News: WR Release #737 - 25 New World Records

20/01/19 - 14:16:37

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 58

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

cz fykseN

8b1_hellinashop done in 02:10.95 ( 02:11.32 bg shNz )
kz_dp_medieval done in 02:04.74 ( 02:06.31 br aloprando )
kz_greattemple done in 04:06.44 ( 04:06.94 se kayne )
kz_waterfalls done in 02:48.34 ( 02:53.34 cz shooting-star )
kzra_crystal_palace done in 03:53.23 ( 03:54.48 pl kropeq )
kzsca_brickvalley done in 02:02.30 ( 02:03.45 ru Dolphin )
kzsca_cityblock done in 01:53.08 ( 01:59.81 ru Bibika )
rr_dangerblock done in 02:41.13 ( 02:41.18 ru Toffifee )
vee_phgi_headquarters done in 02:37.54 ( 02:37.76 ru Bibika )

fi Flibo

ak_rh_warehouse_ns done in 05:36.24 ( 05:41.79 cz shooting-star )

ar afu

clintmo_bhoptoon done in 00:32.97 ( 00:33.03 ru Dolphin )

ar Matelala

kz-endo_aztec done in 01:27.18 ( 01:27.73 ru Dolphin )

ru Bibika

kz_ancientmemories done in 02:40.94 ( 02:46.38 cn fanzeng )

bg Axerial

kz_cfl_jost_ez done in 06:23.91 ( 06:26.67 fi ajuhhhhh )
kz_kzdk_docks done in 02:05.17 ( 02:11.25 cz shooting-star )

ro Spider1

kz_cosy_communityblock done in 10:58.13 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru Hardbitter

kz_goldwood done in 02:35.00 ( 02:38.57 se LEWLY )
kz_lain_h done in 06:46.32 ( 07:13.16 ru Hardbitter )

am all1aNce

kz_ludo done in 39:00.28 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

hu Skizo_

kz_man_congo_b01[+carpets] done in 00:33.67 ( 00:33.68 hu Skizo_ )
kz_space done in 00:05.93 ( 00:06.00 ru Bunkka )

ar rawe

kz_space[-md] done in 02:24.21 ( 02:26.07 cz shooting-star )

ru misti

kzse_bhopblock[full] done in 01:56.22 ( 01:58.02 cn fanzeng )

ru round

rush_tower done in 01:38.80 ( 01:39.50 ru MEfro )

fr g-Lp

trC_climbgarden done in 00:28.93 ( 00:29.54 fr g-Lp )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • What a way to kick off this year, absolutely amazing runs in this release. It was truly a pleasure watching and checking them. Once again thanks to kzrush for the videos!

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  • Bibika :)

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  • GJ everyone! Very nice release. Fyksen becomes too good :D

  • Country: Russian Federation h4 on 20/01/19 - 14:41:56     Comments: 43     Reply to this    
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  • Flibo, bibika, skizo
    is this 2008-2013 reference?

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  • fykseN WR machine
    Flibooooooo is back!
    gj everybody

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  • So happy to see a new demo from Bibika!
    Also cool to see Flibo, misti and Skizo!
    Axerial sick maps!
    afu destroying this map!
    Fyksen wants his top1, great maps :)

    kz_goldwood best demo by far, Hardbitter obliterated LyNn

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  • <3

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  • kz_space +use script

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  • and kz_man_congo :(

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  • it's mousewheel

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  • rip

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  • He used +use on mouse wheel I believe, so it's all fine

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  • On kz_space I dont need jump command on mwheel because there is only 1 jump at the beginning, on congo I dont need duck on mwheel so this is how I was able to manage to bind use to one of the mwheels. :)

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  • Flibo, Bibika and Skizo_ wtf :O

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  • goldwood so good!
    I don't know how Flibo can be this clean on almost 6 minutes long map, incredible...
    Bibika, please stay for a while =D
    cool maps and shortcuts from Axerial

    gj Skizo, misti, afugarcha, g-Lp, round & Spiderino

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  • <3 <3

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  • i'm surprised lewly's fail run on kz_goldwood lasted for this long; amazing run shock!
    when is the last time we had 14 jumpers in a release?

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  • flibo!!!!!<33

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  • 0_o . nice too se you guys. GZ all

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  • Flibo! Have to check this out :D

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  • GJ everyone!

    Very nice runs fykseN !

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  • Sick release gj everyone!!

    Can't believe I was watching Flibo's 2009 run on warehouse just a week ago and got a bit sad that it got taken but now you got it back with huge improvement that's super awesome!

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  • bibika god
    GJ ALL ^_^

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  • helianshop)

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  • Goldwood & Ancientmemories holy fuckkk

    fykseN you raped it man, gonna enjoy watching your demos


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  • Also amazing demos from Axerial

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  • Wonderful view, so many great players in one release GJ ALL

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  • Flibo made me wet, thanks.

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  • wow ! great job d00ds.. fykseN - such a beast, flibo hi , bibika hi again, shock nice ! afu ! Axerial bravo

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    IN 2019? HOLY SHIT <3

    ShoCk babay, crazy work in goldwood, gonna watch urs on watchlist#2 wow!

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  • That brickvalley is perhaps my new favourite record.

    But while we live in 19, flibo comes straight from 22

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  • Big applause to everyone, esp oldschool boys Fleebow, Skizo, misti & Bibika !

    Andrei & Krys proud mates <3

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  • flibo!!! what will it be next? alpin and ezalpin?

  • Country: Romania McL on 20/01/19 - 22:40:00     Comments: 349     Reply to this    
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  • That map... i was sad when flibo lost it, legend strikes once again.

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  • bibika <3
    afu </3

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  • sick stuff by afu <3

  • Country: Argentina afu on 20/01/19 - 23:23:09     Comments: 262     Reply to this    
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  • nice stuff

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  • Very nice flibo, alsp g-lp

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  • Good job everyone.

    I have little story behind my record in this release.

    It has been nearly 10 years since I last played ak_rh_warehouse_ns. I don't know exactly why I decided to play it now, but I'm glad I did. That map was always my home map in KZ and the one I felt I had the strongest connection to.

    I first recorded a WR on ak_rh_warehouse_ns in the summer of 2007. I took it from ndR, who I had a lot of respect back then for being one of the best bhoppers, if not the best, in the scene. Shortly after that, the map was featured in the XJ Pro Challenge, and a $5 bounty was placed on it. Oh, how the times have changed!

    ndR eventually won the challenge, but his demo was never released because it was supposed to be presented in the next demo release, but between the challenge results being published and the demo release, I beat his time. I'm sure ndR got really angry from me doing that. He geeked the map quite a bit after that and got such a good time I had no chance to take it back anymore at my skill level back then.

    Fast-forward about a year to July 2008, and I could barely beat his time by 2 seconds. After this it would be until November 2016 that I held the WR of this map. I never really got to play the map again since I didn't want to improve my own time, and I went inactive in 2014.

    When I got back to playing it about a week ago, it was like riding a bike. I got so into geeking the map, I didn't even have patience to watch shooting-star's demo on it. "Geeking" a WR after such a long time of not playing was insanely nostalgic. I had already forgotten how it feels to be shaking of nervousness when you have great pace, how it feels to be completely in the zone and after failing, instantly resetting the run and trying again. I also forgot how it feels to make a dumb mistake which makes you blame yourself for being greedy or careless. KZ is really something.

    I'd like to thank XJ for always being there, even when players come and go. This community will always have a place in my heart.

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  • We love you homie. Thanks for keeping the spirit of KZ alive for so long.

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  • Thank you dude. I love what you're doing as well. Keep it up!

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  • Nicely put Flibo! So great to see you back on the list. Much respect!

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  • What a legend, didn't even go to cinema and stayed home for WR

  • Country: China k3G on 22/01/19 - 13:02:11     Comments: 357     Reply to this    
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  • dead man :D

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  • What amazing demos

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  • fykseN, I missed it to watch your attempts on many maps but I like how you are starting to plan runs and how to beat records (bhoping ,climbing etc), you gonna be succesifully in this :)
    That stop on crystal_palace on finish made me fear that you are gonna fail. GJ Man
    Also gj Bibika,Hardbitter,afu,skizo

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  • misti!

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  • WB FLIBO!!

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  • Wow, stunning! Such a good vibe, great job to all involved and Flibo... Mad respect! That's what I call a love story!

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  • Its good to see that records are getting closer and closer to perfection. Congrats all of you, still watching all of these records on youtube and i'm really impressed each one :).

    Fyksen - your style is unique, one of the most pleasant to watch. Sometimes i'm watching you on stream (thanks for streaming by the way), and i'm always checking your runs on yt. I hope to see you #1 soon! Good luck man (by the way, I thought You will be like 10s better than me on crystal palace with this amazing run, don't know why it was only few seconds)

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  • kropeq, I think this is the first time you mentioned me. You're the player I always loved and looked up to, one of my favourite climbers of all time. Thanks for checking the stream, I'll continue with it. I will come back to maps like crystal_palace when I'm done with my journey. Your feedback means a lot to me.

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  • Bibika :OOO
    Flibo :OO
    Skizo_ :O

    gj good old guys
    honestly did not expect to see you already
    glad to see you
    as well as g-Lp & misti
    and and the rest are great gj
    we need more grandpas in the top:D

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  • bibika
    i like this man and his wrs
    hope u come back

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  • oh wow what a release!

    it's so nice to see Flibo, Bibika and Skizo get back
    also gj fyksen and russian powar

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  • I think it was my favourite release in the past 7 years, nice to see you again Flibo! Congrats everybody!
    Jó vagy papa, csapassad neki te függ? vadállat! :)

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  • Flibo <3

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