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19/07/18 - 09:54:20

Written by: shooting-star

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Hello XJ,

it has been a while since the last interview came out. Today's interviewee is well known longjumper from the ages past, who recently came back and started moviemaking for XJ, Country: Russian Federation akseon Moviemaker!

Best regards,
shooting-star and the team

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  • Cool interview, a short one tho, but glad to see these in the front page, well done.

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  • wish we had more of these with oldschool known guys ... great one and I'm glad seeing akseon active again hah. GL in your journey to mvm status :D

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  • Thank you guys for the feedback, much appreciated.
    Thank you Cobrex, should repair my poor pc with some new motherboard, ram and processor :/

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  • quien e

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  • I have a question axe, how much Time it took you to land your first 248 block?

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  • That was a random landing, i tried tried to land 248 with 2 days :/ :D

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