News: Map Release: 8 New Maps

21/08/18 - 02:55:31

Written by: OddYsseus

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps


Welcome to a new release!


There was an old rule stating that maps should have at least 32 spawns. Since 3 maps this release had less than 32 we started to discuss this old rule. It is no longer needed, but to be on the safe side and allow for servers to play without plugins or a few people testing locally without plugins etc we decided to lower the requirement to 8 spawns. This will be a nice resource saver for mappers, only needing 8 slots instead of 32. Having said that, any map with less than 8 spawns will be rejected. It is the responsibility of the mapper to make sure s/he includes 8+ spawns. Since I don't check the number of spawns for each map before I prepare for the release, this means that if you don't include 8+ spawns it is likely your map won't make that release. You have been warned!

DON'T UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLE'S MAPS! We don't accept old (existing) maps. The mapper needs to upload his own maps. However, if an old map is being updated or fixed, it can be submitted (by its mapper).

Include a demo recording in the rar archive of someone jumping the entire map, even if the map is considered easy. If you ignore that, I will ask for a demo. If you still ignore it, map will not be released until you give me a demo. You are allowed to use (some) checkpoints since I want to see you being able to complete each jump, but don't overdo. Using hundreds of checks and dying doesn't really impress, and you may be forced to do a more reasonable demo.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!
If you don't, I will ask you for one.

Time for some new maps!

ccn_abysm2 by Country: Czech Republic ChiChiN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
Challenge: Average / Hard
Type: Climb
Abysm 2 Screenshot 1
Abysm 2 Screenshot 2
Abysm 2 Screenshot 3
Abysm 2 Screenshot 4
Abysm 2 Screenshot 5

As a sequel to ccn_abysm, this map is meant to be a fair challenge for average players, but relatively easy for extreme map climbers. You start next to a lava lake in a deep abyss. As you climb up you will encounter some tricky jumps that might take some time to figure out.

ckz_sepulcher by Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper Moviemaker
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb / Bhop
Sepulcher Screenshot 1
Sepulcher Screenshot 2
Sepulcher Screenshot 3
Sepulcher Screenshot 4
Sepulcher Screenshot 5

Old school kind of sahara, dust map themed with huge open map view where you can enjoy the bhop and climb ride with its great details of the map and mixtures of jump parts. Map's ending rooms are going darker and deeper.. where your opportunity of doing combos is open! Have fun bhopping!

kz_hollywood_ez by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper Gold Donator
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb / Bhop
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 1
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 2
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 3
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 4
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 5

As someone once said... "one of the western hemisphere's most iconic symbols of pop culture is now climbable. Expect to see some classic Kreedz featured in each of the giant letters on this segmented cliff-style climb map." ..This is the easy version. After climbing the first part you enter a mysterious bhop cave...

kz_hollywood_x by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper Gold Donator
Challenge: Extreme
Type: Climb / Bhop
Hollywood_x Screenshot 1
Hollywood_x Screenshot 2
Hollywood_x Screenshot 3
Hollywood_x Screenshot 4
Hollywood_x Screenshot 5

Bring on the pain! Now the iconic symbol will make you sweat and work for your sanity. If you don't fall down, you get a handful of bats in your face arriving in the cave for the second half. The beautiful cave appears tranquil and peaceful, but appearance can be deceiving and you will have to stay focused not to fall into the water on your way to safety.

kzra_coast by Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder Silver Donator Silver Cupwinner and Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Challenge: Average / Hard
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Coast Screenshot 1
Coast Screenshot 2
Coast Screenshot 3
Coast Screenshot 4
Coast Screenshot 5

Another great map by Spider1 who along with fykseN have made a colorful fresh canyon map with cool bhops. The normal jumps you will enjoy climbing and start experimenting with, to find the fastest way to the end. Enjoy experimenting!

mls_tabyn by Country: Kazakhstan mls Mapper Moviemaker
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
Tabyn Screenshot 1
Tabyn Screenshot 2
Tabyn Screenshot 3
Tabyn Screenshot 4
Tabyn Screenshot 5

A Speedrun short map with simple gray theme and nicely put jumps making the climb experience cool and entertaining to play. Run, run, run...and have fun with all the little things!

rush_adventure by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper and Country: Russian Federation Counterparts Mapper
Challenge: Average
Type: Bhop / Slide
Adventure Screenshot 1
Adventure Screenshot 2
Adventure Screenshot 3
Adventure Screenshot 4
Adventure Screenshot 5

An adventure map by Jeronimo and Counterparts, where you can rush all the way from the start and combo till the end. Great details and design map theme! Some things might confuse you so pay attention to all the details. Have a great journey!

rush_tower by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper and Country: Russian Federation Counterparts Mapper
Challenge: Easy / Average
Type: Climb
Tower Screenshot 1
Tower Screenshot 2
Tower Screenshot 3
Tower Screenshot 4
Tower Screenshot 5

A big tower, created by Jeronimo and Counterparts. With its indoor cosy and very nice jump parts, that fit nicely into the map's design. Can you climb all the way up to the top? Enjoy the details on the way while you can! :)

Finally, some packs to download if you want everything:

All the Screenshots..

All the Maps!

Big thanks to Country: Germany KarLi Mapper and some mappers for the map descriptions!


XJ Mapcheck team


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  • Oh my god. What a sick map relase… kzra_coast & ccn_abysm2 are real masterpieces. Good job everyone.

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  • well i have to say that in comparisson with the past, i like these more often map releases, even though there are some ones not that good, talking about architecture

    good job!

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  • First look at hollywood_x, those are some evil fatal jumps, holy shit.

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  • wow another map release, gonna check them out. First thing that comes to mind is kz_hollywood_ez, hmm wasn't this map an apprentice map already?

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  • i remember also that map...
    xj_ap_hollywood is it called now

    gj, nice news and gj for adding new rules

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  • Yup, Hollywood comes in 3 different flavors. As an Apprentice map, an easy map (which isn't THAT easy) and the Extreme version. The Apprentice version is really simple and doesn't have the second Bhop stage.

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  • GJ everyone , nice maps!
    Gj Sadpuppy for release!

    btw Fuzzy where is your map, you had a map every map release :)

    And sn00p said he started a new one , damn hope he finishes it soon :)

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  • Don't have time for mapping now, maybe i'll come back when autumn or winter comes :D

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  • Don't know why but I think I'm going to enjoy kzra_coast
    gj all mappers and admins ;)

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  • gj Sadpuppy & mappers!
    beautiful maps!

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  • ccn_abysm2 - good map

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  • gj all gj mls

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  • Bad rule for serveradmins. Nice that you will then only see 8jumpers on the map and the rest will be in spectator mode, since there is no free spawn available.

    Those rules were made in the past with specific reasoning in mind.

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  • -link-

    Also I'm quite certain this feature is already included in up-to-date kz plugins, correct me if I'm wrong here. There is no way in hell every map you want to add on your server has enough spawns, so most likely any popular server with a big map pool has already addressed this issue.

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  • Commandeer plus 1

    Those rules were made in the past with specific reasoning in mind, for the past

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  • you can't take that serious that the admin has all those addons installed.

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  • I actually just linked 4 plugins from a quick search that fix the problem you mentioned. And as you can see the earliest one dates back to 2008. This problem was noticed and fixed 10 years ago, you're really trying to paint this out to be a massive issue when it really isn't.

    I don't mind the 32 spawn rule at all, I'm used to making maps like that. But we shouldn't force rules where they are not necessary.

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  • no but you guys are just relying to much onto addons...

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  • well thats the point, those rules has been made with vanilla in mind and not with addons in the mind.

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  • first of all, vanilla or purist experience rules target singleplayer/demorecording. In multiplayer - maps are prone to many issues f.e. collision/boost(semiclip issues) , bhop interference and many more - absence of plugins does NOT translate to mappers intended gameplay he created on a map.

    Secondly plugins that bypass team switch and spawn limit started to appear back in 2005/2006 - because low spawn count maps already existed in the official map cycle then.

    I remember we played a lot of cups together in 2005-2006. I don't know if you noticed - some maps were crashing every time during cups - because cups end with sv_restart and make players spawn inside same respawn entities at the same time (due to lack of those), server gets some kind of overflow errors and eventually crashes. That is secondary reason for that made this rule justified at that time.

    However this particular issue was addressed in all major kz plugins by 2007-2008 pretty much. So there is no practical reasons for that rule to exist anymore, at least I don't see any.

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  • But with this decision you are forcing serveradmins to rely even more on to addons.
    Other plugins forces somehow a respawn spawn into the player other normal kzplugins doesnt force it and so prevent them from joining because of no player spawns.

    With another plugin you are not forcing them to spawn into each other but it creates spawn entities.

    So in this case neither are you fixing those problems or giving the mapper more resources.

    Its the same shit which was tolerated for so long by letting the jumper see his speeds.
    Just stick with the intended rules for vanilla and not relying on plugins.

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  • I didn't even knew there was a 32 spawns rule. I think is the mapper job to make sure the map works well on servers, from xj's point of view even 1 spawn is enough for demo recording.

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  • I can't take you seriously when you divert discussion or address things that were already explained, but this conversation is kinda entertaining...

    Just in case you are not trolling, let me simplify it:

    Can you run a vanilla public server? You can't. You need semiclip, individual timer and kz plugin and many others.
    What additional plugins do XJ forces to rely on? None, this issue is solved in existing main kz plugins long time ago. Main kz plugin takes care of dozens little things like this one, there is nothing new, there is nothing "more".
    When was the last time you seen public Server or WR recorded without a single plugin? Rules exist to set standards, they don't care about your feelings and craving for nostalgia. There are no "vanilla" rules for general setup and never been.
    Do you have an argument when this becomes a technical issue? Real examples? Your feelings are not a technical issue.

    If you wanna keep whining about it, I'm not gonna stop you, but if you want to be taken seriously - consider mentioned facts and state your arguments clearly. If there are any legitimate issues, I'm sure SadPuppy will reverse or take care of it

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  • So far there are none, the rule is obsolete.

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  • KZ was ment to be played with standard settings (or without altering the engine itself) and so it was.
    it was also before semiclip plugin or mpbhops or ljstats or velocity stats or timer were available.

    Can you run a vanilla public server? You can't. You need semiclip, individual timer and kz plugin and many others.

    Then you haven't played on the first KZServers. There was no semiclip, timers or ljstats. Even there was no checkpoints.
    All those addons are just to seek somekind of comfortzone.

    Sometimes you just need to overlook few things over the border. Seeing things from multiple persective.
    Which this community lacks of it. And no i won't give you guys a heads up by pointing a few positives or negatives out. If you are so proud of altering the game more with addons so do it but not by forcing Server owners to use spawnplugins and co, because you mappers were to lazy to properly check the map or add the maximum playerslots count.

    If you think that this rule would help mappers to be more efficiency for them. Why not limiting them to 800wpolys to create multiplayer lag free Servers.

    Or why not giving the mappers the respect and honor which they deserve instead of editing rules to a pointless state.

    Anyway this discussion is pointless with you because you don't overlook it with different perspectives.

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  • I have played on servers without any plugins a long time ago. It was chaos. There was always an asshole shooting at other players, flashing them, blocking had no idea how long time it took to complete the map...and if you got close to completing someone made you fall down, disturbed you..throwing smokes around..all problems that you could have on a normal dust 2 server I guess. So after they solved the issues to improve gameplay, who would want to go play on such a lame server when they could play on a 'real' server anyway?

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  • dear dEMolite, that is most pathetic thing I've seen in a while. You either don't know how to troll or incredibly stupid and ignorant about this topic. Personally I'm barely involved, but I see SadPuppy is very open minded and open to suggestions, new ideas and corrections. Yet you failed to get your point across while being very critical in an ambiguous way. Pointless discussion you say? Good way to convince yourself of imaginary high ground and exit conversation, instead of having meaningful arguments, well done, pat yourself on the back.

    I did play servers with 0 plugins and 20 people in 2004, its a mess - long lines, boost exploits and more, we both know its not mappers intended way to play their maps. Thankfully there were proper servers by with proper plugins: timer,semiclip and more... playable unlike vanilla mess. Singleplayer and multiplayer are just not the same in vanilla. Suggesting that vanilla public server is normal is just retarded. Yes, maps should be built for vanilla singleplayer experience as much as possible, but we can't dictate how people actually want to experience them and what convenience plugins are used outside of WR runs.This rule has no impact on how maps are experienced anyway and is not forcing server admins into anything new, low spawn maps already existed, plugins that address this issue properly are in use for a long time.

    wPolys have no impact on server, only on the client. How is this rule connected with mappers freedom the way you put it? You are diverting conversation again.
    Please your highness, enlighten us peasants of your multiple perspectives! We are so stupid and blind... really dude, your distorted ideology and feelings are not a new perspective!

    if thats your idea of trolling - thank you! I enjoyed absurdity of your posts, it was very entertaining. Everything you said so far has zero contribution to this topic, since you just repeat invalid/irrelevant statements, divert discussion and ignore counterarguments.

    If you are trying to be serious: I'm sorry, but you have to man up and articulate your arguments in a proper way. SadPuppy singlehandedly taking care of XJ mapping matters and trying to do best for community and mappers, have some respect, or provide constructive criticism, or gtfo

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  • i already wrote it to not rely on plugins.
    If you just want to see it on the jumpers perspective its no wonder if you don't care.
    If you look it that way on the serveradmins side to set the plugin up, adding additional spawns through that plugin. Is also time consuming and not appropriate to regulate this as a community to the serveradmins.
    XJ should always do its best to help the community grow and be polish it. With this rule its a downgrade for the Serveradmin. And in this case to 32spawns should still be mandatory. If somebody doesn't like it, then he should ripent them.

    If you want me to gtfo then, start discussing it in a human appropriate matter and not inmature.

    I started this discussion mature. if you want to talk with me in that tone further do it but don't wonder when i am not answering to you, i can even go down the road and could say" jew stfu" but its not appropriate.

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  • You've been told several times by multiple people why we NEED plugins and why your arguments are invalid, we told you exactly why this rule impact on server admins almost non existent and we believe is acceptable from MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES. I'm not gonna repeat any of it, if you don't understand something - just ask.

    Your main statement (to not rely on plugins) is purely ideological and irrational as described before. You ignore people's statements and counter arguments, you divert conversation with bogus and irrelevant stuff. Your first post was reasonable, but all that is not a rational adult conversation. All your main arguments have been addressed a while ago, yet you ignore that. That is why I'm talking to you "that way". You discredited yourself to a troll level and lost my respect.

    PS. I don't know what planet you are from, but it is a mature conversation, I may be provocative to a degree, but I discuss your statements and rationally criticize only what you say and how you act here. If I say something inadequate - prove me wrong and I will apologize. I have nothing against you personally, nor I implied that in any way, so don't play victim here. I don't care about your personality, nor your feelings, I don't have an opinion about you at all. I have opinion about what you say here - when you say dumb shit I point it out, thats it. Your ideology is dumb because you failed to rationalize it

    If you want me to gtfo then, start discussing it in a human appropriate matter and not inmature....
    i can even go down the road and could say" jew stfu" but its not appropriate.
    What? I think you meant something else. I said gtfo in a condition , if you are a troll, and if thats the main thing you took from my post - you are only admitting to your crimes, troll. Also I dare you to find something inappropriate that I said. And omfg what jews have to do with anything? Why do you even mention that? Are you okay?

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  • as your comment still descripted it, you still think i am trolling...
    except that the mapper should take a few seconds time to place good 32spawns, you want to rely on the server admins to place more spawnpoints by plugins...

    how is that even being good for the server community? its just pointing out how bad this was even being thinked thru.

    Even in your rage you didn't even understand the meaning of the tone and the inmatureness...

    Like i said before if you can't look it over from multiple views stop talking bullshit with forcing plugins.

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  • I already addressed all your argumentation before, including server admin perspective. If you don't understand something - just ask.

    Why do you ignore counter arguments and relevant statements? Why do you divert discussion with bogus and irrelevant stuff? Did you miss on purpose the part where I explain impact on server admins? How can I not think you are a troll when you can't follow logical progression of the conversation and blatantly forcing me to repeat the same stuff? I don't have a rage nor I hate you or anything you imagine there, but how can I have a rational conversation with you, when I explained why "not relying on plugins" ideology doesn't always work and you completely ignored that and continue exact same narrative?

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  • "All those addons are just to seek somekind of comfortzone." Dude you can't be serious... How would we play bhop maps without any plugins in a server with 20 people? How would we play impossible-to-record maps without checkpoints? Like... really dude? Anyone wanting to play kz in a server without any plugins is straight up plain retarded, the mess is unimaginable, imagine like 5 players trying the same bhop stage as sadpuppy pointed out. IDK what you meant with that so excuse me if I got that wrong.

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  • So you lost it like spr1n? You didnt even clearly understand the issue.
    Before attacking someone think it over, that you have unstand the issue.

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  • This inexplicably heated conversation shouldn't go that far. It is in fact in the resposibility of the mapper to make sure his make can be played in multiplayer by adding enough spawn points. The plugins can fix that but if they don't and the map is not playable, it just shouldn't be in public servers and it's the mapper's loss.

    So in either case, mapper's responsible if his map will be played or not. The mapcheck commitee should make sure it is at all playable. If I made a map, I would make sure to place 32 spawn points inside. It's not a lot to do after the amount of work put into the actual map.

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  • I had a prokreedz kz server a couple of years ago and those auto-add spawns plugins didn't work too well, had issues with a bunch of cosy maps that had only one spawn. So the mappers should add 32 spawns just to be safe. Point entities limit is quite high, and adding 32 spawn shouldn't be a problem in 99% of the maps.

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  • This issue haven't existed in mainstream up-to-date plugins and on any current popular servers in a long time afaik. Prokreedz development stopped a decade ago, there were few mods ofc, but it seems they are also outdated. If that issue is unresolved there I would guess there are much more issues due to lacking development efforts. In rare cases when people would want to run public servers with buggy plugins temporarily - 8 spawn slots should be enough imo.

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  • ProKreedz 2.31 development stopped 6 years ago, but it's still the only good public kz addon for servers, so people who don't know how to code and want to make a kz server will still use it, so they will probably still have spawns problems.
    My suggestion is to make the spawn rule like this:

    Maps should have at least 8 spawn points (32 recommended).

    Else new, and even old, mappers will just add 8 spawn points even if they don't have entities limit problems.

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  • I think that is an excellent idea and how it should be phrased!

    "Maps should have at least 8 spawn points (32 recommended)."

    If you can afford to use 32 spawns then please do so to ensure maximum backwards compatibility and gameplay on all servers regardless of plugins. We do enforce maps to have at the very least 8 spawn points however, and if less the map WILL be rejected.

    Something like that. How does that sound?

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  • ProKreedz 2.x+ is the mod of original old prokreedz, so I'm not surprised it has issues considering it was updated just a few times, although its interesting what exact issue is with respawn there and what other issues are that impact its usability. Its not the only good kz plugin, there are more on alliedmods, but I admit that public plugins are usually lacking in several ways, so its usually middle point until further development for server admins.

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  • also like you pointed out yourself - mapper should care that his map is working in conventional environments properly too.

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  • coast/abysm/adventure look very interesting, waiting to see some nice runs on these :)

    Great job all the mappers and thanks to SadPuppy for all the work you put into these releases!

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  • amazing maps!
    gj mappers

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  • Good stuff as alwayz ;)

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  • Good job guys! I really liked ckz_sepulcher and rush_adventure

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  • Looks like map releases occur more frequently than the demo releases.

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  • great

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  • Type: Bhop / SLIDE XD

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  • ccn_abysm2 - bagmap. I'm very annoyed(

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  • Awesome to see new maps!
    However neither of the screen or map packs work. I downloaded on release date and again now to see if there could have been anything wrong with the link/download. Still get this error:

    "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

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  • Edit: Can't even unzip any of the maps separately either

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  • They all work =)

    You need to update your RAR program whichever one you are using, and you will have no problem opening the archives. If you still cannot get it to work then let me know and I can zip them and send them to you.

  • Country: Germany hm^ on 30/08/18 - 17:28:50     Comments: 331     Reply to this    
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  • Good Job guys.

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