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05/05/18 - 18:32:12

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

1.6 Mapping Competition


1st place 30€
2nd place 20€
3rd place 10€

The money is provided by Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper Moviemaker Silver Donator and will be delivered via paypal or as steam gifts of similar value.


Standard map submit rules apply with a few exceptions:

-map upload name format "comp_mapname_mapper"
-minimum run time on the map ~2 minutes

You can freely use any textures and custom content you find. Mappers will decide the theme of their map. Your map can focus on any aspect of kz you want, make it completely bhop or slide, or mix all of these into a climb map.

Upload your maps to submitmaps

Only 1 map/mapper.

The new rule for mapping doesn't apply to this competition. We're still trying to find alternative solutions to it. Your project can also have been started earlier, it doesn't have to be started after the date of this newspost. You don't have to be a mapper at XJ to participate, even if it would be your first map you're free to try your luck.

Standard map submit rules can be found in the submit maps section


Community will decide the winner and voting will be done by commenting. The maps will be released to players after the deadline, and a separate newspost will be made where the voting will take place.

Accepted maps:

Any map that fits the current XJ criteria will make it into the official map pool.

Competition begins as of this newspost.

DEADLINE: 07.07.2018 at 23:59 CET


XJ Team


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  • I'm still shit at making newsposts, sorry about that. If I forgot to mention anything feel free to ask for more information.

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  • hmm...

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  • what about difficulty of the map cause i think people will for hard maps since its more interesting to play

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  • What makes you think majority of the community prefers hard maps?

    Anyway this competition is all about making a map that the players like, since the community decides the winner and not the admins. A great map in any mod can be defined by how much players actually enjoy it. If the community prefers hard maps then so be it, nothing wrong with that.

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  • XDXD

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  • Hi mr juice

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  • Today is 05-05, deadline is 07-07, is it done purposely? :D Good luck to all the mappers!

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  • Just wanted to give about 2 months for this, the dates happened accidentally :D

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  • el pepomap

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  • This seems nice gj Commandeer

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  • Hmm...Maybe

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  • Good thing! hf mappers

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  • shame 1 map/mapper had entered with dyle as a collab map :(

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  • Thinking about coming back to scene :D

    I'm quite busy recently but I miss this stuff :)

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  • 1

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