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Written by: PU9maker

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Hello everyone!

Please, let me introduce our new idea called 24 HOURS RUN CHALLENGE. Your task as a participant will be to conquer 3 randomly choosen maps within 24 hours in the best possible time. Map list for this challenge will contain one climb map, one bhop map and one hard map.

24 hours challenge is going to be played once every two weeks with sessions each of two months. According to the scoreboard, in the end of every sessions, top 3 winners will be selected and they will carry away with VIP + some cash as the prize for their time and dedication :)

The chosen maps are:




- 3 maps recorded on your LAN server
- Sign up: Starting from now on till Saturday, December 22nd 22:00GMT +1
- Saturday - December 22nd 22:00 GMT +1 - MAPS ANNOUNCEMENT
- Sunday - December 23rd 22:00 GMT +1 - DEADLINE

Required condition to write into chat "24".
Meaning you have to write into general game chat 24, no matter at the beginning or in the end of your demo

Point system:

Player with the lowest summed time on all maps is the winner. For example:

fykseN 1st place
kz_bridge done in 03:10.00
av_degyptianez done in 02:50.00
kz_oasis done in 03:40.00

Total time: 09:40.00

PU9maker 2nd place
kz_bridge done in 03:30.00
av_degyptianez done in 03:00.00
kz_oasis done in 03:30.00

Total time: 10:00.00

And so on...

See you on Saturday!



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  • Woah, good news. Well done , I’m in =) Good luck and have fun everyone

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  • Let's hope people will be motivated to do it. Last time people were annoyed by the maps and were not recording.

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  • Wind in the f****** sails!!!

    If I had a computer, I'd join in!

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  • :D

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  • /summon MEEL

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  • :(

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  • Awesome idea. But I also agree with g-Lp, let's hope more players will try.

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  • awesome challenge. i'm in :)

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  • good luck climbers :)

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  • Damn, pu9 nice to see you!
    Amazing idea. GL people!

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  • btw i'm in

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  • good news

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  • I don't think you should write "I'm in", I guess you can just submit the demos. (Tournament demos I guess?)

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  • That's a good thing to know though! Go go go g-Lp, I've been missing for some smoothness from you on XJ :)

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  • interesting :D

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  • nice!

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  • good stuff.

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  • PU9maker in action, good motivation for 2019 :)

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  • Shit, was thinking of competing until I saw the hard map in the list :D I guess this is to filter out noobs like myself :D

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  • great

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  • OMG!

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  • great move, this will definitely increase the activity; i suggest to keep the scoreboard secret until the end of this 2 months period so that people don't get discouraged from first results :)

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  • I think the hard map will reduce the competition, agree with perd0, nonetheless great idea.

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  • Good luck boys, awesome stuff staff !

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  • estoy acva papu

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