News: ROTW #206 - fykseN on kz_man_congo_b01

24/07/18 - 08:18:57

Written by: shooting-star

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Hello community,

last release brought a bunch of truly great demos. The run of the week is Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder's run on kz_man_congo_b01. We asked the man behind this record to describe his efforts. Our gratitude goes to Country: Russian Federation akseon Moviemaker, who kindly offered his help in moviemaking aspect of ROTW's!

Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder wrote:
I still love to re-visit the oldest maps and search for new ways on them. This one was a test for myself as even the oldest demos from Toffifee are still holding strong. It's never easy to keep up with the precision, but this time I alternated few combos and added my own signature to the run. To be completely honest, it took a while to figure out the last part and I also needed a pause after the most bizzare fail of my career on the ledge just before the last tower. However, this game is about recording and I purely enjoyed this old map piece. I'd like to thank Country: Russian Federation Toffifee CS 1.6 Recordholder for the kind words and Country: Czech Republic PU9maker CS 1.6 Recordholder for the laughs on my LAN, long live the KZ :)


Featuring: Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: kz_man_congo_b01
Time: 04:39.40 (-00:03.89)
Previous holder: Country: Russian Federation Toffifee CS 1.6 Recordholder

Moviemaker: Country: Russian Federation akseon Moviemaker

WR: WR Release #730

YouTube Link

Best regards,


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  • fix map its not kzsca_dawn

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  • Still KZRA

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  • congratulations my friend, hope to see more! You really have some feeling for these maps

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  • Meh

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  • Im sure the wr is crazy, but I just can't watch 4+ min wrs. :D

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  • fyksen killing it! gj

  • Country: Argentina afu on 25/07/18 - 00:24:48     Comments: 240     Reply to this    
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  • suburbia wouldve been a better choice


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  • Dope run gj.

    Could someone upload my prev WR?

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  • cool

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  • wicked!

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  • Good run and edit, well p0ker i think more combinations are more watchable

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