News: 1.6 Mapping Competition Results

09/08/18 - 18:06:59

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

1.6 Mapping Competition Results

Thank you for the big amount of votes we received, the competition was very close when it came to the top 3 positions. Maps are still hosted at Dropbox for now, ALL the submitted maps will be added to XJ in an incoming map release very soon. Mappers will be contacted about their prizes, congratulations to the winners!

Do NOT record on any of the maps yet, wait until they have been officially released as few changes are required.


1st place 30€
comp_fortboyard by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper
61 points - 28 votes

2nd place 20€
kzra_blackpearl by Country: Brazil jaguarBR Mapper
57 points - 26 votes

3rd place 10€
qcg_ragequit by Country: Czech Republic Qicg Mapper
52 points - 26 votes

4th place
kz_ludo by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper Gold Donator
30 points - 16 votes

5th place
hama_timberbhop by Country: Tunisia HaMMa Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
13 points - 9 votes

6th place
fufu_feizhai by Country: China fuufuu Mapper
10 points - 6 votes


XJ Team


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  • ez 1?

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  • Well deserved 1st place for Jeronimo's map, congratz!

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  • Grats Jeronimo =)

    Well done everyone!

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  • congratulations :)

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  • gratz, nice effort

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  • Congratulations to all the mappers

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  • gz to all mappers

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  • cg Jeronimo & jaguarBR

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  • gj congratz jeronimo!!

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  • Good job everyone!

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  • well done obviously good prediction of the 3places.

    Keep it coming.

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  • Sweet guys. Cg to everyone.

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  • thanks ! now I got a map on XJ !
    and congratulations to the winners ! GJ to all !

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  • Good job patchouli for fu_extreme! Beast

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  • Good job ;)

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  • good

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  • great stuff, can't wait to check 'em all out! :) gj

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  • gz

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