJ Models Contest

Subject: CT model, USP model & Knife Model

Theme: Open

Deadline: 7th of April 2018

Rules: none

Suggestions: - there are no limitations, but our suggestion is to keep it clean and simple;
- every artist who will enter can submit more than 1 entry per model, but everyone should focus on making his work the best;
- it is NOT mandatory for each artist to submit entries for every model, but we encourage to do so;
- you can write any text you may want or add any picture you may like, but this will be done by clearly stating, representing and fitting

Winner: private admin debate (our votes will be published with the winners' announcement)

Reward: - 1st place 1 month VIP GOLD for each winning model;
- your work will be used in ALL XJ ACTIVITIES (public servers, demo recording, movies);
- winning models will be showcased in a featured clip.

XJ Logo: -link-

1. Country: Norway Speedz0r: Q: I guess you need p_ and w_ models as well as v_? / A: Yes. p_ (playermodel), v_(viewmodel) and w_(worldmodel). MENTION: w_ model for knife is not mandatory.
2. Country: Turkey deinaxe: Q: will you guys upload the models to the site? / A: Yes. Of course.
3. Country: Belgium badgamer CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder: Q: Need KZMOD models too :) / A: Only Country: United Kingdom Raptor  can decide that.
4. Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker: Q: What if one guy has the best USP, but ugly knife, and the second one the best knife, but ugly USP? / A: We will select the best model from each category. We won't select the makers.

Submit your work HERE (name ex: xjmodelscontest_nick_model)

As you can see, the entire contest is very open to each individual's mind and creativity. We encourage open mind thinking!

For any questions you might have, please use the comments section below. As questions will gather, we will also edit the news with FAQs as we go!

Thank you for your attention!
XJ Team


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  • lol awesome idea :) i will participate if i catch some free time

    *one suggestion: everything is good, but dont include the model for recording demos for XJ...its a risky thing i think

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  • Why? Custom models don't affect demo in any way.

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  • ye thats ok...but what if that reocrd-holder recorded it for kz-rush (for example) and suddenly its WR...but he didnt have XJ's knife model...his demo wont be accepted here...for example

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  • models doesnt matter in the demo - its the movement

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  • waaaaat

  • Country: Romania Keo on 24/03/18 - 00:56:22     Comments: 228     Reply to this    
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  • hm, good idea.
    You model maker guys better participate in this!!

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  • Are there even any model makers here?

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  • Default usp model is really good, and optimized. they mean the textures. or maybe we can add a flashlight, but It's useless, and good maybe just for edits with „N" use.

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  • model maker :D :D :D guys, you can just change textures. If you want to do a full model (3D), better for you :) good luck

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  • Awesome :D

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  • Need KZMOD models too :)

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  • good

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  • Agree with badgamer! I want to see KZMOD Ice Axe with XJ logo!

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  • Wow, let's party now :)
    Of course default models with new textures, I let you to choose which one...?

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  • will you guys upload the models to the site?

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  • I'll submit at least one of each, already finished player and usp, gonna work on the knife tomorrow. I guess you need p_ and w_ models as well as v_?

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  • Yes, p_ v_ and w_

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  • Oh wow, xjlogo 100x100, nice to be back in 2000 <3

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  • tbf, it doesn't need to be bigger for skins.

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  • I actually needed to scale it up.

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  • Just a little note, the w model for the knife is different from the p model, it's actually the 1.5 knife. So I'm sure it's okay if we do not submit a w_ (world model) for the knife?

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  • since you can't drop knife, its okay :)

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  • What if one guy has the best USP, but ugly knife, and the second one the best knife, but ugly USP?

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  • Speedz0r is correct. Winners will be picked based on models and not maker. There can be up to 3 winners or just 1, from the maker point of view.

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  • I'm assuming there will be a poll for each individual skin and not for each maker.

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  • So after all, what exactly you want, modified textures or NEW MODELS plus custom textures? There are two different things and making a NEW model ain't so easy for some users, plus making it at same scale, converting, optimizing to GOLDSrc isn't easy peasy shit.

    I think creating new models for this is pretty useless, you can get some nice textures on it and call it a day, than fucking around with custom models which might cause errors and shit.

    Really consider this since you know tf I'm talking about.

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  • Great idea! It will bring even stronger content for the ROTW's

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