News: ROTW #204 - fykseN on stf_creepytemple

01/06/18 - 08:40:36

Written by: shooting-star

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello community,

it is our pleasure to feature Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder in the ROTW series! The beaten map is the stf_creepytemple. Our TOP3 player kindly described his road to success in a paragraph below the video!
The previous demo originates from WR Release #633, five years back in the past. There are only two demos left unbeaten from the legendary release with over 120 comments. Who will take it?

We would also like to encourage anyone who is willing to beautify content of this site, direct his/her effort to improve this game, and has ideas and drive to realize them, to fill up an Application Form. Especially moviemakers and writers are welcome.


Featuring: Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: stf_creepytemple
Time: 01:40.36 (-00:01.01)
Previous holder: Country: Sweden LEWLY CS 1.6 Recordholder

Moviemaker: Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker

WR: WR Release #728

YouTube Link

Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
There were many different ways to approach, record and finish stf_creepytemple. In the point of beginning, I already had two amazing demos to watch and learn from. The first one was Country: Sweden LEWLY's clean, velvet record. He had a very good idea about the map limits, and he focused himself on the climb and difficult combos. The second one, more obscure and rare demo, was Country: Sweden VNS' record from 2013. He had the whole map covered, but decided to take climb parts easier and pushed very hard on the rest of the map with his typical bhops.
As the KZ-random challenge started and this map was chosen, Country: Czech Republic shooting-star advised me to implement his idea of different style, as he couldn't participate twice in a row. The breaking point was the well-known 256 block shortcut in the beginning of the map. Drop standup CJ clearly gives you an advantage, because everyone took the shortcut with a basic CJ before.
My idea was to combine this advantage with the previous runs of Country: Sweden LEWLY and Country: Sweden VNS.
As always, a new shortcut should be just a beginning of the new series. Hopefully it will drag more attention to this map and someone will show us what the real perfection looks like. That is something I'm looking forward to :).

Best regards,


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  • That was well explained from you fykseN

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  • gj, although I would have preferred to see godfree's kz_world 20 minute run. Just imagine 20 min rotw. :D

    Stil,l for me it was either this or kz_world so well done.

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  • You have improved a lot blackelf! Would be great if you changed to 1.6 models from cz. Nice run also fykseN :-)

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  • Thanks,
    happy to hear It, from a moviemaker. and thanks for an advice.

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  • Luv both run and edit. I agree with Nubz, that would be great if you changed the models. Also there's question on my mind - Was it an idea on your mind to put big circle in the middle of the screen or is it a mistake? It doesn't bother me too much because it's not really visible, only when camera shows something black and I'm not even saying it looks bad or something, just asking out of curiosity :D btw. great music choice, I'm ashamed that as a Sorrow fan and supporter I've never heard this one :<

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  • check out the latest compilation named Sorrow Archives, pure treasure :)

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  • That annoying circle is a mistake, I really don't know, where It came from :/

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  • I like fykseN's playstyle, everything looks so professional and carefully planned out. Also excellent song choice for this map, really enjoyed watching this!

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  • amazing movie!

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  • You're the man fykseN, well done!

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  • Great job both of you, well deserved ROTW !

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  • One of the smartest players.
    Well deserved rotw.

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  • also in 00:38 no stop with after SCJ and 00:56 no stop with bhop will be sick run, but ofc hard in run

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  • nice movie <3 clean and beautiful

  • Country: Argentina afu on 02/06/18 - 08:44:34     Comments: 255     Reply to this    
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  • gj fyksen and of course blackelf!

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  • good

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  • gj both. really nice clip and jumps :)

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  • nice run gj

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  • Oh man, imagine being so good at kz, that if you fail a bhop or jump too early, you just fucking strafe like a mad man and regain your speed. NICE ONE FYK!

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  • sick run dude!

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  • Long time i did not see an awesome run like this. Big congrat for this fyksen!
    And gj for the maker too! ;)

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