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04/12/18 - 09:34:34

Written by: Hardbitter 3's

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What's up XJ!

Hope everyone is doing great! Especially now that the winter has come and brought some snow along, which associates with celebratory moments as for myself. And for those who don't usually have much snow - don't get upset, because our goal here is to generate the right mood for you, for the Christmas! And you guessed it right, we're talking about XJ Christmas the Movie 2018!

I think we all should realize that this is a rather late start for a project like this and that's where I anticipate a community teamwork from all of us. Currently we are looking for the demos of your trickjumps. It is, in no case, one of the elitist kz movies, which means everyone is welcome to submit their demos, unless they are super bad or old - there'll still be selection.

So basically, the current ruleset is:
- no skill restriction (unless super bad/old)
- only winter maps
- distance jumps or bhop combos (anything you can think of)
- legal settings apply and only 10aa demos
- for custom maps that are missed in XJ/CC map list provide with a direct link for it (in .txt) or with map archive straight off
- deadline 9th December of 2018 at late (can be made a couple of exceptions for the latecommers but not later than a couple of days after deadline)

How to submit:
Please try to send all your demos at once.
- Name your demo file by map and nick
- Pack your demos into a rar archive
- Name an archive by your nick
- Upload an archive to any popular file sharing service (e.g.
- Send the link to Country: Russian Federation Hardbitter 3's CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder using PM/Steam/Discord

TL;DR: This is a democall for XJ Christmas the Movie 2018 and we want your demos.

Thanks for your attention,


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  • Looks good

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  • Maybe i can try record something :P

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  • gj ShoCk !

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  • nice, i may open 1.6 again :)

    still, there's either not much respect for moviemakers or again, insprate wants to play this from the shadows ex dee

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  • much respect for moviemakers

    but we agreed that we don't announce names

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  • ok, after some info about this particular 'project', I agree with not showing names. Still, the previous same decisions had a negative impact on the moviemaking scene, which I was always against. Anyway, i wish GL to the guys and lets hope it'll be a really enjoyable edit :)

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  • I am sending demos surely

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  • Nice! Always good to see more movies!

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  • Nice to see it but it would be great if you can send not only winter maps

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  • just change map texture hehe

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  • i have old demo, but i think the moviemaker can make it snowy

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  • I still watch the 2008 christmas movie from reAti almost every year, I really like these kind of projects. Not sure what you'll be able to gather starting this so late but good luck with it :)

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  • Best of luck !!!

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  • Country:

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  • o good

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