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26/08/18 - 13:44:36

Written by: Commandeer

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...we salute you!

It's time for another interview, this time with multiple players instead of just one. I tried to gather players who make difficult maps look easy. I've personally always hated geeking difficult jumps, so I wanted to have a little look inside the methods these players have for such jumps and maps. It is nearly impossible to gather all these players for a live interview because of the time zones, so instead this was done more as an offline interview. Also due to some heavy language barriers, some of these answers have been modified a little to make them understandable. I found their answers to be a very interesting read, hopefully you will enjoy this too.

Interviewer: Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper Moviemaker
Interviewees: Country: Japan patchouli CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Russian Federation GoDfreee CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Belarus throttle CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Brazil ceola Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder

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  • Very nice! Interesting! Thanks everyone!
    Thanks Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper Moviemaker for the interviews!

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  • very poor answers from patchouli :( still not clear for me at all.
    i wish u interview him again solo.

    @script u hate trickjumps? xD
    @throttle u started 12years old impressive!
    @godfreee fix ur scrolling problem. see u in top5 soon :)
    gj commander!

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  • Awesome answers throttle! It was very pleasant to read this

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  • GoDfreee and patchouli are absolute gems of my team, much love for you guys <3

    few very nice answers from you throttle, you understand the game incredibly and I admire that. you're able to discuss kkz jump and techniques that are not quite described yet, your knowledge is your power and not many players has it.

    and it's also nice to see script. on XJ frontpage :)

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  • First interview i enjoyed reading XD
    GJ .script, GoDfreee, patchouli and throttle, and ofc gj Commandeer for interviewing these guys =)

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  • throttle is studing Psychology ;d These answers are typical for a guy who study that, hes clearly trying to explain everything to the people :D
    Scripot was obviously, wtf bro? YEAH !
    patchouli also, dude what are these questions? if the map cannot be beaten by else, ill do it !
    GoDFree, enjoy Belinkaq and Putinka and go on !
    Fk my life

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  • my dude, read that sentence about throttle's studies once again, physics != psychology

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  • i blame the jack daniels.
    My bad. Excuse me then.

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  • I love these interviews, keep doing them please, it's really interesting!

    Also, great talk from the interviewees, although I wish .script had talked more!

    Hard maps are definitly an other way to play the game, you try to push the techniques to their limit, to perfect them. It's really rewarding and less boring than usual maps.

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  • ye i agree with glp: interesting interview, and make them more often (and its that hard compared to other news)

    some good explanations by throttle...also i thought he's min5 years above me, but nope we are the same..poor me haha

    expected more from script heh *offtopic: you script mentioned Destroman...whats he's doing, is he coding something new now? :)

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  • KZJIZZ baby

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  • throttle's answers are really smart, "hard" maps well explained. Also enjoyed godfreee's azure-2 story.

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  • Loved it, I was waiting for it, since I'm starting to prefer hard maps over the daily speedmaps I play/record. It was interesting to read throttle's replies, the most developed answers, I usually enjoy interviews and it came just in time when I'll give a try to hard maps.

    Great job Commandeer!

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  • cool

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  • aw is 2009 10 start play cs
    2010 6 start kz..

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  • I modified it, sorry for the mistake. The numbers you put behind the years are confusing :D

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  • aw thanks :>

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  • thanks for this interview, was very interesting

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  • It's funny how from speed maps/bhop/average climb player prespective the things they mentioned they dislike are the things I'm most capable of controlling and the things I'm the least good at (pre control on blocks and strafing) they are the best at. :D

    While I do agree with script, throttle and godfree for not really being the best speed/combo players, I have to say that patchouli could do that as well, quite well actually. Maybe she doesn't like it but she's good at it.

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  • Great job commandeer for putting this together!!

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  • good stuff commendeer, keep them coming.

    much love for you throttle

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