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14/08/18 - 16:29:19

Written by: SadPuppy

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps


Welcome to a new release (the competition maps)!

DON'T UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLE'S MAPS! We don't accept old (existing) maps. The mapper needs to upload his own maps. However, if an old map is being updated or fixed, it can be submitted (by its mapper).

Include a demo recording in the rar archive of someone jumping the entire map, even if the map is considered easy. If you ignore that, I will ask for a demo. If you still ignore it, map will not be released until you give me a demo. You are allowed to use (some) checkpoints since I want to see you being able to complete each jump, but don't overdo. Using hundreds of checks and dying doesn't really impress, and you may be forced to do a more reasonable demo.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!
If you don't, I will ask you for one.

Time for some maps!

fufu_feizhai by Country: Unknown fuufuu Mapper Commentban: Constant childish spamming.
Challenge: Hard
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Feizhai Screenshot 1
Feizhai Screenshot 2
Feizhai Screenshot 3
Feizhai Screenshot 4
Feizhai Screenshot 5

Simple but colorful solid map with different variety of jumps including slide, bhop and more personalised jump varieties that can be used. Map is short and simple which makes it more to the point of taking advantage of it by only focusing on your run! Have fun riding!

hama_timberbhop by Country: Tunisia HaMMa Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder Bronze Donator Bronze Cupwinner
Challenge: Average
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Timber bhop Screenshot 1
Timber bhop Screenshot 2
Timber bhop Screenshot 3
Timber bhop Screenshot 4
Timber bhop Screenshot 5

Another great bhop map with loads of different rooms with different bhop parts. This map also includes plenty of climb rooms where you can take small breaks from bhop jumping. Other than that, map is super colorful and well detailed making you enjoy every single jump and detail of the whole environment. Enjoy exploring!

jro_fortboyard by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper
Challenge: Average
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Fort Boyard Screenshot 1
Fort Boyard Screenshot 2
Fort Boyard Screenshot 3
Fort Boyard Screenshot 4
Fort Boyard Screenshot 5

The title says it clearly. Jeronimo's make of Fort Boyard in the middle of the Ocean. Surrounded with nice challenging parts of bhop and other jump parts which are easy to learn, climb and practice to finish. Enjoy the ride!

kz_ludo by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper Gold Donator
Challenge: Easy / Average
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Ludo Screenshot 1
Ludo Screenshot 2
Ludo Screenshot 3
Ludo Screenshot 4
Ludo Screenshot 5

Inspired by the actual Ludo game, kz_ludo starts with a nice maze to unpuzzle, and jumps right into the main parts of the map, yellow, red, green and blue following with big rooms filled with great climb parts and a few challenges to go through. Throw your dice and have fun with your race!

kzra_blackpearl by Country: Brazil jaguarBR Mapper
Challenge: Average
Type: Climb / Bhop
Black Pearl Screenshot 1
Black Pearl Screenshot 2
Black Pearl Screenshot 3
Black Pearl Screenshot 4
Black Pearl Screenshot 5

A scary looking black pearl "Arena" that is ready to challenge you with all the big jumps and bhop parts! The Arena is waiting for you to pass and conquer without falling down at all! Have fun jumping to the top!

qcg_ragequit by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper
Challenge: Average / Hard
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Ragequit Screenshot 1
Ragequit Screenshot 2
Ragequit Screenshot 3
Ragequit Screenshot 4
Ragequit Screenshot 5

It shows that the author of this map put alot of effort into this map with its different jump parts that require different jump techniques to be played and has also loads of challenging interesting things to learn while climbing. Enjoy the ragexplosion!

Finally, some packs to download if you want everything:

All the Screenshots..

All the Maps!

Big Thanks to Country: Germany KarLi Mapper for the map descriptions!


XJ Mapcheck team


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  • SICK

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  • Qi CG! Dobra praca.

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  • were the maps modified/recompiled? if so which of them?

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  • Safest is to download them from XJ now, but I think only 2 were changed (due to insufficient number of spawns).

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  • well, in the future don't release them with final tag, use something like comp_mapname if they still have things that need fixing.
    People already added the maps to their servers, and now players that have old version of the maps will get error on servers with updated maps version...

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  • FuZzy1 good point on that one.

    Thats what i have already thought when the test maps where out and thought hey kz might be now an official free tag :)

    I defo say its a free pass for everyone.

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  • fortboyard isn't easy actually, prob average..

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  • Thanks! Let's see if anyone else comments on this. Otherwise I'll update the info to either Easy / Average or just Average.

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  • I agree with him and up it a bit.
    None of them should have easy as description!!
    Dont know what is lower than easy but if you take a guy that is a bit more advance than the w-strafer(which is the total beginner) will not finish any of these maps in here.

    I as a player that can constantly 250lj and has decent strafes( i hope) didnt finish any of them first try with using several cps on many jumps of all maps.
    Just because players like ss fykseN or toff can do them on hand behind back doesnt mean anything...these guys are just way too far ahead that any average/hard can touch them

    Conclusion.. all of them are Average+
    Please reconsider.

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  • Thanks!
    The worst part each time for me is set a skill level since I nowadays
    can't seem to finish most maps since they are so damn hard. I use to have demos to watch to support the decision but this time the maps came from the competition so I hadn't. I still insist that the skill levells are way off nowadays and that it shouldn't matter that all players are so good. A new player is still a new player and descriptions should reflect that.

    The skill level below Easy is Apprentice which we introduced some time back, but there are few of those maps and there is also a HUGE gap in skill level to what community considers as Easy now. I'm guessing that people are afraid to be called noobs if they admit that something is harder than Easy. Oooh what a shame that would be... =)

    We would all benefit from more fair skill level assessments I think.
    I will update the maps right now. Let's see what everyone thinks.
    Thanks again.

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  • added to the record list.

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  • I know few things could have been done differently in this competition and I only realised it afterwards. My apologies for the possible problems caused, can't always get it perfect the first time.

    Let's rather focus on the positive sides instead of negatives shall we? Prizes were delivered, the community got new content and we ended up with some great new maps for everyone to record.

    Thanks to SadPuppy for working with me on this!

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  • Great maps and super release <3

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  • Good maps, gj all

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