News: ROTW Classics #21 - Z0ck3rOO7 on kz_darkness

31/01/19 - 13:53:28

Written by: hoLy

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello everyone,

Today, we present you the ROTW Classics number 21!
This time, it's about an oldie. A legend. He also worked for KZMod more recently.
Country: Germany Z0ck3rOO7 was considered one of the best bunnyhopers of the first era.
His name shouldn't sound new to anyone in this community.
Without further words, enjoy the show!

Thanks Country: United Kingdom perd0 Mapper Moviemaker who brought us this cool edit!

Hello guys!

It's been a long while since I last contributed to XJ in any way, be it a map or a video and quite frankly, it started to really annoy me. I've been around since 2006 and have never stopped browsing through these pages, despite not playing the game anymore, or very rarely. I would love to bring you one more KZ map, but it just requires a lot of time and dedication and I somehow find it hard to convince myself.
So when I came across this beautiful Instrumental for Lorde's Perfect Places, I only had one thought on my mind - ROTW Classics!

I chose Z0ck3rOO7 simply because he deserves it.
If, back then, zhady was the ultimate overall jumper and Bibo the best longjumper, then Z0ck3rOO7 was the king of bunnyhop. I remember wanting to be like him, wanting to be able to breeze through maps like only he could. We have come a long way since then and today, his demos look rather clunky and ordinary.
But back then, he was a joy to watch.
- Country: United Kingdom perd0 Mapper Moviemaker

You can download the raw version here: -link-



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  • Z0ck3rrrrrrrr, nice man, good job!!!

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  • hehe nice one :)

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  • well edited and presented by oldschooler himself =D gj degnerous

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  • Wow great job perd0, really nice edit!

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  • I have 2:04 in 2019.. Damn I'm so good xD
    Very enjoyable edit x)

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  • z0ck3r was awesome! I think me and him tried for a year to find him a better nickname, but then he got a lot of records and was like "fuckit". Great jumper. Was he the first real bhopper? Maybe donakos was before. But it's not long from.

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  • zocker!

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  • I got to know XJ because of him, my favourite bhopper, no doubt.

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  • Smooth edit btw, congratulations! :)

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  • ROTW Classics <3

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  • good old times :( back then :P

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  • Really cool edit and nice oldschool jumping!

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  • I remember once in 2007 I was walking down the street after school and met an old mate whom I haven't seen in a couple of years. I knew him mostly for having played together on the same cs 1.6 server. We started a conversation and soon started to talk about cs, he was telling me how he became so good and stuff and then when came my turn of telling cs stories I said that I started playing kreedz. I was narrating about something kz related. He was smilingly nodding, making it look as if he understands everything I say. Imagine my surprise when he says: "yeah man, of course I know about kz". Then he mentioned a couple of key kz words: bunnyhop, goldbhop, nuke jump, zhady, zOck3rOO7. Yeah zocker fucking bond. And this guy was not even into kz! I remember how HUGE that name sounded to me at that particular time lapse. The time when I would join xtreme-jumps pub server hosting av_degyptianez and see zocker in top15, thinking "Wow, I'm playing on the server where zocker plays, I should play here more often, maybe one day I'll get lucky to meet him and maybe even spec".

    Crazy fucking times!

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  • This is so fucking accurate...

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  • good old times :)

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  • Bro this clip is probably THE BEST run edit I've EVER seen. I mean it!

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  • i remember watching battle movies from 2008 and thats where i learned who zhady, zocker007, chrizzy, ~t3dbundy are ..

    these classics are awesome aswell!

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  • Wow! A z0ck3r run on classics series, great choice. Continue this series holy, don't kill this. This is prolly the 2nd best thing to XJ, after 1.6 demo releases.

    And perd0, damn bro. Seeing u in an edit release is fantastic!
    I still keep seeing your ROTW 61 Zhady's ka man owtcity from time to time <3 Hahahaha :D

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  • Wow, glad to see one of my old runs featured in a ROTW Classics.The editing and the music choice is excellent, great work perd0!
    Also it's cool to see that some people still seems to know about me, and reading some of the stories in the comments section makes me a little proud :D.
    Thanks for bringing back some memories from old times and glad to see XJ's activity grow again, keep it up!

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 03/02/19 - 15:07:50     Comments: 296     Reply to this    
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  • <3

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  • Nice one! One of my fav jumpers back then.

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  • Still remembering his goldbhop 01:39 like was yesterday.

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  • what a legend

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  • wow, no ducks after a single jump lol, this brought me some melancholy

    great jumper, no doubt he definitely was one of the best bunnyhopers of the first era like intro says.

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  • I'd like to add, that as "Modfather" of KZmod since day 1 of it's existence, Z0ck3r007 has been not only an extremely supportive guy throughout its 11 years of development, he also played an integral role in betatesting the movement code (the greatness of Raptor), solely relying on "feeling" when camparing it to cs1.6. He also gladly tested every single map we produced for the official list, kept our test servers up and running and properly configured over many years, (also paid for them in part!) and was just , simply put, "there for us" at the snap of a finger and without question.

    His dedication to us as a team was absolutely KEY, and we can't thank him enough for ALL the support and friendship. I am proud that he was such a big player, so insanely talented, and played such a big role in our long-winded endeavor to get Kreedz Climbing, a game dedicated to CS1.6 players, onto the largest game platform in the world for anyone to download, for free.

    Thanks for all you have done for us Pat :D

    Give it up for one of the greatest :D

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