News: XJ Highlights: WR Release #726

11/04/18 - 20:45:37

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

We proudly announce the birth of a new series: WR Release: Highlights

Great idea by the terrific WR jumper Country: Korea, Republic of shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder to deeper emphasize the thrilling moments a WR Release brings with it. We thought that ROTWs and BOTWs are not enough to show both the importance and the beauty these magnifique jumpers bring to the table. WR Releases are one of the most important parts of this beautiful community and with this new series we would like further expand the world of WR recording and also to give the spotlight these XJ Jumpers deserve!

For future editions, our plan is to have these Highlights come together with the actual WR Release they are meant for. It's a tough thing to pull off, but we will try. However, we don't make any promises.

Huge thanks to Country: Bulgaria abyzz Moviemaker for delivering this thrilling clip of the most astonishing moments our players managed to perform. The video itself is exactly how it needs to be for the audience to be put in that specific state to really enjoy the marvelous KZ Gameplay!

Without further ado, please enjoy!

YouTube Link

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!!!

XJ Team


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  • good job abyzz and shooting star!! nice clip

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  • Good idea

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  • good concept and I image this being edited in couple of ways .. nice!

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  • I like the idea and really enjoyed this one. Maybe it's because of dnb + simple&clear edit, but it's lovely anyways

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  • nice tune

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  • awesome idea, awesome song in there!
    maybe to put difference time on the screen ? like:
    KZ_PLAYER on kz_sola 01:20.22 (-00:02.33)

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  • awesome idea but please add only best combos from wrs(which you did for @60% of those runs - i want 99%).
    i also believe that this kind of clip makes rotw irrelevant since whole releases are already uploaded on yt;
    this might be the best idea xj has implemented in the last months, congrats shooting-star!
    btw nice edit abyzz

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  • thanks for your feedback, appreciated :)

    i would be glad if you participated in the choice of the best parts of the wrs and time them for the moviemakers. If you are interested, just send me a pm or add me on steam

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  • tioooo

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  • I love the idea!

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  • Loved that! The tune just fitted in perfectly.
    I believe it's one more way to attract the looks to wr's.
    GG shooting
    GG abyzz

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  • Instead of this coming together with a release (which I think isn't really necessary), I suggest the following:
    When there is a good new combo that made the run faster than previous WR, you could first play that same part from the previous WR, and then show the combo from new WR, so we can actually see where that difference is gained

    Btw, loving the increased activity, I got motivated to play kz again

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  • I like how this idea came to life, great job both of you. It's going to be a lot of work if you want this done for every release but we'll see how it goes.

    Also could we please use 60fps? It's 2018 it really should be a standard by now.

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  • Some people insist on using 30 fps, due to how well it goes with strafes, creates a feeling of dynamics.

    I remember the first time I saw a 60 fps movie of kz and it seemed so slow that I didn't like it at all.

    Nowadays I prefer 60 fps but there are still people who simply prefer 30 fps visuals.

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  • 30fps is fine as long as it's done with great quality. This clip was way too blurry for 30fps.

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  • Really good idea with this one! And nice implementation. I agree with cahz0r that it should only feature the parts that do stand out from the usual runs. And I hope it would not cause delays with wr releases, nothing wrong if it'll come out separately imo

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  • - release this before the demo releases (then it actually has its value - the true trailer thing b4 the real movie comes out), put best moments (best combos/new sc/whateva); because some ppl just skip the 10.xx+ demo times, they only watch/download <3/4 min dems, by this - everyone could actually know what happened in each demo.

    - looks like an enormous work (somebody first pinging any admin to include x.xx - y.yy timings only (so this guy has to be given checked/unreleased demo access, if he isn't an admin); then that admin pings the mm to include those x.xx - y.yy demo time's in his clip. Or maybe u can directly ping an MM Admin to save those extra time. So ya, work keeps on increasingly exponentially.

    But yah, great idea.
    If it works out in between the stipulated times, awesome.

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  • Great work, can we have some kzmod stuff soon, isn't it still part of XJ? :)

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  • @prad
    your idea might work(releasing highlights before demorelease) but, as you probably know, checking demos takes some time+the time it takes to edit parts(combos) from demos and you have to keep in mind that while you do the above - some new demos will probably get submitted and you dont want to neglect them or keep the "submit demos" page closed until you are done with highlights!

    your idea works for short maps or maps that are already close to perfection but they do BOTW for those.
    plus - there can be different combos(some faster, some slower) in those runs and you can't really compare them only because he ads 1 extra bhop.

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  • @cahz0r
    the problem is that you have to watch whole BOTW for just a single moment, if there is one
    and BOTW includes just one demo from the release
    about that second part, it's true, so I recommend it to be done only for maps where there is a single certain combo (or new sc) that really made the difference in respect to previous wr

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  • perfect editing for this kind of video. i would highly recommend to let the moviemaker choose which parts of the run will be featured in the clip, but maybe someone could give some advise on this issue beforehand

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  • Relaxing music, good quality, gj. The Arts of KZ.

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